The Kenyan Pablo! NTV’s Mark Masai To Make His Debut In Acting (PHOTOS)

Finally, Kenyan ladies have gotten their own Alehandro. NTV’s Mark Masai has joined the acting industry and city women cannot keep calm but wait for what is cooking to finally get aired.

Masai is one of the sexiest yet loved news anchors in town. And it seems he has heard Nairobi women’s cry and is willing to give them more time to see him on the screen.

The media personality was spotted taking up his role as a reporter as he acted with Auntie Boss’ Varshita, whose real name is Eve Dsouza.

Mark wrote:

“There’s a first for everything and this was a good cameo thanks to the Moonbeam team led by eved souza & mwangi lucy #Acting#Take50! #Varshita can manhandle you cheza tu #ComingSoon”

Here are photos from the shoot:





‘Going To Church Doesn’t Make You Humble’ Larry Madowo Advices Critics

Renowned media personality Larry Madowo is not mincing his words with Kenyans who praise wrong doers and troll innocent Kenyans online without even flinching.

According to Larry, most Kenyans praise evil provided they have something to gain from it, adding that Kenyans obsession with going to church makes them over look the vices going on in society.


“You might steal billions of shillings from poor taxpayers but as long as you serve in church on Sunday, all is forgiven.The clergy will embrace you and the congregation will applaud when you arrive because they secretly aspire to be like you: fabulously wealthy yet still seemingly available enough to mix with the rat-faced poor people at social functions.”

Larry (below) who announced his resignation from hosting The Trend which airs on NTV argues that modesty is long gone and people who ‘perform’ humility are the ones most popular with the masses.


He adds “Kenyans don’t really expect you to walk the talk, they just want you to pretend when you’re likely to be seen or photographed and they will be fine. They will extol your virtues to anyone who cares to listen and fill your stage-managed social posts with plenty of love.”

Although famous now, Larry admits that its not been easy getting to be where he is “For a child who had major self-esteem issues, I sometimes struggle to figure out how I ended up in a highly visible, public-facing role. I don’t know how I built enough confidence over the last decade-and-a half to end up here but it saved my life. It is only after I put in all that work that I discovered that Kenyans don’t appreciate confidence because it challenges them and makes them uncomfortable. We prefer to be deferential to the point of weakness so that we’re not considered arrogant. ”

Larry goes ahead to point out that politicians are the biggest culprits in faking humility whenever it suits them. Moreover false humility is valued in Kenya more than honesty or integrity and this goes to show how shallow we are as a people.

Kenyan Politicians attending a fund-raiser

He concludes by saying  that Kenyans prefer sugarcoating issues rather than facing the truth thus living in mortal fear of anyone who is unguarded in their speech, who isn’t afraid to step on toes with unpopular opinions and who speaks their truth boldly.


‘Nasa Hao’ Hitmakers Speak Out About Their Controversial Song In An Epic Rant

The gospel group behind the hit song ‘Nasa Hao’ dubbed T 412 have gone to their social media to speak out about a very controversial issue.

Have you heard the song? It was trending a while back and it appears that this wasn’t a good thing, based on a social media post they put up.

The group has been  together since 2011 when they started off as a dance group after finishing high school. The band members are Clive Otieno,
Eutychus 42n8 Tepkenysiroroi, Ian Muhanji, Felix Milome, Kelvin Jemedy.


The Contemporary Christian music group took to their Facebook page with claims that people have told them to pull down the one minute video of the song “Nasa Hao” and “Hot Omera” songs.

T412The Contemporary Christian music group took to their Facebook page with claims that people have told them to pull down the one minute video of the song “Nasa Hao” and “Hot Omera” songs.

It is alleged the song ‘Nasa Hao’ takes shots at other gospel artistes. What do you think?

