‘I had 8 teeth removed due to endometriosis’ Njambi Koikai narrates horrifying experience

Njambi Koikai will one day be remembered the way Wangari Maathai is today. Although that might sound like an exaggeration, I believe that the health issues she has had and her subsequent fight (including spreading the message of the deadly disease) are a testament to her moxie.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Many Kenyans who follow celebrity news have heard about Njambi and her struggle with endometriosis. The former The Trend presenter and reggae aficionado has been at the forefront spreading the message to many who might have never experienced the disease firsthand.

To say that disease has robbed Njambi would be a colossal understatement as her revelations about what she has lost she was diagnosed with the disease are heart-breaking.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai in hospital

The “EndoWarrior” as she calls herlself has lost jobs, lost boyfriends and money because of the cruel disease that makes one’s periods into a war.

Njambi added to that sad list recently after she shared a message on her Instagram page where she explained that she had having periods meant that she would lose a lot of blood for every attempt she made to brush her teeth after a meal.

I was a rogue teenager and had been expelled from several schools-Njambi Koikai narrates

This issue caused her to have to wear braces for a good 5 years. Only for the issue to haunt her once again while in the US and after consultation, it emerged that she had high levels of estrogen in her gums.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai with swollen gums

And the bad news didn’t stop there as she ended up with 8 cavities of which she sought to have filled by her dentists but with the current COVID-19 situation, Njambi´s appointments have become a toll order.

Her long post which is below was accompanied by an image that showed her swollen gums;

This pic was taken in 2018 during my treatment in the US.
Endometriosis is a full body disease and should be treated with a multi-disciplinary approach.
Ever since I started menstruating, I’ve had countless problems with my teeth and gums. My teeth and gums would bleed heavily everytime I brushed them during my period. In my teenage years, I had part of my gum cut out and 4 teeth removed. I later wore braces for 5 years. During my treatment in the US @centerforendocare, my teeth and gums were at it again.
I saw an orthodontist surgeon who told me I had very high levels of oestrogen in my gums. They removed 4 other teeth and cut my gum again. He also found out that the oestrogen was damaging my teeth. I have 8 cavities due to this. So in the coming weeks I will be going to visit my dentists to fill these cavities and other recommended procedures. (This Covid19 season is not the easiest though with appointments and all). I’m doing well, this is part of some medical procedures I’m undergoing through my recovery.

Look out for these signs and seek medical attention. Do not ignore. 

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I was a rogue teenager and had been expelled from several schools-Njambi Koikai narrates

Njambi Koikai is one woman I can say I admire greatly. One reason for that is that despite her many years of struggle with endometriosis her smile and hope have not dwindled.

This is my comeback year – Njambi Koikai says despite covid-19 pandemic

Her tough fight with the disease hasn’t made her a shrinking violet but a heroine for many women out there struggling with the same condition.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Her grit and tenacity in fighting the disease can also be attributed to one of the mentors she had early on in her school life. Writing in a recent message on her Instagram page, Njambi spoke about her late principal, the late Mrs. Meynink who would guide and mold her helping her deal with the identity crisis and conflict she was dealing with in her life.

Let me share this story, now that I’m older, wiser and more experienced in life.This was my high school and A-levels principal, the late Mrs. Meynink. We’d call her Meyno. I was a rogue teenager, a joker most times. Not sure of what I wanted to be and who I was. My realities and ideologies created so much conflict in trying to be someone I was not. I struggled with deep identity crisis. I came from the hood. My realities were different from my classmates. At the time, of joining this school, I’d already been expelled from a few previous high schools. 

Njambi Koikai throwback
Njambi Koikai with her high school principal

So every evening after class, Mrs. Meynink would call me for a meeting to evaluate my day and take me through my thought process. Over and above teaching Maths and Physics, she was also a counsellor. Half the time, I’d sit there hearing her British accent fly past me. Never putting any of her words into consideration but for some reason, I took her seriously. This was the only high school I never got an expulsion. 

At the time, she had been expelled from a few previous schools and was still trying to get to terms with the frequent fainting in school, as she didn’t know that she was suffering from endometriosis.

