‘I cant laugh at another woman’s community husband yet I don’t know what mine does when alone’ Says Nyota Ndogo

The debate on ‘Community husbands’ has been rife especially after Lilian Muli publicly termed her baby daddy Jared Nevaton as one and dumped him in public.

The two were blessed with a son in 2018 but according to Lilian she did not want to be associated with him.


Nyota Ndogo has  now stated that she can never laugh at a fellow woman who has discovered that  her husband is a ‘community husband ‘.

Reason being she also does not know what her husband does when alone.

“Sometimes you might think that you have skipped urine only to land on feces. May God protect us women from these community husbands.

I cannot laugh at a fellow woman because I also do not know what my husband does when he is far away from me.

I cannot defend him on things that I have not seen but will defend him on those that I have seen .”

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Nyota Ndogo

Taking to social media to breakup with Jared in a previous post ,Lilian Muli wrote

“Happy Holidays folks. I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys. As public figures we meet all sorts of people and most just want trophies whether you are well known or not be very careful who you allow into your life don’t go giving your heart to everyone. Sociopaths Will keep you entangled in their web of lies and you will be one of their many victims.

‘We all have mother’s, we were not picked from a shamba’ Women to men who have refused to detach from their mothers

Lilian Muli with her now ex Jared Nevaton

when you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands you are safer stepping aside. Nobody should ever tag me in posts about Jared Ombongi who has previously been associated with me I disassociate myself from such links from today. As politicians say “I would rather die” than be linked to a polygamist! Narcissism is real. Stay woke. I speak out because no one will ever embarrass me again. #tooprecious#notcommon#knowyourworth#boraugali”

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‘My friend laced my tea and set me up to be raped by 7 men ‘ Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo took to social media to reveal how she was nearly raped by seven men, after her friend laced her tea with Viagra before setting her up .

Nyota Ndogo however didn’t get into the details of the shocking story, she promised to narrate the whole story at a later date.

“Be very careful of your friends,I once narrated to you how a female friend of mine laced my tea with kungu manga then called in seven men to rape me.I will narrate the whole story later for now I have to complete shooting a video.

I love you guys since your love is true.”

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Rape is  defined as forced penetration (with any body part or object) including anal, vaginal or oral intercourse.

There are different forms of rape

Date Rape-Majorly happens during dates with most of the victims being drugged through their drinks

Marital rape-Happens mostly between married couples,it is when a man forcefully penetrates a woman with the excuse that ‘we are married and I own you thus when I demand for s#x I must get it.’

Aggravated Rape-

This form of rape involves:

  • Forced sex acts by threat of death or serious bodily injury
  • Forced sex acts involving an unconscious or drugged victim
  • Sex acts with children under the age of 12

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Nyota Ndogo and husband expecting first child together

Nyota Ndogo and her husband are expecting their first child together, according to Pulse. Well, this will not be her first child as she two kids from her previous relationship.

The publication states that Nyota has been busy doing projects with her husband and that is why she’s been missing from the music scene.

nyota ndogo2

“We have been busy doing some projects back in Voi and that is why I had taken a break from music. However, I am making a comeback next year with so many projects already ready,” she said.

Nyota is also planning to build rentals houses in Voi with the money she gets from her music. Taking to social media, she shared a video of her together with her husband and son, measuring the grounds.

nyota ndogo1

Goodmornìng wapenzi. This plot nilinunua mwenyewe na pesa ya mziki wangu nikasema inshallah nitakuja jenga nyumba zakupangisha one day……so imefikia hio siku na leo tumeamkia kuipima na mume wangu na watoto maana inshallah this december tuanze msingi wa nyumba zengine nne. NAJUA KILA MTU ATAKUFA LAKINI HAIMAANISHI TUACHE KUJIBIDIISHA..kasarani #BARAKAHOMES COMING SOON.HAPO SGR UNATEMBEA TU.”

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‘I know I am a poor dresser, I have accepted that ‘Nyota Ndogo to critics

Nyota Ndogo has on a few occasions been criticized for her ‘poor’ dressing and her wanting make up skills but that is something she is less bothered about.

