Thirsty former TV presenter shoots her shot online for Nyashinski

As the year 2019 started, it was all about shooting your shots and being overconfident with yourself.

Former Citizen TV anchor Kirigo Ng’arua has proven that she is a fisilet and she is not afraid to admit it.

Her eyes are fixed at singer/rapper Nyashinski, who was at a meeting with fellow artists; Nameless, Bien Aime, Size 8, Ringtone, Otile Brown, earlier in the week when she made a thirsty comment on Bien Aime’s Instagram page.

“Bien huyo beshte yako @realshinski huwa single ama? nipatie thru pass.. 😜😜😜😜,” she wrote.

Bien is yet to respond but her close friend and TV personality Terryanne Chebet did.

She said, “thirsty people one side 💦💦💦💦.”

But according to Kirigo it is the season of “shooting shots.”

“🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Please..I thought you told me it’s shoot your shot season no??🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,” she responded to Chebet’s “thirsty” response.

According to a local blog, however, the ‘Malaika’ crooner is dating a beautiful melanin lady by the name Zia Bett.

She is the CEO of Zia Collection Clothing and has been sharing photos of her and Nyashinki.

“They are in love. Nandi always talks about how Nyashisnki treats her. Many including our former schoolmates are envious of her. Rumour has it that they are an item.” A source stated.


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Happy New Year Pls 🎉 📸 @dmorie

A post shared by Zia Bett (@nandigirl_) on

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‘You ain’t loyal’ Nyashinski slams media personalities for not promoting Kenyan music

Eight most stylish Kenyan male celebrities

The world has rapidly evolved in the fashion industry and we can’t overlook the fact that these men are not being left behind. They say that first impressions matter and dressing definitely is a plus one on looks.

These men stand out because of their fashion sense.

1. Sauti Sol

sauti sol The biggest boy band in Kenya, Sauti Sol have it going on. They always have something to show whenever they appear, but one thing is for sure, their outfits always have jaws dropping.

2. Ali Hassan Joho

stylish joho

He goes by the name Sultan. He is the governor of Mombasa county and he has been named the most stylish governor Kenya has.

3. Octopizzo

stylish octo

The Oliel hit maker never disappoints when it comes to fashion.

4. Guardian Angel

stylish guardisn angel

One of the best Gospel artists also has taste and likes to look sharp.


stylish nyash

A legend in the Kenyan music industry who has represented the country internationally but one thing is for sure, he does not forget to dress up fashionably.

6. Nick Mutuma

stlish mutuma

A successful actor, his fashion sense is also a success. He has featured in many local movies and was recently blessed with a baby girl together with his baby mama, Bridget Shighadi.

7.Willy Paul

stylish willy

Yes he is a controversial gospel artist, but we have to give credit to his amazing sense of style.


 8. Otile Brown

stylish brown

The baby love hit maker, who is also Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend cannot be left behind. His sense of style is on a whole different level.

‘You ain’t loyal’ Nyashinski slams media personalities for not promoting Kenyan music


Mzazi Willy M Tuva and Nyashinski have started 2019 on  a bad note after the later accused the TV host of not doing enough to promote Kenyan music.

The spat was stirred up by an online video by Tuva that had a governor responding to his interview on what music he supports to which he responded ‘Kwangwaru’ by Harmonize.

Gone too soon: Kenyan Man crushed to death by a trailer in Texas, USA

Willy M Tuva
Willy M Tuva

Nyashinki then went online and hit out at Tuva in a widely shared comment viewed by many Kenyan artistes.

Willy even went head to state that he had hosted Nyash both on TV and radio.