I was also very sick and didn’t know about Endometriosis. In many instances during school assembly, I would faint – some people would think I was pretending. O-level exams came and I failed at some subjects. Everyone else passed and left school. I was back in November for resits. I was alone. My mom and grandma always told me, ulizaliwa pekee yako na utasoma pekee yako, hii masomo hutusomei…Lol!.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Njambi also disclosed that the period was a tough one for her as she failed at her A-level exams and had to resit the papers. But thank God for Mrs. Meynink who never gave up on her and was there to guide her in changing her mindset and thinking as an adult would.

For the first time in my life, reality hit home. I was alone. A few times, Mrs. Meynink invited me to her place. She wanted me make up my mind and instigate my senses to realise that no matter where I came from, I could chart a different path for my life. After the exam resits, I aced them. I later joined AS-level and made the grades to campus. I did. –

God was truly with me. Mrs. Meynink passed away a few years back but I’m grateful for those years, her time, wisdom and concern for me. May she rest in eternal peace.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

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This is my comeback year – Njambi Koikai says despite covid-19 pandemic

While Covid-19 has wrecked havoc on the world and made 2020 seem like it will be a terrible year, there are still some who believe that it will still turn good for them.

Seasoned Mc, Njambi Koikai recently took to Instagram to reveal how the pandemic has disrupted her ‘comeback’ year after battling with thoracic endometriosis for five years.

“This is my comeback year. Got back on stage after 5 years due to Thoracic Endometriosis. I had so many gigs lined up. So many. Then Covid-19 happened. Very interesting because this takes me back to my moments in the hospital. So many divine things happened. It was all God’s plan and timing. I sit back and let God work out His ways. I’m never one to rush things. I let God do His will” she wrote on social media.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Fayah Mamma as many know her added that she has been approached a couple of times to host online gigs but she has since turned every request down as she focuses on getting better.

“I’ve received countless requests to do some gigs online, I also thought of it, but it’s a challenge for me because of my health and logistics, therefore, I’ll wait until this is over tuonane live live,” she added.

Njambi Koikai on stage

“To all artistes and deejays who are not able to do stuff online at the moment, master your craft. You’re still great. There’s time for everything. Your time will come. It’s still my comeback year. God will restore all the years that the locusts have eaten. Remember that,” she said.

‘It’s been 21 years of pain’ Njambi Koikai says about endometriosis

The former NTV presenter earlier this month announced that she needs to protect her lungs and immune system, therefore, cancelled all her gigs until further notice.

Njambi Koikai

In February this year, Njambi revealed that her ex-boyfriend gave up on her during her battle with the condition.

“It has been four years. Photos of me in tubes went viral and many thought I wasn’t going to be back. I came to Nairobi and found my boyfriend had already moved on. He thought I wouldn’t come back and got himself a young lady,” she narrated.

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Njambi Koikai makes her long-awaited debut at Buju Banton concert (video)

Njambi Koikai is back people -This time in front of thousands of fans who showed up at the Buju Banton concert that happened this past weekend.

The former The Trend host and reggae lover was a prominent feature at the well-attended show. Njambi made a couple of posts on her Instagram page celebrating her achievement, considering the illness that has ravaged her the last couple of years.

Njambi Koikai talking to the crowd
Njambi Koikai talking to the crowd

One of her posts enjoying the moment read, “The Comeback!!! It’s been 4 years since I was on stage. Tomorrow I will be on stage at the Buju Banton show. It’s been a long journey for me.”

Later on, the resilient Njambi posted a video of herself with Buju and one could tell the joy the two were having in each other’s presence, considering the tough times the two had encountered in the past.

That wasn’t all, Njambi was gushing at bits after the welcome that she received from many Kenyans, thanking them with the message below;

Thank you Nairobi for welcoming me back.
It’s been years. Y’all have seen and supported my journey.
God is good and I’m a walking miracle. If i can do it, so can you.
Again, nawapenda sana maze hata kama time ilikuwa kiasi shukran sana. Mbarikiwe zaidi na zaidi.

