Churchill show comedian Jemutai shows off her cute baby 

Jemutai the comedian has for the first time introduced her cute bundle of joy to the world.

She has jealously shielded her private life from the public eye, only choosing to share her jokes on social issues. But this time it seems she could not hold it back.

The proud mummy shared a photo of her son, proclaiming her love for him.

Meet her adorable baby below.


Back in March this year, Churchill show’s Jemutai was forced to come out and deny that her peer Prof Hamo is her baby daddy.

comedian Jemutai
In a statement seen by Classic 105, Jemutai said:


Last week, one such celebrity surprised us when she shared photos of her babies and their rumored father.

Citizen TV’s Anne Kiguta has never addressed rumors that the father of her twins was President Uhuru’s nephew until last week when she praised him and he responded.

Others who have never told the world about their baby daddy include Papa Shirandula’s Awinja.

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Exclusive: This is how Dennis Okari dressed for his proposal date over the weekend (photos)

Dennis Okari proposed to his girlfriend Naomi Joy at Eka Hotel Nairobi on Saturday night.

Hours before the engagement, Dennis was seen at the venue looking sharp, dressed in a black trouser, blue blazer, gray pull neck with a sense of African touch on the left hand side and brown loafer shoes.

Dennis arrived at Eka Hotel at exactly 8:20pm accompanied by a female friend.
Dennis 3
He seemed quite uneasy and busy on the phone as he talked to the hotels management crew.
Soon after he went straight to the area reserved for the big moment which was located next to the coffee bar, where everything was set. From the ambience to the well placed table napkins, and the waiters standing strategically, the atmosphere was heavy with expectation.
At exactly 9:35 PM, Dennis with some few friends stood at the entrance of the hotel, and shortly after celebrations filled the place as the lady walked in with some friends.
Dennis 5
There was no particular dress code colour as everyone was in their own.
Dennis went ahead to pop the question.
“I can’t wait to do life with you, and I can’t wait to start the journey if only I get the answer that I am expecting. So before all these lovely people, family, friends and our parents here.
This ring is just a symbol of my commitments to the covenant that we are going to make in one of these fine days.
So I want to ask you, Naomi Joy, with everything that I have and everything that I am will you marry me?”
Dennis 6
Overwhelmed by joy, she said yes and passionately, they hugged each other.
The surprise engagement was graced exclusively by family members and close friends to the two.




Cross Over 101 presenter Grace Ekirapa in tears as she reveals she survived on milk and mandazi

Cross Over 101 TV host, Grace Ekirapa is an open book. Atleast she is, online. Grace speaks her truth however hard it may be for you to swallow it.

Once, she opened up about dating a man who took her for granted. Read ab out it by clicking on the link below.

‘Heartbreak Hurts…’ Cross Over 101 TV Host Grace Ekirapa Reveals3

Grace Ekirapa

Now, she has opened up about her days being broke and all she could have before sleeping was milk and mandazi.


Grace Ekirapa

She continued, “The book of James 1:17 says that, every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above…. In Psalm 84:11, it also says, for the LORD God is a sun and shield; The LORD gives grace and glory; No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly. However, when the storms of life are ranging, we need to fix our eyes on our father. He is faithful and He keeps His word. It might not be it yet but the time is coming. Hold on child of God and trust Him at His word. What He says, He will do.

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Dennis Okari reveals he tried to commit suicide twice

During an interview with Truth FM, investigative journalist Dennis Okari spoke on his dismay on how people perceive him due to gossip surrounding his split with KTN’s Betty Kyalo.

Okari expressed how following some events in his life got him to a point where he was depressed and actually thought of taking his life.


According to, Okari confessed:

‘I know people don’t know this, but I have tried to take my life twice. The first time I wanted to crash my car on a huge rock on my way from work. Miraculously, as I drove from work on that material night, I just could not trace the boulder, it had always been there but i could not trace it…’

He continued:

‘The second time, I had planned to take an overdose of piriton tablets, about 12 of them, and sleep never to wake up. But as I came from late that night, I couldn’t figure where to get a chemist that late in the night.

And somehow it had escaped my mind that I could easily google it. Likewise, I aborted the suicide mission that night.’


Later, Dennis gave up his plan of suicide after he had an encounter with God.


All in all Okari will be joining NTV next week and apart from journalism, he is spreading God’s gospel and love.

