“Enda mjengo, uza mandazi ama maji” Willy Paul piles pressure on Omosh

Singer Willy Paul has joined the bandwagon of people criticizing John Kinuthia alias Omosh after his ill-advised attempt to beg again from Kenyans.

The musician, who has been on the war-path this week attacking Diamond Platnumz and Size 8, also has the bit in his teeth for Omosh.

Using his Instagram page, Willy asked Omosh to get out there and hustle like other men, reminding him that Kenyans had already done their part and they do not owe him anything.

“Unageuka watu walikusaidia ukisema doe haikufika mita…hiyo ilikuwa doe ya wakenya so wacha kulialia. Toka hapo nje ingia kwa mjengo, uza mandazi…maji. Uza hizi vitu,” he started.

‘I will chop off your head!’ Willy Paul threatens Diamond Platnumz


“Wacha kulia…Bahati alisachukua title ya kulialia. Pambana tu. Sisi wote ni wanaume na wakenya hawakufanyii kazi…ambia serikali ikupatie kazi. (You complained that the donations you received were less than a million…that was the hard-earned money of Kenyans and they do not owe you anything. Go out there and hustle. Sell water if need be. Do not be a cry baby).”

2 days ago, Omosh disclosed that the problems he has encountered the past year almost pushed him to suicide but he opted to remain strong for his kids.

“I got to a point I was just tired of everything. Life had lost meaning. I was so broke and the landlord was on my neck. I had bills to pay; I had mouths to feed but I had no income.

“That is how depression kicks in. You ask someone for Sh200 but they opt to buy you drinks instead. At times I would sink in my thoughts that people on the streets thought I was going crazy. It was not easy,” he said.

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“My 2 wives now have a better relationship” Omosh says after begging faux pas

Former actor Omosh aka Joseph Kinuthia from the popular Tahidi High show had probably his most infamous month in June 2021.

This was after his begging antics reached their zenith with most Kenyans calling him out for the bad behaviour. Seeing the sign of things and that the tide had changed against him, he decided to apologize to Kenyans after trying to double down.

“Have you ever done something and wondered, ‘why did I do that?’ You even go ahead and hate yourself for doing it. You do something and feel ‘Oh my God, I wish I never did it?’ Reason being? I knew I had annoyed Kenyans. You do something, but you don’t think it would annoy anyone. I never thought Kenyans would get that angry; I thought they would take Omosh as a joker,” he explained in a recent interview.

“I saw your ungratefulness and this hurt me most” Miss Morgan tells off Omosh

But despite being castigated online for his behaviour, the comedian is thankful for the positive that came from it. Mr. Kinuthia revealed that his two wives had sat him down after his begging spree.

That’s not all, for the first time ever the two agreed on something! (Just tell that Amber Ray and Jamal Rohosafi). The two apparently were disappointed with his behaviour and were unhappy that he hadn’t consulted them first.

They were wondering why I went to beg, again, on national television without informing them of what I’d say in the interview. Even my friends were taken aback by the now-misunderstood message.

He says that his relationship with his two wives had improved; and unlike before, the three get to agree on something, which showed growth. “Right now we are okay. I have learnt to consult them and listen to their advice,” he finished.

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“I saw your ungratefulness and this hurt me most” Miss Morgan tells off Omosh

Former Tahidi High actress Angel Waruinge, alias Miss Morgan has also decided to speak on the recent hullabaloo that surrounded her ex-colleague Omosh.

In a YouTube video she posted on her channel, Miss Morgan asked Omosh to accept that he needs help and check into rehab because he was hurting a big circle of people including his family and colleagues.

”Today, I am just talking for five minutes and this is in light of my former colleague, my brother in the industry and also a good friend, Omosh. Now he is trending again. Of course, we all know it is about him coming out and saying that he is broke again. First of all, this is to Omosh, my brother we had this discussion and I told you when you ask for help, society came through for you. Because you were once King of TV, you were one of the big names in Kenya. But I saw your ungratefulness and this is what hurt me most. You are a crying wolf, you are disappointing many people.”

“He is from a royal family” Miss Morgan discloses on “deadbeat” baby daddy

She then told Omosh that many people had faced the issue of alcoholism and had sought help.