Njambi Koikai on stage

Her last message was an encapsulation of the weight of emotions that she had experienced with the outpouring of love that she had received on the stage. She signed off with the beautiful message below;

I’m very very emotional fam. Extremely emotional. Thank you so much for all the LOVE. I thank God above, my mum, my sis and y’all who’ve continued to stand with me.
Last night was incredible and I look forward to sharing so much more. The time was so short I didn’t even get to share what I’d rehearsed. So much outpouring of love. Genuinely heartfelt. Nawapenda sana.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

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So after 4 years…Njambi Koikai makes huge announcement

When we speak about Njambi Koikai, most times we talk about her health but today is going to be different. We are going to be celebrating her for getting back to work for the first time in 4 years.

‘It’s been 21 years of pain’ Njambi Koikai says about endometriosis

Njambi is set to the Buju Banton concert slated on February 8th, 2019 at KICC, Nairobi. The well-known reggae lover shared this wonderful information on her Instagram page.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

She wrote;

“So after 4 years(due to Thoracic Endometriosis), I will be making a comeback on the biggest show in Kenya with some of the biggest names in the game. This will be special. This is the comeback year. Ok confirmed. Your EMCEE for the BUJU BANTON SHOW. YOU KNOW HII ITAKUWA MOTOOOOO!!!!!! SEE YOU THEN!!!!!! Ready to mash it up!!!!

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Legendary Reggae crooner Buju Banton is set to entertain Reggae lovers at KICC, marking the first time for the Legend to perform in Africa.

Her announcement was met with excitement by her 217K followers who were impressed with her recovery journey, since her return in August last year from the US, where she was undergoing treatment.

mcteargas Mapemaaaaaaaaaa💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥

jackmaungu Welcome back njamby 🔥🔥
kitukuallan Lioness ready to roar😀✊ Jah bless

_skanky Eeiiyy.. Lioness out here making moves in silence🙌🙌

breeorata I’m so proud of and happy for you

edwinmacharia638 👏more energy empress

stephenouma I will come for that event because of you..” I wanna rule my destiny ”

purity_murathi This is a miracle…Thank God so happy for you

mbaaburose Wao! Thanking God for this.we’ve missed that golden voice

alegolulu 👏🏿👏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿… To many more openings. 💃💃💃

Ms. Koikai was diagnosed with Endometriosis, a disease she has been battling from the age of 13. She has recently added that she is also battling adenomyosis.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

It is a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus (the myometrium). Adenomyosis can cause menstrual cramps, lower abdominal pressure, and bloating before menstrual periods and can result in heavy periods.

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‘It’s been 21 years of pain’ Njambi Koikai says about endometriosis

Njambi Koikai has been a reminder to Kenyans that the will to live despite all the challenges that life can throw one’s way, someone can still hope and thrive.

The former The Trend presenter has been suffering from endometriosis for a long time and even had been hospitalised in the U.S for close to a whole year as she received treatment in Atlanta.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi in hospital

But what many might not know is the toll that her disease took on her education, with the lady revealing that she was expelled severally right from high school, to A-levels and even in campus.

Njambi shared her story on Instagram, revealing that her condition saw her study for much longer than she was actually expected to.

“I was expelled from 4 high schools, dropped out of A-levels, went to Daystar University, graduated in 2008, joined USIU dropped out in 2009 and went back and finally graduated in 2016. Na mi ni emcee wa reggae…… *excerpts from my book*.”

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

In another of her posts, she admits that Endometriosis and Adenomyosis robbed her off, her younger years.

Endometriosis and Adenomyosis had to do with all my struggles in high school and all the expulsions and Uni. This disease robbed me off my younger years. Affected my social life and certainly my studies. It created a shell out of a once bubbly, energetic, ambitious little girl. This disease is brutal and is affecting millions of women silently.

However, she was quick to joke about how despite the several institutions she joined and courses she took, her dream of becoming an ‘ambassador´, drowned.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Njambi isn’t one to forget who stood with her during her tough times. “Special shoutout to my girl @mimi_letion who helped me during very turbulent times at USIU while I battled Endometriosis,” she wrote.

Njambi Koikai reveals fascinating craving she has had since coming back

Despite the struggles, she remains grateful.

