‘Help me tag Steve Harvey,’ Njambi Koikai wants to attend show

Njambi Koikai has battled endometriosis for a long time now and every day she has a new story to tell about her journey.

Njambi Koikai 1

Faya Mamah managed to get the help of many donors to help clear her hospital bills through fundraising campaigns and so far she has gone through 19 surgeries both in Kenya and abroad.

Despite all the attention she has scooped in Kenya, Njambi Koikai is seeking to talk about her medical issues on a bigger platform like the Steve Harvey’s show.

Njambi Koikai

She has appealed to her fans to help tag Steve Harvey so that she can get his attention and he will be able to be featured on the show.

In the post, she gives a run down of what has been happening to her throughout the disease.

” Hey, Fam.
I’m Njambi Koikai: I’m an Endo Conqueror. Fighter. Warrior. I have shared my story many times before and I’m always living to tell a new one. I battled thoracic endometriosis for over 15 years, which started with painful periods getting worse and worse, followed by lung collapses. Years of misdiagnosis led to me to search further for the cause of my pain. That is how I discovered the Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta where I received my life-saving surgery. The cost of treatment was prohibitive meaning I had to fundraise since I had no employment nor insurance. I was categorized as one of the worst cases of endometriosis ever seen. Two weeks ago, I sadly had another lung collapse, making it 19 surgeries over the last 19 years. I have survived to date thanks to God and your support has been crucial. Please join me in my efforts in trying to raise awareness worldwide so that other women may be able to get help too. Please help me tag @iamsteveharveytv let’s see if we can make it more than 20k comments😊”

Many celebrities including Chito from KISS FM has called out his army to help tag Steve Harvey.

Mungu ni mwema! Njambi Koikai is healed and ready come back to Kenya

After a long journey fighting endometriosis, Njambi Koikai has finally recovered.

The media personality has been fighting for her life in a United States hospital since March this year, where she went for further treatment for thoracic endometriosis, a condition that causes her lungs to collapse regularly.

‘Someone come to my aid’ Jamby Koikai pleads her desire to learn crocheting

njambi Koikai

In a recent interview with Kikuyu Diaspora TV, Njambi confirmed that she is healed and what is remaining is her pending hospital bill so she can come back to Kenya.

“I am now healed and everything is done. What is remaining 30,000 dollars so I can go back home. I can’t wait to go back to media. I really thank God that now I am healed.”

‘I am coming back soon’ Jahmby Koikai hints during her friend’s birthday

Njambi said the journey has not been smooth.

“I was in ICU here and even in an isolation room because the doctors had given up on me. I was weighing 36 kg then,” she said.

“The doctors have given me time to fundraise money and after I am done, I will be definitely go back to Kenya.”

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai after a successful surgery

While in the US, Kenyans there have been so supportive to her. They could cook and bring food for her in hospital.

‘I was dumped because of Endometriosis ‘ ailing Njambi Koikai opens up

“My mum has gone through so much since the time I started falling sick, especially because my grandmother was also suffering from cancer, which was at stage 4. I really pray for her, and I want to make her happy, and if possible I want her to get what she has been desiring,” Njambi told Kikuyu Diaspora TV.

njambi koikai 1

When Njambi comes back, she wants to spread awareness about the disease as a way of giving back to the society, saying millions of girls are suffering from it.

“I have to give back because I would be cursed if I don’t spread awareness about endometriosis. I also want to start a clinic and urge the government to spread more awareness, too, and even get doctors trained about this disease,” she said.

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‘I was dumped because of Endometriosis ‘ ailing Njambi Koikai opens up

Njambi Koikai is known by many for her infectious smile and her hearty laughter but no one knows the hardships she has gone through fighting endometriosis.

Endometriosis is  the abnormal growth of cells (endometrial cells) similar to those that form the inside of the uterus, but in a location outside of the uterus. This is the disease Njambi Koikai has been battling for the last 19 years, even back then when she did not know what she was ailing from.

NJambi Koikai, who is still receiving treatment abroad, is the first Kenyan to publicly declare battling this disease after which most people have reached out to her to give her moral support and to share their experiences as well.