“I will tell you this for free. We were in that situation most of us. Some chose to accept help and they got help, some chose to change and they are changing their lives, some chose not to get into the addiction and they are thriving. Out of what you are doing, you are hurting a big circle. You are hurting your family, you are hurting yourself, you are hurting your former colleagues because we also get trolled because of this. You said you are a man of God, you are also hurting your own God. Omosh, I am requesting you to accept that you need help. It has to come from you. Because you do realise 70% of healing starts with you,” Miss Morgan said.


She added that the actor had disappointed the whole country and told him to style up. ”Omosh people are not talking the way they do because of anything, you have disappointed the whole nation, I need you to style up, it is never too late. And this world owes no one a living, do not feel entitled. Do you know what many Kenyans would have done with the help that you got?” Miss Morgan finished.

Omosh Kizangila
Omosh Kizangila

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“I have done something I regret a lot!” Omosh finally apologizes for begging

After all the trolling and criticism that he has received, former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh has now decided to apologize to Kenyans.

Not only did he do that, but he also promised never to beg again. It seems being called out and shamed for bad behaviour still works in this day and age as the thespian said that he never expected that his sentiments will anger Kenyans.

During an interview with Hiram Maina, Omosh said,

“Mimi mwenye nilikuja kujiuliza surely what did I do?…Ushawahi fanya kitu mpaka wewe mwenyewe unajichukia…Unafanya kitu alafu you start wishing you never did it. Reason being, umeudhi watu..mimi sikuwa najua wakenya wataudhika hivo..nilikuwa najua watachukulia huyu ni ule Omosh Joker, Kitu kama hiyo.”

Omosh comes clean on video showing him in drunken state


“But One thing kwani nini walichukulia serious is because they gave me their money. They fought for my upcoming again. Kenyans please, I know you are forgiving, I’m just your brother please forgive me, please Naomba tu, am so sorry, you will never here of that again. You will never hear that from me again. But when you hear from me it will be entertainment” Omosh said.

And what will he do as far as rehab goes with many Kenyans suggesting that he should go back? He replied that he has been there twice and it’s a personal decision that one has to make.

“I have been to rehab twice…Rehab can only be a personal decision. I have to involve my family as well. No one can be forced to go to rehab. I do not see the point of going back to rehab, but I think visiting a counselor once in a while would be the best option for me,” said Omosh.

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Omosh comes clean on video showing him in drunken state

Omosh has been the subject on many people’s lips this past month after his begging antics reached a zenith with most Kenyans.

The former Tahidi High actor has been trolled mercilessly since a new interview of him asking for more money came out last week.

Kenyans were upset with him, even making memes about Omosh being part of many people’s considerations when they were making their budgets.

But is Omosh backing down after the relentless fire from his own citizens? Nope, he isn’t a shrinking violet with the thespian saying that not everyone fulfilled their pledge of contribution.

He should just get saved or become a thief! Ringtone says about Omosh’s begging

In a recent interview, the man has come clean on the accusations that not only did he receive over a million shillings in contribution but that he also squandered it.

”I’ve never tasted a million in my whole life. If you guys think I got a million, you guys are misinformed… The truth is I’ve never got even a million…”

But that wasn’t the only thing that he had to speak on. The man was asked about a recent video that emerged showing him to be in a drunken state that added more fuel onto the already burning fire.

He admitted that he had come from a party but defended that it was an old video and Kenyans were judging him unfairly.

“Some of those videos are old and are just being used to escalate the issue. It is good for people to ask randomly from my neighbours. For example, that video I was coming from bash and random people recorded me. I would like for people to come to the ground and maybe even speak to my neighbours or even my family around,” he added.

He also said that claims that he was back to his old drinking habits were misleading. Check out the video interview below;


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Section of Kenyans call for Omosh’s rehab after video of him in sorry state leaks

After the trolling and criticism that former Tahidi High comedian Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh has suffered this past week, some Kenyans are still trying to help him out-albeit not directly.

A section of Kenyans are calling for the rehabilitation of the comedian, after a video was shared on the internet showing him being helped to get home.

The video which went viral was apparently shared by a Kenyan who claimed to be Omosh’s neighbour and was recorded about one month ago.

In the video, one can see a well-dressed Omosh in the company of a man who is trying to help him walk but one can see that his suit is dirty from the number of times he had fallen on the ground.

“When he was given the money he started drinking in suits until he is carried home. I have seen him severally because we stay in the same area,” the neighbour said.

