‘You’re Annoying…Sometimes,’ Nyashinski Posts Message To ‘A Good Woman’!

Nyashinski keeps his love life hidden from all you mere mortals.

You will never really know what is going on in his private life. And he likes it that way.

But today, the Malaika rapper has come out to let you know how he feel about “good women”.

In a very candid Instagram post, Nyashinski says, “Woman. Thank God for you. You make the world a better place. Mother. Daughter. Sister….. Woman.”

The Aminia star then goes ahead to detail how women are special in their own quirky way.

Nyashinski Reveals Three Songs That Have CHANGED His Life So Far, Spoiler Alert: MALAIKA Is Not One Of Them

Read, savour the words and let the former Kleptomaniac star steal your heart.

“Through you, new life enters this world. You make a house a home. You keep the family together. You are beautiful.
Pleasant to look at. You ALWAYS talk when man is watching something on tv or online. You cry when you’re happy. You smile when you’re sad. You’re annoying (sometimes 😋)
You like food.
Yes, you do.
You love children. You’re protective.
You have the power. You’re moody. You’re strong. You can be controlling. You pay attention to detail. You can be jealous. You motivate.
You eat other people’s fries because when it was time to order you somehow didn’t think you wanted fries. “I’m not that hungry, I won’t finish a full one!” 😏
You like attention.
You care. You nurture. Good woman.
Thank God for you. You make the world a better place. Man can’t live without you. God bless you.
Woman. ••••Tag a good woman. 👩👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿”

Music Producer Cedo Explains Why He Is No Longer Sauti Sol’s Music Director

Cedo recently revealed that he will no longer be Sauti Sol’s music director. Taking to social media, he didn’t give out more details as to why he has broken up with the boy band.

Cedo and Sauti Sol

He said, “I will always remember Ottawa as the city I played the last gig with my bros. It was maaaad fun!! Lakini all @sautisol gigs are simply epic! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Throughout the 6 years I have been their music director, we didn’t realize we were making a musical revolution, getting the Kenyan music narrative heard all over the world, we just did what we love to do: make good music. I am honoured to have been associated with the greatness that you guys are. I wish you well and I am so excited to experience your new music!”

Well, according to Show Buzz, Cedo broke up with Sauti Sol because he will now be Nyanshinski’s music director.



Yes, I am no longer working with Sauti Sol as their music director but I will still work with them in studio once in a while. I am working on my brand now and focusing on building what I did with Sauti Sol for Nyashinski whose music director I am now,” he told Show Buzz.

Ako Sawa Na Malaika! Meet The Beautiful Woman Who Is Warming Nyashinki’s Bed (PHOTOS )

Dear Kenyan women, I have some sad news for you.

Talented singer Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyashinski is no longer single. The music sensation is taken!

Nyashinski, whose music has always dominated the local airwaves and swayed Kenyan women’s hearts is enjoying the warmth of a popular CEO.

Many had dreams of tying the knot, hoping that one day they would dance to Malaika together with the singer as they exchange vows but too bad, their dreams have been crushed. The Mungu Pekee singer is totally smitten.

He is dating Eugene Masika’s ex-girlfriend, Zia Bett. The lass who is the CEO of Zia Collection Clothing has been sharing photos of her and Nyashinki and recently, she posted a photo of them together looking lovey dovey and a close friend to the Daystar University told us that;

“They are in love. Nandi always talks about how Nyashisnki treats her. Many including our former schoolmates are envious of her. Rumour has it that they will formalize their relationship very soon.”

Zia, who prefers a private life away from the spotlight is enchanting  to look at and the many photos on her social media account tell it all.

“I’m a dark skinned girl. Always felt inferior to light skinned girls. I suck in my stomach when I remember, other times I just don’t care. Sometimes my arms look small, other times its evident I skip triceps day at the gym. I love children and sometimes fashion, currently obsessed with gyming.
I’m good at bringing people together, not very good at listening. I believe in God and have a deep relationship with him but fail him daily. Only through him I’m reminded, that “Hanty, you’re more than enough.” even though sometimes I forget,” she recently posted.

Nyashinki, who was originally a member of the Kleptomaniax music group but left to the US and came back last year after a long hiatus is currently the most sought after Kenyan musician. His hot jams are doing well compared to those who have been in this industry for so long.

Did you know that Nyashinski’s top song has over 3M views on You Tube? Now you know.

