Octopizzo pleads with President-elect Ruto to decriminalize Marijuana

Rapper Octopizzo has sent a message to president-elect William Ruto to decriminalize weed in the country.

The Kibra finest singer stated that marijuana is the ‘holiest’ plant in the world.

In a video he shared on his social media, Octopizzo asked William Ruto to eliminate criminal penalties against marijuana.

“I know you are a Christian and the ‘weed’ topic is quite sensitive to you. But I plead with you to decriminalize marijuana. This is because weed is the ‘holiest’ plant in the world,” he said.

“There are several youths serving long jail terms because of being in possession of marijuana worth Sh100. If Ruto’s government will decriminalize such offenses, then our youths will be free.”

The rapper added that commercial marijuana farming will earn Kenya enough money to pay our loans.

“I supported the Roots Party presidential candidate, George Wajackoyah because he knew the worth of cannabis. He understood its value. Now I plead with Ruto to also see its value and consider decriminalizing it,” Otopizzo stated.

Octopizzo defended the youths who use Marijuana saying the plant has more benefits and that it also reduces anxiety.

“Most of us use small quantities of marijuana just to get rid of our anxiety. It’s not proper for a young man to be detained for more than five years because of one roll of weed.”

While in Kenya for the WRC Safari Rally championship, Jamaican sensation Tarrus Riley also supported Wajackoya’s weed manifesto.

According to Riley, human beings are more illegal than the weed itself.

He said;

“Legalise weed! I think human beings are more illegal than weed and I don’t need politics to tell me that,” he said.

Beef alert! Rapper Khaligraph and Octopizzo fight over YouTube views

Rapper Khaligraph Jones launched his new track ‘Lwanda Magere’ yesterday.

Khaligraph narrates his music journey and the way he struggled to make it large within the trade, noting that he struggled so much however with God’s assist he was in a position to make it large.

The track was well-received by his followers and within hours, it was on the trending list on YouTube.

Well, recently rival rapper Octopizzo’s YoutTube views droped massively on his latest track ‘Nikupate’ and this led to blended reactions.

Khaligraph mocked Octopizzo saying,

“Woi Woi woi Rada Ni Chafu, IEBC wacheze Chini pale Youtube, Lwanda Magere Legacy Dropping any Time , Subscribe proper now, #respecttheogs,” Khaligraph wrote.

Octopizzo without hesitation responded to Khaligraph refering to him as a fat boy.

“Sijakua space Naskia ma Fatboy bado wanaongea . Hadi Madancer pekee wanahemesha tumboCut sisters. Acha niamshe Chebukati acheze na server vizuri ndio wajue Rada Chafu! wapate ya kusema vizuri. Spherical this zinaruka 10M views in a day waongee wachokee”

I’d choose Khaligraph over Octopizzo-Nadia Mukami stunningly reveals

Khaligraph in military gear
This did not stop there, Khaligraph Jones weln on to blame Octopizzo for including bots to his views.
“@Octopizzo please Stop adding Bots on my Views so that it also looks like am buying views like you, This is your work please, Stop it.”
Octopizzo responded to the allegations, terming Khaligraph as a clout chaser and utilizing his title solely to make his track development.
“Kuna ngoima flani tangu ianze kudoz na pointi amechanganikiwa, pereka hizo mixed feelings kwa bedroom nani.
Ambieni hio panya nono ipunguze matumbo kwanza ndio iniongeleshe, Acha kunitajataja mse.
Ngoma zao hazitrend bila DON kwa mention 😂😂
Eka familia yote IG ndio ngoma isonge nani ☠️
“Wameshona lakini mi ndio Tailor Men!”

Octopizzo in black and white
Octopizzo in black and white

Octopizzo has been dissing Khaligraph Jones in some of his songs. In his song dubbed ‘Noma ni’ he makes reference to Khaligraph Jones ‘Mazishi’ song.

“Hizo chocha za kurap faster buda jo come slowly. Niliwapeleka kaburini so wanajua ni mazishi, na kwa hio matanga yenu bana husikii bado tutadishi”.

Bahati to Octopizzo, here are Kenyan celebs with 2 baby mamas

While many African men are proud to publicly declare they are polygamous, others keep their status on the down low. We take a look at some Kenyan celebs who have more than one baby mama.