Nyash wrote

“@mzaziwillytuva mbona hiyo video inaishia hapo? Hakuwa anajua msanii wa Kenya hata mmoja? 🤔 kuna utiaji flani hapa. Bado home ni Kenya 🇰🇪 boss. Utarudi tu. Shout out to @thenaiboi @sautisol @khaligraph_jones @thekingkaka @octopizzo @otilebrown and all other Kenyan artists who made major moves in 2018. The fans see y’all working. #love 🇰🇪”

Kenyan sports personalities who turned into politicians (photos)

Below are some of the comments from the fans and other artistes

ej_stunna: I have thought about this for the longest time, @mzaziwillytuva ukuaga mtiaji. the guy claims “Kulea Vipaji” but on the contrary i don’t think so. We should send him straight to Diamond’s WCB which he worships


dmhanjy01: bongo makes sense…Kenyan artist are all about the bang. ..nothing to sing along!

misssamoh: Try helping out a struggling talented Kenyan artist as well even if it’s just a collabo. I think that will go a long way. I’ve never seen you introduce a new artist.

dianaliboso: We blame @mzaziwillytuva for nothing this guy has done enough to support the crapy kenyan music we have. Useless lyrics and content from MOST of our so called kenyan artists. We have a very LONG way to go even to get to Tanzanian level. Now guys Hang me for that 😂

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Aaaw: Nyashinski spotted on the streets feeding people this festive season

Nyashinski has won the hearts of many after he was spotted sharing a meal with street kids a day ago while many were busy spending their cash elsewhere.

Its not everyday that most of us remember those in need but Nyashinski did ,his mantra being ‘Do good and just walk away’ in lay man’s language ‘Tenda wema nenda zako’.

Sharing the video on Instagram Nyashinskis said that he hoped his actions would inspire someone else out there and sure it did.

Lugari MP Ayub Savula’s daughter passes away at Nairobi Hospital

Below is the video


The gesture touched many and going by their responses it is obvious they are smitten, literally

mwa_sya:king shinski… The hand that giveth is the hand that recieveth

marynjengah:Be blessed abundantly

nnmarie.mwai:Loooooooooove it Shinski. May God bless & increase you! #BestKenyanTalent 🙌

ekidorrose:May God bless u and grand u more and more as long as u live.u have a great heart be blessed.

xcodebrownjr:Making a difference with the little/big that we have…🙌 God bless homie


unspoken_salaton:Yeah,no need to buy ICE when those kids are freezing out there..respect💪


owenito_de_pogba:Doop whoever gives out God rewards him with double thanks alot for lighting other peoples candle

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Celebrities we wish were dating FOR REAL

They are our favorite celebs, who are pals, but would look so darn good together if they were dating in real life.

Here are some celebrities we would like to see dating,

1. Nyashinski and Avril

in a post on instagram, Nyash sent tongues wagging after the photo below was shared. He wrote

Avril outchea looking like financial stability and 16 glasses of water a day! 😂 tag her 3 times if you’re not a hater.

Bravo!!Here is the lucrative role Avril has landed with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

2. Larry Madowo and Edith Kimani

These two have been friends for the longest and are among few celebrities who are not scared to show it.

Earlier, Larry Madowo posted,

‘Living our best lives now in Paris with one of my realest, smartest friends. But Edith Kimani is also one of the silliest. I keep her around because she teaches me fancy things and she’s a general riot’

3. Paskal Tokodi and Celestine Gachuhi

Their on screen chemistry in their series ‘Selina’ which airs on Maisha magic just makes us want them to date in real life.

Daddy goals: These photos of Njugush and his son prove he is a responsible dad

4. Ian Mugoya and Huddah Monroe

Have you seen these two? They are just too beautiful and would make such a cute and to die for couple.

5. Wiz Kid and Tiwa Savage

I mean come on guys! These two are just showing us how much they should be in each others lives and we are here for it especially after Wiz Kid’s song called ‘fever’.

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Kenyan celebrity squads that will leave you jealous (photos)

It’s one thing to have favorite celebrities but it’s another thing when you find out they are friends. I have put together a list of surprising celebrity friendships who will  leave you wanting to be part of their squad.