Well, meet Nyashinski’s woman who every Kenyan woman is envious of:











Nyashinski’s girlfriend







We tried to reach out to Nyashinski for a comment but he didn’t respond. We will keep you posted if he responds.

This Is The REAL Reason Nyashinski Went Back To The US After Dropping Two Massive Hit Songs. Hint; It Has Do With a Lady

Former Kleptomaniax rapper cum singer Nyashinski, is one of the most sought after artistes in Kenya at the moment, thanks to his amazing music, and he’s not about to anytime soon.

Nyashinski real name, Nyamari Ongegu, came back to the entertainment scene after a long musical hiatus when he disappeared from the local scene to go to the US after he moved there with his family.

Nyashinski Reveals Three Songs That Have CHANGED His Life So Far, Spoiler Alert: MALAIKA Is Not One Of Them

The celebrated rapper made a massive comeback, first, he worked with Nameless in Leti Go, then dropped his first single Now You Know.


After that he dropped a gospel song, Mungu Pekee with the lyric video garnering over 2 Million views on YouTube, then out of nowhere, Nyash surprised us with two new singles. He dropped new fresh hits Malaika and Aminia, with full music videos for each song.

But before the main debut of the songs to the public, Nyashinski had given Maina Kageni the audio to Malaika, which he played exclusively on Classic 105, with so much zeal and enthusiasm, as fans received the live song with warm compliments and positive feedback.

OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

But now, Nyashinski surprised many of his fans when he revealed that he was flying back to America, as they were waiting for him to plan for a tour or mega performance.


The big question is, what was he really going to do back there? Well, according to Pulse, Nyash had gone there to check up on his baby mama and his child.

I know this comes as very sad news for most ladies who would wish to find themselves in his arms, but a source has it that the man could be in a committed relationship.

“Si You Will Kill Me” Maina Kageni Gets Excited After Nyashinski Reveals That He Wants To Work With Jose Chameleone

His relationship status, what he likes in a woman, or his family, still remains a mystery to a majority of his fans. In a recent interview last year, Nyashinski revealed that he is actually dating, and it could be this same woman abroad.

Question: Are you dating? 

Nyashinski: Yes, Who? Please don’t ask who, she is just a special person.

Sorry ladies, it looks like this talented hunk has a woman in his life. We hope he can reveal her face with time or at least a name.


He’ll Be Proud: Charles Ndubuisi Does A Cover Of Nyashinski’s Mega Hit ‘Malaika’

You must have heard the remix to Nyashinki’s hit song Malaika. Charles Ndubuisi, a Nigerian based in Kenya, is the voice behind the remix.

18723459_109166996342930_3742590018758115328_nThe  original  song  by Nyashinski,  is a smooth sailing piece and has that nice RnB feel, different from his trade mark, hip hop style.

Malaika which refers to an angle, is a song meant to praise a womans beauty and the original version brings this out so well. The song describes an angelic woman with whom the artist has fallen in love and appreciates her for being an angel in his life.


Compared to the original song, the Cover remix by Charles has poor quality video ,the background is not appealing to the eyes thus its boring to watch but sweet to listen to.

On the flip side, Ndubuisi seems to be trying too hard going by his body language, looking at his body language one would be forgiven for assuming its an acting class.

Kwisha! Willy Paul Reveals He’s Working On a COLLABO With Nyashinski And Jamaican Artiste Busy Signal, Maina Kageni Can’t Keep Calm (AUDIO)

The Malaika remix is smooth and captivating to the ears and the fact that it has not lost its beauty even being done by someone else, is something to be proud of.

Charles who is Nigerian is a former student of USIU and a performing artiste who has has been involved in other songs such as Keep Loving which he has done with a female artiste Ythera.

Watch the video below:


Kwisha! Willy Paul Reveals He’s Working On a COLLABO With Nyashinski And Jamaican Artiste Busy Signal, Maina Kageni Can’t Keep Calm (AUDIO)

Celebrated gospel artiste Willy Paul is flying high with his latest hit Digiri, which he released after he was snubbed by Groove Awards, and the talented singer is not about to slow down anytime soon.

Willy Paul real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido is one of the most successful young artistes in the local music scene, and there’s no doubt that his fans are mostly young people, but generally, his songs are for all ages.

Is It Aimed At Groove Awards? Willy Paul Reveals The REAL Reason He Wrote His New Song ‘Digiri’

The singer is also known for nasty scandals but in the last couple of months, he’s kept away from controversies and has been focusing on his music and achieving his career goals, which includes releasing an album.