The video’s release comes at a time when the actor has become Kenya’s favourite punching bag after he had the audacity to ask for more money from Kenyans to help him get back on his feet.

“Manze kama ulisema unanitumia kakitu kwani kaliendaje? Bado nategea tu… Kusema tu uwkeli nilipata less than Sh1 million shillings. Nikalipa madeni, chuo ya watoi, juu nilikuwa nimekaa one year, four months bila kulipa. Nililipa Madeni nikabaki zero, so sai madeni zinaweza kuja nikicheza… but so far chuo, hao, food… Manze mnidunge katitu bana… Number ni 0727054141. Tuma kakitu,” he said in his now derided appeal.

But there are some who see through the bad behaviour and are more concerned about Omosh’s drinking habits.

“This guy should be taken to rehab. It’s not a laughing matter, many people are suffering from alcoholism,” said Tim Jimmy on Facebook.

Another wrote, “Growing up and being conscious of what you say is hard. Halfway through trolling Omosh you remember your friends are alcoholics too and now you feel bad.”

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He should just get saved or become a thief! Ringtone says about Omosh’s begging

Self-proclaimed gospel music industry chairman Ringtone Apoko has added to the chorus of Kenyans who are bashing former Tahidi High actor Omosh.

The musician told the thespian to get a job instead of always coming to ask for donations from Kenyans, explaining that God had given Omosh two hands, legs, brains and good health.

In a short Instagram video, Ringtone added to the loud din of Kenyans who have come down hard on Omosh for begging for more help even after receiving donations earlier in the year.

The “Zoea Mawe” singer told Kenyans not to waste their money and time on Omosh because he does not deserve the same.

”Omosh should just get saved or become a thief. Omosh should get saved or look for something to do. Omosh is not disabled, he has hands and legs, he can get out there and get work to do. He is bright and he is old enough, he should get a job. Omosh top these games and work. Please Kenyans do not give Omosh money. We should help people who indeed need our help, Omosh does not need our help. God gave him hands, legs, brain and health, he should work. Kenyans should help the needy and not Omosh and his type,” Ringtone said.

“Ringtone, don’t steal my wives!” Eric Omondi begs while praising singer’s new song “Fagia”

Shockingly unlike most other times, Kenyans supported what the singer said, condemning Omosh for playing with Kenyans.

This comes a few days after Omosh came out claiming the money Kenyans contributed to him got finished, explaining that he had used almost all the donations to settle his debts, rendering him broke.

But Kenyans were not having it this time with many rubbishing his claims, saying that he had squandered money donated to him by well-wishers.  Some even claimed that he may have squandered the money with alcohol.

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Omosh introduces his parents and daughter to hysterical fans (photo)

Yesterday, former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh decided to surprise his fans with a photo of his much older parents.

The picture had its intended effect and didn’t fail to elicit the requisite amount of emotion from many Kenyans who filled his comment section.

The caption that accompanied the photo of him posing with his mom and dad, read, “Dad, Mum and I,,, I love you so much my parents may God give you more years.. MOB LOVE #parents#moshkizangila #panahaa #tumsinguyaz #omosh #kizangila” shared Omosh.

This came just a few hours after he had shared an image of himself with his beautiful last born daughter stating that soon she will also join the photo-sharing platform (Instagram).

“A selfie with my youngest daughter, my last born, the one and only Wambui aka Bobo. Her account is under construction#omosh #omoshkizangila #kizangila #tumsinguyaz #panahaa” wrote the former Citizen Television actor.

The past few days Omosh has been introducing his family to his Instagram “family”. One week ago, the popular actor put up photos and videos of his wife Mrs. Ngatia, with whom they used to act together on Tahidi High.

Away from family, the thespian has also been sharing the progress of a house he is being built by Sung Timber on a piece of land he was given by Zero Hero Properties.

Omosh’s 2021 is one that could likely be turned into a feel-good movie after the way his fortunes changed in a heartbeat when he tearfully narrated that he was broke and his family suffering tremendously to the Kenyan public.

Kenyans led by Jalang’o came together to crowdfund for him and as they say the rest is history.

Good for him is all I will say!

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Khaligraph Jones opens up about actor Omosh’s recent financial situation

Khaligraph Jones is one of the few rappers who will speak his mind without fear or favour. In a recent interview that I had with him, the henched musician gave his thoughts on the recent situation that had faced fellow entertainer Omosh.