1. Edith Kimani, Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro


2. Kagwe Mungai, Fena Gitu and Lenana Kariba

These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

3. Sheila Ndinda, Nancie Mwai and Mandi Sarro aka The girlfriend diaries


4. Naiboi, Nyashinski and Big pin


5. Joy Kendi and Cris Njoki

Utashtuka! Strangest People You Didn’t Know Existed

6. Catherine Kamau, Neomi Nganga, Celestine Ndinda, Judy Nyawira and Faith Mary Nyaga.


7. Terryanne Chebet, Monica Kiragu, Shix Kapienga, Kirigo Ngarua and Jacque Maribe

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Nyashinski releases new jam in collabo with DJ Diplo and Producer MØ

Nyashinski has dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Stay Open ‘ in collaboration with Diplo  and MØ!  in the latest Global Tuborg Open Project.

The project is a global music campaign to create new musical collaborations worldwide, to tell each story in a different way.

American super producer and DJ Diplo, with Danish rising star and long-term collaborator MØ  have created a track, called ‘Stay Open’, with artists from around the world invited to rewrite the verses to tell stories of what being ‘Open To More’ means to them.

Nyashinski has used his unique lyrics in a song re-produced by Eric Musyoka (Decimal Records).

This is a different genre from what Kenyans are used to hearing from Nyashinski. Personally I don’t feel the song but his collaboration with international artistes is a good step towards the right direction.

Below is the video

Most people seem to love the song and below are some of their comments

D Sharp: Kenyan music on another level, kudos to Nyashinski & Eric Musyoka (Decimal Records)!

Maggy Ann: Wow😱😱…so nice… Keep shining realshinski

MIKE TEEN: shash you are just owesome.really blessed.keep us entertained always and God will be with you always

Informer Tube: Yani Nyashinski ashafanya collabo na one of Major Lazer Djs called Diplo and MÖ?? Man you going far. I wasn’t wrong to VLog about you in my channel, I knew you were going far from kitambo.

Dee Dee:  My crush has done it again,you never disappoint…..mad love shiski😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Brian Greatah:You never disappoint⚡,Nyash baba yao kama kawaida

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Sauti Sol and Nyashinski release a political song addressing Kenyans

Boy band Sauti Sol have for the first time ever done a political song dubbed Tujiangalie featuring Nyashinski.
The song is addressing the current political situation in our country saying as Kenyans we need to think about our future as a country.
‘Tujiangalie’ is about the world right now and the number of persistent issues plaguing it. Sauti sol wrote
“These things are hardly ever solved and we are consistently shortchanged. So we considered; how can we address these frustrations? Our first realization was to speak power to the reality that we are living in, hence the title “Tujiangalie.’ Self-reflection. Recognizing that we have the capacity to change the world we live in by looking inward and holding ourselves accountable for the role we play in society. The truth is “when you make your bed, you lie in it!” None of us are perfect. None of us are exonerated. We have all contributed to and benefited from the flawed systems. But, change is a result of possibility. If we all decide to personally act towards building a world we are proud to live in, then it will become a reality.
A few days ago, Sauti Sol spoke out against the continued detainment of MP Bobi Wine. Several other Kenyans have protested and urged for the Ugandan government to release Bobi Wine.
Boniface tweeted; “Sauti Sol is here doing a political tweet. Hopefully they can learn from Mariam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Fela Kuti, Aretha Franklin, Harry Belafonte etc that it’s the work of artists to use their art to speak truth to power. Good start. Now don’t stop! Sing about impunity too.”
Tujiangalie featuring Nyashinski is the sixth single off of their forthcoming LP, Afrikan Sauce.
Listen to the song;

‘Hii industry ina mademoni’ Nyashiski talks about Jimmy Gait in latest song

Nyashinski has come out hard, addressing all the scandals surrounding him in his latest song ‘KEBS’ which addresses individuals he has beef with, trolling fans and the media.