Nasa Hao-Milome (The T412)

We have been troubled because of this video,Many have threatened us, some have advised us to pull down the song and video,others are saying we are risking our career a number have hated and many have shed tears on listening to what we had to say on this track .This is not a diss song but harsh Truth of what we and many other artists are going/have gone through.#TheTruth
Here are fans comments:
Warle Maina Lyrics poa, kuna ukweli…. lakini threats…seriously… anyhow, tumeskiza, not new, wacha niseme ukiangalia mafans watakuangusha, ulie, utrend… Angalia Jesus, ambaye akifungua mlango hakuna anaweza funga…
Machakos Kyalo Let em hate and stack up brother!!! Keep pushing. The sky isn’t even the limit.
Beverly Dberyl Uko sawa umesema ukweli……kwanza moment of silence hapo kwa SHIGIDI

Hayaaaaaa Next pliz

Wyccel Shikuku Being a gospel artist is a call which can automatically give a return without commercialization. Muziki Kwako ni nini Kamlesh Kagaba. I know him is one of the best juu anafanyia maulana
Warle Maina Lyrics poa, kuna ukweli…. lakini threats…seriously… anyhow, tumeskiza, not new, wacha niseme ukiangalia mafans watakuangusha, ulie, utrend… Angalia Jesus, ambaye akifungua mlango hakuna anaweza funga..

The group defended itself while appearing on  NTV’s The trend, a week ago saying “When you say the truth, is that dissing someone? paused group member Milome (In dreadlocks). “If you took the song to be a Diss song, please it is not. For us as T412 we do not sugar coat, we say the truth.

T412 Member during the trend,they defended the song saying it is not aDiss track
T412 Member during the trend,they defended the song saying it is not a Diss track

In the  second song ‘Hot Omera’ Milome talks of a day he took a video to a DJ who complained of the quality of the video and the audio. Although the group has other songs that they have produced along their musical journey, these two songs have caught the most attention.

T412 back in the day






Jaguars’ Right Hand Man Lugz Is Off The Market

Single ladies sorry but Lugz is off the market. Many people know him as Jaguars right hand man, but he has also played the role of Jaguars back up singer and the two are often spotted together.

What most people don’t know is that he has been dating Citizen TV’s Tabasamu beauty Minne Kariuki.The couple have been dating for almost 3 years. In 2015, the couple went to celebrate their relationship by taking a vacation in Nanyuki.

News of their dating came to the limelight after Minne posted on her social media: “Enjoying my holiday season with bae! Nanyuki, Serena Sweet Waters #olpajeta game reserve…Mount Kenya tomorrow! #safari #nocitylifehere #vacation #enjoyinglife.”


Lugz had taken her to Nanyuki for a surprise birthday treat during which he gifted her with a new iPhone 6.

Speaking to SDE Pulse on a night out with his girl at Kiza Lounge, he has finally revealed that he has settled down and that he is enjoying every bit of it. Although he’s jaguars right hand man, Lugz has created a name in the industry and rubs shoulders with the big fish.


The humble guy has remained behind the camera and keeps very private on matters touching on his life and that of his girlfriend.









Former NTV Journalist Moses Dola Fights Back Tears As He Testifies In Court Over Wife’s Murder

Former journalist Moses Dola took the witness stand on Wednesday to testify on the events that led to the sudden death of his wife Wambui Kabiru in 2011.

He struggled to hold back tears as he recalled the series of arguments and fights he and Wambui, a former NTV anchor, had prior to her death in their two-bedroomed house in Umoja Estate, Nairobi on May 1 that year.

Dola’s voice cracked as he told the court how the fateful Sunday morning unfolded.

“It was a split second thing: I saw her charge at me, I turned and tackled her and we both fell on the bed and she hit her head on the bed canopy,” he said.

The former Nation Media Group scribe who is on trial for Wambui’s death said things got out of hand after he switched on the radio.

Wambui was not happy about it.

“She asked me, ‘Does it mean when you wake up everyone else should?’ She then woke up and unplugged the radio.”

The father of two further told Justice Roseline Korir that his wife’s reaction surprised and angered him.

He said he woke up and plugged back the music system, which angered Wambui even more.

The commotion, he said, woke their son who was sleeping in their bedroom.

“I decided to leave the bedroom because it was approaching 7.30. I went to pick our son from his cot, but Wambui, who by that time was seated on the bed trimming her dread locks, shouted and told me to leave the baby alone.”

But he did not heed to her demands and went on to pick the child. Dola said the next thing he saw was Wambui charging at him with the scissors in her hand.