George Clooney hobbles onto private jet with Amal days after scooter accident

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Comedian Owago Onyiro’s mother discharged from hospital

It has been a tough month for Comedian Owago Onyiro who’s mother has been admitted in hospital for a while now. Fortunately, he can now breathe a sigh of relief as she is finally out of danger.

Owago has been constantly updating us about the condition of his mother since Easter holiday.

The comedian revealed this through his Instagram page, where he asked fans to pray for his ailing mum.

Guys help me wish my mother a quick recovery. Mum don’t worry coz everything will be ok in Jesus name”.

However he did not reveal what she was suffering from.

Nameless Speaks Out For The First Time From His Hospital Bed

In another message, he reassured her all would be well.

Mum don’t worry all will be OK
I know you are tired with hospital bed but God is in control.
Guys continue praying for my Mum



The mother is finally out of hospital and he is thanking to his fans for standing by him throughout his mothers stay in hospital.

He shared his thoughts, writing;

“Thank you guys for keeping my mother in your prayers.
Finally she is out of Hospital and now recovering at home.
Thanks to @kakaempire for all the support they showed me during this hard time. I am humbled.
I also thank all my friends who called to know how she was fairing on while in hospital.
May God continue healing you Mummy.
Don’t worry Mum everything is gonna be OK in Jesus name…….AMEN



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You Were My Inspiration And My Brother! NTV’s Trevor Ombija Pays Tribute To Larry Madowo

NTV’s Trevor Ombija popularly referred to by the ladies as the man with a panty – removing voice, has paid a short but moving tribute to Larry Madowo who announced that he will be leaving the media group.

Fans react to Larry Madowo official resignation at NTV

In his post, the news anchor refers to Madowo as friend, an inspiration and above all a brother who’s instilled a lot in him.

trevor ombija

Madowo who has been presenting prime time news bulletin alongside Victoria Lubadiri has been a popular figure on TV screens among the youth, a connection which he grew thanks to ‘The Trend Show’ which he left last year.

He however did not reveal his next destination but Trevor might have let the cat out of the bag, when he signed off his post with a cheeky hash tag which reads, #Internationalwaves – clearly indicating he might be on for some huge international job.

Trevor’s post read, One of the greatest brains I have ever worked with @larrymadowo you were my friend, inspiration and my brother. On to greater things my friend. Your lessons will forever remain. Shine on my brother..shine on #InternationalWaves.

We wish Madowo all the best in his future endeavors.


Fans want answers after noticing The Trend host Amina Abdi’s legs are darker than her face

Bubbly TV presenter Amina Abdi is a bold woman. The Trend host, who is known for her fashion sense recently left many talking for days after a photo of her looking totally different went viral.

Amina Abdi

In the photo making rounds on social media, Amina Abdi appears to have a visible discrepancy between her face and whole body.

Could it be a case of makeup fail? Did the makeup artist use lighter products than her complexion?

Amina Abdi

Anyway, below is the photo of Amina Abdi back in the day compared to now; has she maintained her original complexion?

Amina Abdi

Amina Abdi has not yet spoken about the rumors that she has bleached and a social media user shared the photo and wrote:

“My loves, what is going on here? her face doesn’t match her legs hahaha.”

another one commented:

“I saw her Insta story jana and thought there was something odd but then again, I convinced myself it is shadows.”

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Unsung Hero! Ailing Njambi Koikai praises sister for taking care of her

Njambi Koikai is still in the hospital recuperating after undergoing a successful surgery early this month.

Njambi Koikai


Njambi Koikai has revealed that she has been in a lot of pain for the past few days. She had three tubes put inside her body to help drain out the fluid in her ribs and chest area.

“Hey, fam poleni I’ve been silent for a while. We have been dealing with a lot of pain. As I said earlier, there was fluid hiding in my ribs and chest area aside from the ‘usual’ fluid that normally lurks around my lungs. This meant pushing in another 2 chest tubes. I’ve been having 3 chest tubes in me. The pain is excruciating. It is debilitating and any other adjective you can think of. The size of those two tubes meant that I had to be on a walker at all times even when going to the bathroom or bed. God is GREAT those two huge tubes and boxes were replaced with some tiny bags. Endometriosis had literally created a home in my right lung-chest area,” she wrote in part.


Njambi Koikai

Njambi went ahead to thank her sister for taking care of her and thanked God for giving her another chance to live.