Unlike his other songs such as Bebi Bebi’, Short and Sweet, Hayawani and Mungu Pekee, this new song is a bullet shot straight to the heart starting with the intro which says

“Nataka uskie hii ngoma Sijui vile utafeel already sijui vile unafeel umezoeshwa vibaya ndo hujiwezi unaskiza jamaa mbaya bana very true .Nawashika bila kuwavalia navy blue Malaika inanishow umeweka mapenzi juu rumours za ulover na mascandals za lady drama  na ati statoe mahali uko na baby mama.”

Willy M Tuva connects with woman he saved from being killed by husband


The singer has been dodged by numerous scandals about his relationships with many women, and he has been attacked by fans who claim he asks for Sh1million to perform among other shenanigans.

Lyrics in the song state;

“Kwa mtandao kila day ni story new bundle zenye zikiisha utapitwa usipo renew. niko ka pedi leo nko chini ya waba leo dreadi zinafungwa juu ,naishi mahali juu kwa anga so daily na enjoy the view.Ukitaka kuona roho chafu shika doo kidogo uone vile utabore watu.”

‘Epuka ufala’ Pastor Burale slams fake Kenyans who ‘enjoy’ others funerals

Nyashinski, who was on a musical hiatus after breaking up with his former group Kleptomaniax, slams those who are pretending to be concerned yet they did not seem to care when he was away from the industry.

He says

“For 10 years hamkua mnajali mahali nalala,hii screw driver yangu ni shimo gani ina screw.Mtu mahali ameamua hatalala salama kabla ahakikishe amaeambia watu Nyash anajiduu

Staki kuona watu wakikucelebrate role model na watoi wana kuimitate haumangi pekee yako tuna split hii plate au tukutrendishe vile tulifanya Jimmy Gait.”


And just when you think that he is done, he drops this jaw dropping  rhymes claiming that the entertainment industry is full of demons, stating that he also knows why he doesn’t blend with other artiste.

“Hii industry ina mademon uko sure unataka fame?pengine ndo maana  siblend in coz unaeza tell mi na hawa wengine hatuko same.Mi si ngombe yako ya gredi du.Umezoeshwa vibaya ndo maanahujiwezi  unaskiza jamaa mbaya bana very true  Nawashika bila kuwavalia navy blue Malaika inanishow umeweka mapenzi juu.”

The song also hits out at brokers and  fake middle men who promise you heaven if you agree to give them a share of what you make from your music shows and performances.

‘Mi si ngombe yako ya gredi du.Umezoeshwa vibaya ndo maanahujiwezi.”

This song is likely to be a hit. It will be interesting to see what his haters will have to say about this master piece.

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‘Mnapenda kusifu sana wakenya wako majuu’ Nyashinsky blasts Kenyans

Kenyans have often been criticized for not supporting local talent. Whether true or not, this is a theory that seems to have caught the attention of singer Nyashinski.

It’s been said that unlike other countries where citizens and leaders lay all activities aside to celebrate their own, most Kenyans don’t even bother knowing who, when and where the win came from. Recognition mainly comes when the Kenyan who wins is playing for a foreign country. Kweli rongo?

Akothee’s daughter nominated for best model of the year in annual Diaspora Awards

Take for instance Lupita Nyongo, Barrack Obama and Edi Gathengi who were only recognized here in Kenya after becoming famous in the foreign countries they relocated to or grew up in.

Local artiste Nyashinski has decided not to let this lie low by calling out to Kenyans to stop the pretense already.

Taking to his Insta stories he wrote

“Wakenya tunakuaga patriotic sana ikifika time ya kusifu wakenya wako country za wazungu. Sijui vile si hutafuta mpaka tupate mtu ako na great grand aunty Mkenya hata kama Ukenya yake ni 6 %.

Headline zote unaona tu ‘Croatia with Kenyan roots scores own goal in world cup’ tunacelebrate mbaya lakini unajam Mkenya akaienda kukimbilia Denmark kwa Olympics kama alizaliwa Kenya.Water your own lawns”

‘Living life prepared for the worst is like living in a cage’ advises Maina Kageni


Kenyan musician Victoria Kimani has landed the wrath of KOT after severally criticizing us for not supporting local talent.