1. Ali Kiba

He has sired children with four different baby mamas and the sad part is, he’s not going to marry any of them. The Bongo star and his Kenyan bae walked down the aisle in 2018.Ali Kiba

2. Jalang’o

He leads a flashy lifestyle and he has two baby mamas although rumor has it that he has more. Kwani iko nini, fill the world Mr. Jalas. You have the money.

3. Bahati

The controversial gospel artiste has two children with different women, his first  baby mama is Yvette Obura while the wife is Diana Marua.

A year ago Bahati introduced his daughter Mueni to the world in the caption below promising to always love and protect her.

“Too many Blessings have come my way but 2 Years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime Blessing from God.

Allow me to introduce to you the Angel that God blessed me with, My First Born Daughter- I PROMISE TO LOVE AND PROTECT YOU. I WILL BE THE BEST DAD FOR YOU @Mueni_Bahati”

bahati 1

4. King Kaka

He sired kids with two different women as well his daughters are the same age and you can tell he enjoys being a dad to both of them.

He’s a father of of three – 2 daughters and a son whom he welcomed last year.

Taking to instagram in a previous post, Kaka thanked God for finally blessing him with a son in the caption below

“A powerful photo a few days ago God answers prayers and one of my prayers this year a son a King is born

Iroma and Asante Nana.”

king kaka

5. Diamond Platnumz 

He’s been accused of having relationships with his female video vixens, socialites, and groupies.

His baby mamas are Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan and Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobeto with whom he has three kids who are known but sources have it that amejaza dunia.

Diamond with his son dylan who he fathered with Hamisa

6. Octopizzo

Octopizzo is among Kenyan celebs with more than one baby mama. In a past interview with Kiss 100, Octopizzo said that he has kids out there and he is not ashamed about it.

“I cant tell people how many kids I have people will know how many I have with time for now let them focus with the two I post on Instagram.

I have kids out there and I have never been embarrassed about my kids.”

octopizzo and his daughters

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Eight most stylish Kenyan male celebrities

The world has rapidly evolved in the fashion industry and we can’t overlook the fact that these men are not being left behind. They say that first impressions matter and dressing definitely is a plus one on looks.

These men stand out because of their fashion sense.

1. Sauti Sol

sauti sol The biggest boy band in Kenya, Sauti Sol have it going on. They always have something to show whenever they appear, but one thing is for sure, their outfits always have jaws dropping.

2. Ali Hassan Joho

stylish joho

He goes by the name Sultan. He is the governor of Mombasa county and he has been named the most stylish governor Kenya has.

3. Octopizzo

stylish octo

The Oliel hit maker never disappoints when it comes to fashion.

4. Guardian Angel

stylish guardisn angel

One of the best Gospel artists also has taste and likes to look sharp.


stylish nyash

A legend in the Kenyan music industry who has represented the country internationally but one thing is for sure, he does not forget to dress up fashionably.

6. Nick Mutuma

stlish mutuma

A successful actor, his fashion sense is also a success. He has featured in many local movies and was recently blessed with a baby girl together with his baby mama, Bridget Shighadi.

7.Willy Paul

stylish willy

Yes he is a controversial gospel artist, but we have to give credit to his amazing sense of style.


 8. Otile Brown

stylish brown

The baby love hit maker, who is also Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend cannot be left behind. His sense of style is on a whole different level.

‘I did not do it’ Octopizzo denies involvement in murder of 19 year old

Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga alias  Octoppizo has found himslef between a rock and a hard place after a Nairobi family linked him to the death of their son.

Kenneth Abom, 19, lost his life on Saturday 19th, Jan 2019 after succumbing to injuries that had been inflicted on him during a scuffle at his house earlier last week.

A Nairobi family has pointed an accusing finger at rapper Henry Ohanga, popularly known as Octopizzo, over their teenage son’s death on Saturday.

Kenneth Abom
Kenneth Abom

AP commits suicide after shooting his girlfriend 19 times in Naivasha

The family suspects the rapper hurt their son and complications from the injury might have led to the boy’s death, the parents suspect.