“My sister has been so amazing. She told mum to rest as she takes care of me. She’s fed me, bathed me, prayed with me, walked with me and encouraged me every step of the way, she took nice pics of me lol, she bought me a nice gown to keep me super warm and the cutest sandals because my feet are super swollen beyond an elephant’s thigh. Anyway, my sis is back to work and I love it that they even gave her time off. This pain is not easy to deal with and to see your loved ones have to bear with it can sometimes be crushing. God gave us love. The greatest commandment. If we could all live in pure love, our lives would change.

Njambi Koiakai's family



Share the love of God which is never-ending, unbroken and forever.
Thank God for every blessing. Your breathing lungs, your walking legs, your seeing eyes. Shukuru Mola kwa hayo tu.”

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Glory be to God! Njambi Koikai undergoes successful surgery in USA (photos)

 In a previous post, Njambi Koikai talked about America has been great referring to herself as a miracle child.

“America has been great even though we’ve been bound to hospital walls. I flew in here with my family and God. I keep believing every single day, that I am a miracle child. A miracle child who the devil has tried time and again to snatch from God. So after that long major and excruciating surgery, there was no sleeping. Like right after recovery room, physically therapy started. Can you imagine walking immediately after surgery? Crazy right? I won’t even start on the pain. Then I have what they call a pediatric back, so fixing in an epidural was pain that I cannot again explain. I’ve never been numbed by pain. This pain numbed me. Anyway i have 3 amazing surgeons who have worked on me so far. Right after the major surgery, i was notified that more fluid was found hiding in my ribs..and I asked what that means. Doc was like we need to insert two other tubes to drain out all the fluid. Friends at this point i told God haki surely have mercy on me. This endometriosis thing cannot ravage me like this. Then God reminded me who He is. That He is King. I was wheeled into radiology yesterday and got two chest tubes added, i didn’t even realise it by the time they were done. God reminded me that this road won’t be easy. Infact it’s bound to be the hardest because relief is near. It is bound to be the hardest because healing is here. It is bound to be the hardest because the strongest women alive have fought crazy battles and won.

Njambi KOikai
My mom and sis have stood by me and I’m here to show both of them and the world that we can beat endometriosis.
I’m here to stand in strength for every other little girl in high school fainting due to this thing.
I’m here to remind that career woman whose dreams are on hold that they too can have their life back.
I’m this little girl ready to engage with my government leaders and women leaders to fund more research on this condition.”

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NTV’s Jamila Mohamed quits

Jamila Mohammed has decided to call it a day at Kenya’s media conglomerate. The consummate professional had been a fixture on our screens from the time she joined NTV in 2002.

Jamila Mohammed

Her exit comes barely two weeks after her former boss and NTV’s General Manager Linus Kaikai also quit the TV station.

Linus Kaikai

From L-R: Linus Kaikai, Trevor Ombija and Gladys Gachanja

She was one of the longest-serving news anchors at the station having joined NTV as a reporter in 2002.
Jamila was appointed Managing Editor of QTV Kenya in 2015 and was also currently the Manager of Programming and Content Development at NTV Kenya before her exit.

Jamila Mohammed

The TV screen icon broke the news of her departure during Wednesday’s NTV Jioni where she announced that it was her last show at the media house.

Stunned colleagues and fans took to social media expressing how much they will miss the lively Swahili anchor while others wished her well in her career. Some of the screengrabs are below:

Jamila Mohammed leaving screenshots Jamila Mohammed leaving screenshots Jamila Mohammed leaving screenshots Jamila Mohammed leaving screenshots Jamila Mohammed leaving screenshots


A fortnight ago, her former boss Linus Kaikai announced his exit from the Aga Khan-owned media house after a meeting that had been converged by the top management at NMG. Kaikai is now rumoured to be working as a consultant for Citizen television.

All the best wishes Jamila.

Is this NTV crossover host Grace Ekirapa’s favorite shoe?

Celebrities are always expected to look exceptional and most importantly set the pace and trend for their fans to follow when it comes to the fashion world. We have several celebrities who make headlines when it comes to fashion world, and gospel artistes always beat their secular counterparts 10 nill.

From signature hairdos to dress codes, some celebrities are better identified by any of this.

Well, just like Jalang’o, Jemutai and others, who have a signature dress code, NTV’s Crossover presenter Grace Ekirapa seems to have one as well.