“I blocked her, but she kept coming at me, and the scissors pricked my thumb. She came again and that’s when I tacked her and we fell on the bed.”

“She told me ‘You have hurt me’. But I left and went to her brother who lived a few metres from out house and told him of the incident.”

He said he had drinks with Wambui’s brother and the two agreed to meet later that evening.

“When I got back home, I was told by our househelp that [Wambui] hasn’t come out of the bedroom. I went in to talk to her and that’s when I saw blood oozing from the left side of her head.”

“I called her ‘Babe, babe, are you still angry?’ But she did not answer. I shook her but she did not respond. She was still warm. I checked her pulse and that’s when it hit me that she’s dead,” a tearful Dola said.

He said he collapsed and when he woke up, amid confusion, he called his parents and told them what had happened.

The next time he came to his senses, he found himself on his way to Nakuru.

“I don’t know what happened or how I got there. I panicked. I alighted in Nakuru, it was raining, and I slept at the bus terminus. In the morning I decided to come back to Nairobi to surrender myself, but still on my way fear gripped me and I slept the second day at a bus station.”

He said it was the third day that he got courage and walked into Naivasha police station and gave himself up.

Dola described his marriage to Wambui as a stormy one, saying his late wife kept things to herself, but when she erupted, they would not stop arguing.

He said their problems got worse after she was sacked from NTV and shortly after he lost his job too.

“My life has never been the same again, I lost everything, my family and the channels is used to generate income came to an end.”

“I have never set eyes on my son since then, but I know he is well under my in-law’s custody.”

Courtesy Carol Maina

Here are photos of Allan Wanga and His Wife Brenda Mulinya that prove they are the most adorable couple

Kweli waliangukiana!

She has been on our screens for the longest time now, while he has put Kenya on the world map in the field of sports.

Brenda and Allan Wanga are one beautiful couple who have clearly grown stronger together through the years.

Their love is a match made in heaven as she met while through her love for sorts. Brenda is a sports reporter on NTV, and Allan plays for Tusker FC. Any sports enthusiast and a lover of love, will surely appreciate these two.

I mean just look at some of the cute things he posts about his gorgeous wife. Who wouldn’t love such a man?

You can’t make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to the person to realize your worth.

Here are cute photos of the two love-birds through the years, proving they have grown stronger in love since their paths crossed.






Celebrities React Following Former NTV Presenter, Janet Kanini’s Death

Former NTV presenter, Janet Kanini Ikua has passed on.

The beautiful and vibrant Kanini has been battling lung cancer since late 2015 which saw her seek specialized medical treatment in India.

FORMER NTV presenter Janet Kanini Ikua has passed on. She was battling lung cancer. @Nationbreakin broke the news on Saturday morning on twitter.

The news comes as a shock to many after Kanini took to her Facebook page early this year where she said she revealed she was cancer free.

In a long post she sent out on February, Ikua said an MRI scan conducted on her showed no signs of lesions in her liver, abdomen, bones, lymph nodes and lungs.

Janet Kanini leaves behind her husband and two children.

Larry Madowo, her former colleague at NTV, was among the first celebrities who took to social media to react to the saddening news.

My friend Janet Kanini-Ikua breathed her last this morning. She was brave & inspiring. We’re all privileged to have known her. Sleep well. Tweeted Larry.

Controversial blogger Robert Alai tweeted: Journalist Janet Kanini Ikua has passed on after a long battle with lung cancer. She gave me my first solo TV interview

Radio personality, Carol Radull a renown cancer soldier sent out her condolences. So sad to hear that Janet Kanini Ikua has passed on. What a Praying for George and her children.

Janet Kanini Ikua ran the race, fought the fight and has finished the race; now, may she rest well. Tweeted Dan Mwangi her former colleague.

Janet Kanini…you were a warrior. You fought this beast with everything you have. Sleep well mami. Safe travels.  Tweeted Ciru Muriuki also a former colleague.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family.

Photo Credits: Twitter

Before The Fame! You Won’t Believe How NTV News Anchor Larry Madowo Looked As a Child (Photo)

Larry Omondi Madowo is one of the most popular media personalities in Kenya.

