“Kabbz, I Will Always LOVE You” Kaberere’s Wife Writes a Tear-Jerking Tribute To Her Late Husband

The death of gospel singer Peter Kaberere was one of the saddest days for the Kenyan gospel fraternity but only his wife Njeri Kahura knows the real pain of losing a lover, a friend and the father to her children.

Kabere passed away on April 6, 2014, after being electrocuted at his car wash, while cleaning his car. Reports revealed that there was a fault in the car washing machine equipment that led to his electrocution.

The Kiburi hitmaker was married to Njeri Kahura aka Njesh Wa Qabbz, and were blessed with a baby boy and during his death, his beautiful wife was expectant with their second child, a daughter.


It’s been almost three years and Njeri still misses her man, but all in all, she’s grateful to God for five years spent together terming them as “the best years of my life”. Read her heartfelt and touching tribute to Kabbz.

The late gospel singer Kaberere’s daughter is all grown up as the family marks his third death anniversay

My darling Kabbz,

When they told me you were no more, my body went into shock. I remember throwing my hands all over in despair and had to be restrained because I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. Over and over again, I would ask God why me? Babe, I was inconsolable. I cried for four hours nonstop. I felt totally helpless and told God if He wanted to kill us all, it was alright. Despite my anguish, God never abandoned me. He sent me human angels who stood with me. I truly thank God for friends, family and my boss for all their support after you left. Remember I was about 21 days away from delivering our second baby. And guess what, she decided to arrive on the day we were laying you to rest. My labour started while we were having your service just before the final rites. They took me to a waiting ambulance but the midwife who examined me assured me it was safe for me to attend your entire service though they confirmed our baby would come that day.


Njeri went on to explain she welcomed their daughter, wishing that he was around to see her:

The good thing is I had packed my bags earlier and I opted to stay in the hospital as I awaited our little princess. And true to form, Njoki arrived at 10.27pm that night after we had laid you to rest. I’m sad though since you didn’t get a chance to meet our daughter, who turned three last month. I remember how eager you were to meet her, and that breaks my heart. I named her Halia, which means ‘in remembrance of’. Guess what? She has your beautiful brown eyes and loves music and singing too. And she is very pretty. She knows her daddy from the photos at home and recognizes your face when she sees you on TV. 

Ulani too has become a big boy. He’s turning six and is a ball of energy. Of course he remembers daddy only too well and wishes you were here to play football with him. Ula wants to be a DJ. Kabbz, in my darkest days, I learned to put my trust in God, not man. Don’t worry about us; somehow He has given us the strength to cope. 


Njesh wa Qabbz added about how she has been coping and how God has seen them through it all;

The first year after you left was unbearable. Now I understand this is a journey we will all have to take at some point. Your memories keep me going. I truly miss your sense of humour, all the jokes you shared. Babe I miss your cookery skills, especially since last Sunday was Mothers’ Day. I’m sure you would have whipped up one of your delicious recipes. I miss your wit, charisma and the way you spoiled me rotten! I miss your little surprises like how you would fuel my car without my prompting and then sit back and watch me marvel at your thoughtfulness. Kabbz, I will never forget you. When I miss you, I play your songs and remember all the beautiful memories we shared. Sometimes I just take a drive to Langata Cemetery. 

The five years I was married to you were the best years of my life. You were a selfless man who did not just help us but who reached out to others too. You were genuine and a sincere giver. I’m in a place where I’ve learned to give everything to God. We really miss you so much and hope to see you in heaven someday. Kabbz, I will always love you.

Your loving wife, Njeri.



Forever In Our Hearts; Remembering The Legend Kaberere

April 6th 2014 was a dark day for family, friends and fans of Kaberere. It is now 3 years since gospel singer Peter Kahura Kaberere went to be with The Lord. Kaberere was a gospel artiste and Manager at Mo sounds, a company that hosts the annual groove awards, whose songs topped charts at the gospel music industry.

He who was also known as Kabz. He started his music in a group dubbed Zaidi Ya Muziki and later decided to do solo projects. He released songs like Just a Way featuring Mr.Vee, Natamani featuring Eunice Njeri and the famous Mwanake with Benachi.


How Sweet! The Late Peter Kaberere’s Daughter Is All Grown Up (Photo)

His song with Benachi was one of the last songs he did before he succumbed to death. Kaberere left a young family and at the time of his death, his wife Njeri well known as Njesh Wa Qabbz was expectant. Njeri gave birth at time they were laying Kaberere to rest.


His death was caused by an electric fault while he was washing his car. Today Njeri went to social media to pay tribute her late husband;

“Celebrating a life well lived three years on…”

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Check out his hit song Mwanake;


How Sweet! The Late Peter Kaberere’s Daughter Is All Grown Up (Photo)

The entire Kenyan music industry and more so the gospel scene was shocked and taken aback by the sudden death of popular and super talented singer Peter Kaberere, back in April 6, 2014.

Kaberere was sadly electrocuted at his own car wash located near Lower Kabete, while cleaning the car washing equipment.

This was one of the saddest days for those in the Kenyan gospel industry, as Kaberere was known to be a humble and God fearing celebrity singer, who was also charitable and very talented musically.

Kaberere and his wife, Njeri

Kaberere left behind his son and beautiful wife, Njeri Kahura Kaberere, better known as Njesh Wa Qabbz, who was pregnant at that time. She gave birth  to a cute baby girl, named Njeri, hours after his burial.

Two years down the line, Kaberere’s daughter is all grown up and his wife has embraced motherhood despite missing her husband, who was her pillar and joy, as she celebrated their daughters birthday.

She send this loving, heart-warming message to her late husband, with a picture of their daughter, who is now all grown up;

Baby Njoki Kaberere


Baby Njoki Kaberere2