Tips You Need Incase You Are Considering Online Dating

There are so many ways for one to get hooked up these days. You could use your friends, go out more or be bold and try out online dating.

Note that, if you intend to try out online dating to find your potential partner it is quite different from the more traditional methods pointed above. There are rules to follow so that you don’t scare potential partners.


Mention your achievements: Education is of utmost importance. So if you have a bachelor’s degree, a postgraduate degree or just a few certificate courses, openly talk about them online. Mention your educational qualifications and this will definitely attract like-minded people who wish to learn.

Travel experiences: Being adventurous is a great quality. If you love to travel or have travelled a lot, share your experiences online. It tells a lot about your passions.

Animal lover: Having compassion for animals shows that you are a good human being. Also, pets have a positive effect on your lifestyle as well as your love life.

Volunteer: If you are genuinely interested in doing good for other people and if you like going out of your way to help others, say it online. This shows that you spare sometime out of your hectic schedule to do a good deed.


Down-to-earth: While this may not sound that harmful, but it clearly indicates lack of creativity on your part and makes your profile sound uninteresting.

Embarrassment: If your profile says something like. “I am embarrassed or ashamed of what I am doing” or “I can’t believe I am doing this”, it will display nothing more than insecurity. You’ll certainly not be taken seriously by others.

Straightforward attitude: You may want to show that you’re a no non-sense girl with a straightforward approach but this will only create red flags regarding issues you may have gone through in your past relationships.

Extra organised: Being focused and planning everything in advance is a good quality indeed but it may portray your rigidity and inability to adapt to new things in the future. Remember, open-mindedness and flexibility are key.


Online International Shopping

Online shopping is one of the best innovations that allow consumers to get access to items that would otherwise never have been unavailable to them. It has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and Kenyans are equally taken up the concept of shipping goods directly internationally. 85% of Kenyans are using electronic payment products like the mobile money, prepaid cards, according to a study by MasterCard. Which shows that Kenyans are embracing using cards instead of cash. There are some dos and donts if you are going to shop online, here are some tips you need to know about.

1. Is the website you are buying from legitimate
More often than not, buyers are lured by sales, so they tend to look for sites selling cheap designer items or phones, check if their are a legit shop. Look for the testimonials from other clients who have bought from the same website. Check online if it is a reliable website. You can avoid this phenomenon by shopping from well-known sites. If the deal is too good, think twice.

2. Take advantage of sales
Online shopping enables you to take advantage of sales continents away. If there is a black friday offer or a Cyber Monday offer buying the item online would be the perfect way to get an insane deal for those designer shoes you have been lusting after.

3. Receiving items via post office eases shipping
Some companies will offer to send your goods via post and this is a cheaper option especially for example if you are shipping from China to Kenya. It will be cheaper than transporting your shipping via DHL even tough it will take longer.

4. VAT
In Kenya for example, VAT is a huge deal for online shoppers because it is very high. Sometimes you will buy goods worth a small some of money and when and you end up paying double the value of your goods thanks to VAT. Take advantage of companies that ship items in bulk

5. Take advantage of companies that offer free shipping
If you are looking to buy items online on a budget, sometimes looking for websites that offer free shipping is a plus. Some will ship for free if your order has reached a certain amount. With free shipping at least you only need to worry about VAT.

6. Making Payment
Finding a store that accepts Paypal mode of payment is a convenient way to make sure your card is safe. Paypal will only affiliate itself with reputable websites, so you don’t have to worry about the place you are shopping from having direct access to your bank details.

Heart beat could soon replace online banking passwords

A bracelet called a Nymi Band which measures cardiac rhythms unique to each person to keep them logged in online – without having to remember passwords, codes and PIN numbers, may soon be used to enable people log in to their accounts online.

It. can authenticate a user when they place their finger on a tiny metal plate fitted to the band, creating a circuit which can be used to check the user’s electro-cardiogram  or “cardiac signature” against a stored one.

heart beat brace

The user has access to a service for as long as they wear the band. If the band is removed, the electrocardiogram is re-read once the device placed around the wrist again.

The bracelet has been developed by Canadian company Bionym, which claims the technology is more secure than other biometric proofs of identification.

As well as being useful online, the band could also be used in a similar way to a contact less payment card at tills.

Egypt warns women against marrying IS fighters online

Egypt’s state-sponsored Islamic authority warned women Wednesday against marrying fighters from the Islamic State group online, saying such unions would push them into a “circle of terrorism”.

Dar al-Ifta, the body that issues rulings on Islamic sharia law, said it made the warning after noticing several IS calls on social networks for girls to marry its jihadists “through video conferences”.

“Dar al-Ifta warns girls from adhering to these calls that go against sharia,” a statement said.

Such actions would push them into “the circle of extremism and terrorism through illegitimate marriages that neither please Allah or his prophet.”

The London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue said in a recent report that women joining the extremist group in Iraq and Syria are expected to marry its fighters, keep house and bear children.

Since December, Egypt has imposed restrictions on male citizens between the ages of 18 and 40 travelling to Turkey and Libya to stop them from joining organisations like the Islamic State, which has captured swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria and is now present in Libya.

European nations are scrambling to halt a surge in young people wanting to travel to Iraq and Syria to fight with the jihadists.

And Egypt is fighting an Islamist insurgency spearheaded by an IS affiliate, Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, in North Sinai province that borders Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Photo Credits : AFP