Njambi Koikai while receiving treatment abroad

Njambi, who’s on a road to recovery, has for once shared about her past as she narrated about her first periods’ experience.

According to Koikai, it happened on her way to school aboard a Kenya Bus Service ( KBS) bus.

“As a little girl, I had big dreams. I was a geeky brainy child. Never did I think that life has it’s own twists and turns. I got my first period at 13. I’d catch the KBS to Ambassadeur and head to school. On this day though, I felt a certain sharp pain in my abdomen. Then I started sweating and you all know how those KBS buses would be so packed in the morning… I felt like I’d just been dropped in the middle of Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, the Sahara Desert and a little mix of Mombasa with Wajir. Joto mwenda.

I turned back and went home. Long story short, I’d started my period. That pain never left my body for the last 19years. Endometriosis ravaged me from the onset of my period. I learnt to live with it. I learnt to work with it. I learnt to scream and enjoy myself on radio and when i couldn’t work I’d call in sick. I learnt to chin up and read the news on tv with it. I learnt to live with pain. Pain has been a part of me for so long,” she wrote in part.

Njambi Koikai has revealed that endometriosis cost her great opportunities including a romantic relationship.

“I’ve lost great opportunities because of this pain. I was dumped because of this pain and i ended up in some crazy relationships. I’ve been receiving treatment and the healing process has not been easy. Endometriosis ravaged my body. There’s healing. There’s hope. We are overcoming. I’m moving over into a new realm of normalcy and I’m ready for it. My prayer is that God will bless me with all the strength to help other women battling Endometriosis. It’s been one heck of a journey but i don’t regret it. These are the lessons I’m carrying forward. God’s faithfulness, grit, endurance, tenacity, faith, hope, truth, love and justice. Jer 29:11.”

Mjambi Koikai is still calling upon well-wishers to help her settle her hospital bill which falls short of Sh5 million.

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Msaidieni…Read Njambi Koikai’s Hearbreaking Story About Battling With Endometriosis

Njambi Koikai is appealing to well-wishers to help her raise Sh3.4 million for her treatment. The media personality, who has been battling endometriosis, underwent surgery early March at a hospital in Talanta, USA and she’s recuperating. Continue reading “Msaidieni…Read Njambi Koikai’s Hearbreaking Story About Battling With Endometriosis”

‘Hospital Ward Can Easily Make One Go Mental,’ Confesses Njambi Koikai As She Begs Kenyans For Support

Media personality Njambi Koikai is a strong woman. The former Nation Media Group employer has been battling endometriosis for so long but early last month, she underwent a successful surgery in Atlanta USA. The thankful lady took to social media to praise the Lord for doing wonders in her life.

“My surgery started at 8 am and they finished at 5 pm. My right lung was completely damaged but these doctors have fixed it. I had so much hidden endometriosis hidden in my pelvic area and in the diaphragm. The constant insertion of chest tubes caused scars and the thoracic surgeon wondered how I even survived.
God is great. God has done it for me,” she wrote in part.


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Njambi Koikai shares more photos from hospital bed revealing pipes connected to her chest

Njambi Koikai is still in the hospital recuperating and she’s calling upon Kenyans to help her raise money for her treatment. The whole process is sh10 million but she’s short of sh3.4 million.  So far Njambi Koikai has managed to raise sh6.6 million.

“Seeing the outside world was freedom. The hospital ward can easily make one go mental with no connection to what’s going on out there but it’s also a time for reflection. After my long walk, this became my chill spot. Looking at buildings, chimneys emitting smoke and the ever-changing weather. I have never been happier to just see natural light, buildings na hata moshi lol. Little pleasures. I’ll tell you about those two huge boxes connected to my walker. Extremely painful and heavy.
I’m still fundraising and we are now at 6.6m.”

Njambi Koikai

“Paybill Number for those at home is 490681 Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
Kindly see the gofundme link on my bio.

Cash app for diaspora fam is $Lucy Karuri
Phone number: 678-478-7804
In the for section put ‘Njambi Endo Fund’

We are also having a fundraiser and thanksgiving event on the 5th of May at Believers Center in Marietta, Atlanta GA from 3 pm.”

In another post, Njambi Koikai life and believing in God.