But speaking to KTN, the rapper denied the allegations, saying that Kenneth broke into his house last Thursday.

According to neighbours, the rapper was seen pursuing the boy from his house but he was immediately told to stop because Abom lived in the estate.

Speaking on the phone with KTN, Octopizzo said;

“No, I did not hit the boy. His father was the first person I talked to after the incident. I did not know why he came in my house. An hour later, we heard that the boy dropped from the fourth floor,” 

The late Kenneth Abom
The late Kenneth Abom

According to the deceased’s brother, Mr Paul Abom, Kenneth came running to the house which is on the fourth floor with a cut on the right side of his head and a blood-stained shirt.

Pauls adds

“He went straight to the bathroom to clean himself up and the next thing we knew he had jumped through the window to the ground.

He was rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital and then referred to Kenyatta National Hospital where doctors [said] that he would recover,” 

His father, Mr Aggrey Abom, said his son seemed to be recovering well on Friday but on Saturday at around 10am, he succumbed to his injuries.

‘If you are a man in your 30’s or 40’s still living with your mum you don’t deserve to wear trousers’ Shouts city man

The father denied the rapper’s claims that he had spoken to him. He suspects that his son might have been hit by a blunt object because he had a cut on the right side of his forehead.

He added that his son, who they said had an interest in music and arts, might have been curious after Octopizzo moved in the neighbourhood recently.

The family said that they are waiting for autopsy scheduled for Monday.

Daily Nation

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Here are the most fashionable celebrity kids in the Kenyan scene

Smart fashion statement is a norm among adults, but when you see a stylish kid, it’s quite uncertain whom the credit goes to.

Is it the parent who dresses the kid or the kid who beyond doubt slays the outfits.

Not just well dressed kids but well and stylish kids are running these Kenyan streets for a while now.

Below are our top stylish Kenyan Kids;

Ladasha ( The Muraya’s)



Heaven Bahati


Kenyan kids minting millions as brand ambassadors for local and international brands

Jaguar’s son & Daughters

MP Jaguar's son
MP Jaguar’s son


Jaguar with his daughters Tamara and Toria

Eko Dydda’s sons



Octopizzo’s Children


Drama in Baringo as crocodile shows up at police station where its owner was allegedly beaten to death

Pierra Makena’s Daughter



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Top 10 Kenyan celebrity Dads we admire (photos)

In Kenya, not many Dads show off their children or family on social media. Some even prefer to keep that part of their life private.

However, these are some of the Kenyan celebrity fathers who don’t mind showing off their family and giving advice to their followers and with the look of things, fatherhood is going quite well with them.

Some of them include,

1. Timothy Kimani aka blessed Njugush and baby Tugi


2. Nameless and his baby girls, Tumiso and Kio


Male celebrities in the Gospel industry who are driving women crazy(photos)

3. DJ Mo and baby Ladasha


4. Madtraxx and baby Malaika


5. Octopizzo and with Tracy, Zara and Frederick.


‘You made me smile when the world left me shattered’ pens Ben Kitili’s newly wedded wife

6. DJ Moz and his daughters Zara and Alba


7. DJ Soxxy and his first born daughter Eliana and last born son Ethan


8. Frankie just gym it and his sons Alex and Kai


9. Robert Burale and Daughter Lexie


10. Ted Josiah and Baby Jay Jay

Ted Josiah- Zumi


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Kenyan Celebrities whose soul mates are not Kenyans (photos)

Love is love, and whom one chooses to be the soul mates is a personal choice.

Below are some of the celebrities whose spouses are wazunguz,

1. Annabel Onyango


‘If a man was to determine my success, I’d have been finished by now,’ Pierra Makena rants

2. Wendy Kimani



3. Octopizzo



4. Jeff Koinange


5. DJ Moz


Chills for who? This response by Betty Kyallo to an online troll proves she is the queen of clap backs

6. Vanessa Kiuna


7.Nyotta ndogo


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Octopizzo’s Life Is Pure Lanes! See What He Did This Time Round!

When he’s not dropping hit songs, Octopizzo is busy doing business outside the country. He’s just not your average Kenyan rapper.

