Mozambique court confirms ruling party won election

Mozambique’s electoral body on Tuesday confirmed the ruling Frelimo party’s candidate Filipe Nyusi had won October’s presidential election, as the opposition still refused to accept defeat.

Former defence minister Nyusi took 57 percent of the vote in the southern African nation, said the Constitutional Council — sharply down from the party’s 75 percent victory in the previous presidential election in 2009.

Nyusi’s nearest rival, Afonso Dhlakama of the former rebel party Renamo, won 37 percent — more than double the 16 percent he won in 2009.

Frelimo also took the majority of seats in the 250-member parliament, winning 144 to Renamo’s 89. The Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), a newcomer to the political scene, won 17 seats.

Constitutional Council president Hermenegildo Gamito called for a fundamental review of the electoral system, pointing at legal complexities and irregularities from the polls.

The validation was the final stage of the election process, clearing the way for Nyusi’s inauguration in the first quarter of 2015.

Burkina Faso opposition parties to protest against army take over

Opposition parties and civic groups in Burkina Faso have called a mass rally for Sunday in protest at the army takeover after the resignation of President Blaise Compaore.

They said the management of the transition belonged to the people and should not be confiscated by the army.

It came hours after the army said Lt-Col Isaac Zida, second-in-command of the presidential guard, had been chosen as the nation’s transitional leader.

Mr Compaore has fled to Ivory Coast.

“The victory born from this popular uprising belongs to the people, and the task of managing the transition falls by right to the people,” opposition groups said in a statement.

“In no case can it be confiscated by the army.”

There were protests earlier this week after Mr Compaore sought to amend the constitution and extend his long hold on the presidency.

Source: BBC