Other than Digiri, Willy Paul released one of the biggest songs in 2016 featuring mellow-voiced Jamaican star Alaine. The song received a lot of buzz not just in East Africa but also in other countries that loved the collaboration.

Willy Paul was recently hosted by Maina Kageni on his breakfast show, where he talked about the collaborations he’s planning to do.

Wueeh! Maina Kageni LASHES OUT At Kenyan Deejays And Radio Presenters Who Don’t Want To Play Willy Paul’s Music (AUDIO)

During the interview, the singer also revealed that he was in talks with former Kleptomaniax rapper/singer Nyashinski, who has been the talk of the town for his amazing music.

“He’s a good artiste, ni mnoma sana” said Willy Paul when asked what he thinks about Nyashinski.


Willy Paul shocked Maina Kageni more when he went on to reveal that he has two unreleased songs with Alaine.

His also let it slip that he will be doing a collabo with secular artiste Busy Signal, known for his song ‘Nightshift’.

Other than that, Willy Paul also revealed that he is set to launch his record label and on top of that he said that he’s dropping his album in December 2017, but there’s a catch.

Listen to the audio below to get all the juicy and interesting details of Willy Paul’s musical plans this year and how he plans to embrace artistes from the secular world.



‘I Never Let One Side Die’- Nyashinski Explains How He Juggles Rapping And Singing

Nyashinski took the Kenyan music industry by storm after releasing two singles, Malaika and Aminia, the same day. He literally just pulled a Beyonce on us. He worked with Cedo, who produced the two songs.

During an interview with Classic 105, Nyashinski revealed how he keeps the different sides of him alive.


He said: “I never let one side die. I just don’t rap all the time or sing all the time, but I take so much risk to try and express myself. And I’m setting the trend for the next generation to also take the risk for them to express themselves in different ways. In my mind, when I think about which direction my music is going, I think of the old and the young people.”

Nyashinski Reveals Three Songs That Have CHANGED His Life So Far, Spoiler Alert: MALAIKA Is Not One Of Them

He said he has no favourite song of his, as he loves all of them the same.


When asked if his songs come from a personal experience, he said: “Yes. I try to write songs that I have gone through because I know people will directly relate with someone else. So I don’t do my songs just for the sake of writing but they come from a real place.”

“Si You Will Kill Me” Maina Kageni Gets Excited After Nyashinski Reveals That He Wants To Work With Jose Chameleone

Speaking about the making of the two songs, he said: “Malaika took two vocal recording sessions. If you stretch it, maybe four days. But for Aminia, it was pretty quick, like for a day,” Nyash said.

Nyashinski Reveals Three Songs That Have CHANGED His Life So Far, Spoiler Alert: MALAIKA Is Not One Of Them

Former Kleptomaniax singer Nyashinski has wowed Kenyans with his undisputed talent over the last few months.

When he finally came back to Kenya after a long musical hiatus, Nyashinski made the biggest comeback fans have ever seen, after dropping two new singles ‘Now You Know’ and ‘Mungu Pekee’, after collaborating with Nameless in LETIGO.

After taking a break for a few weeks, Nyashinski real name, Nyamari Ongengu suddenly released two surprise songs, Malaika and Aminia, sending the entire music industry into a frenzy.


But before he released the two official videos for the songs, Nyashinski had given Maina Kageni the Malaika audio which he officially debuted exclusively on Classic 105’s popular breakfast show.

OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

Behind the success of the songs is a producer by the name Cedo real name Cedrick Kadenyi, who did the magic to Mungu Pekee, Malaika, Aminia, which have been the biggest songs in Kenya so far.

Cedo has also worked with other Kenyan artistes like Dela, Sauti Sol, Kristoff and many others.


During an interview with Maina Kageni, Nyashinski revealed his best songs since back in the day when he sang with Collo and Roba as Klepto.

“Si You Will Kill Me” Maina Kageni Gets Excited After Nyashinski Reveals That He Wants To Work With Jose Chameleone

At the same time, the two also talked about former Ogopa Deejays producer Lucas Bikedo, and how they would love to work with him in the near future.

Interestingly, Malaika, which is the biggest song in Kenya right now, was not on top of the list of songs that have changed Nyashinski’s life. Find out which songs have inspired him over the years so far, from the audio below.

Creative Minds Behind The Mic: ‘Cedo Is Responsible For All My Hits’ Nyashinski Reveals

After leaving the country and effectively exiting the Kenyan music scene when he was at the height of his career as part of the group Kleptominiax Nyamari Ongegu a.k.a Nyashinski made an epic comeback.