Khaligraph empathized with him and supported the decision by many Kenyans to aid the actor in his time of need.

“It is what it is that is life,” he said. “Even if we come with strategies to see that things like this don’t happen, if they happen it is our responsibility to come together and help.”

Tahidi High’s Omosh served with eviction notice for Sh100k rent arrears

He added that people should stop attacking the former Tahidi High actor as he had been a boon to Kenyans with his talents.

“I see people rebuking Omosh and saying, what did he do with his money? This is a guy who was on television entertaining people, this guy has motivated and inspired a lot of people. So he has every right to come out and ask for assistance from the people, that he has been entertaining.”

“Hopefully, the industry elevates to a level where we don’t see such cases anymore,” he concluded.

And what was Khaligraph’s experience with 2020? “It was good. It was ok. At the end of the day, as long as you are alive, God did his thing. “We managed to get through covid and survive. 2020 was okay.”

Were there any lessons he had learnt during the crazy year?

“Of course, you know 2020 was different and automatically that means that you have to adjust. That means you have to come out with new tactics on how to deal with your life in terms of one’s perspective of life and music, everything changed. It was for the better of course,” he finished off.

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Will we keep calling for harambees!? Eddie Butita speaks on Omosh situation (exclusive)

Eddie Butita is one of the newer brand of male comedians who has done well for himself. The man has been able to establish himself as a legitimate star in the industry.

In a recent interview I had with him, I asked him his thoughts on the plight of fellow comedians like the recent case of Omosh.


He said, “First, I wouldn’t want to talk about him not using money well, as I wouldn’t know how much he was getting from TV. But most of the times the things that make you go broke as an artiste; 1) Living beyond your means, 2) Alcoholism or substance abuse, 3) Not being paid. Those are the factors that can make you go into a situation where you have a big name but don’t have money.”

He explained how important it was to invest in oneself saying, “Now again if you get the opportunity to have that money, invest it back in the trade. There are a lot of artistes who don’t even have a simple thing like a camera or even a phone that can take good photos. Sometimes when you invest back it helps the brand grow., and more money will come in. When the brand is not growing clients run away.”

Adding, “Even you as Classic105, your rate card changes depending with the growth but it only grows when you put back money in it or in other things that will bring money. Diamond spends a lot on a video, so he can get a lot from it. In Kenya, we have the problem where people are getting money from the entertainment where you make money then you eat it.”

He also used the example of Khaligraph to explain how one invests in their own brand.

“Let me give an example; there’s Khaligraph Jones and there’s Brian Omollo. Now when Khaligraph Jones makes money the brand Khaligraph Jones has to benefit and not Brian Omollo eating all the money that belongs to Khaligraph Jones, that is what we are doing. You go for a performance/show where you get a hundred thousand shillings then you eat it. You don’t do a photoshoot, in essence, you’re not feeding your brand. then the brand dies.”

“Of course, it’s not easy because even we are ourselves are struggling as we head in that direction of saving. We are not yet there this is something if we are able to solve, many artists will live well.”

And who had taught the comedian these smart investment tips?

“It is seeing the way things are happening because most of these things are not new under the sun. What has happened to Omosh has happened to someone else. If you look carefully you will find them.”

He finished off by concluding that better permanent solutions are needed for the issues facing going poor in the entertainment industry.

“But now when it happens we come out and we talk about it and also fundraise but we don’t talk about permanent solutions. What happens when another artist comes out with the same problem? Will we fundraise again? Yes, the artist will become good but what about the next one who comes after him? Will we call for another harambee? We need to know what’s the problem and share ideas. and then grow as entertainers.”

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I was in rehab for 3 months! Omosh explains problems after Covid pandemic

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, better known as Omosh has seen the impact that goodwill from Kenyans can do for someone in so short a span of time.

The man revealed on Thursday last week that he was suffering financially and couldn’t pay his rent or even pay the fees for his kids.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

But after Jalang’o’s mobilization effort, things seem to be turning a corner for him as Kenyans from all walks of life have come together to help him.

Kenyans pledge more than Ksh 1 million in 24 hours for Omosh after Jalang’o initiative

Omosh had revealed that after the closure of Tahidi High, he had saved Kshs 140,000 but when COVID struck, he used it all up but sadly with most of it going to alcohol.

