Like Octopizzo these celebrities who have also been accused of murder

Octopizzo was embroiled in a saga early last year that threatened to derail his promising career. A Nairobi family had pointed an accusing finger at the rapper, whose real names are Henry Ohanga, over the death of their teenage son.

The rapper posing

The family of the late Kenneth Abom suspected that the rapper injured their son during a scuffle at his house. Complications from his head injury might have led to the boy’s death, the parents suspected, with the rapper denying the allegations,

Kenneth Abom
The late Kenneth Abom

Octopizzo isn’t the only celeb to have allegations of murder lobbed at him, below is a list of celebs who have suffered the same fate. They are:

Mark Wahlberg

The famous Hollywood star was charged with attempted murder when he was 16 years old. Wahlberg struck two Vietnamese men with various objects while yelling a racial epithet, leaving one man blind in one eye. He ultimately pled guilty to assault and served 45 days in prison.

Mark_Wahlberg: Courtesy/Commons Wikimedia

Snoop Dogg

The star who loves weed like a fat baby loves cake has also faced his own legal issues. In 1993, he along with his bodyguard were charged with murder for the shooting death of Phillip Woldemariam, a rival gang member.

Snoop_Dogg: Courtesy/Common Wikimedia

Snoop was finally acquitted of the charges in 1996.

Louis Otieno

The former host was once the most popular personality on television, in an illustrious career that would sadly end, ignominiously. Some might say it ended after he was accused of the murder of Careen Chepchumba.

Careen Chepchumba
Careen Chepchumba

Mr Otieno denied killing Ms Careen or ever having a romantic affair with her. He, however, admitted that she had been his friend.

Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno

So far, the former T.V personality is a free man with the police accused of bungling the case by former Kibera Resident magistrate Charles Ondiek.

O.J. Simpson

The former American football player tarnished a glorious sporting legacy when he was charged with the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Lyle Goldman. After a much-publicized trial, Simpson was found not guilty in 1995.

O.J._Simpson_1990:Courtesy/Commons Wikimedia

Oscar Pistorius

The South African Paralympian was sentenced to six years in prison for murdering his girlfriend, actress/model Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013. According to Pistorius, he mistook her of an intruder.

Oscar_Pistorius: Courtesy/Commons Wkimedia

Jacque Maribe

The Citizen T.V presenter who is currently out on bail, has been mentioned as a suspect in the death of Monica Kimani. The murder is said to have taken place at the deceased’s Lamuria Court apartments. Joe Irungu, her ex is the prime suspect in the murder.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie
Jacque Maribe and her ex Jowie in court

The case is still in court.

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I’d choose Khaligraph over Octopizzo-Nadia Mukami stunningly reveals

Nadia Mukami isn’t afraid to speak her mind and has recently offered up her thoughts concerning who she would choose between rapper Khaligraph Jones over Octopizzo.

WCW: Nadia Mukami making major moves in the Music Industry

She revealed this stunning fact during an interview with Red Cross owned station Switch TV after she was asked who she would choose between the two.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

And was the chocolate beauty dating at the moment? “I find people putting my picture on their profile, putting me on their status, Instagram, Facebook saying I’m their girlfriend. Until I have posted someone don’t believe anything. Someone called me wifey and everyone was like, and I was like I don’t even like the guy” said Nadia.

Nadia Mukami

Nadia also explained that at the start of her career she had decided to use her talents instead of using her beauty or public stunts to promote her music.

“I feel like my talent is being appreciated because one thing about me is that when I was starting out I banked on my lyrics and my voice. Because I was like you are pretty yes but what if uchape overnight or something happens to you or you get these funny funny things that people in the industry bank on so I wanted to really come in the industry in a different way and I think lyrics and voice has super worked for me” added the Miss Mukami.

Nadia Mukami

And what is her process when making music?

“Mine is actually very different. I get instrumentals and demos then I write then I sit down and listen to the demos. After I have the demos I approach a producer and tell them I want this song completely different” said the singer.

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Anita Nderu – I’d rather sleep with Octopizzo than Prezzo

Anita Nderu the former radio and NTV presenter and most bubbly of celebrities, had a fascinating conversation on her Instagram page recently.

Ms. Nderu spoke about whom she would sleep with between Octopizzo and Prezzo. What!? The internet does breed crazy conversations, doesn’t it?

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

This debate topic wasn’t Anita’s fault as one of her curious and rabble-rousing fans asked the crazy question. “Who would you rather sleep with, Octopizzo or Prezzo?” asked the fan.

‘In case you propose, this is the gown I want’ Anita Nderu hints at her bae

The entertainer was with her friend and former co-host Anne Mwaura as they were playing a Truth and Drink game as they responded to questions asked by their fans.

Anita was up to the task and responded to the question without any fear, stating her preference for Namba Nane aka Octopizzo.

Octopizzo in black and white
Octopizzo in black and white
Prezzo chilling
Prezzo chilling

She, however, admitted that growing up she liked Prezzo but got to a point where she wasn’t his fan anymore, as she insisted that if they were the only two men remaining, she would still choose Octopizzo.

“Wow! This is such an obvious one. It’s definitely Octopizzo. I am sorry I have nothing against Prezzo but there is no way on earth… It’s Octopizzo. We grew up with Prezzo but at some point, I wasn’t a fan anymore and if it really does come down to the two of them, Apocalypse, I’ll be like Octopizzo,” said Anita Nderu.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

Anita has been through a lot over the years, with 2018 being one of her darkest with the spectre of depression haunting her for close to 5 months that year.