His return with hit songs like Now you know and Mungu pekee which topped the charts, left everyone literally singing out the songs word for word. It seems there is no stopping him at this point.


Nyashinski shocked his fans when he decided to drop two songs  Malaika and Aminia accompanied by full music videos. The songs created a buzz on the Internet upon their release.


In an exclusive interview with radio personality Maina Kageni, Nyashinski went ahead to reveal the musical genius behind the two hits and how he met music producer Cedo.

”We bumped into each other at Nameless’ house by pure coincidence”said Cedo when asked how he met Nyashinski.

Nyashinski who had gone to meet nameless ended up planning a studio session (with Cedo) in the making for Mungu Pekee. Cedric Kadenyi alias ‘Cedo’ who also has a degree law, is one  of the the most celebrated producers in Kenya and across the border.

Cedo is the brilliant mind behind hits like Baadaye by Amos and Josh, Sura Yako by Sauti Sol and has worked with artist like Dela, Heart The Band among others.

“Si You Will Kill Me” Maina Kageni Gets Excited After Nyashinski Reveals That He Wants To Work With Jose Chameleone

There’s no doubt that rapper cum singer Nyashinski is Maina Kageni’s favorite Kenyan male artiste at the moment.

When Nyashinski, real name, Nyamari Ongegu, came back, he collaborated with Nameless in Leti Go, then after that, he gave us Now You Know. Nyashinski didn’t stop there, and in a few weeks, he dropped Mungu Pekee, whose lyric video is already at 2 Million views on YouTube.

Just when we thought that the former Kleptomaniax member was done, he pulled a fast one on us a few days ago after he dropped two new singles Malaika and Aminia, on the same day.


Malaika officially premiered on Classic 105 breakfast show after Maina Kageni played it online, and Kenyans couldn’t get enough of it, which prompted Nyashinski to drop the full song and music video.

OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

Well, Maina Kageni promised to have Nyashinski and super producer Cedo real name, Cedrick Kadenyi, and he did just that. The two biggest artistes in Kenya at the moment were hosted yours truly, where they talked about making good music, collaborations and even how they met.

The two biggest artistes in Kenya at the moment were hosted yours truly, where they talked about making good music, collaborations and even how they met, and Maina couldn’t keep calm.


During the interview, a fan asked Nyashinski if he would love to work with Uganda’s music legend Jose Chameleone, and the response drove Maina Kageni crazy.

Nyashinski revealed that he had thought about working with the Valu Valu singer for a while and that he would make it happen soon. Jose Chameleone happens to be another favorite for Maina Kageni, so his excitement was just on another level.

Nyash also talked about working with Kenyan artistes like Sauti Sol, and even new upcoming artistes to proof that it’s all about the music and not the artiste per se. Listen to the interesting interview below.




Sema Excitement! After Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Launched His Song ‘Malaika’ Nyashinski Pays Him a Courtesy Call (PHOTOS)

Maina Kageni is no doubt a lover of Kenyan music and in the recent months, he has added former Kleptomaniax rapper Nyashinski to his list of favorite artistes, after his major comeback.

Nyashinski had disappeared from the local music scene for years and after the hiatus he suddenly made a massive and successful comeback, after working with Nameless in Leti Go, then dropping his first single Now You Know.

After this he dropped a gospel song that became a smash hit instantly after it’s debut, with the lyric video garnering 2 Million views on YouTube, then as we awaited the rapper-cum-singer to drop a music video to the song, he surprised us with two new singles.


Nyashinski, real name, Nyamari Ongegu last week shocked Kenyans when he dropped new fresh hits Malaika and Aminia, with full music videos for each song.

But before the main debut of the songs to the public, Nyashinski had given Maina Kageni the audio to Malaika, which he played exclusively on Classic 105, with so much zeal and enthusiasm, as fans received the live song with warm compliments and positive feedback.

Maina Kageni has apparently been a huge fan of Nyashinski from way back in his heydays as a Kleptomaniax member and for him, this musical success and breakthrough is a big deal.

OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

Nyashinski and the producer Cedo, who’s behind the latest song Malaika, paid a courtesy call to Maina Kageni in studio, where they had a little chit chat, as the radio host lavished praise on the two.

‘With two of Kenya’s most brilliantly creative minds…. the men behind Mungu Pekee and Malaika,” said Maina Kageni as he posed for a picture with the two.