Grace Ekirapa

The sexy lass, who co-hosts the gospel show with Size 8’s husband DJ Mo, has that favourite pair of high heels that she can never get enough of.

While going through her photos, we realised that Grace Ekirapa has donned this pair of shoes for more than five times on different days.

Here are the photos:


Grace Ekirapa


Grace Ekirapa


Grace Ekirapa


Grace Ekirapa


Grace Ekirapa


Grace Ekirapa


Grace Ekirapa

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Former NTV presenter Liz Ntonjira’s battle with weight loss

Former NTV presenter Liz Ntonjira is battling with weight loss.

The sexy mother, through her Instagram account has vowed to embark on a weight loss journey and she has promised to treat her body right.

Liz Ntonjira says her 2018 goals is to stay healthy. She further disclosed that she has gained more than 15 kgs after her wedding in March last year.

“I have made a vow to myself, that this is the last post of myself that I’m posting until I reach my desired weight. Forget the chubby cheeks, the double chin, the curves  This is not about not loving myself-this is about adapting a healthy lifestyle. It’s so fascinating when you read about your body organs….and what you need to do for them to function well. It’s a pity that often times we take care of everything else besides our bodies. We service our cars. We treat our hair. We have facials, manicures and pedicures…..but- we fill ourselves with junk (at least that’s what I do- no wonder the 15kgs plus I’ve added since my wedding🙈🙈)” read part of he post.

She went ahead to add:

Not to mention- the older we get, the more susceptible we are to various lifestyle diseases. So, here I am making a vow to my body, that I will treat it right from now on going forward. This is not about being skinny and perfect but to being lean and healthy. I love my body and it’s about time I showed it just how much! So here’s to the health freaks around me– may your discipline, resilience and hard work rub off on me. May I be that girl who picks a carrot stick instead of candy!😘😘😘 #2018goals #healthiswealth.”

Liz Ntonjira

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Bringing Sexy Back! Mvita MP Sheds Weight, Mafisilets Can’t Get Enough Of Him (PHOTOS)

Other celebrities who’ve talked about battling with weight loss include Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai, Bishop Allan and Rev Kathy Kiuna, Kalekye Mumo, Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir and former Kiss TV presenter Grace Msalame.

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Team Beard Gang! Larry Madowo’s new look leaves Kenyan women going gaga (Photos)

NTV’s Larry Madowo, who is known for his flamboyant lifestyle seems to have already set resolutions for this year and one of them is resisting the barber.

Larry Madowo

The media personality, who is loved and hated by many, has decided to join beard gang group the likes of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, radio king Shaffie Weru, Moji Shortbaba among others and women are going crazy.

Larry Madowo’s new look has left many talking thanks to his well-coiffed facial hair.

Larry Madowo

Women on social media are going nuts over Larry Madowo and here are some of the mixed reacrinons;

Denno_ace_hood: The beard man.,..on fleek

Ruthmariakenya: @larrymadowo you look awesome with those beards…

Soni_linda: Look who joined the beard gang cult movement. 😁 @larrymadowo

Edyth: I like the beard..don’t shave Larry

Akumuayieko: Loving the beard😍🤭

Peris Ngugi: whoever told you that you look good with beard lied to look like a thenge

Sheilamaci: Chest and beards🔥

Ogweno Whitney: Keep those beards .. you look cool in them

Kymsuleiman: You now look matured

Zipporah Mwangi: He looks better in beards.  I love his new look

Dodzweit: Love your new look

Yobrah: Kuna slay queen amekuchocha

Waynestimothy: Lovely look na izo ndevu

Essy: The beard looks really good on you🔥

Becky: Crushing on the beard game

Julliecynthia: Naona unakuwa Shaffie Weru. Mandevu na kichwa safi

Perrymuchiri: The New Look is Dope 💯😍 @larrymadowo

Tommore: Sasa tafuta bibi

mama_handsome_boy: Now you look like a MAN

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Eric Omondi’s throwback photo in high school will make you LOL for days

When someone makes it in this life, it’s always assumed that they must have slept their way to the top. But one thing people don’t seem to understand is that success is not sexually transmitted and it’s not science. Those who have worked hard over the years, have seen the fruits of their sweat.

Eric Omondi posing
Eric Omondi. photo credit: courtesy

Eric Omondi is the perfect example of people who have worked hard and used their talents to their advantage. He’s among the most celebrated comedians in the country and he’s proven that he can really crack our ribs.