The “So Alive” star took to Instagram to share a photo of himself hanging out with pilots of his flight from John F. Kennedy Airport. It was taken in the cockpit and from what it looks like, the pilots seem to be cool with it.

By the way, he has been termed as the hottest rapper in Kenya by The Star newspaper in Kenya.

The amazing thing that singer Octopizzo will do for his late parents

“Octopizzo is one of the hottest properties in music as he effortlessly fuses rap and style. Over the years, we have seen him transform his image, turning him into one of the most trendy rappers,” read the review.


“zile za Late night no Fights /Jetlife no flights🦅
PAST OUT NOW link on Bio #NewSound it’s Different! 😁 #sky #jetlife #travel #worldwide #smile #happiness #bestoftheday #acid #jazz #8 #King 🌿🤴🏾🌿

Are you an Octopizzo fan? Which is your favorite song by the rapper?

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Octopizzo Wishes His Beautiful Daughter A Happy Birthday

Rapper Octopizzo is known for being the person to keep his family’s identify locked out from the public eye. Not many know his wife’s name. But as of this morning, he had taken a bold step to post a pic of his beautiful daughter on Instagram. In the post, he wished her a birthday.

In the deep message, he said that no matter the distance between them, she will always be his ‘angel’. What a showcase of his lyrical prowess. He is such a caring dad:

Here is the post.


There is this girl who stole my heart & she calls me Daddy, No matter how old you are, no matter where you are you will always be my little angel. 🦋🦋❤️🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART 🎈❤️🦋🦋
#happybirthday #daughter #moments #love #neverforget #princess #family #queen#zara #soon #morelife 🌹👸🏻🌹

His fans chimed in with supporting comments and birthday wishes as well:

sheta254 Happy Birthday angel
stevohbrooks Happy Born Day young Angel Blow Trillions of Candles live long
katus_wakanesa Happy birthday to her 😍😍
sheta254 Happy Birthday angel
stevohbrooks Happy Born Day young Angel Blow Trillions of Candles live long
katus_wakanesa Happy birthday to her 😍😍
kaykay_ke Happy bday to her! Bless!
miko5420 Happy birth day pizzo angel..😘

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Mheshimiwa Anapenda Vita Sana! Octopizzo And Jaguar Attack Each Other Again Viciously

Octopizzo and Jaguar are back at it like a couple of twitter crazed ninjas. But I wouldn’t put it beyond Jaguar to try and put his hands on Octopizzo like he did to Babu Owino.

You see, the two – Jaguar and Octo – had thrown blows at each other on social media last week and it seems this new beef is not ending anytime soon.

Octo has come out to say he can’t stand “cry baby” Jaguar, which has stirred an exchange of words between the two on social media.

Jaguar responded saying, “Elections did not begin when I got into politics. I was playing my part mentoring our generation even before you realised you had a talent.”

Adding, “You seem to be seeking cheap publicity theatrics on matters of National importance. Play your role as @octopizzo. Leave my name out of it.”

Here is a post with Octopizzo’s savage response.

Jaguar and Octopizzo fighting

Jaguar picks a fight with Octopizzo and fans dig in

Forget Jaguar’s fight with Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino.

Singer Octopizzo and his counterpart Jaguar were yesterday publicly attacking each other on social media, and their beef has to do with a comment Jaguar made.

Jaguar took to his social media to wish Kenyans a happy mashujaa day with this comment;

‘Wishing all Kenyans a happy mashujaa day pray for our nation as we elect leaders and forge towards a path of national prosperity’.

But Octopizzo wasn’t happy with the comments. He responded attacking Jaguar by asking;

‘Buda watu wanamadwa Kisumu na umenyamaza tu? No one is happy & we don’t have mashuja anymore, when are you going to condemn the killings?’

Then jaguar responded by asking Octopizzo another question

‘What did u do to the victims of Gikomba fire???’

Now their fans are not happy and everyone is responding attacking each other. Read some comments.

Isaac Ocham Otieno..you understand that was fire.It wasn’t intentional killings by the current government.And you may not know what he did…Derek ouma‏ .Jaguar is just a pretender. Very selfish. That kigeugeu song was about him. Dont expect anything from this ninja.