All in all, I have a heart of gratitude. I’m thankful to God because I will also conquer Adenomyosis. It’s been 21 years of pain. 21!!!!!!! I’m just happy to be here.. God has been so good to me.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

What’s the difference between endometriosis and Adenomyosis?

Although they can occur together, endometriosis is when endometrial cells (the lining of the uterus) are in a location outside of the uterus. Adenomyosis is when these cells exist or grow into the uterine wall. Although both can cause pain, does not always cause heavy bleeding.

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Njambi Koikai reveals fascinating craving she has had since coming back

Njambi Koikai has been back in the country for less than a week and has been relishing the prospect. The Endo Warrior has been battling Thoracic endometriosis for some while now and was away for treatment in the United States for a whole year.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi in hospital

While Njambi was away for that long period there is something that she has missed terribly. Could you guess what that is? The food. Especially kienyeji food.

The former Trend host revealed this intersting news on her Instagram page. She wrote that she needed suggestions from her followers on the best spots for kienyeji food. ‘Fam, I’m craving lots of our Kenyan kienyeji food…Which restaurants do you suggest I should check out nikianza kupiga raundi?’ she asked.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Kenyans are always willing and helpful when it comes to ideas for filling one’s tummy. The odd thing though was that most of her followers suggested that she enjoys a home-cooked meal instead of going out to buy some.

‘I’ve not had a lung collapse in a year’ Endometriosis survivor Njambi Koikai

Most of the other comments were her followers telling her how happy they were she was back safe and sound. Me, I will honour the call and give Njambi a few places she can eat kienyeji food.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

They are;

K’Osewe Ranalo Foods located on Kimathi Street-The hotel environment is cool, clean, well-groomed and cosy. Not forgetting Fish – Tilapia to be specific that is well prepared and goes down with nice cooked ugali.
Kilimanjaro Jamia, located on Kimathi Street, Kenwood House-If you want to sample local dishes this restaurant is for you. The plates are reasonably priced so you can try several local dishes if you like.
Buffet Park located on Argwings Kodek Road-This is an ideal place for Kenyan Nyama Choma. Though the place needs some refurbishment, the meat is delicious and so is the roast.
Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai
What do you think?

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Great news! Former Trend presenter Njambi Koikai coming back home

Njambi Koikai is one of the most inspirational people that the Kenyan nation has produced.

The former The Trend presenter has been through the wringer the past 2 years.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi in hospital

The reason for that is the condition that she has suffered from the time she was a teenage girl-endometriosis.

The disease has caused her to go abroad for treatment. She has been away and it seems like the culmination of that time there might be coming to an end.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

The gritty entertainer has hinted that she might be on her way back. She shared the great news on her Instagram page as she showed off her piano skills playing Sauti Sol’s, ‘Kuliko Jana’. She wrote,

#LongFightToHealing #JahmbyKoikaireturns. Hey fam been unwell. We recorded this a few weeks ago. All i can say is thank you and God bless you all abundantly. Nairobi see you soon. #JahmbyKoikaiReturns.

This is excellent news considering the lengthy time that Njambi has spent abroad battling a disease that has made have upward of 20 surgeries.

‘I have undergone 21 surgeries so far,’ Njambi Koikai tells Ellen Degeneres

From the video, one can see that she has gotten better and is looking much healthier than she was just a few months ago. Throughout that period she asked for support from Kenyans to help pay for her treatment.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Her video received a lot of positive feedback from her followers. Her journey mirrors that of American actress Lena Dunham. She revealed on Facebook in 2016 that she’d been diagnosed with endometriosis.

The 29-year-old has lived with the illness since she was a teenager, and has written about it before. Her post is below;

Lena Dunham post
Lena Dunham’s post

Endometriosis affects approximately 176 million women of reproductive age (15-49) worldwide.

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‘I’ve not had a lung collapse in a year’ Endometriosis survivor Njambi Koikai

Njambi Koikai has been through a lot the years that she has been on this earth, what with the endometriosis she has suffered during that period.