Comedians have always made fun of Eric’s body, because he’s slim and the funny thing is that he hasn’t changed even from way back. He’s still the same size and he took the opportunity of sharing a throwback photo of him in his school uniform and beside him is a lady whom he went ahead to reveal is his sister and not his high school sweetheart.

eric omondi

He said, “That is not my High school sweetheart, that’s my baby sister Irene Adhiambo Omondi.”

Eric’s journey has not been easy and he has had his own fair share of struggles. He revealed that his house was once locked and all his stuff auctioned because he couldn’t pay rent for 5 months.

Sometime in September of 2010 while living in Nairobi West my house was locked and all my stuff auctioned… I had a 5 month rent arrear… This was during the break between season one of Churchill Live and Season two… I was as famous as I was broke… On that fateful day my neighbours watched in owe as two pick ups carried away my things and as the Caretaker “politely” asked me to step out of the house so he could lock the door… All these happened at midday… AS I walked out of the compound totally dejected…I remember saying to God ‘You are my LORD make me LandLord one day‘.”

Well, Eric is now building rental apartments and he’s more than grateful to God for seeing him through.

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Larry Madowo gets nostalgic reminiscing his first hustle after high school

When one is fresh out of high school and then college, there are high expectations from family and friends that you will land a white collar job, and everything will be successful from there.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our dreams that we forget the reality that is likely to slap us in the face. Namely unemployment.

Sadly, this is not always the case, as many Kenyan graduates have to tarmack in search of that dream job.

NTV’s Larry Madowo is one of those who had a hard time getting a job. So he resorted to making ends meet like so many other jobless Kenyans.

The controversial media personality is not known to shy off from putting his point across, and often gets dragged for his comments.

Here’s what you need to know about his first real hustle after high school. He took to his social media to reveal what he did.


My first job straight out of high school was selling tea and mandazi at Gikomba. A few weeks ago, I took a CNN crew back there. The profile airs around the world 7 times from Friday to Tuesday


Not what you imagined right. He also shared these pictures with the media house crews.

larry madowo tea 4

larry madowo tea 3

larry madow tea 2

larry madowo selling tea

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Betty Kyallo’s ex husband Dennis Okari visits the wailing wall. Is he praying for a wife?

Dennis Okari, the estranged husband of Betty Kyallo, is in currently in Asia and just like they say when you go to Rome, do what the Romans do. The multi-talented media personality visited the Wailing Wall to speak to his Maker.

The Wailing Wall is an ancient limestone wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is considered holy due to its connection to the Temple Mount. Because of the Temple Mount entry restrictions, the Wall is the holiest place where Jews are permitted to pray, though it is not the holiest site in the Jewish faith, which lies behind it.

Okari posted a photo of him praying and captioned;

“Just presented my petition before God. #wailingwall #israel #israeltour #holyland”

Dennis Okari

Many are speculating that Dennis Okari visited the place to ask God to give him a God-fearing and great wife after parting ways with sexy screen siren Betty Kyallo barely six months into marriage, but only the father of one knows what he prayed for.

Okari was also in Turkey for war journalism training a few days ago, and he revealed that it was one of the toughest trainings he has undergone.

“36 hours of no sleep and rest with Özel Harekât, Turkish Special Forces survival training in war journalism. It’s the toughest test of endurance in the world,” he wrote accompanied by the photo below.

Dennis Okari

Check out reactions from Kenyans after Dennis Okari posted a photo at the Wailing Wall

Nivaasenath: May the desires of your heart be fulfilled. Cling on to Him.

Wagachuiga: In His time, He will make things beautiful for you

Jeffade: Anaye tafuta uso wa Bwana.Kamwe hatachoka..Go go Dennis.

Ragenya: He changes seasons, He is a faithful God, He makes new beginnings

Dave: May your prayers be answ ered @dennisokari nothing is impossible to him

Casperloxh: May the Lord grant ur prayers. You can’t still make it bro

Gathirwa: GOD loves you..HE shall never forsake nor abandon you Dennis

Obenn: Have faith n hope and things will be ok in God’s name @dennisokari

Wanyonyi: It shall be well with you Dennis Okari

Cross Over 101 host Grace Ekirapa writes a beautiful message to her dad

Grace Ekirapa is a very beautiful gospel artist and popular TV host. She has been in the lime light for quiet some time now after she started co-hosting Cross Over 101 with Dj Mo and before that used to co-host Angaza with Mr Tee.