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Nyashinski believes Songa will crush favouritism and bias in airplay

Nyashinski was among the many Kenyan artistes present during the Safaricom Monday launch of a new music streaming service dubbed Songa.

The app basically offers a variety of music to customers at a fee. Among other artiste present were Sauti Sol and Mercy Masika, who have been incorporated as creative directors for the app to help drive consumer uptake and create awareness of the platform.

Well, during the launch the Hayawani hitmaker spoke to Word Is about the importance of the App to the upcoming artist and also to those artistes who have been in the industry for quite a while now.

Musician Nyashinski(1)(1)(1)

“The App is very important because now artistes have a direct relationship with their consumer. Artistes don’t have to go through a middleman for their music to be heard by their fans when the App is there because they just have to download the music directly from there. It is also easier for more talents to be noticed as compared to previous times because of favoritism and bias.”

When Nyashinski made a comeback, people thought he was new to the industry thanks to the Internet but still he made it. “It worked for me because it made them give me a chance even as a new and blank canvas, as opposed to having expectations because anytime one has an expectation there is a chance you would let them down. This far I have come it is because of the fans I have.”

Nyashinski conclude by reminding Kenyans the importance of the ‘Songa App’.

“Songa is special because its Kenyan, I will use this example where you have your dog and the neighbor has one. You don’t feed the neighbor dog before yours is full. Songa has a very good interface and easy to access because it also has all the music from international to local.”

“Our aim is to delight our subscribers with a carefully curated world class collection, a fantastic user interface and a smooth streaming experience,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Director of Consumer Business at Safaricom.
SONGA by Safaricom offers online and offline play, track and full album downloads, playlist creation and an ability to share links with other subscribers.

The service will launch with a free 14-day trial. Thereafter customers will have the freedom to choose a subscription plan that suit them at KES 25/= a day, KES 150/= weekly or KES 499/= monthly. To get the app, dial *812# or go to

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Maina Kageni is super excited after the release of Nyashinski new jam ‘Bebi Bebi’

The year is still young and our Kenyan artistes are doing great in what they do best. Nyashisnki is in it again doing a solo project after releasing Hayawani late last year.

In the song Nyashinski revealed that it was mastered by Lucas of Ogopa Dj’s. Maina Kageni today morning during his breakfast show talked about a new jam which has finally officially been premiered for the first time in Kenya at Classic 105’s breakfast show.

Well, Nyashinski released his sixth single titled Bebi Bebi.

It is without a doubt that the song has come at the right time of the month because today being Valentines day, its the best song for you to dedicate to your loved one.



The celebrity fans have taken it to express their views about the song which is less than 24 hours old on Youtube.

Check out the song;


Nyashinski Pays Tribute To Late Ugandan Star Mowzey Radio

Kenyan star Nyashinski has penned a heartfelt message to his late Ugandan industry colleague Mowzey Radio, who was part of the Goodlyfe Crew. The “Malaika” star took to Instagram to appreciate the singer, who was part of the Radio and Weasel duo.

The duo was known for their hit songs, including “Bread and Butter” and “Nyambura”.

Here’s a video of Maina Kageni in studio after listening to Nyashinski’s new jam ‘Hayawani’

The message got a lot of comments from fans who could not believe that the singer had died.

Radio passed away after 10 days in hospital, having sustained serious head injuries after a bar brawl in a club.

Here’s the post Nyashinski put up:


I was deeply saddened by the news of Radio’s passing. My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to Radio’s family and friends. R.I.P. Radio. ✌🏾🇺🇬 💔 gone too soon, king. 😔

And here are the comments some fans dropped:

cyprianaluda May He RIP
siarich682 R.I.P
mcstero 😧😧😧
kevlon_jnr R.i.p
millyandiks Its so sad r.I.p
_.faree_ R.i.p
junemuthonikirumba Rip Radio
vizonboy.starboy RIP Legend
katelynelorence I will miss radio he was like a brother to me,soo sad we’ve lost the best in uganda, rest in peace my special friend
nguonojonnes Rip
isaac_maikweki R.i.p

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Here’s a video of Maina Kageni in studio after listening to Nyashinski’s new jam ‘Hayawani’

In case you missed it, Nyashinski joined Classic 105’s Maina Kageni in studio on Friday December 1st, to release his new jam.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Why Maina Kageni thinks Nyashinski will rule 2018

Nyashinski was premiering his new song and told Maina Kageni the inspiration behind it.

He said;

I feel like the way I see music it has different purposes there are songs for different things but I feel like in my songs I want to pass different messages.

It may be harsh but I feel I need to say it for my conscience to be at peace we need to be more humane, the music it ends with a glorious feel and thats intentional and I need people to feel not just hopeless but theres more don’t feel like the world is ending . Thats how the song sis supposed to sound.

I always feel pressure to do better than my song ‘now you know’ and mungu pekee‘, he added.

There’s a video of the interview. Watch it below.


Well, fans had alot to say about the new song. Read comments;
Grace Oluoch… Maina do a collabo with that man!…

Esther Mutio …He’s doing gud,keep it up.

Maureen Odhiambo… Great song bro,keep it up

Anne Lemalon… Awesome

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‘You’re Annoying…Sometimes,’ Nyashinski Posts Message To ‘A Good Woman’!

Nyashinski keeps his love life hidden from all you mere mortals.

You will never really know what is going on in his private life. And he likes it that way.

But today, the Malaika rapper has come out to let you know how he feel about “good women”.

In a very candid Instagram post, Nyashinski says, “Woman. Thank God for you. You make the world a better place. Mother. Daughter. Sister….. Woman.”

The Aminia star then goes ahead to detail how women are special in their own quirky way.

Nyashinski Reveals Three Songs That Have CHANGED His Life So Far, Spoiler Alert: MALAIKA Is Not One Of Them

Read, savour the words and let the former Kleptomaniac star steal your heart.

“Through you, new life enters this world. You make a house a home. You keep the family together. You are beautiful.
Pleasant to look at. You ALWAYS talk when man is watching something on tv or online. You cry when you’re happy. You smile when you’re sad. You’re annoying (sometimes 😋)
You like food.
Yes, you do.
You love children. You’re protective.
You have the power. You’re moody. You’re strong. You can be controlling. You pay attention to detail. You can be jealous. You motivate.
You eat other people’s fries because when it was time to order you somehow didn’t think you wanted fries. “I’m not that hungry, I won’t finish a full one!” 😏
You like attention.
You care. You nurture. Good woman.
Thank God for you. You make the world a better place. Man can’t live without you. God bless you.
Woman. ••••Tag a good woman. 👩👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿”

Music Producer Cedo Explains Why He Is No Longer Sauti Sol’s Music Director

Cedo recently revealed that he will no longer be Sauti Sol’s music director. Taking to social media, he didn’t give out more details as to why he has broken up with the boy band.

Cedo and Sauti Sol

He said, “I will always remember Ottawa as the city I played the last gig with my bros. It was maaaad fun!! Lakini all @sautisol gigs are simply epic! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Throughout the 6 years I have been their music director, we didn’t realize we were making a musical revolution, getting the Kenyan music narrative heard all over the world, we just did what we love to do: make good music. I am honoured to have been associated with the greatness that you guys are. I wish you well and I am so excited to experience your new music!”

Well, according to Show Buzz, Cedo broke up with Sauti Sol because he will now be Nyanshinski’s music director.



Yes, I am no longer working with Sauti Sol as their music director but I will still work with them in studio once in a while. I am working on my brand now and focusing on building what I did with Sauti Sol for Nyashinski whose music director I am now,” he told Show Buzz.

Ako Sawa Na Malaika! Meet The Beautiful Woman Who Is Warming Nyashinki’s Bed (PHOTOS )

Dear Kenyan women, I have some sad news for you.

Talented singer Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyashinski is no longer single. The music sensation is taken!

Nyashinski, whose music has always dominated the local airwaves and swayed Kenyan women’s hearts is enjoying the warmth of a popular CEO.

Many had dreams of tying the knot, hoping that one day they would dance to Malaika together with the singer as they exchange vows but too bad, their dreams have been crushed. The Mungu Pekee singer is totally smitten.

He is dating Eugene Masika’s ex-girlfriend, Zia Bett. The lass who is the CEO of Zia Collection Clothing has been sharing photos of her and Nyashinki and recently, she posted a photo of them together looking lovey dovey and a close friend to the Daystar University told us that;

“They are in love. Nandi always talks about how Nyashisnki treats her. Many including our former schoolmates are envious of her. Rumour has it that they will formalize their relationship very soon.”

Zia, who prefers a private life away from the spotlight is enchanting  to look at and the many photos on her social media account tell it all.

“I’m a dark skinned girl. Always felt inferior to light skinned girls. I suck in my stomach when I remember, other times I just don’t care. Sometimes my arms look small, other times its evident I skip triceps day at the gym. I love children and sometimes fashion, currently obsessed with gyming.
I’m good at bringing people together, not very good at listening. I believe in God and have a deep relationship with him but fail him daily. Only through him I’m reminded, that “Hanty, you’re more than enough.” even though sometimes I forget,” she recently posted.

Nyashinki, who was originally a member of the Kleptomaniax music group but left to the US and came back last year after a long hiatus is currently the most sought after Kenyan musician. His hot jams are doing well compared to those who have been in this industry for so long.

Did you know that Nyashinski’s top song has over 3M views on You Tube? Now you know.

Well, meet Nyashinski’s woman who every Kenyan woman is envious of:











Nyashinski’s girlfriend







We tried to reach out to Nyashinski for a comment but he didn’t respond. We will keep you posted if he responds.

This Is The REAL Reason Nyashinski Went Back To The US After Dropping Two Massive Hit Songs. Hint; It Has Do With a Lady

Former Kleptomaniax rapper cum singer Nyashinski, is one of the most sought after artistes in Kenya at the moment, thanks to his amazing music, and he’s not about to anytime soon.

Nyashinski real name, Nyamari Ongegu, came back to the entertainment scene after a long musical hiatus when he disappeared from the local scene to go to the US after he moved there with his family.

Nyashinski Reveals Three Songs That Have CHANGED His Life So Far, Spoiler Alert: MALAIKA Is Not One Of Them

The celebrated rapper made a massive comeback, first, he worked with Nameless in Leti Go, then dropped his first single Now You Know.


After that he dropped a gospel song, Mungu Pekee with the lyric video garnering over 2 Million views on YouTube, then out of nowhere, Nyash surprised us with two new singles. He dropped new fresh hits Malaika and Aminia, with full music videos for each song.

But before the main debut of the songs to the public, Nyashinski had given Maina Kageni the audio to Malaika, which he played exclusively on Classic 105, with so much zeal and enthusiasm, as fans received the live song with warm compliments and positive feedback.

OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

But now, Nyashinski surprised many of his fans when he revealed that he was flying back to America, as they were waiting for him to plan for a tour or mega performance.


The big question is, what was he really going to do back there? Well, according to Pulse, Nyash had gone there to check up on his baby mama and his child.

I know this comes as very sad news for most ladies who would wish to find themselves in his arms, but a source has it that the man could be in a committed relationship.

“Si You Will Kill Me” Maina Kageni Gets Excited After Nyashinski Reveals That He Wants To Work With Jose Chameleone

His relationship status, what he likes in a woman, or his family, still remains a mystery to a majority of his fans. In a recent interview last year, Nyashinski revealed that he is actually dating, and it could be this same woman abroad.

Question: Are you dating? 

Nyashinski: Yes, Who? Please don’t ask who, she is just a special person.

Sorry ladies, it looks like this talented hunk has a woman in his life. We hope he can reveal her face with time or at least a name.