That she is a warrior is an understatement for a woman who has undergone 21 surgeries on her body so far and is still giving people hope! Njambi, who loves communicating to her followers on her Instagram page, wrote a touching message about how the last year has been better.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi in hospital in the past

The former T.V presenter who is recuperating in the US said she is slowly healing and has not suffered a lung collapse in a year. She wrote;

I’m so grateful to God.
I’ve not had a lung collapse in a year and no air leaks in my chest in 4 months. My chest, diaphragm and lungs are healing well. The recovery process has not been easy either. Endo patients who’ve gone through excision, are aware of the recovery pain C02 gas used in surgery causes.
So this gas tries to find an escape from the body and may lodge itself in the shoulders.
When I’d have lung collapses, the pain would start on my right shoulder and it would feel like my right side of the body was paralysed as my diaphragm and lungs were in stabbing motions of pain.
The shoulder pain is now gone.
My mobility was affected due to the amount of surgeries I’ve gone through and my organs started shifting to the left side of my body. Therapy has helped me back on my feet.
I’ll tell you about pelvic floor therapy that is soooo painful but very important.
Forever grateful for my mom, sister, my doctors and nurses and you my fam.


Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Endometriosis is a condition in which cells similar to those in the endometrium, the layer of tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus, grow outside of it. Most often this is on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and tissue around the uterus and ovaries; however, in rare cases it may also occur in other parts of the body.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai after a surgery

Celebs who have said that they have suffered with the disease are; Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Whoopi Goldberg, Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe and Hillary Clinton.

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‘I have undergone 21 surgeries so far,’ Njambi Koikai tells Ellen Degeneres

Njambi Koikai has become the poster child for endometriosis sufferers in this country and one can see why. The former The Trend presenter has been suffering from endometriosis from the time she was a teen.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi in hospital

In her journey to get better, she has been speaking and educating the public using her social media pages, especially Instagram. On that page, she regularly updates the public on what she is going through.

She has previously appealed to Mombasa governor Allan Hassan Joho using her page, who ended up donating 1 million shillings afterward. Now Njambi wants to appear on American host Ellen Degeneres show, Ellen.

The stage four endometriosis survivor sent an emotional message to Ellen in the hope she would possibly be featured in her show which is one of the most popular in recent times.


She asked her followers on her Instagram for help her get the word out. Her caption read;

Fam please help me tag @theellenshow @edglavin @sir_twitch_alot

Njambi revealed that she had actually tried to reach out to Ellen through a letter but to no avail. This video was literally a ‘Hail Mary’ as she read out the letter she wrote to the 61-year-old Ellen. The letter read;

Dear Ellen, my name is Jahmby Koikai from Nairobi Kenya, a stage four thoracic endometriosis survivor. Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. In my case the endometriosis spread all the way to my lungs, diaphragm, chest, ribs, appendix and close to my heart.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Njambi went on to reveal that she has been battling endometriosis for two decades and has undergone 21 surgeries so far. She concluded the video with a plea to Ellen to hand her a platform.

Kenyans saw her video and took to Twitter to flood Ellen’s timeline with tags just to boost her chances to earn a slot in her how.   Earlier in 2019, she attempted to reach out to another TV talk show host Steve Harvey but her efforts have been unsuccessful.

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Njambi Koikai’s message to cons extorting money using her image!

Njambi Koikai has been in the lime light as warrior who has battled Endometriosis but the lass is not happy and we will tell you why.

She recently took to her social media to call out cons who were using her pictures to extort money from people.

In her post she went ahead to say

I have been tagged by many people and informed of some people using this picture of mine on Facebook to extort money from people.

Firstly, we’ve reported it on Facebook and the posts haven’t been pulled down.

It’s quite sad that as I share my painful, excruciating journey others see it as an opportunity to con others.


‘People I called friends walked out on me, I cried so much’ – Jahmby Koikai


61200491_114364589814277_4233165069694636879_n (1)

She’s recuperating in Atlanta and all we can wish her is a speedy recovery.

Her prayer was that no one would end up in a situation like her especially those coning people using her picture.

All she wanted was to raise awareness on what endometriosis could do to ones body – she says.

Her message continued

My prayer is that they never end up in a situation like this.

