Swazuri denies renewal of Kenyatta family lease on Taita Taveta land

The Kenyatta family lease on 30,000 hectares of land in Taita Taveta county has not been renewed, National Land Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri has said.

“You people quoted me out of context. I did not even mention it last time. He (the reporter) asked me about Criticos and I mentioned it. I don’t know how that name (Kenyatta) came in,” Swazuri said on Monday.

He was speaking at the Kenya School of Government in Mombasa during a hearing on the review of grants and dispositions of public land.

“So far we have not received any application from the Kenyatta family for them to want their property renewed. We don’t even know whether it is expired or not. We don’t know anything,” he said.

Swazuri noted NLC follows a specific procedure when dealing with land issues. “When we get a case, we will not move to the land in question immediately,” he said.

He said the Land Registry must confirm the status of the property. “Even the grabbers do not just move to a piece of land first. They have to go through and falsify documents first before going to the ground,” he said.

Swazuri told governors that they can inform the commission of public land in their counties whose leases they do not want renewed. His alleged announcement last week of the renewal of the Kenyatta lease sparked protests from Cord. Cord leaders demanded its nullification and accused NLC of failing to deal with land issues.