“Life is made up of seasons but through these seasons ye shall know the Father. God is the ruler of our lives. We go through different seasons in order to grow. Growth is also a requirement for personal and spiritual revelation. Challenges create moral and mental strength. Fear becomes an illusion in the horizon and nothing scares you anymore. To know God is to know life. To love others as Christ did is to truly love. Sometimes we may never understand why things happen as they do but we are here to move through the motions of life and conquer all fear. Conquer and overcome all battles and challenges through Christ that strengthens us. It is possible. All things are possible to those that believe. Faith. Hope. Pray. Believe. Forgive. Love. Just thought I’d share this with you my fam. We ain’t giving up.”

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Unsung Hero! Ailing Njambi Koikai praises sister for taking care of her


Njambi Koikai shares more photos from hospital bed revealing pipes connected to her chest

God is great. Kenyan media personality Njambi Koikai is fairing on well after a successful endometriosis surgery early this month.

Njambi, who has been in hospital for more than two weeks, and she says the pain has been unbearable.

“Been in hospital for over two weeks now. I had 4 chest tubes inserted and needed a walker to go to the bathroom and for physiotherapy. I will not describe the pain because I lack words that aptly fit what I’ve been through. So the endometriosis in my uterus, bowel area and ovaries was completely removed. The biggest challenge has been my lungs. The endometriosis had spread so much and the scar tissue plus the placement of wrong chest tubes back at home created this mess. My cardiothoracic surgeon here cannot believe all that had been to my chest and right lung area,” she wrote in part.

Njambi Koikai has thanked the Almighty and her fans for the prayers. She is able to walk on her own and is happy that soon she will be coming back home. Njambi has also urged women to go for check-ups so that in case of anything, they are helped in good time.

“God has been so great. Your prayers are reaching God’s ears, heart, soul, and mind. He sees and hears all. Thank you for all your prayers, love and support. We all focusing on healing and therapy. So the last two weeks have been filled with agony, pain, tears and more tears. But we serve a living God. 3 chest tubes were removed 2 days ago and I only have one small one left. I’m now able to walk on my own. Breathe easy. Talk and laugh etc.
I’m able to sit up, colour my books, listen to music as I thank God for every little thing He has done in my life. Your prayers, love, and support are so welcome. God has blessed us with so many people who are taking care of us even when they shouldn’t. God is awesome.
I’d also like to urge women to go and get checked so as to avoid issues like these later in life.”

Here is the photo of Njambi Kaikai’s current situation

Unsung Hero! Ailing Njambi Koikai praises sister for taking care of her

Njambi Koikai is still in the hospital recuperating after undergoing a successful surgery early this month.

Njambi Koikai


Njambi Koikai has revealed that she has been in a lot of pain for the past few days. She had three tubes put inside her body to help drain out the fluid in her ribs and chest area.

“Hey, fam poleni I’ve been silent for a while. We have been dealing with a lot of pain. As I said earlier, there was fluid hiding in my ribs and chest area aside from the ‘usual’ fluid that normally lurks around my lungs. This meant pushing in another 2 chest tubes. I’ve been having 3 chest tubes in me. The pain is excruciating. It is debilitating and any other adjective you can think of. The size of those two tubes meant that I had to be on a walker at all times even when going to the bathroom or bed. God is GREAT those two huge tubes and boxes were replaced with some tiny bags. Endometriosis had literally created a home in my right lung-chest area,” she wrote in part.


Njambi Koikai

Njambi went ahead to thank her sister for taking care of her and thanked God for giving her another chance to live.

“My sister has been so amazing. She told mum to rest as she takes care of me. She’s fed me, bathed me, prayed with me, walked with me and encouraged me every step of the way, she took nice pics of me lol, she bought me a nice gown to keep me super warm and the cutest sandals because my feet are super swollen beyond an elephant’s thigh. Anyway, my sis is back to work and I love it that they even gave her time off. This pain is not easy to deal with and to see your loved ones have to bear with it can sometimes be crushing. God gave us love. The greatest commandment. If we could all live in pure love, our lives would change.