I shared this pic to show the world the extent of Endometriosis and it’s adverse effects.

Thoracic Endometriosis affects the lungs, chest, diaphragm and ribs.

This is what I’ve been suffering from. I thank God for @centerforendocare for helping me get back on my feet.

‘My case was one of the worst ever seen’ – Njambi Koikai amidst recovery



In conclusion she says,

I am currently undergoing therapies and treatment.

I hope that my journey will help women to seek help and not be ashamed of a biological function that we have long been shamed for.

Period pain is not normal and women’s pain is valid.

Menstruation should be normal and painless but it’s not so for close to 200 million women.

This is my story about this silent killer disease, Thoracic Endometriosis.

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‘My case was one of the worst ever seen’ – Njambi Koikai amidst recovery

Endometriosis warrior Njambi Koikai continues to share her journey to recovery from a condition that almost took a toll on her.

From the cost of treatment to the strength of family in her time of need, Njambi Koikai, inspires.

She is recuperating in Atlanta and shared on her social media that her case was one of the worst ever seen.

Her message read;

I will restore to you the years that locusts have eaten.

My case was one of the worst ever seen and that is a very scary thing. I developed many complications right after surgery.

I thank God for the amazing team of doctors and therapists here.
I’m a walking miracle.


She continues to say;

If you ever doubt that God is real, look at my story. I’ve come from literally losing grip and feeling my body slowly give in to seeing the goodness of the Lord and breathing again.

Mentally i feel like i can run with Eliud Kipchoge lol hata kama nitakimbia 20 metres😂😂😂😂 I believe i can conquer all my mind sets to do now.

Kindly keep praying for me to finish strong. Thank you for all your love and support.

With the recent rumors concerning her death, Njambi addressed the matter dispelling the rumors.

Kuna msee niliona alipost ati nimekacha (nimededi) mazee…

Nataka tu kumshow mi niko poa sana siwezi nyuria hii idhaa. 

Niko tu poa infact nafikiria vile ntaanza youtube channel niwashow 1000 ways to stay alive, have good skin and strong locs😂😂😂😂

Mbogi ingine ikikosa story za kutrend…wanaanza za ovyo.
God ndio hupeana life.

Mi niko going strong mbaya sana aiseeh!

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Unsung Hero! Ailing Njambi Koikai praises sister for taking care of her

Njambi Koikai is still in the hospital recuperating after undergoing a successful surgery early this month.

Njambi Koikai


Njambi Koikai has revealed that she has been in a lot of pain for the past few days. She had three tubes put inside her body to help drain out the fluid in her ribs and chest area.

“Hey, fam poleni I’ve been silent for a while. We have been dealing with a lot of pain. As I said earlier, there was fluid hiding in my ribs and chest area aside from the ‘usual’ fluid that normally lurks around my lungs. This meant pushing in another 2 chest tubes. I’ve been having 3 chest tubes in me. The pain is excruciating. It is debilitating and any other adjective you can think of. The size of those two tubes meant that I had to be on a walker at all times even when going to the bathroom or bed. God is GREAT those two huge tubes and boxes were replaced with some tiny bags. Endometriosis had literally created a home in my right lung-chest area,” she wrote in part.


Njambi Koikai

Njambi went ahead to thank her sister for taking care of her and thanked God for giving her another chance to live.

“My sister has been so amazing. She told mum to rest as she takes care of me. She’s fed me, bathed me, prayed with me, walked with me and encouraged me every step of the way, she took nice pics of me lol, she bought me a nice gown to keep me super warm and the cutest sandals because my feet are super swollen beyond an elephant’s thigh. Anyway, my sis is back to work and I love it that they even gave her time off. This pain is not easy to deal with and to see your loved ones have to bear with it can sometimes be crushing. God gave us love. The greatest commandment. If we could all live in pure love, our lives would change.

Njambi Koiakai's family



Share the love of God which is never-ending, unbroken and forever.
Thank God for every blessing. Your breathing lungs, your walking legs, your seeing eyes. Shukuru Mola kwa hayo tu.”

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Glory be to God! Njambi Koikai undergoes successful surgery in USA (photos)

 In a previous post, Njambi Koikai talked about America has been great referring to herself as a miracle child.