Crossover 101’s newest star!

Grace recently posted a photo of her dad as her “Man crush” with a very beautiful message…

Grace Ekirapa

“Well I have never done the MCM thing ever, so I want to start today with my all time MCM that is my dad. This man is the true definition of a lion. He is not always talking but when he says one word, it compensates for all the times he did not speak. He is my hero. He is my biggest critic but above all my greatest fan. I love and celebrate him today. Thank you Daddy for being here to celebrate me and to cheer me on. By the way this is where I got my wide 😃”

Churchill Show Comedian Shares Her Rags To Riches Story

Nothing comes on a silver platter. You have to toil hard to live that life you desire or else you will end up dying poor. Churchill Show comedian Stella Bunei Koitie, commonly referred to as Jemutai, is a great example of from grass to grace story.

Jemutai comedian

Just like any other person with dreams of becoming successful in future, Jemutai was not afraid to try her luck and more so in the male-dominated field. She started auditioning at the celebrated local comedy show which nurtures talent in the East African region.

Jemutai comedian

Jemutai didn’t have it smooth and she auditioned for 10 months straight without success.

Kalenjin’s Best Kept Secret! Sexy Photos Of Churchill Show Comedian Jemutai Surface

According to an interview with Buzz, Jemutai revealed that she had become a popular face at the Carnivore restaurant (where Churchill show is shot) and at one point, she decided to give up after months of no success. Little did she know that her time to take over the comedy industry had already come.

“I auditioned for 10 months straight without any success, every Tuesday my mother gave me fare from Embakasi and taxi money to go back. The Carnivore, where we shoot Churchill, became a second home, I knew everyone, the watchman, and the cameramen even the waiters. Initially, I was auditioning as Stella but my act was not convincing. Nonetheless, I kept going back and the judges kept encouraging me to develop a character that will help me execute my comedy,” narrated Jemutai.

The witty lass, who is known for her long skirt, checked oversized blazer, rubber shoes and a head scarf (basically, representing a typical Kalenjin woman) signature dress code, made her first debut on  October 22nd, 2015 and the rest is history.

“At some point, I was about to give up and on October 20th, 2015 I came for what was to be my last audition, after that, I was to quit. However, that week I was picked and October 22nd, 2015 was my first show ever. The Carnivore, where we shoot Churchill, became a second home, I knew everyone, the watchman, and the cameramen even the waiters. Initially, I was auditioning as Stella but my act was not convincing”, she said.

Jemutai, who is without a doubt the best comedienne Kenya has ever produced, revealed that she was excited to get a job and whenever she graces the screen, she always ensures that she is at her best leaving her followers in stitches.

“It was a great relief to get picked after such a long struggle, by then I had gotten used to the stage and the set up so I was very comfortable. My first show became the best edit of the night and I have never looked back.”

Look At Linus Kaikai’s Palatial Home And His Supportive Beautiful Wife (PHOTOS)

Linus Kaikai is without a doubt one of the best journalists Kenya has ever produced. The award-winning journalist was among the first clique of media personalities who made the Kenyan TV industry what it is today. He has risen through the ranks to become one of the sought after media personalities around.

Linus Kaikai

Kaikai, who is the current Managing Editor of a leading TV station, NTV, is among the few celebrities who have managed to keep their lives under wraps.

As they say, behind every successful man there’s a supportive woman and Linus Kaikai is no exception. He is married to a beautiful woman, Jacinta Mueni Kaikai. The power couple, who got married in a colourful wedding ceremony that was held at Nkoroi Catholic Church in Ongata Rongai in December 2012, have been blessed with three children; 2 sons and a daughter namely; Lenkai, Leon and Resiato.

Well, while many are struggling to make ends meet, Kaikai and his family are enjoying life. They are living in a multi-million shilling palatial home that can be compared to Kenyan politicians’ homes.

More photos of Linus Kaikai’s home have surfaced leaving many green with envy. Here they are;


Linus Kaikai


Linus Kaikai




Linus Kaikai









Linus Kaikai

Also, check out photos of the beautiful woman who has melted Kaikai’s heart


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni



Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni



Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni


 Jacinta Mueni Kaikai






 Jacinta Mueni Kaikai


 Jacinta Mueni Kaikai


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni