Colonel Mustafa – I had to hide the Knives from Noti Flow

Colonel Mustafa will sadly be remembered for his dramatic relationships than for what actually made him famous – his music.

The man has been in the entertainment news the last couple of years not for his artistic abilities but for the numerous scandals surrounding his affairs with different women.

But the one that takes the cake is his love-hate relationship with tattooed rapper Noti Flow. The two are like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston before them; they are that couple that everyone agrees shouldn’t be together but are like star-crossed lovers who always tend to get back together.

Colonel Mustafa with Noti Flow
Colonel Mustafa with Noti Flow

The two have broken up and made up more times than I can remember and with each time they break up they lob very disturbing accusations at each other.

‘Nakupenda tu my backup husband’ Noti flow declares to CMB Prezzo

And Mustafa has more to say, revealing more alleged infractions by Noti Flow. Mustafa related how after he Noti Flow had attacked him after he received a phone call from a woman. “She bit and scratched me using her fingernails,” he told hosts Kartelo and Chris.

Colonel Mustafa with Noti Flow
Colonel Mustafa with Noti Flow

The Colonel who was being interviewed by a local radio station also recalled moments where Noti Flow “kicked me without any provocation”. The lanky musician even revealed that he lived in fear and had to hide all the kitchen knives in the house before going to sleep with Noti Flow.

“I remember there was a time I was ailing and she couldn’t take good care of me. I feared her to the extent that I had to hide all the kitchen knives in my house when we were about to go to bed,” he said.

Colonel Mustafa with Noti Flow
Colonel Mustafa with Noti Flow

Asked why he endured the abusive relation for nearly three years, Mustafa said he was blinded by love. What will Noti accuse Mustafa of after this latest volley?

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‘I Can’t Sit Like A Lady, I Find My Legs On The Table’ Noti Flow Admits

Natalie Florence Kutoto aka Noti flow is a Kenyan female rapper and socialite. Of late she has had so much drama with ‘boyfriend issues’ from Mustafa to Prezzo. Then recently Amber Lulu claimed that Prezzo went to see her in Tanzania and they kinda have a fling. And Noti Flow had to ask her to back off her man.

Anyway, apart from all that drama, she posted her photo saying how she doesn’t like wearing skirts dresses and heels and here is the reason why;

Noti Flow

“As much as I try to be a girl the ni**h in me just won’t leave me alone 😳 That’s why I don’t prefer skirt / dress/ heels . I can’t sit like a lady for 5 minutes😭 I just find my legs on the table 😂”

‘Bi****s Should Keep Off My Man’ – Noti Flow Warns Ladies Thirsting Over Her Man

Noti Flow and Prezzo have been rumoured to be in a relationship for a while now, and the rumours kept swirling after they released a song together called Tupendane.

Well, from the look of things, it’s not a rumour no more as Noti recently shared a screenshot of their conversation when Prezzo went to Tanzania for business.

prezzo and noti flow

But that’s not what many think as it is claimed that he went to Tanzania to meet up with Amber Lulu, who has been rumoured to be eyeing Prezzo.

Noti Flow is not having all that talk, as she has come blazing hot to shut down the rumours.

Speaking to Pulse, she made it clear that Prezzo went to Tanzania to record collabos while shouting that women should keep off her man.

prezzo and amber lulu

You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys. Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” she told Pulse.

When asked what makes her so sure that his heart is with her she said, “Because we have been together for a while and I understand how he thinks.”

She further explained that she is not declaring Prezzo as hers because all men are players and a man has to live his life.

noti flow

It is not like am trying to declare a territory because, hey, a man has to live his life. All nig**s are players and so I take a day at a time. I have been approaching this thing with precaution as sometimes what I hear is different from what he says. I told you (Pulse) some days ago that I am not looking for a mama’s boy but a king,” she stated.

Noti Flow was in a relationship with Colonel Mustafa, but later on called it quits after revealing that Mustafa was being kept by a sugar mummy and she found it gross for him to sleep with the mama and then sleep with her.


Noti Flow Finally Reveals She’s Dating Colonel Mustafa

Nairobi D stars Noti Flow and Colonel Mustafa have for the longest time been rumoured to be in a relationship. When asked about it, they constantly denied the allegations, saying they are just good friends who support each others music careers.


Well that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Noti Flow took to social media to finally clear the air on what is going on between the two. She said they are in a relationship but decided to keep it private because of how social media can say hurtful things about them.

She said, We decided to keep our relationship off social media for a while since some of y’all are very good at saying some really hurtful shit good enough to break us up . Until we’re strong enough to face y’all, we will remain being very happy off social media 😆 Our lives are way easier like that.”

Noti Flow

Awhile back, she was interviewed by one of our writers and she revealed that she was not responsible for Mustafa’s break up with his then girlfriend.

At least she’s now cleared the air on the whole matter.

Noti Flow Drops A New Hit Song That Will Leave You Nodding Your Head

She has been the talk of the town ever since news broke out that she was pregnant for Mustafa, but she rubbished the news, terming them as plain rumours.


Noti Flow whose real name is Natalie Florence is a Kenyan Musician-rapper and an actress who appears in the controversial reality show Nairobi Diaries that airs on K24. She clarified the rumors saying that it was not true and that she is not ready to have a kid rubbishing whatever Colonel said since they were rumored to have had a thing.


Following the controversies that Noti has been into, one would understand her break from releasing songs to deal with such news, but now she is back with a bang.

Kamatia is the new song in town that the actress and rapper has just decided to come back with after a long break of dealing with personal issues and was just made available on youtube yesterday. The song is about holding on tight to what you have without letting it go.

Check out the video:

Here are the reactions from team Noti:

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