Njambi Koiakai's family



Share the love of God which is never-ending, unbroken and forever.
Thank God for every blessing. Your breathing lungs, your walking legs, your seeing eyes. Shukuru Mola kwa hayo tu.”

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Glory be to God! Njambi Koikai undergoes successful surgery in USA (photos)

 In a previous post, Njambi Koikai talked about America has been great referring to herself as a miracle child.

“America has been great even though we’ve been bound to hospital walls. I flew in here with my family and God. I keep believing every single day, that I am a miracle child. A miracle child who the devil has tried time and again to snatch from God. So after that long major and excruciating surgery, there was no sleeping. Like right after recovery room, physically therapy started. Can you imagine walking immediately after surgery? Crazy right? I won’t even start on the pain. Then I have what they call a pediatric back, so fixing in an epidural was pain that I cannot again explain. I’ve never been numbed by pain. This pain numbed me. Anyway i have 3 amazing surgeons who have worked on me so far. Right after the major surgery, i was notified that more fluid was found hiding in my ribs..and I asked what that means. Doc was like we need to insert two other tubes to drain out all the fluid. Friends at this point i told God haki surely have mercy on me. This endometriosis thing cannot ravage me like this. Then God reminded me who He is. That He is King. I was wheeled into radiology yesterday and got two chest tubes added, i didn’t even realise it by the time they were done. God reminded me that this road won’t be easy. Infact it’s bound to be the hardest because relief is near. It is bound to be the hardest because healing is here. It is bound to be the hardest because the strongest women alive have fought crazy battles and won.

Njambi KOikai
My mom and sis have stood by me and I’m here to show both of them and the world that we can beat endometriosis.
I’m here to stand in strength for every other little girl in high school fainting due to this thing.
I’m here to remind that career woman whose dreams are on hold that they too can have their life back.
I’m this little girl ready to engage with my government leaders and women leaders to fund more research on this condition.”

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Glory be to God! Njambi Koikai undergoes successful surgery in USA (photos)

Media personality Njambi Koikai has every reason to stand on top of the world and shout what the Lord has done to her.

njambi Koikai

Njambi Koikai, who has been battling endometriosis, had a successful surgery in Atlanta, USA yesterday.

Njambi Koikai hospitalized but out of danger ahead of endometriosis surgery in USA

The excited Njambi Koikai took to social, media to thank God for another chance and Kenyans for helping her raise money for her treatment.

Koikai’s treatment cost sh10 million

“Hey, Fam.. sorry been a bit silent.I was getting my body fixed..My surgery is complete. I will tell you more later, but for now, thank you all for your prayers, love and tremendous support.❤ God is great.The road to recovery now begins… #endowarrior
#winner #fighter,” she wrote accompanied by the photo below.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai after a successful surgery

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Njambi Koikai Left Shedding Tears After This Woman Claimed That She’s Conning Kenyans

In another post, Njambi Koikai shared a photo on a hospital bed alongside her family members and narrated how the surgery was done comparing it to local healthcare facilities.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai on a hospital bed with her family members

“So this is where it all started. The preparation room for surgery.
These 3 members of my family have made it easier for me.
Thanks @home_254 for blessing us with #JahmbyArmy sweatshirts.
Sasa hapa my friends nilidungwa sindano nikakuwa kama kichungi. Haki the difference in our healthcare system wacha tu. Hiyo blanketi ya silver kumbe ilikuwa ni kunichocha tu lol it was warm and nice and made me feel like an astronaut.
Anyway nilidungwa sindano moja tu nikaona giza and that was it,” she wrote in part.

Njambi went ahead to reveal that the surgery took more than seven hours.
“My surgery started at 8am and they finished at 5pm. My right lung was completely damaged but these doctors have fixed it. I had so much hidden endometriosis hidden in my pelvic area and in the diaphragm. The constant insertion of chest tubes caused scars and the thoracic surgeon wondered how i even survived.
God is great. God has done it for me.”

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‘My connecting flight said I have to get a medical doctor on board’ Jahmby Koikai narrates

Jahmby Koikai is a fighter and she has proved that no weapon formed against her will prosper.

She has been sick for years now and finally she has flown to Atlanta for her procedure. Well, her journey was not a smooth one though.

