2 MAJOR but relatable reasons why NTV swahili presenter Jane Ngoiri did not spot her trademark short hair in 2017

Do you like her rocking her trademark bob haircut or the weaves she has been wearing this year?

Fans of NTV swahili news presenter Jane Ngoiri may have noticed that her short haircut has been missing. The sexy swahili presenter is known for her mastery of the language and fans are always eager to tune in at 7Pm for the bulleting.

Jane Ngoiri this year welcomed her first baby after walking down the aisle. The yummy mummy has been juggling motherhood and her duties at the Nation media group, and as all mothers are known hardly have time for other things.

So this year Jane put aside rocking her trademark hair and instead opted for weaves.

She attributes this to the heavy load of motherhood and work, that is totally relatable with many Kenyan mothers who are working hard to make it in this life.

she apologized t her fans, explaining her look throughout 2017, and promising something new in 2018. Well, with the new year just a few days away, we can’t wait to see what she has in store.

#2017…It was a balancing act between Motherhood and my Career. I couldn’t afford to spend the many hours I did at the salon getting my signature bob cut,so I opted to explore the weaves in Nairobi. I believe it went well thanks to dedicated hairdressers I came across who made me realise,” Hairdresser holds a trusted place in a woman’s life.

Meanwhile check out the many looks she has rocked with her weaves while on air.






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