Taking to social media she called out those who constantly attack her saying that some of them were worse dressers than she is.

She says

“There are people who tell you about how you do not know how to dress up yet they only thing they are better than you is their dressing.Sometimes you when you look at them you realize you are better off than them.

You continue dressing up ,Mashallah you look good but remember that you did not get to know me because of my dressing but because of my voice/music.


Just leave me alone look for something else because the saying by Kenyans is that  Nyota Ndogo was not gifted the ability to dress up good nor good looks .”

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Kenyan Celebrities whose soul mates are not Kenyans (photos)

Love is love, and whom one chooses to be the soul mates is a personal choice.

Below are some of the celebrities whose spouses are wazunguz,

1. Annabel Onyango


‘If a man was to determine my success, I’d have been finished by now,’ Pierra Makena rants

2. Wendy Kimani



3. Octopizzo



4. Jeff Koinange


5. DJ Moz


Chills for who? This response by Betty Kyallo to an online troll proves she is the queen of clap backs

6. Vanessa Kiuna


7.Nyotta ndogo


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Proud mother: Meet Nyota Ndogo’s all grown first born son (photos)

Nyota Ndogo is celebrated both locally and internationally for her music but beside that she is adored by her kids for being a good mother.

A wise man once said ‘Being a mother is not what you gave up to get a child but what you gained from having one.’

For Nyota Ndogo being a mother has been a constant source of joy going by her constant posts.

Living abroad has not made things easy for her but she creates time for her two kids.

Well today we are focusing on her son who has grown up into a fine young man.

In one of her posts, she advices him so to stay away from s#x adding that the time will come when he can engage in the same.

“I will not kill you if you want to date someone but hakuna s#x umesikia @mbarakafrika hakuna NINI? Sex sex baadae atlist gonga 18 ni 3 years tu my son tena utumie condom course kuna ugonjwa na mimba za bahati mbaya hepuka hizo mwanangu.soma upate muelekeo katika maisha warembo wanazaliwa kila siku mybe mke wako hata babake na mamake hawajuani saizi inamaana hajazaliwa.”

‘Thank you for being a great mother to our daughter Lexie ,Ubarikiwe’Burale to his ex wife

Many might not know who Nyota Ndogo’s son is but worry not because we got you covered and below are the photos;




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Nyota Ndogo advices women to be careful with the bras they buy

Everyone is out here hustling their hearts out to make ends meet, but some are after causing harm to people.

Most times we buy things because we need them and can’t stay without them. Thinking that you have bought something legit, you find out that it can actually harm you.


Nyota Ndogo has shared with her fans how she found her bra had some weird substance inside it. She narrated that she felt an itch on her her right boob and didn’t know what could be the problem. But her colleague adviced her to check her bras because some usually have a paper with acid in the bra.

Upon checking, she found some white substance wrapped in a colourless paper.

Nyota Nyota

She urged her followers to be careful and to share the information with other people so as to be careful.


This is my bra
Tangu juzi naskia titi langu la right lawasha my colleague akaniambia i check my bras properly zingine huwa zinatiwa karatasi iko na acid. So leo i wanted to wear this bra ile wasiwasi nikaishika nikaiskia na huo mtelezo so nimeikata that is what i find.
Please share with your lady friends.”


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Nyota Ndogo opens up on her struggles finding a house help job back in the day

It is no secret that Mombasa based artist Nyota Ndogo worked as a house help but what many do not know is the struggles she went through.

In an emotional post Nyota posted a photo of her back in the day explaining the struggles she had to go through before she could land a job as house help .

Ciru Muriuki hits back at fan who accused her of skin bleaching


She wrote

“Looking at this picture has left me crying,just remembering how i arrived at this particular house.I was told i was too young to be given work and i asked them to give me at least one week to work while they supervised my work to determine weather i could work or not .”


She continues

“I had gone around town the whole week on foot ,knocking on doors atleast this family accepted to give me a chance.You now understand why i don’t practice blasphemy because i know God is there and he is watching.”

Nyota Ndogo is known for her songs ‘Watu na Viatu’, ‘Nibebe’ and Siwezi. The laid back lady relocated to Germany after marrying the love of her life Henning Neilsen .

I am REAL! Transgender model Letoya Johnstone flaunts her humble home

Nyota Ndogo’s post comes almost a week after Model Letoya Johnston, a well known model opened up about living in a single room with the mum.

Letoya who rubs shoulders with the Creme de la Creme of the fashion industry, left many in shock after telling Kenyans that she is not as rich as people assume she is and posting a very humble photo of where he lives.

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10 Kenyan celebrities who have experienced cyber bullying and trolling

Cyber bullying is on the rise and more local celebrities are becoming victims of these acts perpetuated by unknown people.

The impact of cyber bullying is massive, with victims sometimes committing suicide. From Larry Madowo to Victoria Rubadiri, here is a list of 10 Kenyan celebrities who have not been spared from trollying by social media bullies.

1. Pierra Makena

The beautiful damsel has been on  the receiving end of trolls due to her weight gain after the birth of her daughter. She has spoken out about it, admitting that a woman’s body goes through a lot of transformation after child bearing and it only takes a courageous woman to accept the changes.


Pierra indicated she would only lose the weight when she felt the time is right and her daughter is big enough.

2. Carol Odero

Citizen TV’S fashion watch analyst Carol Odero came under a lot of criticism a few weeks ago after criticizing Meghan Markle’s dress and make up saying it came short of her expectations.

Carol Odero

Kenyans who would hear none of it trolled her telling her that her make up and code of dressing is what needed an upgrade given that she wears alot of make up, with most questioning if she has something to hide.

3. Size 8

Mama Wambo has also not been spared by trolls and on countless occassions. Her performance during a recent public holiday did not please many who termed it ‘poor’.

Image result for size 8 photos
Size 8


She has also been dragged for makeup gone wrong.

4. Kambua

The soft spoken beauty has not been spared. During a New Years performance in Nakuru, she snatched a microphone from her colleague and the internet went in on her.


On different occasions cyber bullies  have attacked her for not bearing a child, Kambua  responded to her haters that it is not good to judge some one since you do not know what they are going through.

5. Cathy Kiuna

‘Mum’ as she is fondly known by her followers has not been spared from cyber bullying. Most noteably was when it was alleged she told girls not to marry poor men.

Cathy Kiuna

6. Nyota Ndogo

‘Kuna Watu Na Viatu ‘ songstress has been under attack for her poor make up during her wedding. the photos went viral and  she blamed her photographer for using poor lighting.

Nyota Ndogo

Nyota always responds to trolls.

8. Dk Kwenye Beat

The Kayole talent has come under heavy criticism for his weight. Meme’s and jokes were made to get the message to him.

DK Kwenye Beat

Even though Dk has not lost his weight, we sure hope he does at some point.

9. Jimmy Gait

Gospel artiste Jimmy came under the harsh attack of  cyber bullies after releasing a mash up of ‘Hello’ by Adelle, which left many Kenyans with more questions than answers.


The bullying caused him to cry on air during a live Tv interview on the The Trend. Since that episode he says things have never really been the same.

10. Khaligraph Jones

He came under attack for people saying that he had ‘bleached’ his skin something he refuted completely.




Nyota Ndogo asks mzungu hubby crazy question about her physical appearance

Nyota Ndogo is one of the few female musicians we have that has a voice to die for. A melodic voice that is still powerful and touches the heart when one hears it. Sob, sob.

Nyota Ndogo

And her voice was able to get her husband in thrall with her. The man put a ring on it in 2016 and the dark-skinned singer has been gushing over him ever since. But she recently put him on the spot over why he even married her.

Nyota Ndogo and hubby
With her hubby

After enduring all hateful comments, she decided to post an interesting video on Sunday, May 27, of herself asking her bae if she was ugly. According to the recording seen by Mpasho.co.ke, the musician couldn’t help but wonder whether it was true most white men fall for ugly black men.