“America has been great even though we’ve been bound to hospital walls. I flew in here with my family and God. I keep believing every single day, that I am a miracle child. A miracle child who the devil has tried time and again to snatch from God. So after that long major and excruciating surgery, there was no sleeping. Like right after recovery room, physically therapy started. Can you imagine walking immediately after surgery? Crazy right? I won’t even start on the pain. Then I have what they call a pediatric back, so fixing in an epidural was pain that I cannot again explain. I’ve never been numbed by pain. This pain numbed me. Anyway i have 3 amazing surgeons who have worked on me so far. Right after the major surgery, i was notified that more fluid was found hiding in my ribs..and I asked what that means. Doc was like we need to insert two other tubes to drain out all the fluid. Friends at this point i told God haki surely have mercy on me. This endometriosis thing cannot ravage me like this. Then God reminded me who He is. That He is King. I was wheeled into radiology yesterday and got two chest tubes added, i didn’t even realise it by the time they were done. God reminded me that this road won’t be easy. Infact it’s bound to be the hardest because relief is near. It is bound to be the hardest because healing is here. It is bound to be the hardest because the strongest women alive have fought crazy battles and won.

Njambi KOikai
My mom and sis have stood by me and I’m here to show both of them and the world that we can beat endometriosis.
I’m here to stand in strength for every other little girl in high school fainting due to this thing.
I’m here to remind that career woman whose dreams are on hold that they too can have their life back.
I’m this little girl ready to engage with my government leaders and women leaders to fund more research on this condition.”

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Glory be to God! Njambi Koikai undergoes successful surgery in USA (photos)

Media personality Njambi Koikai has every reason to stand on top of the world and shout what the Lord has done to her.

njambi Koikai

Njambi Koikai, who has been battling endometriosis, had a successful surgery in Atlanta, USA yesterday.

Njambi Koikai hospitalized but out of danger ahead of endometriosis surgery in USA

The excited Njambi Koikai took to social, media to thank God for another chance and Kenyans for helping her raise money for her treatment.

Koikai’s treatment cost sh10 million

“Hey, Fam.. sorry been a bit silent.I was getting my body fixed..My surgery is complete. I will tell you more later, but for now, thank you all for your prayers, love and tremendous support.❤ God is great.The road to recovery now begins… #endowarrior
#winner #fighter,” she wrote accompanied by the photo below.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai after a successful surgery

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Njambi Koikai Left Shedding Tears After This Woman Claimed That She’s Conning Kenyans

In another post, Njambi Koikai shared a photo on a hospital bed alongside her family members and narrated how the surgery was done comparing it to local healthcare facilities.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai on a hospital bed with her family members

“So this is where it all started. The preparation room for surgery.
These 3 members of my family have made it easier for me.
Thanks @home_254 for blessing us with #JahmbyArmy sweatshirts.
Sasa hapa my friends nilidungwa sindano nikakuwa kama kichungi. Haki the difference in our healthcare system wacha tu. Hiyo blanketi ya silver kumbe ilikuwa ni kunichocha tu lol it was warm and nice and made me feel like an astronaut.
Anyway nilidungwa sindano moja tu nikaona giza and that was it,” she wrote in part.

Njambi went ahead to reveal that the surgery took more than seven hours.
“My surgery started at 8am and they finished at 5pm. My right lung was completely damaged but these doctors have fixed it. I had so much hidden endometriosis hidden in my pelvic area and in the diaphragm. The constant insertion of chest tubes caused scars and the thoracic surgeon wondered how i even survived.
God is great. God has done it for me.”

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Njambi Koikai hospitalized but out of danger ahead of endometriosis surgery in USA

Good news to Njambi Koikai’s fans! Njambi, who is suffering from endometriosis is short of sh1.4 million shillings to travel abroad for treatment and she’s hopeful that well wishers will help her achieve her financial goal. She revealed this during an interview yesterday morning at Kameme FM.

