Fans react to Larry Madowo official resignation at NTV

News presenter and columnist Larry Madowo has finally left NTV. The journalist has been presenting 9pm news bulletin alongside Victoria Lubadiri.

He also made headlines because of his show The Trend which he left late last year.

Well, this comes weeks after his boss, Linus Kaikai left Nation Media Group.

In a post, he made it official on his social media platform that he is no longer going to be working at the media house

he wrote;

” I leave NTV Kenya as I came: humbled & grateful. ‬
‪The job was one of the great honours of my life. Thanks to everyone who watched, and to Nation for the privilege of the opportunity. I’m proud of my amazing colleagues & everything we accomplished. Farewell, my friends. ‬
‪Stay woke‬”

Ala! Has Larry Madowo just confirmed he is following Linus Kaikai’s footsteps?


What we do not clearly know is whether he has been sacked or he has found greener pastures.

The celebrity fans have had mixed reactions regarding his quitting.

Check out some of them;

Samuel Mwangi …Great career you’ve had ,you are very intelligent and well read ,am sure you are taking the next height in media .all the best Larry .hope to see you on tv soon. In kikuyu we say ” uyu ti mundu ,ni hakiri theri “

Eunice Nyiva… I will miss you personally…may God see you thro ur dreams Larry…am sure Vicky wil miss u too.

Dorine Mbani …I think now you know that it’s me who employed you there… U were taking sides in politics forgeting that you are employed and employers needs profits, you made the whole of our families hate ntv, think twice Larry… U c you are now fired… U see because of your ignorance utajua haujui. 😂😂😂😂😂 farewell dear I think you have learned a good lesson.

Catherine W Macharia …I’m not celebrating your exit but I know is for the better. But NTV is now worthy watching

Makau James …Everyone saw it coming. All the best in your future endeavours

James Luchera …Let stars shine for you bro…You did well and all the best in your future endeavors.
eric_kim_mbogori….You did well, served with courage and championed for a Kenya we all deserve! Best wishes. Onto the next level.


Larry Madowo gets nostalgic reminiscing his first hustle after high school

When one is fresh out of high school and then college, there are high expectations from family and friends that you will land a white collar job, and everything will be successful from there.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our dreams that we forget the reality that is likely to slap us in the face. Namely unemployment.

Sadly, this is not always the case, as many Kenyan graduates have to tarmack in search of that dream job.

NTV’s Larry Madowo is one of those who had a hard time getting a job. So he resorted to making ends meet like so many other jobless Kenyans.

The controversial media personality is not known to shy off from putting his point across, and often gets dragged for his comments.

Here’s what you need to know about his first real hustle after high school. He took to his social media to reveal what he did.


My first job straight out of high school was selling tea and mandazi at Gikomba. A few weeks ago, I took a CNN crew back there. The profile airs around the world 7 times from Friday to Tuesday


Not what you imagined right. He also shared these pictures with the media house crews.

larry madowo tea 4

larry madowo tea 3

larry madow tea 2

larry madowo selling tea

Read more here


Cyprian Nyakundi Renews His Beef With Larry Madowo

NTV presenter Larry Madowo and Cyprian Nyakundi have clashed one too many times. The last time they had a beef, Nyakundi sued the NTV anchor.

Nyakundi, a twitter bigwig sued Madowo for defamation sometimes in December 2015; the NTV anchor took on his blog and said that Nyakundi was always paid money to attack and tarnish brands and various individuals in the society.

This was after an audio with a voice purporting to be Nyakundi’s surfaced on the conversation in the audio was about a person trying to extort a billionaire corporate executive.

Nyakundi still harbors ill feelings towards Madowo. This was evident after Larry wrote an article ‘Nasa must get its act together, or lose again’ on his column on Daily Nation.

Nyakundi was quick to respond and dismiss Madowo’s article saying that he should go back to dealing with socialites because politics wasn’t his cup of tea.

Here is what Nyakundi tweeted, “Did NASA really lose? Some people should stick to analyzing socialites as real men talk politics.”

These are some of the comments from readers;

TEDD JOSIAH‏: Your working title should have remained just that! Can you not think in proper English? Did NASA loose? NO Remember the ruling dude

Jakanyawino‏: CN, forget about this socialite seeking establishment attention for media tenders

TEDD JOSIAH added, “Brown paper journalism or should we say #MpesaJournalists.”

Areba Silas‏: “…I wonder if @LarryMadowo has lost his lustre. The heading was seemingly a rouse to maximise his audience.”