Ingrid‏ ..Jaguar what did you do??? Visit them? Give them handouts?The work Octopizzo does for the youth can’t be compared to your visit to gikosh

mutunga mwanzia‏ …You’re part of the young ELECTED leaders mhesh! Criticizing what is wrong doesn’t belittle you in any way. You OWE Kenyans a VOICE!

Sammy Mwalili‏ ..dude are you a leader in our parliament today? May God help us all, we are doomed if you can ask such a question.

‘Never Been Happier’ – Octopizzo Jots Down A Special Message To His Fiancée

Coming from the heart of Kibera slums, Kenya has raised one of the most renowned rappers in the country. Octopizzo is one of the Kenyan rappers who really love and adore light skinned girls.


The ‘TBT’ hit maker is always travelling abroad. For now, he is having a level up regional tour season two after coming back from vacation where he went to celebrate his daughter’s birthday in Berlin, Germany.

While on vacation, Octopizzo penned down a special message to his mzungu fiancée in Rome, Italy. He posted a picture captioned with sweet words that would tell you that love is in the air.

Here is what he told his girl:


“Never been Happier,Never been so motivated by another soul than this crazy human I call my Partner.
I feel like I’ve been split open and stuffed with sunshine ☀️ Acha nisiendelee juu naeza andika novel hapa.
Kidogo niCry na si Teargas.”

Here are reactions from his fans:

armfreedyang: Fity cheza juu nikuite skyscraper… Top kwa list not shy rapper

tarayiajnr: Mko tu sawa Mr pope nku Rome from city to city niiiiiice….gang gang.

mike dova:  Boy wa ghetto but kila kitu nadunga maze ni expe. Nimegeuza madem currency, nawa exchange. Bars kibao lack ni saa hii sitaki ku extend #nuafrica #couplegoals #family #mrinternational

derrickrimui: You are one lucky man

makonde: octopizzo wamapizo umependeza na msuper mbaya bit up your self god bless you! Ngoma zako tunazipata Wapi?


Another One? Octopizzo Flies Out To Celebrate His Daughter’s Birthday

Octopizzo is a household name and he has gone far and beyond to prove that his music is among the dopiest, not only regionally but internationally too.

Hailing from Kibera, he has made sure that even though he is now a mega star, he won’t leave behind his hood, as he has done quite a lot for the people of Kibera, through different organizations.

Well, many people have always wondered how many kids does Octo has as he shares photos of his kids on social media.


A while back he was asked how many kids he has and he went ahead to state that the number doesn’t really matter, and the only thing that matters is that he loves them unconditionally.

Well, he has introduced yet another cute little angel, Akinyi, as she celebrated her birthday. Because of all the love he has for her, he flew out to Berlin to celebrate the milestone.

No one knew his daughter Akinyi, but as we all know Octo is one man is full of surprises.

He took to social media to share an adorable photo of the angel with caption, “Is a Furahiday with my amazing Miss Akinyi. Happy Soul, Blessed is an understatement. My daughters Rock!!

Here’s the beautiful photo of the two:

Octopizzo and Akinyi

Guess Who Avril Would Rather Marry Between Three Known Kenyan Rappers

Singer Avril Nyambura found herself in a tight position naming the person she would choose for a husband when she was asked to pick between Kenyan coolest rappers Khaligraph Jones, King Kaka and Octopizzo.

Famously known for her hit songs such as Nikimuona and Kitu Kimoja, she has a brand new single with  APass.


She opened up during an interview with Ebru TV when she was forced to answer to the game called would you rather.

Avril was hesitant to answer this question and said that King Kaka is like a brother to her hence they cannot even date, so she was left to choose between Octopizzo and Papa Jones.


At the long run, she chose Papa Jones and after that she was asked a follow up question of where she would love to go on a date if she was dating Khaligraph. The options were Maasai Mara, Malindi or Mount Kenya and her answer was Malindi because she loves the ocean.


Avril said she would rather be with someone who is in the same field as she’s in and that he has to have a passion in music.



Read Octopizzo’s Deep Message Over Violence In Kibera

Kenyans have finally known who their leaders will be for the next five years. But not everyone agrees with the results.

