Did you wear your bra today?

October is a breast cancer awareness month and on this day, 13th October, women are encouraged to be bra-less to encourage breast cancer awareness.

So, did you wear your bra today?

But there has always been pressure from the society to wear a bra as most people are considered ‘ratchet’ or rather naked without a bra.

There are many reasons why women wear bras, but the main reason as to why these clothes were created was to hide breasts or make them appear smaller.

Well, on this day, you are allowed to free your boobs and have a lovely no bra day.

#Nobraday: Girls take it off in support of breast cancer awareness

Yes, this really is a thing and for a good cause.

Women are today encouraging each other to take a self breast exam in support of the hashtag #nobraday.

No Bra Day was initially observed on July 9, 2011, but within three years it had moved to October 13, the month of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

#NoBraDay is for:

ā€¢Breast Cancer Awareness

ā€¢Importance of breast-examination

ā€¢Encourage women to partake in breast cancer screening.

no bra day

A report by the National Cancer Institute of Kenya paints a gloomy picture of the ability and preparedness of hospitals across the country to prevent and manage cancer.

NCI Chief Executive Officer Andrew KaraguĀ  in August said 20 per cent of the health facilities have enough services to control breast cancer while 22 per cent of public hospitals are equipped to handle cervical cancer.

Despite the fact that most hospitals are able to control cervical cancer and screening done at no charge, NCI report indicates that a paltry 11 per cent of the national women’s population has ever been screened.Ā The report did not however identify specific hospitals capable of managing the five most prevalent types of cancer.


Breast cancer symptoms include change in skin texture on the breast, retraction of nipple, discharge from nipple, a typical fullness, and lumps.

Here are some words of encouragement and caution about October 13, No Bra Day:
13th october not a day to expose your paraphanelias online but seek knowledge and awareness about breastcancer #NoBraDay #NoBraDay
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#NoBraDay is for cancer awareness. Stop sending nude pictures to your bestie.
Twitter definitely not happy with my pictures today šŸ˜”
#NoBraDay is an awareness for breast cancer survivors. You might not be comfortable with the size, shape, firmness of your breasts but challenge yourself in support today
Do well to say a word of prayer for women battling Breast Cancer,

The fight is not easy…. #NoBraDay
Free them boobs and stay healthy,donā€™t forget to check your breast for lumps and other irregularities #NoBraDay
Good mid-morning people, today being #NoBraDay , here are some of the reasons we celebrate this day.

ā€¢Breast Cancer Awareness
ā€¢Importance of breast-examination
ā€¢Encourage women to partake in breast cancer screening.

Have a happy #NoBraDay
#NoBraDay Educate yourself and someone else about Breast Cancer and how to avoid it.

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