That was not all. The man would soon be taken to rehab for 3 months by his sister. ”Mi nishakuwa rehab. Siste aliona uyu jamaa anadedi. Haraka haraka, rehab. Nikakaa miezi tatu.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

After rehab, Omosh reveals things became worse and he got even more broke.

The actor is now overwhelmed by how much his fans still support him. They only hope that he won’t spend all the money on alcohol again. All the best to him as he re-organizes his life.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

I hope that he can use the new lease of life he has received to turn his life around completely and we see the end of this sad episode.

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Knight in shining armour! Jalang’o promises to raise Sh 1 million for Omosh

This past Thursday, Kenyans woke up to the sad and heartbreaking news that popular comedian Peter Kinuthia alias Omosh was struggling financially in a major way.

The actor who came to prominence on Citizen Tahidi High TV show revealed that he had not only accumulated rent arrears of almost KSh 100,000 but also had no source of money to pay for his children’s school fees.

Omosh is very lucky that his generous landlord has allowed the father of five to occupy his premises for over a year without paying rent.

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A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

The news went viral with Kenyans agitating for people in power to help the struggling thespian in his hour of need and it seems that fellow entertainer Jalang’o has had the clarion call.

Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o has offered to help raise KSh 1 million for the former actor. He made this pledge on his Instagram page, writing, “This hurts me soo much. I promise to raise him 1 million bob to restart his life again!” wrote Jalang’o.

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A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

This, he hopes, will help Omosh clear his outstanding debts and invest in some income-generating project that will put him back on track.

While many were happy that Omosh can now see the light at the end of his tunnel, others pointed out that individuals in the limelight should learn from the many grace to grass cases and spend wisely while saving for a rainy day.

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Celebrities react to Tahidi High’s Omosh’ cry for financial help


Earlier this week it came a as shock to film and entertainment fans that former actor Omosh for the Tahidi High School series was facing eviction over rent arrears.

Omosh in an interview confessed that he is dead broke and sad he can’t feed his children.

The legendary actor is loved by many and his peers are also shocked at his suffering.

Celebrities have this past weekend been sharing messages of support to Omosh filled with love and sympathy.

Here are some posts:

  1. Njoro the Comedian knows all too well the pain Omosh is going through having publicly come out to appeal for financial help, disclosing he is depressed.

njoro comedian omosh(1)

2. Gospel singer Guardian Angel spared a minute to reflect on the growing pains of the entertainment industryguardian angel omosh(1)

3. Comedian Brenda Johns also shared her sadness

brenda jons omosh(1)

Kenyans also joined in asking what had happened to the renowned actor.
I have been touched after watching a video of Tahidi High’s Omosh breaking into tears as he pleads for help. He was my favorite actor in Tahidi High thanks to his acting skills. Like many other Kenyans I am going to stand with him financially so that he can bounce back to life.

Someone… who can help Omosh manze
he is asking for even 200kshs per day… ama we do a PayBill instead of Valentine?

Most of the shows as we were growing up really time casted the actors, it is very hard for this guys to get new acting roles. They should’ve taken their long stay to build something else, however I feel for Omosh and hope it all works well for him.


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Tahidi High’s Omosh served with eviction notice for Sh100k rent arrears

Omosh has been one of the renowned actors in very many households for many years.

All millennials know this man, but the reality is, when their time is up on a show, it is hard to find another job in that field.

Not only Omosh from Tahidi High but we have seen young ones like Govi from Machachari lament that after their time ended on the show, they have not landed a gig.

In a recent interview, Omosh opened up that he is broke. Yap!

Omosh said that he has not paid rent in his Eastlands house for the past year with the arrears accumulating to over Ksh100,000.

“Providing food and other basic needs for my family has been a major problem. The landlord wants to collect everything from me.”

A group of friends visited him in that home and dropped off some money to help him pay off the debts.

It is not new to hear that once there are financial issues which of course come from lack of a means i.e a job or a business then there will be issues at home.

As we speak, Omosh says he is having family issues.

“Maisha imekuwa ngumu na hata watoi wanakuwa affected na vile maisha yangu imekuwa,” said Omosh.

It is tough in these streets especially the entertainment ones. There needs to be some sort of plan to help these guys because the concern is now serious.

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