Willy Paul Reveals How He Managed To Land A Collaboration With Songstress Nandy

Willy Paul has found what he has been looking for after traveling all the way to Tanzania to find his love. He just released the video to his song, Njiwa featuring Nandy and he confessed she is all he ever wanted.

See, Willy Paul was given a list of various female artiste to collaborate with and all he wanted was Nandy. Mwanamme ni effort, he worked his way to a collaboration.

Willy Paul/ Instagram

He confessed he saw a lot in Nandy. From her looks to talent. Willy Paul went to Tanzania but never got the opportunity to see her because of their busy schedule. When Nandy came to Kenya for her media tour, Willy Paul said, not today satan and tried his luck one more time.

anakasauti flani hapo. she was the perfect one. niliona vitu vingi pia tusidanganyane ni mrembo. nilichukulia kuwa video itakuwa safi so urembo ulinivuta

Willy Paul

This time he was able to work with her in his studio and Njiwa was born.

Other than that, Willy Paul opened up to Lil Ommy saying he is yet to open a studio, Saldido records which he says will be the biggest in Kenya. He doesn’t want to compare himself with anyone but he knows he is going to give Kenya nothing but the best.

He will also be unveiling his signed artistes.

Willy Paul

Of course, the elephant in the room had to address. He sang Jigijigi that got a lot of attention, especially in Tanzania. According to Lil Ommy, Tanzania’s associate the word jigijigi with lungula. Seeing as Willy Paul is a gospel artiste, Tanzanians could not understand why he is singing about that.

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He laughed explaining that it was all about the sweetness of a chewing gum that he could not pronounce when he was young and just that.

 Jigijigi nikiwa mdogo kulikuwa na big g so when nikiwa mdogo I couldn’t say so i used to say jigijigi. he put the flavor for creativity after the release two weeks later, he is trending talking of sex(jigijigi)

Willy Paul

Willy Paul’s greatest achievement in music is when he was trending just after Nicki Minaj after the release of I do featuring Alaine on Apple TV. The whole world thought Alaine was married.