She asked her hubby:

“People often say white men are into African ladies but they can only be involved with the ones who are completely ugly. Is it true?”

Her husband then brushed off the rumours as he laughed at the outrageous question. Nyota further probed him and went ahead to ask whether she was ugly.

Nyota Ndogo
Nyota Ndogo

Her hubby maintained she was pretty and extremely beautiful in his eyes. It goes without saying her followers including Akothee couldn’t help but get tickled by the short conversation.

Nyota Ndogo and hubby
Nyota Ndogo and hubby

The video is below:

There are many women who are insecure about their bodies. Even Beyonce cops to insecurity.

“I wear big earrings because I don’t like my ears.”

Beyonce on the Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury festival in 2011

Tyra Banks the creator of “America’s Next Top Model” also has body issues. In 2011, she wrote on Twitter:

“I’m jealous of people that can write computer code and chicas with no cellulite. What u jealous of?” Insecure ladies, unite!”

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks

So be encouraged ladies. Even your stars have their own issues/demons they are dealing with.

Happy Ramadan: Here are 10 Muslim women rocking and slaying in hijabs

Muslims are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, and the ladies are really representing  with their hijabs which is  common  code of dressing.

Ramadan is celebrated around the world among the muslim countries, it is a period when the fast is intended to bring the faithful closer to God and to remind them of the suffering of those less fortunate.

Ramadan is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and focus on one’s inner self.

Devout Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk for the entire month of Ramadan. A single sip of water or a puff of a cigarette is enough to invalidate the fast.

The ladies below are among the most celebrated Muslim women in Kenya.

 1.Mwanahamisi Hamadi mwanahamisi-hamadi-4

2.Jamila Mohammed


3.Nyota Ndogo


4.Mwanaisha Chidzuga

5.Amina Mohammed





8.Najma Ishmael

9.Lulu Hassan






Nyota Ndogo shows off Sh10Million rental property

Nyota Ndogo is very close to accomplishing her goal of being a landlord. The songstress has invested a cool Ksh 10m into two bedroom rental units out in Kaloleni, Voi.


Nyota explained how she came about this much money to invest into the rentals.



The Watu na Viatu star added, “If I wanted, I would have lived a fancy life in Nyali like most chics but for me that is not my goal. I asked my hubby to help boost my investments to make the rentals dream actualise. Now, here we are.”

In an online advertisement, Nyota tells her prospective tenants.



Nyota confimed that so far she has invested a cool Ksh 7m and with time the cost will go up to Ksh 10m in the completion of the units.

Unaambiwa jivunie kidogo ulicho nacho usimkufuru MUNGU kwakua unamuona mwenzako yupo na kingi. mimi uwambiwa sinaga swaga kwa chochote🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but you know what namshuku MUNGU maana bila swaga hivyo hivyo kanitoa mbali.kisha mukae mukijua uwe nacho usiwe nacho yote tunayawacha hapa duniani ndio mujue MUNGU wamaajabu.

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Nyota Ndogo gushes about the man she used to work for as a house help

Coastal based singer Nyota Ndogo is a talented, influential and respected woman. The mother of two, who is a great example of rags to riches, is never afraid of sharing her life journey, and for those who didn’t know, Nyota Ndogo was once a house help.


The Kuna Watu na Viatu hitmaker has introduced her former boss to the online community and she says he is the best employer one could ever wish for.

Nyota Ndogo revealed that she is close with her former employer’s family and visits them whenever she is free.

“This was my boss when I use to be a house gal.mimi huenda nalala uko yani nilishakuwa mtoto wao,” she wrote on Instagram accompanied by the photo below.

Nyota Ndogo showered her former boss with praises and she disclosed that when she told him that she wanted to venture into music, he supported her.


“Aliekua boss wangu nilipokua house gal. Nilipomwambia nataka kua muimbaji aliniletea ogan lile kubwa la kanisa kutoka holland.akanilipia mwalimu wakunifunza ila kichwa changu kilikua kigumu sana.ndio maana siwaachagi na siwasahau,” read her post.

The singer is currently one of the best artistes in the country and her songs have always dominated the local airwaves.