The NTV news anchor and The Trend host is a real go-getter and his work speaks for itself, be it technology, current affairs or entertainment. He’s also a writer, social media guru, radio presenter and also a stylist.

The 29-year-old recently celebrated his birthday and dedicated a touching birthday message to himself, where he reminisced on his early childhood and how he dropped out from Daystar University because he didn’t ‘fit in’:

I got my first job on TV when I was just 20, a wide-eyed, skinny village boy with big city dreams who had just dropped out from Daystar because my accent had not caught up. On this my birthday it has hit me how little I have achieved in the years since: I remain unmarried and keep no small animals. Growing up in front of the camera contained all the excitement of a root canal without the motivation of a pretty dentist. I was taken apart for being too skinny, too dumb, too ugly, too basic to be worthy of the high office of reading aloud on television. But I rambled on, thanks to an abundance of wine and good humour. Seeing as I am severely lacking in the skills or talents department, I stuck around and somehow managed to fail up to a moderately acceptable career in broadcast. Now with 30 dangerously close, the internet still disapproves of how I look, how I sound; even how I breathe. Mercifully, I’m old enough not to care. After all, we live in a world where anyone can grow up to become anything, including a failure. Those types usually lurk in online comment sections, compensating for their disillusionment with life by attacking others. Here’s to judgement by strangers, here’s to wanderlust, here’s to unmerited favour and blessings, here’s to living the dream. Next time, please send money instead but thanks for all the birthday wishes #TBT

Well, in regards to how far Larry Madowo has come, I came across a very interesting photo of him back in Karapul Primary School. The Daystar University graduate hasn’t changed much and still had the same petite body frame.

Check out the old photo of Larry Madowo with school mates back in primary school below.



Out But Not Down! After Being Fired From NTV, Sheila Mwanyigha Moves On By Doing This (Video)

Former Nation FM radio presenter Sheila Mwanyigha is no doubt one of the most beautiful and sexy media personalities, who’s been around for more than a decade.

Sheila also doubles up as a singer and songwriter who was famously known by her stage name, Nikki, in her heydays, with one of her hit songs, ‘Mapenzi Tele’ rocking the airwaves.

She left Nation Media Group, about nine months ago after staff changes were announced.

Sheila had worked for Nation Media Group for 11 years where she was not only a radio host but also did radio and TV production as well as hosting NTV’s the morning show with Kobi Kihara.

The former Tusker Project Fame host decided to start her own business ventures that included opening a salon and beauty parlor and now, she has started her own YouTube channel.

In the new channel, the sassy lass hosts a show dubbed, Sheila Lives Out Loud, where she will be discussing issues affecting women, how to grow business wise and much more, aimed at encouraging and inspiring women from all walks of life.

Well, she shared her first official video with her fans about growth and mentorship, and this is how it went down.

Popular NTV Reporter Finally Says I Do – Photos

Top NTV business reporter Dann Mwangi is officially off the market after wedding his long time girlfriend Wangechi Muthaiga in a star studded affair earlier today.

Also known as Dann NumberEight for his spoken word and lyrical skills, the top presenter proposed to his girlfriend earlier on in the year before holding a traditional wedding in July.

Dann Mwangi joins a list of top other celebrities who have walked down the aisle this year and some who are yet to including, Janet Mbugua, Betty Kyalo.

Congratulations to the lovely couple. Check out the beautiful wedding photos below
Dann Nwabgi

Dann Mwwangi Finally Ties The Knot
dann mwangi dann wife dann danny (2) weddo

WCW: The Stunning Sheila Mwanyigha

Sheila Mwanyigha the beautiful singer, TV and Radio Presenter has been in the limelight for quite a long time. From her singing days as Nikki to her really popular mid-morning radio show, the beautiful lady never seems to age and although no one really knows her real age, she still looks stunning.

The former Tusker Project Fame host has managed to shed off a lot of weight over the last couple of months and we must admit she looks really amazing. She recently graduated with a Master of Arts in Sociology (Medical Psychology) and is the perfect definition of beauty and brains.

Check out the stunning photos of Miss Mwanyigha.

sheila-M1-660x880 sheila1 sheila2 sheila3 Screenshot from 2015-05-20 07:57:25

Sorry ladies, popular NTV reporter is officially off the market

Dan Mwangi the young NTV business reporter is officially off the market. Dan recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend Wangeci Muthaiga and today he visited her parents home for the dowry payment which is ideally the traditional wedding.