Check out the photos below as we wait for the big day on 24 May as Maina Kageni hosts Nyashinski and Cedo at the Classic 105 studios.









The King Has Woken Up: Nyashinski Releases Two Singles, ‘Malaika’ and ‘Aminia’ In A Day

Nyashinski has yet again decided to shut down the music industry. Shutting down is an understatement, he’s literally murdered us.

He’s pulled a Beyonce move on us and released two singles off his upcoming album.


Yesterday, his new hit ‘Malaika’ was debuted on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i in the morning and the world stood still. Everyone was on the verge of blowing up with excitement as they called to ask Maina to play the song again and inquired on details of its release.

OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

Well, the video is finally out, and trust me when I say it’s nothing close to what we had imagined it would be.


The scenery is beautiful and we get the chance to see producer Cedo play the piano. two lovebirds are swimming in love and enjoying every bit of it. But just like any normal relationship, they get into a fight and go their separate ways.

Ok, I don’t want to be a party popper, so why not watch the video yourself.

But that’s not the end of it. He’s also released another jam dubbed ‘Aminia’. Now this jam is going to make so many rappers fall sick. The king has been quiet for long, but y’all gonna learn today.

Having been missing for a while after releasing yet another mega hit, Mungu Pekee, Nyashinski has made it loud and clear that he never left in the first place. He prefers to work on the down-low. Too much noise and empty threats is not his cup of tea.

Watch the video below;

OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

Former Kleptomaniax group member Nyashinski is not done with captivating us with his spectacular and amazing songs.

The talented singer-cum-rapper made a major comeback on the Kenyan music scene back in 2016 after being on a musical hiatus for several years after relocating to the US.

When he landed back in Kenya, Nyashinski, real name, Nyamari Ongegu, worked on a song with Nameless dubbed ‘Leti Go’, but it was his single ‘Now You Now’ that shook the local entertainment industry.

He didn’t stop there, and after a few weeks, he went back to the studio to work on another track, one of the most inspiring and uplifting gospel songs in Kenya, dubbed Mungu Pekee which topped the charts without even a video and the audio is now at 2.3 Million views on YouTube.


His instant reign on the Kenyan music scene came as a blessing for him as he was also featured in Coke Studio Africa season 4 and more so, he was among the few chosen artistes to work with celebrated American artiste, Ne-Yo, who was the international act.

Now, everyone has been wondering when Nyashinski will drop his next song and if it will be better than his last two, but finally, the wait is over. The humble singer has a new song by name Malaika, a love song where he praises and appreciates his woman.

Maina Kageni was the lucky man to debut the song after he met up with Nyashinski recently, who asked him to listen to the song after the radio presenter approved it, the rapper decided it was time to release it.


The song Malaika was exclusively debuted on Classic 105 by Maina Kageni, who couldn’t get enough of the track and went on and on about how much he’s already in love with the track, congratulating and applauding Nyashinski for another banger song.

The new song is one of the most romantic songs you’ll hear from a Kenyan male artiste. This is bound to be one of the biggest hits for 2017.

Listen to the new song below as well as Maina Kageni’s reaction which is out of this world. Is the song a hit or a miss?



It’s Official, These Are Maina Kageni’s Top 5 Swahili Songs That Totally Drive Him Crazy (VIDEOS)

Maina Kageni is not your average radio presenter and if you are a regular Classic 105 listener, you know that he stands for what he believes in.

The celebrated radio personality has become a household name in the Kenyan media industry over the years, having started out as a TV news anchor and then joining radio later on.

TBT! Maina Kageni Is Almost Unrecognizable In This Old Photo

But away from his well-known show, Maina Kageni is known for his amazing selection of music that features a blend of old school, soul songs with some local music from Kenya and East Africa.

Maina Kageni and Jose Chameleone

Maina Kageni is a huge supporter of East African music more so, Bongo/Swahili songs and if you are familiar with his type of music, you know that he has a select list of artistes he loves to death.

There are times Maina Kageni will play a certain track that he’s excited about and will share information about it to his listeners.

Aki Yaooo! 5 Times Maina Kageni Made Kenyan Men Die Of Jealousy (PHOTOS)

In regards to this, how about we take a look at Maina Kageni’s top 5 favorite songs at the moment and I’m sure you will agree with me these are songs on Maina’s playlist at least every week if not every day.