To express displeasure parts of the country have broken out in violence, with civil society among others speaking out against the violence.

Octopizzo has always shared with the members of the public how happy he is to call Kibera home. To date, he still visits Kibera and the youth have grown to love him even more.


But Octo has a message that he would like to pass to the Kenya police in regards to claims made by sections of society that they are shooting people with live bullets in Kibera.

He took to twitter to write, “Kenyan Police should not shoot people with live bullets as they are doing in Kibera,You are capable of making an arrest NOT KILLING STOP!!!”

Vera Sidika Wants A Baby…But Not With A Man!!!

Well, one of Kenya’s greatest socialites has decided to make headlines again.

But hey, that’s not new right? A few months ago,we had already been alerted with a leaked Whatsapp message to one of her girlfriends saying

“Living alone is too darn boring and lonely. Would be better to have kids running around the house than this bachelorette life,” she wrote, adding, “I’m waiting.”

These Photos Of Vera Sidika Before Skin Lightening Have Gone Viral

vera sidika 14She finally wants to be a mother. No, she is not pregnant, and no she doesn’t have a man yet. The news is, she doesn’t want to have the baby with a man. According to Pulse Magazine, this is what she had to say about marriage;

“I am not the kind that believes in marriage. Honestly, I don‘t need a man to get a baby. I don’t think relationships are made for people like me. I have been proposed to twice, once by a very prominent personality but that is not my thing. Every time I try to date I stay like three months and it doesn‘t work so I kind of stopped going that emotional way. I mean, I don‘t want to have 100 divorces and be branded heart breaker.”

In a way, that does make a lot of sense. Nowadays, it has become a trend for celebrities to get married and then get divorced in 3 months. That does not even surprise anyone anymore, but Vera is not ready to become one of those.

SCREENSHOTS! Leaked Conversation Of Vera Sidika And Her Mother

The question is, how then does she want to get this baby. This is what she had to say about it;

“Sperm banks are here with us and there is nothing wrong with taking that route.”

Wow! In these times, who would even think of that? Does that mean we won’t even have to be guessing who the father of the child will be? Imagine the confusion on the child’s face when he or she grows up and gets to pop that question to the mum. That aside anyway.

vera sidika 9

Forget The Thighs, Here Are Photos Of Vera Sidika Slaying In LONG Dresses

This is already so heartbreaking for so many men, and not only the Kenyan men. Clearly, Vera is not the kind of woman to be cuffed and she has had her way in so much so why not now? Well good for her.

Details Of Octopizzo’s Invites Only Wedding To His Mzungu Fiancée

About a week or so ago, Octopizzo dropped a brand new song dubbed ‘TBT’ which has received massive airplay. He had been quiet for a while, but we now know what he has been upto.


Last year, Octopizzo introduced his girlfriend on social media, which came as a surprise because many knew he was in a relationship with his baby mama, Christina Fernandes. But that didn’t work out that well.

Well, he proposed to his beautiful lass last year and it’s only a matter of time before we hear the wedding bells.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss FM, he went ahead to reveal that he is getting married in a month’s time but wasn’t ready to disclose the exact date of the wedding.


I got engaged. I’m waiting for the wedding. She even got me a gold spinning ring. We don’t have a date but we have a month and we don’t want to announce. I’m doing it two ways, I’m not doing the normal church kinda wedding coz I’m not that kinda guy. I want to it my culture way,” he disclosed.

He continued, “So I was in upcountry just before I went to the States and I met all my uncles and asked them how they used to do it back then. I want a cultural wedding where I pull up on a cow.”

He stated that he wants his kids to look up to him and be happy that their dad followed his roots and held a cultural wedding. Speaking of kids, when asked how many kids he has, he said he didn’t want to talk about it in this specific interview, but he’ll do another interview with all his kids present.


I don’t know if I want to talk about that in this specific interview, but I’ll do a whole family interview soon, but I have a big family and people should know that. I don’t have adopted kids and I’m not like these people wanatokea after two years. The only thing I don’t do is I don’t count my eggs before they hatch so that’s why you’ll never hear that a shawty is pregnant. When the kid is out, you’ll see them and I don’t care if I have a hundred baby mamas, but I’m going to own my kids.”