Sorry ladies if you had your eyes on him. Check out photos of Dan selecting his wrapped up bride with his eyes closed from a group of ladies as it is custom in the traditional wedding ceremony.


dan dan2 dan3


Kenyan TV stations risk loosing digital signals over self-switch off

The African Digital Network consortium risks losing broadcast signal distribution licences for going off air Saturday, ICT Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has said.

Addressing a media briefing Sunday afternoon Mating’i said the decision by Citizen TV, KTN, NTV and QTV to go off air amounts to blackmail and contempt of a court order.

Matiang’i further said that an advert posted by the consortium explaining the reasons for being off air are untrue.
“The three media houses opted to screen inaccurate and misleading messages in an effort to incite the public. Both switching themselves off the digital transmission and screening inaccurate messages is illegal and a breach of their licences,” Matiang’i said.

The Supreme Court on Friday ordered CA to restore digital frequencies to ADN that had been withdrawn following a breach of the terms of the permits. The five-judge bench of justices Kalpana Rawal, Philip Tunoi, Jackton Ojwang, Mohammed Ibrahim and Njoki Ndung’u however gave CAK the authority to switch off analogue broadcast when it saw fit.

Matiang’i said the government will not revert to analogue broadcast and told ADN that they should operate within the law.
“The three media houses like all of us are in Kenya and not above the law. We expect responsibility on their part. We will not go back on digital migration,” Matiang’i said.

This latest incident is the second time the ADN consortium is being put to task over information circulated to the public concerning the status of the digital migration.

ADN was accused of engaging in anti-competitive behaviour when they ran an advert warning viewers not to buy set-top boxes from GoTV and Star Times to access their content. Matiang’i said Kenyans are the beneficiaries of digital migration which will not be hampered by ADN.



NTV, Citizen and Standard group sue over withdrawn licenses

Nation Media Group, Royal media and Stand Group have said they will go to court after the Communication Authority on Wednesday withdrew a temporary digital broadcast infrastructure licence from the broadcasters

CAK suspended the license on Wednesday over media ads against GOtv and Star Times.

Director General Francis Wangusi said the ads were offensive and in gross violation of legal provisions on competition and invited other media houses to apply for the license.

Wangusi added that CAK will liaise with the Kenya Revenue Authority and the Kenya Bureau of Standards to bar the media houses from importing set top boxes

NMG chairman Wilfred Kiboro said that by withdrawing their digital licence, CAK has written off a Sh 40 billion that the media houses had already invested in infrastructure to carry their own signals.

“What is blatant is how the CAK is siding with GoTV and StarTimes to the detrimental of FTA operators who have been here for over 15 years. There is a competent body to deal with anti-competitive behaviour, not the CAK. Here it has decided it is prosecutor, judge and jury” Kiboro said

Kiboro added that the media houses have not given CAK their set-top-boxes for approval as they have just placed the order. He stated that the first 150,000 boxes will cost Sh650 million.

Paul Muite who is representing the three media houses in the digital migration case termed the actions by the CAK an act of hostility.

He further defended the ad carried by the media houses saying, “The ad simply explained to viewers not to buy pay TV boxes but buy free ones like those we’ll bring in. It was accurate factual” Muite said.

“We support digital migration. We only want our licence and one frequency at each of the 56 sites nationally. We’ve been treated unfairly. Article 34 (3) guarantees freedom of broadcasting. What’s happening now is like going to a boxing ring with one handcuffed” he added.

The three media houses were blocked on Tuesday from airing messages asking viewers not to buy decoders belonging to the two Pay TV distributors.

High Court judge Alfred Mabeya ordered KTN, NTV and Citizen to stop the messages until a defamation case filed by GOtv is determined.

GOtv, owned by MultiChoice, went to court after the three stations started airing the messages. The stations said in their messages that GOtv and Star Times were duping viewers to buy their decoders and that they were airing content without consent.

Youth TV, a local digital terrestrial TV provider, had told CAK that the license would give the media houses an unfair competitive advantage.