1. Tubonge – Jose Chameleone
Maina Kageni loves this song by his friend Jose Chameleone that he even made Tuesdays a ‘Tubonge Day’. This song is one of the biggest Jose Chameleone songs and the fact that he’s one of Maina Kageni’s favorite East African artistes, it had to make it to the list.

2. Muziki – Darassa
This is no doubt Maina Kageni’s best song at the moment and you have to agree with me that it’s also one of the biggest songs since November 2016. The artiste behind this track is called Darassa (which was also his breakthrough song) featuring Ben Pol. Maina Kageni literally goes crazy when he plays this one.

3. Matatizo – Harmonize
This Bongo song has a very touching message and smooth beats that Maina Kageni can’t get enough of it. Harmonize is signed to Diamond Platnumz’s WCB records and was Tanzania’s biggest newcomer in 2016 even winning an AFRIMMA award for the same.

4. Bado – Harmonize Featuring Diamond Platnumz
Another major hit song from Harmonize and this time, he features Diamond Platnumz, which he dropped before Matatizo. Maina Kageni is always bumping to this song, for its fast beats and amazing vocals. This is one of those songs he prefers playing on a Thursday or Friday.

5. Now You Know – Nyashinski
When the former Kleptomaniax singer dropped this track, Maina Kageni could get over the hit song, and how Nyashinski had made a major comeback. Though he doesn’t play it that often of late, it’s still one of Maina Kageni’s favorite songs and the lyrics makes him love it more.






Here Is A List Of Secular Artistes Who Are More Gospel Than The Gospel Artistes

The Kenyan gospel industry has drastically changed over the years to something many people don’t seem to understand. The quality, or rather the mode of music writing is not so appealing and it’s pretty confusing. It has adopted a lot of pop culture influences any you often cannot tell a gospel song apart from a club banger.

A while back, gospel music was ever uplifting with messages that related to many people’s lives and what we go through and parents even taught their kids the ways of the world through such songs. I for one feel blessed to have been born in an era where gospel music was full of teachings and the music still speaks to me to date.


The likes of Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Christina Shusho, Reuben Kigame, Esther Wahome and The Kasangas (although this generation would not know who these are), have over the past released music that is touching and that can be related to in every aspect. These are people we can gladly say, know exactly what they are doing in the industry and whom we can call gospel artistes.

Over the years, everything has changed and many artistes who claim to be gospel artistes have been releasing more of club banging music rather than music that speaks to the soul. Some of the newbies in the industry have clearly just messed everything up in the name of releasing music that is understood by the current generation.


Many have got it all wrong and are hiding behind the name ‘gospel music’, not understanding what comes with it.

For about a week now, Willy Paul and Size 8 have been victims of public scrutiny after they released a song dubbed ‘Tiga Wana’.

READ: DJ Mo comes out to defend wife Size 8 after she was viciously attacked over her new song ‘Tiga Wana’

Critics have branded their song as pure secular with many claiming it has no meaning. After all, mentioning God like three times in a song doesn’t necessarily make it a gospel song. Of course, their close friends were quick to defend them from the wrath of social media.

Of late, secular artistes have been releasing music that actually falls in the gospel category and many have related tremendously to the songs. The likes of Collo Mfalme, Nyashinski and Sauti Sol among others are a perfect example of such artistes.


Collo has been a music guru from way back when he was a member of the all male rap trio, Kleptomaniax. The members later on went their separate ways to focus on solo careers. He made it public a few months ago that he has turned a new leaf and he’s now saved. He even went ahead and released a song dubbed ‘Bazokizo’ which is a dance song and many have loved it and the feedback is positive. Considering he has been in the industry for years, he is bound to show everyone who the Mfalme is.


Nyashinski was also a member of Kleptomaniax. He then moved to US. After returning home, he came back with a bang releasing ‘Now You Know’. He later on did a song that has been played over and over again on TV and radio. The song ‘Mungu Pekee’ has been well received by music lovers and the message is pretty clear. The song clearly is inspiring in every aspect.

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol have been driving us nuts with their music. The moment they hit the stage, they always cook up something that all of us are amazed by. But then they went ahead and released a song ‘Kuliko Jana’ that has been warmly received by their fans. The minute you hear that song, you heart warms up and you feel at ease. It inspires you and gives you butterflies. It’s like God is speaking to you face to face.

These three artistes have done better songs that can be categorized as gospel than most of our artistes in the gospel industry have done. So what could the problem be? Are we hungry for money and fame forgetting what we are supposed to do? Or are they genuinely in the industry for the art and to truly inspire their fans?

You be the judge of that!