Jahmby Koikai/ Instagram

She took to social media to share what she went through before she got to her destination.

She revealed that she almost didn’t make it there after an airline told her she can’t travel without a doctor on board yet she already had a nurse with her.

Here’s her story;

As we’ve been together throughout this journey, I’ll also keep sharing about this victorious part of the journey. If my story doesn’t inspire you or touch you in any way, let it remind you that God is real. So after sending my medical records to most airlines, i was classified as a high risk patient. Part of their requirements was to have a nurse on board. Then my connecting flight said no, i have to get a medical doctor on board with me. This is after we have made all the plans with my nurse. Fair enough. I just said to God, haki this is not the time for me to start getting stressed. I’ve really tried staying stable and out of depression. Luckily the evening before we fly I’m cleared by both airlines. I also had to pay for extra standby oxygen on the flight. Firstly because my case is ‘critical’ and everyone was literally holding their breath when they saw me wheeled in with a tube and bottle lodged in my body. I said a prayer. I told God that my lungs will not give in to any pressure neither will i get any complications. Thank God for nurse Maggy. She was there telling me how we are making it and laughing. I could see mom across us praying. Family, from Nairobi to Amsterdam, i was breathing perfectly at saturation levels of 98. I did not need any oxygen. We get to Amsterdam and everyone had been notified about us. We check into the medical centre, change our bottle and receive further clearance. There wasn’t much time on transit. Was wheeled into the plane, covered in all our blankets as the flight attendants shared their worries about me being on the flight. Anyway 10 hours later we got to Atlanta safe and sound. No lung issues, was breathing perfectly fine. I ate and slept all the way.
I still have the tube in place for a few days and that will be the first celebration party when it’s removed.”

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Njambi Koikai hospitalized but out of danger ahead of endometriosis surgery in USA

Good news to Njambi Koikai’s fans! Njambi, who is suffering from endometriosis is short of sh1.4 million shillings to travel abroad for treatment and she’s hopeful that well wishers will help her achieve her financial goal. She revealed this during an interview yesterday morning at Kameme FM.

“So we are still fundraising and haven’t hit the target yet. Was told I have one more procedure to be done at the hospital here to drain the water, excess air and blood in my lungs at the moment before travelling next week to the States. This will be done tomorrow and I’ll be in hospital for a few days cos iI can’t travel with a collapsed lung.

1.4m to go
PaybillNumber is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund,: she wrote on Instagram yesterday.

Njambi Koikai Left Shedding Tears After This Woman Claimed That She’s Conning Kenyans

Njambi koikai, who’s supposed to travel to USA next week, was hospitalised and today underwent the procedure of draining water, excess air and blood from her lungs, has taken to social media to reveal that it was successful thanking God for the miracle.

“Heeeeyyyy fam. God is to be praised at all times. The persistent cough is gone, tube inserted. Water and blood draining. Dr. Muhinga is the best cardio-thoracic surgeon in Kenya. He did this procedure in 20 minutes and normally with other doctors it takes a while. As usual i was scared and he was so easy with me. He’s a father figure and got jokes too.So next week, Atlanta tunasija,” she rote in part.

“I also need to add some kilos. Thank you fam for the love, support and prayers.
Not by might. Not by power. But your spirit oh Lord.
Watch how this testimony is loading. 
It feels good not to cough endlessly. This procedure wasn’t traumatic as all the last ones. I aced all the needles without screaming. Me, I’m in awe about what God can do if we only have the faith of a mustard seed. Just that.”

Njambi Koikai’s followers are happy and wishing her all the best in next week’s main surgery.

Silvianjoki: Amen 🙏🏿 so glad to hear this great news

Beevee_kenya: I love you jahmby! We gon do this. God has sent His spirit, you’ll be fine and weightful again and healthier than you ever imagined. Always keeping you in my prayers. @jahmbykoikai ♥♥

Bettymuteikyallo: Jahmby keep going. You are brave, strong and a fighter. It was a pleasure having you on the show. You continue to touch hearts with your journey. Power to you @jahmbykoikai

Wasexxy: By His stripes you are healed beautiful one

Shikomuriithi: #endowarrior💛 Get well soon!

Wanguwinnie: Amen you’re in my prayers Jambie total healing in Jesus name.

Alex_mwakideu: Amen. Amen. Amen. Waiting eagerly for the testimony!!! Strong 💪

Mercyanne: Hey @jahmbykoikai. , you so encourage even those out there suffering from different illnesses, Indeed God is the Healer. And he works in His miraculous ways, keep on fighting girl and passing this encouragement to so many of us who are scared and full of fears that illness is the end of everything. May you have quick recovery in Jesus name.

Kottard: You will conquer it all in Jesus mighty name @jahmbykoikai

Wambuirosslyn: Just that.the mustard seed kind of faith….to God be the Glory…. Get to Atlanta to cement and seal the climax of this testimony that has been a hope and encourager to me a many others.

Florenceobote: Amen darling yuo are already healed..and  I honestly admire ur strength darling….u r always in my prayers thank God the cough is gone now..love love

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So Uncalled For: Njambi Koikai Bundled Out From Citizen Radio

Nancy Nanjala Nyongesa aka Njambi Koikai has been battling a condition known as Endometriosis for the last 18 years but the last two years, the situation became worse to a point she started having intense chest pains.

Njambi Koikai

A lady by the name Cindy, whom she has never met before, reached out to her via Facebook. She asked her if she experiences problems with her lungs during a certain period. She found it strange because her lungs would only collapse during her periods. That’s when she told her she has a reproductive health issue and she should go and see Dr Patel in Agah khan. She went and was diagnosed with thoracic endometriosis.

‘At one moment you are at the top…then all this happened, media personality laments about chronic disease

Kenyans have come together to hold her hand as she goes through this trying time and as she continues to fund raise for her treatment. She also has a charity event today at the Alchemist to help her raise money so she can go for treatment abroad.

Njambi Koikai

But even with many trying as hard as they can to help her where they can, someone else has felt the need to embarass her.

According to our source, one of the Citizen Radio bossed kicked out Njambi from Mzazi Willy M. Tuva’s show. This was just after the Mseto star introduced Njambi to his listeners. The host was dumbfounded and speechless as the lady boss ousted his guest from studio without any apologies.

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Some Kenyans are so heartless, Njambi Koikai calls out con!

Some Kenyans are so heartless. They will do anything just to hurt others. A lady by the name Nancy Nanjala Nyongesa has taken advantage of Njambi Koikai’s situation to solicit money from Kenyans.

Njambi Koikai

Njambi, who suffers from thoracic endometriosis, needs 10 million so as to seek specialized treatment and she is calling upon Kenyans to help her.

Endometriosis is a medical condition whereby the lining of the uterus, known as the endometrium, grows in other places, such as the fallopian tubes, the intestines, the colon and, in rare cases, the lungs and the brain. When the endometrium lining breaks down, like the regular lining that causes menstruation breaks down, it has nowhere to go.


‘Every Month When I’m On My Period, My Lungs Collapse,’ Cries Njambi Koikai As She Begs For Your Help

Well, Njambi Koikai has called upon Kenyans to be careful as many the likes of Nancy are out here to milk them dry in the name of supporting her medical kitty.

Njambi Koikai

But why my country people?

“Please share this widely. Someone by the name Nancy Nanjala Nyongesa has decided to take advantage of my situation to con Kenyans. I’m not seeking to raise 20million as she states. The mpesa number shared is not my number. Thirdly, I’ve been quite open about my endometriosis journey since 2015. My family has paid all my hospital bills from then till now when we had to seek specialised treatment.
Please don’t take advantage of such a situation. It could really happen to you and you won’t know what to do. Nancy, you’re inhumane!’ Njambi posted on social media.

Check out reactions from Kenyans

Junior Dread: Very unfortunate

Ronnie: what goes around comes back around, nothing goes unpunished in Jah Kingdom, we fyah burn evil-minded and stand with you our Emperess

Artiphotography: wtf!!!!! Messed up and inhumane are understatements for this kind of behavior..take full action but with your good energy as remember you can’t afford to waste your energy on anybody else

Winnie: Yaani some people have Hearts Made of stone like seriously such a serious issue nkt nancy or whatever you Call yourself SHAME ON YOU

David: This is just sick no one should take advantage of others like this!!! whomever this is should be ashamed of themselves; it is not right to profit from others pain and suffering!!!