‘Hivi mimi sijamuona mume wako?’ Nyota Ndogo asks Pierra Makena

Pierra Makenna has been hiding her bae for the longest time. I mean once you’re in the public eye we need to know who you’re dating and what you’ve been up to.

So yes, people have been asking, especially in reference to her baby daddy. We always say once you put your life in the public eye, share the good, the bad and the ugly.

nyota-ndogo-weddingSo Nyota Ndogo had an event all about love and she asked Pierra Makenna where her love is as she the only one who’s bae is unknown.

She said:

Hivi mimi sijamuona mume wako?

Pierra was quick to defend herself and give the reason as to why she has kept her man in the closet. She said she is hiding him because the ladies will prey on him very fast.

‘But I have never seen a body brought from the morgue then returned,’ shocked villagers witness burial drama

pierraNyota Ndogo moved closer to the table ready to give her some piece of advice. Having been in the public eye for a long time and being trolled all in the name of her old man love.

She said:

Muweke hivi ndo watu waogope kumkaribia. Kuna watu wanakuheshimu lakini kwa sababu hawajui ni wa nani watamuende tu

Pierra was told by her fellow ladies on the table that the message has been passed it’s up to her to heed the advice and parade him before Valentine’s day.

Nyota Ndogo’s Brother Viciously Attacks Her Calls Her A Hoe!

Sibling rivalry is at least witnessed in most of our families.

You will never miss finding a divided family where different siblings support their favourite parent. Some even testify lies and treat their fellow siblings badly out of pure jealousy and hatred. Continue reading “Nyota Ndogo’s Brother Viciously Attacks Her Calls Her A Hoe!”

Nyota Ndogo Trolled Again After Posting A Photo With Exaggerated Make Up

Nyota Ndogo made the headlines during her wedding when badly lit photos hit the interwebs from her wedding day.

Many threw shade at the Watu Na Viatu singer who was just enjoying the most important day of her life with Danish hubby.

Nyota later came out to explain that her photographer did not have good lighting instruments hence the badly lit photos. The coast songstress also defended her make-up artist saying that she had done a good job.


Nyota has shared another one of her ‘make-up gone wrong’ photos.

She wrote:

“Hii ndio makeup lliowai kunitishia ile ya harusi nilipendeza bwana 2012”

And of course, fans had to react, here are the reactions:

emeldah_254: Ooh my God😩😩😩hii nayo yatisha hadi shetani

ebonny_essence: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” kenya’s worst dressed celeb “…… i once saw it samwea.

ebonny_essence: You look terrible. …trust moi..

chichisweery: Yes nyota am your fan and am alwlz honest coz i fear Allah….you dont look good in tht pic i think your makeup artist si mtu poa…

husnahnanahamisi: Mbayaaa nyota wangu wallahi

gladymasimbaMh: lipsticks_en_meI think hii siyo mbaya vile, ya wedding uli kaa too dark. I think you need to find a good foundation that is close to your skin tone. The makeup artist should know that it’s OK to mix shades of foundation to come up with something close to your skintone.

Here is the photo that dates back to 2012.

nyota ndogo(2)

Coast Singer Nyota Ndogo Whispers Seductively To Her Ancestor Husband

Nyota Ndogo is married to her Danish husband, Henning Nielson, and has been sharing photos of him with lovey dovey quotes of how much she loves him.

The mzungu man who has been in and out of the country has been driving the mother of two crazy. The Watu Na Viatu hitmaker says she is not ashamed to post her husband, adding how she wishes he would give her six kids, pap!

“The love of my life. najivunia walla sioni aibu kukuposti mume wangu. ikiwezekana MUNGU akipenda mwaka ujao nikupe mapacha sita kwa mpigo,” Nyota wrote on social media

But no!

That was just a joke.

Nyota is not willing to give this mzungu hubby any children… well at least just yet!

She clarified the post that had gone viral by explaining…

“hahahaha anyway mimi kuzaa nilisema basi staki tena hebu tulee hawa tupo nao #SEDUCE ME”