Ako cute! Real Househelps of Kawangware’s Njambi finally unveils son’s face (photo)

Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi the Real Househelps of Kawangware actress gave birth earlier this year after months of keeping her pregnancy hidden from the public.

‘A married woman told me to stop sleeping with people’s husbands,’ Actress Njambi narrates

Miss Gachomba kept her new-born son hidden from the public glare until now, finally revealing her four-month-old baby boy’s face.

Njambi's son being held by is older brother
Njambi’s son being held by his older brother

I normally hear all babies being praised as cute (which is normally a lie) but I can honestly say that the actresses baby will be a lady-killer in the future.

Njambi's son
Njambi’s son

Miss Gachomba referred to the toddler as a rainbow baby and an answered prayer because she had suffered a miscarriage before having him.

“Good morning, I know I had posted this before. But I had to pull it down due to some issues. He was worth waiting for, I keep on telling people God’s timing is the best….. I lost one but God blessed me with exactly what I had asked for, a baby boy,” Njambi emotionally declared. the thespian said.

Her lover was antsy about letting their son be part of the online community and Njambi said she always wanted to do things when he was open to the idea.

Njambi posing
Njambi posing

The actress in a previous post had said she planned to hide her baby’s face till he was one but she did not see the need, adding that her baby boy would soon follow her career path and feature in his first TV stint.

The actress when she was pregnant

Miss Gachomba and her Somali partner tried having a child back in 2018 but got heartbroken when they lost the pregnancy after miscarrying.

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Njambi – I got pregnant the first night with my baby daddy

Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi gave birth late last year, joining a long list of female celebs who were blessed with babies in 2019. She had kept a lot of the details under wraps, with Njeri revealing that she was pregnant and shortly after that she gave birth.

Since she gave birth, the Real Househelps of Kawangawre actress has been revealing details about the process. She recently shocked many of her fans when she revealed that she had gotten pregnant the first time she had lungula with her lover.

Njeri in a file photo

The mother of two admitted through her YouTube channel that she and her lover became pregnant the first time they were intimate. Addressing the issue of whether time does matter in ensuring a relationship is successful, Njambi noted sometimes people meet and fall in love instantly.

The actress
Njeri Gachomba

She said that she and her lover had instant chemistry after he left a long-time relationship and slid into her arms shortly after. “Sometimes I feel sorry for the woman he was with because for us things worked so fast,” Njambi said.

He looks like he is the one – TRHK actress Njambi about new baby daddy

She added,

“The first time we did it, we first met then went home and after that I was pregnant,” she revealed. Njambi and her lover, however, suffered a miscarriage that put a dent in their relationship but after the pain came joy. The two got another baby and are now thicker than thieves.

Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi
Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi

Back in 2018, Njambi revealed to fans that her new boo was from Isiolo and despite the clash of cultures, the two were determined to make it work, somehow.

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…I lost everything! RHOK actress Njambi says of miscarriage

The Real Househelps of Kawangware (TRHK) actress Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi has talked about how she lost her baby in 2018.

Njambi of real house wives of Kawangware reveals why she is afraid of falling in love again

The actress shared her very painful story of how she had lost her child last year with a testimony that will surely help women who have gone through such an issue.

Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi
Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi

Njeri who is dating a lover of Somali origin shared a touching song by Ciciworldwide which highlighted the plight of rainbow mothers.

The actress
Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi

Njambi explained that she lost her unborn baby when it was 5 months. According to the entertainer, her world was shattered after the incident. She wrote her story on her Instagram page;

This song gets to me, I discovered this song last year. (It means need me by @ciciworldwide). I was lost, I was angry, I was going insane. Felt like when I lost it my whole life ended literally, I lost myself, I lost my mind and I lost everything…. I tear up everytime I listen to this song….. Last year I was really broken 💔💔💔….I carried it for 5months….. This song will always be a dedication to us ❤️❤️❤️…. 2018 was a really crappy year…..
. . sending love and hugs to anyone going through this kind of hurt.

Her fans and followers responded to the message with supportive messages;

githinji_ellah My condolences, sending love to you😍😍. The name of the song please,!!😩

staciahenrykeith Sorry dia😭. Sometimes we may think that God is not on our side because of hard times we go through bt no he has every good reason 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

ngecimike 😓😓😓😓😓pole dr… sending you so much 💕💕💕💕all the way.💕💕

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Real housewife actress Njambi admits that she and baby daddy both cheated

The Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi recently spoke to the Star concerning her relationship with her baby daddy.

Njeri who is a lawyer by profession was very honest about the issues that contributed to their failed relationship and said that it ended because they cheated on each other.

Njeri Gachomba

She told the paper that as they were both in their early twenties and they enjoyed their youth by being young and stupid. She explained that they also fought a lot.

She said;

We both messed up in the relationship as we were young and stupid and we didn’t have the strength to fight for us.

Although they may have had a dramatic relationship in the past she says that they are now good friends and are co-parenting their daughter.

Njambi disclosed that her 4-year-old daughter who acts on the show together with her, was the best thing that happened to her. She also praised her daughter for being amazingly smart and mature for her age.

Njeri Gachomba with her daughter
Njeri Gachomba with her daughter

Njambi also said that she would support her daughter’s dreams in anything that she wants to do in the future. In the interview, the actress who has struggled with depression in the past spoke about her suicidal thoughts, saying;

At first, I thought I was being stubborn. I thought I had anger issues because I used to fight a lot. I was always suicidal coz every time I got into a fight with my mom, I would take a knife and threaten them that I will kill myself.

She also hated God, but now, every time she is down, her daughter encourages her to pray and sing her favourite song.

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