Akinyi: God have mercy on some people….this is so bad

Wanjiku: People have really lost it

Serah: Some Kenyans though

Hannah: Really? Nancy….. While making money mind your way of making money. Surely how dare u do this? I don’t understand. Please don’t take advantage of the situation!!!!!Njambi God is always amazing… All will be well mama. I always pray for you and your family. Love you Njambi Koikai.

‘The Tube Has Been Removed From My Lung,’ Reads Message Of NTV’s Presenter After Surgery

Njambi Koikai, who is popularly known as Faya Mama is recovering from a surgery she underwent in the States.

The former Nation FM presenter revealed on social media that she underwent a sucessfull surgery due to Endometriosis.

This is a medical condition that occurs when the lining of the uterus, grows in other places. When the menstruation comes, it has nowhere to go.

Her condition involves the lungs.

She let fans know about her condition to give strength to women who’ve had a similar condition.

Greetings fam. The tube has been removed from my right lung. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to God, my family and to all of you. So we finally found a doctor in the States that can remove the Endometriosis in my lungs which is referred to as Thoracic Endometriosis. I can’t have another chest tube inserted because we have not been treating the root cause because we don’t have gynaecologists trained to excise endometriosis in Kenya. I don’t have medical insurance as you’re all aware and my family have been meeting my hospital bills by the grace of God. I’m going home to chill but also embark on this journey to total healing that will see all the Endometriosis removed in my body. It’s that time again I will need your help as I fundraise. The remaining surgeries are quite expensive and delicate. Once we have everything ready and the paybill set up I will need your help.
I’m happy I’ve got some relief. Thanks for your prayers and support.
” Njambi wrote

The world is running out of antibiotics – health leaders warn

Before the surgery, Njambi who makes an appearance at NTV’s The Trend told fans of the pain she was going through.

“Woke up fine. Giving thanks to the one true God. A bit of pain and my bum is sore cos I’m sleeping and sitting in this position, using a bedpan and can’t basically move. This is because of the tube inserted through my ribs into my chest. First day is normally quite painful because the tube is a foreign body. I’ll soon be up and about. I’m thankful because others around me are in diapers, drips, being taught how to walk. God is real. But my butt is so sore haki lool…tell you the things you take for granted. Farting and belching are big achievements right now because that means the extra air is being expelled out of my right lung. Enjoy your day and focus on what God has in store for you.”

Mindful Eating Can Help One Stay Slim By Making It Easier To Stick To A Healthy Lifestyle

She went on to write an open letter for herself, encouraging other women with the same condition to believe that they will win through all these.

“Dear Jahmby;
You were a miracle child. To the woman who’s life fitted Lauryn Hill’s song Zion, she bore you as her gift. Later picked up and carried home by your late maternal grandmother, who you’re named after. You were the miracle child. Uncles lifted you up in joy and prophesied of your greatness. You were raised in the midst of so many challenges in the toughest ghettoes but that sharpened your mind. Little Jahmby you were a genius from birth. Mama took you to nursery school on day one and Teacher Mary wondered if you’d make it because you only spoke your mother tongue. One semester later, you spoke all languages they taught you at school. You picked up every book and the teachers called mama and said, “Little Jahmby is too bright for pre-unit and class one. Straight to class 2”.
Little Jahmby you amazed the teachers with your ingenuity, character and voice. But one other trait you had as a child: FIGHTER AND REBEL.
Mama always punished me for thinking and doing otherwise. To this day she reminds me of my fighting spirit. She reminds me that I’m here to REBEL against a condition that’s ravaging my body. Mama reminds me that I’ve fought to protect my sister, my family and those that I love. More so I’ve fought to rebel and stand by what I believe in.
This day being the International day of the Girl Child, I celebrate all the women fighting and rebelling against a society that’s putting us down because of our pain and a biological function that’s menstruation yet they use these bodies for their pleasure.
Little Jahmby is winning this war and fighting hard.

Classic wishes Njambi a quick recovery.