Newly Wed Leaps From A 10th Floor Hotel Balcony Where She Met Her Death During a Hen Party

The love that was but never lasted long enough to make memories.

Kirsty Maxwell fell from a tenth-floor Benidorm apartment in which five men were staying on April 29.

Scottish newly-wed was in a ‘state of terror’ moments before plunging to her death from a Spanish holiday apartment, a lawyer claimed yesterday.

The 27-year-old, of Livingston, West Lothian, had been on a hen party trip with friends at the time.

Kirsty Maxwell, pictured with husband Adam, fell from a tenth-floor Benidorm apartment in which five men were staying on April 29

Four men appeared in court in the Costa Brava resort yesterday to be quizzed under oath about the death.

Luis Miguel Zumaquero, the lawyer acting for Mrs Maxwell’s family, tried to have the men held in custody by claiming she had leapt from the balcony in terror.

In an oral submission to the court, Mr Zumaquero claimed a report on the tragedy by Spanish detectives described Mrs Maxwell’s actions as a ‘desperate measure’.

Quoting from the report outside court after the hearing behind closed doors, he said: ‘The police’s own report says that Kirsty ‘tried to flee.

This is a desperate measure, resulting from a state of terror, comparable to what happens to a person who jumps into the abyss from a building in flames.’

A report on the tragedy by Spanish detectives described Mrs Maxwell’s actions as a ‘desperate measure’

The four  were allowed to return to Britain without being charged with any crime despite Mr Zumaquero’s effort to ensure they are detained

Spanish judge Ana Isabel Garcia-Galbis will now review the evidence as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into the death before recommending whether the men should be charged and put on trial

Defence lawyer Roberto Sanchez described his clients’ decision to answer only defence questions as their ‘constitutional right’.

He said: ‘They have given the explanations we felt were appropriate and they have ratified their original police statements, which were very detailed and show they were in a different part of the apartment when Kirsty fell and didn’t see anything

Tests have shown Mrs Maxwell had a blood alcohol concentration of 2.79 grams per litre – putting her more than five-and-a-half times the Spanish drink-drive limit. She had not taken drugs.

Mr Graham told police she had been acting as though she was ‘mad, drunk or drugged’.

He said she had disappeared from his view as she headed towards the balcony.

-Daily Mail

Ladies: How To Dress For The End Of Year Party

It’s that time of the year when corporates are holding their end of year/Christmas parties. Some companies have year-end themed parties while others don’t. In as much as you want to let lose, you should remember that it’s still the “office” so you need to maintain the same level of decorum you would at your work place.

Remember you need to look decent, especially the ladies who are notorious for showing up in skimpy clothes. When choosing a dress, make sure you pick out something that is decent, fitting and non-revealing. If the dress is a mini-skirt, let it cover the bust area and if it shows the cleavage, let it cover the thighs, you cannot expose both the top and bottom. 

That being said here is a pictorial of outfits that you can dress in:

The Africa lookThis look can go from red carpet to wedding to a picnic…get that dress out of the wardrobe and rock it!


The Little black dressYou can never go wrong with one.


Playful lookThis look allows you to play around with your outfit, you can throw in a belt, jewelery, plaid shirt among other things. Plus it can also pass off as a classic look.


The red carpet lookThis is one elegant look and can be worn to different occasions because it’s versatile.


Reasons why men party without the Mrs

The weekend is here which means that the men are preparing for the party of the year. Luo festival is also this coming weekend and when Larry Asego asked a friend who is pretty excited about the event whether he is going with the wife, he said a strong No because apparently he needs a break. He will be away from his home from Friday only to return Sunday evening.

During the morning conversation, Mwalimu King’ang’i was of the opinion that men need a break from their wives and work and that’s why they choose to party over the weekend alone with the boys. The big question was, ‘don’t ladies also need a break, why can’t men hold the fort at home over the weekend as their wives go out and have a good time?’

The male callers seemed to hold a serious opinion that wives were only allowed to take a break when they are pregnant. One man said that since he provides everything in his household it gives him at automatic ticket to party all weekend alone.

Men, would you allow your wives to take a break once in a while from all the household chores and go out and have a good time as you take up her roles?

Listen to the interesting discussion below

Would you allow your wife to go out all night alone?

On the morning conversation with Larry Asego and Mwalimu King’ang’i, the men were at it again. The big question being, would you allow your wife to go out with her girls alone all night?

Larry was of the opinion that he has already established a trustworthy relationship with his wife and therefore he wouldn’t have a problem with. Mwalimu King’ang’i on the other hand is paranoid as ever, he said that there was no way he would allow her out alone with all the ‘team mafisi’around.

The men callers are also as paranoid as Mwalimu stating clearly that a wife should stay home and do what wives do, while the men party alone or when they party they do it as a couple.

The calls were as absurd and as hilarious as they can get, below is what you missed on the morning conversation

Kidero asked to declare his party status

Kasipul Kabondo MP Oyugi Magwanga has challenged Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to either accept or deny being the patron of Maendeleo Democratic Party.

This comes after Kidero’s declared his support for Philip Okundi, a Homa Bay Senator candidate under the MDP ticket.

Magwanga also asked Rangwe MP George Oner and Karachuonyo’s James Rege to resign from ODM and seek fresh mandates within MDP.

“I want to tell Kidero to come out clearly and confirm or deny that he is not the Maendeleo party patron and those who are opposed to ODM candidate Moses Kajwang’s candidature for the Homa Bay Senatorial seat to resign,” he told the Star on phone on Wednesday.

Magwanga further asked Kidero to appreciate his election on an ODM ticket.

“We cannot have a constituency which wants to be in charge of all leadership positions. The power must be distributed in the entire county,” he said.

Magwanga acknowledged that MPs have the right to support their candidates of choice in the race, but warned that ODM should not end up divided.

ODM gave Kajwang a direct nomination for the senate seat which fell vacant after the death of his brother Otieno Kajwang in November 2014.

During the 2013 general elections, it was reportedly agreed that the governor’s post be reserved for Karachuonyo, senator for Suba and women’s rep for Rangwe. Kidero and Okundi however hail from Rangwe.


How to survive the christmas office party

The middle of December usually marks the peak of the office Christmas party season. For most, the office bash is a fantastic opportunity to let loose on the company tab. It is often the one holiday season event where there is no pressure to prepare food or worry about anything except what to wear and whether the alcohol will flow freely. A good Christmas party is often the mark of a good company to work for. Consider these handy tips in order to make it through your office party without being the talk of next year, or needing to change careers afterwards: –

Know and accept your limits:
Naturally, you will want to have a good time, relax and join in with your colleagues but you must play it safe. No matter the setting of the celebrations, the party is still an extension of your workplace. Keep your guard up and a hawk-eye on how many times your alcohol glass needs a refill.

Don’t talk shop:
Observe party rules and settle in for a good time. It’s a great opportunity to blend in and get to know people from the other departments, not the time to discuss complex business ideas. The office party isn’t the time to ask your boss for a raise, or ask the head of marketing why they are not solving your sales problems. If you must raise a work-related issue, try flagging it in as a casual request and schedule a meeting for a later date to talk in depth.

Dress not to kill your career:
Is there a jaw-dropping outfit or a hilarious costume you have been trying to test drive? Save it for a night on the town with friends, a laid-back Saturday house party, or a themed social soirée, not for your colleagues at a work function.

Stay in your lane:
Do not mistake this as the opportunity to get overly and disastrously familiar with your CEO. If you have always referred to them as “Mr. Otieno”, the office bash day is not the day to start calling them “Otis”, using your jolliest tone. Do not be fooled into taking unsolicited liberties. For instance, do not assume that the same things you say and do when you are in the company of your friends at the local will fly at the office party.

Make a good effort
Use the Christmas party to get to know people that you would not have had the opportunity to, so make the most of it. Don’t automatically hang out with your usual office crowd and partners in crime. Instead make an effort to do a bit of departmental networking and even self-promotion

Avoid the temptation to complain:
Don’t be that person who uses alcohol and the hint of darkness to complain about other workmates and the company at large. Whether you hate the food, location or activities at the party, the bottom line is your employee has spent some money to provide you some entertainment, and someone at work had to organise everything in addition to their regular work load so the least you can do is be well-mannered and gracious.

No funny business!
In the event that alcohol gets the best of you no matter how hard you try, you may find yourself in the possession of false ideas. If the guy from procurement or the lady in HR suddenly develops exceptional good looks when your beer goggles are on, try hard to approach with the same caution as a person walking on thin ice. Instead of throwing yourself at them, aim to be subtle and elegant. Even if your boss is standing on top of a table belting out the latest hit, keep your feet and voice firmly on lower ground if you do not want to be blushing furiously in the morning.