So it’s good to see Anita in a good place in her life, even discussing the man she would rather want to sleep with. That is progress. Good for her.


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Octopizzo Wishes His Beautiful Daughter A Happy Birthday

Rapper Octopizzo is known for being the person to keep his family’s identify locked out from the public eye. Not many know his wife’s name. But as of this morning, he had taken a bold step to post a pic of his beautiful daughter on Instagram. In the post, he wished her a birthday.

In the deep message, he said that no matter the distance between them, she will always be his ‘angel’. What a showcase of his lyrical prowess. He is such a caring dad:

Here is the post.


There is this girl who stole my heart & she calls me Daddy, No matter how old you are, no matter where you are you will always be my little angel. 🦋🦋❤️🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART 🎈❤️🦋🦋
#happybirthday #daughter #moments #love #neverforget #princess #family #queen#zara #soon #morelife 🌹👸🏻🌹

His fans chimed in with supporting comments and birthday wishes as well:

sheta254 Happy Birthday angel
stevohbrooks Happy Born Day young Angel Blow Trillions of Candles live long
katus_wakanesa Happy birthday to her 😍😍
sheta254 Happy Birthday angel
stevohbrooks Happy Born Day young Angel Blow Trillions of Candles live long
katus_wakanesa Happy birthday to her 😍😍
kaykay_ke Happy bday to her! Bless!
miko5420 Happy birth day pizzo angel..😘

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Mheshimiwa Anapenda Vita Sana! Octopizzo And Jaguar Attack Each Other Again Viciously

Octopizzo and Jaguar are back at it like a couple of twitter crazed ninjas. But I wouldn’t put it beyond Jaguar to try and put his hands on Octopizzo like he did to Babu Owino.

You see, the two – Jaguar and Octo – had thrown blows at each other on social media last week and it seems this new beef is not ending anytime soon.

Octo has come out to say he can’t stand “cry baby” Jaguar, which has stirred an exchange of words between the two on social media.

Jaguar responded saying, “Elections did not begin when I got into politics. I was playing my part mentoring our generation even before you realised you had a talent.”

Adding, “You seem to be seeking cheap publicity theatrics on matters of National importance. Play your role as @octopizzo. Leave my name out of it.”

Here is a post with Octopizzo’s savage response.

Jaguar and Octopizzo fighting

‘Never Been Happier’ – Octopizzo Jots Down A Special Message To His Fiancée

Coming from the heart of Kibera slums, Kenya has raised one of the most renowned rappers in the country. Octopizzo is one of the Kenyan rappers who really love and adore light skinned girls.


The ‘TBT’ hit maker is always travelling abroad. For now, he is having a level up regional tour season two after coming back from vacation where he went to celebrate his daughter’s birthday in Berlin, Germany.

While on vacation, Octopizzo penned down a special message to his mzungu fiancée in Rome, Italy. He posted a picture captioned with sweet words that would tell you that love is in the air.

Here is what he told his girl:


“Never been Happier,Never been so motivated by another soul than this crazy human I call my Partner.
I feel like I’ve been split open and stuffed with sunshine ☀️ Acha nisiendelee juu naeza andika novel hapa.
Kidogo niCry na si Teargas.”

Here are reactions from his fans:

armfreedyang: Fity cheza juu nikuite skyscraper… Top kwa list not shy rapper

tarayiajnr: Mko tu sawa Mr pope nku Rome from city to city niiiiiice….gang gang.

mike dova:  Boy wa ghetto but kila kitu nadunga maze ni expe. Nimegeuza madem currency, nawa exchange. Bars kibao lack ni saa hii sitaki ku extend #nuafrica #couplegoals #family #mrinternational

derrickrimui: You are one lucky man

makonde: octopizzo wamapizo umependeza na msuper mbaya bit up your self god bless you! Ngoma zako tunazipata Wapi?


Another One? Octopizzo Flies Out To Celebrate His Daughter’s Birthday

Octopizzo is a household name and he has gone far and beyond to prove that his music is among the dopiest, not only regionally but internationally too.

Hailing from Kibera, he has made sure that even though he is now a mega star, he won’t leave behind his hood, as he has done quite a lot for the people of Kibera, through different organizations.

Well, many people have always wondered how many kids does Octo has as he shares photos of his kids on social media.


A while back he was asked how many kids he has and he went ahead to state that the number doesn’t really matter, and the only thing that matters is that he loves them unconditionally.

Well, he has introduced yet another cute little angel, Akinyi, as she celebrated her birthday. Because of all the love he has for her, he flew out to Berlin to celebrate the milestone.

No one knew his daughter Akinyi, but as we all know Octo is one man is full of surprises.

He took to social media to share an adorable photo of the angel with caption, “Is a Furahiday with my amazing Miss Akinyi. Happy Soul, Blessed is an understatement. My daughters Rock!!

Here’s the beautiful photo of the two:

Octopizzo and Akinyi

Read Octopizzo’s Deep Message Over Violence In Kibera

Kenyans have finally known who their leaders will be for the next five years. But not everyone agrees with the results.

To express displeasure parts of the country have broken out in violence, with civil society among others speaking out against the violence.

Octopizzo has always shared with the members of the public how happy he is to call Kibera home. To date, he still visits Kibera and the youth have grown to love him even more.


But Octo has a message that he would like to pass to the Kenya police in regards to claims made by sections of society that they are shooting people with live bullets in Kibera.

He took to twitter to write, “Kenyan Police should not shoot people with live bullets as they are doing in Kibera,You are capable of making an arrest NOT KILLING STOP!!!”