“So we are still fundraising and haven’t hit the target yet. Was told I have one more procedure to be done at the hospital here to drain the water, excess air and blood in my lungs at the moment before travelling next week to the States. This will be done tomorrow and I’ll be in hospital for a few days cos iI can’t travel with a collapsed lung.

1.4m to go
PaybillNumber is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund,: she wrote on Instagram yesterday.

Njambi Koikai Left Shedding Tears After This Woman Claimed That She’s Conning Kenyans

Njambi koikai, who’s supposed to travel to USA next week, was hospitalised and today underwent the procedure of draining water, excess air and blood from her lungs, has taken to social media to reveal that it was successful thanking God for the miracle.

“Heeeeyyyy fam. God is to be praised at all times. The persistent cough is gone, tube inserted. Water and blood draining. Dr. Muhinga is the best cardio-thoracic surgeon in Kenya. He did this procedure in 20 minutes and normally with other doctors it takes a while. As usual i was scared and he was so easy with me. He’s a father figure and got jokes too.So next week, Atlanta tunasija,” she rote in part.

“I also need to add some kilos. Thank you fam for the love, support and prayers.
Not by might. Not by power. But your spirit oh Lord.
Watch how this testimony is loading. 
It feels good not to cough endlessly. This procedure wasn’t traumatic as all the last ones. I aced all the needles without screaming. Me, I’m in awe about what God can do if we only have the faith of a mustard seed. Just that.”

Njambi Koikai’s followers are happy and wishing her all the best in next week’s main surgery.

Silvianjoki: Amen 🙏🏿 so glad to hear this great news

Beevee_kenya: I love you jahmby! We gon do this. God has sent His spirit, you’ll be fine and weightful again and healthier than you ever imagined. Always keeping you in my prayers. @jahmbykoikai ♥♥

Bettymuteikyallo: Jahmby keep going. You are brave, strong and a fighter. It was a pleasure having you on the show. You continue to touch hearts with your journey. Power to you @jahmbykoikai

Wasexxy: By His stripes you are healed beautiful one

Shikomuriithi: #endowarrior💛 Get well soon!

Wanguwinnie: Amen you’re in my prayers Jambie total healing in Jesus name.

Alex_mwakideu: Amen. Amen. Amen. Waiting eagerly for the testimony!!! Strong 💪

Mercyanne: Hey @jahmbykoikai. , you so encourage even those out there suffering from different illnesses, Indeed God is the Healer. And he works in His miraculous ways, keep on fighting girl and passing this encouragement to so many of us who are scared and full of fears that illness is the end of everything. May you have quick recovery in Jesus name.

Kottard: You will conquer it all in Jesus mighty name @jahmbykoikai

Wambuirosslyn: Just that.the mustard seed kind of faith….to God be the Glory…. Get to Atlanta to cement and seal the climax of this testimony that has been a hope and encourager to me a many others.

Florenceobote: Amen darling yuo are already healed..and  I honestly admire ur strength darling….u r always in my prayers thank God the cough is gone now..love love

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So Uncalled For: Njambi Koikai Bundled Out From Citizen Radio

Nancy Nanjala Nyongesa aka Njambi Koikai has been battling a condition known as Endometriosis for the last 18 years but the last two years, the situation became worse to a point she started having intense chest pains.

Njambi Koikai

A lady by the name Cindy, whom she has never met before, reached out to her via Facebook. She asked her if she experiences problems with her lungs during a certain period. She found it strange because her lungs would only collapse during her periods. That’s when she told her she has a reproductive health issue and she should go and see Dr Patel in Agah khan. She went and was diagnosed with thoracic endometriosis.

‘At one moment you are at the top…then all this happened, media personality laments about chronic disease

Kenyans have come together to hold her hand as she goes through this trying time and as she continues to fund raise for her treatment. She also has a charity event today at the Alchemist to help her raise money so she can go for treatment abroad.

Njambi Koikai

But even with many trying as hard as they can to help her where they can, someone else has felt the need to embarass her.

According to our source, one of the Citizen Radio bossed kicked out Njambi from Mzazi Willy M. Tuva’s show. This was just after the Mseto star introduced Njambi to his listeners. The host was dumbfounded and speechless as the lady boss ousted his guest from studio without any apologies.

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