Eight most stylish Kenyan male celebrities

The world has rapidly evolved in the fashion industry and we can’t overlook the fact that these men are not being left behind. They say that first impressions matter and dressing definitely is a plus one on looks.

These men stand out because of their fashion sense.

1. Sauti Sol

sauti sol The biggest boy band in Kenya, Sauti Sol have it going on. They always have something to show whenever they appear, but one thing is for sure, their outfits always have jaws dropping.

2. Ali Hassan Joho

stylish joho

He goes by the name Sultan. He is the governor of Mombasa county and he has been named the most stylish governor Kenya has.

3. Octopizzo

stylish octo

The Oliel hit maker never disappoints when it comes to fashion.

4. Guardian Angel

stylish guardisn angel

One of the best Gospel artists also has taste and likes to look sharp.


stylish nyash

A legend in the Kenyan music industry who has represented the country internationally but one thing is for sure, he does not forget to dress up fashionably.

6. Nick Mutuma

stlish mutuma

A successful actor, his fashion sense is also a success. He has featured in many local movies and was recently blessed with a baby girl together with his baby mama, Bridget Shighadi.

7.Willy Paul

stylish willy

Yes he is a controversial gospel artist, but we have to give credit to his amazing sense of style.


 8. Otile Brown

stylish brown

The baby love hit maker, who is also Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend cannot be left behind. His sense of style is on a whole different level.

Check out youthful parents of your favorite celebrities (Photos)

We take a look at how youthful parents to our favorite Kenyan celebrities despite the fact that some of them are in their 70’s and others in their 50’s.

They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree and looking at these photos one can easily understand that saying given that a majority of the celebs have picked up the ‘good looks’ gene from their parents.

1. Nick Mutuma

Hard as it is to believe Nick Mutuma’s mum is 53 but looking at her one would easily think she is in her 30’s.

Celebrating his mum Mutuma says “53 looks great on you mama❤️😊” and it sure does look good on her.

Nick Mutuma

2. Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei and her mum

3. Lucy Natasha

The flamboyant pastor Natasha is a replica of her mother Pastor Esther Wanjiku, a senior pastor at Maximum Miracle Centre.

Rev Lucy Natasha and her mum

4. Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua’s dad is past 70 but he is still enjoying his youthful looks. Looking at Janet one would understand where she got her genes from given that she is sexy and classy with very little effort.

Janet Mbugua and her dad

5. Marya Prude

Willis Raburu’s mother in law is also ageing graceful. She would easily pass for a woman in her 30’s yet she is long past that age bracket.

Willis Raburu's mother in law


6. Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu’s dad still looks youthful despite the fact that he is past his 60’s. He celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary in 2018.


7. Sheila  Mwanyigha

They say like mother-like daughter and going by this photo the saying is true. Sheila and her mum would pass for sisters.



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Ooh my ovaries: Photos of Nick Mutuma’s daughter that will melt your heart

Nick Mutuma is an eye candy that’s undeniable but even with all the attention he gets from women only one woman captured his heart and akatupa funguo.

The man who has made his name in shows like “Shuga” and “Disconnect” recently became a dad and going by his constant photo posts, it’s obvious he is smitten.

‘My friends wife cheated and the baby came looking exactly like the neighbor’ ( Audio)

Bridget Shighadi and Nick Mutuma

The girl is called Dua and they have rarely shared photos of the two together, but Mutuma shares photos of his child once in a while.

Baby Dua



From buying their wives Lamborghini’s on anniversaries to flying private jets, here are the flashiest pastors in town

The man is so enamored with his new daughter that he decided to post an image of his adorable toddler. His caption was:

“Sometimes it’s not people that change, it’s their priorities ❤️”


‘Karma is real,’ Otile Brown throws shade at ex bae Vera

Some of the followers on his page were also amazed by the beautiful baby the two celebs and posted supportive comments:

favored_stacey Precious little Angel😍, may Gods blessings and favor follow her all the days of her life, Amen. ❤️

nasramwavula Masha Allah.Mwenyezi Mungu akuwekee aje kukufaa

achol__awan She’s perfect 😍😍😍😍

carllwawira Priceless gift 💕

kosiso4095 Awwwwn she’s beautiful she got ur [email protected]

kwambokamagori She is beautiful 💓❤❤❤

destinyjacque Pretty like her mum and cute like his dad💃💃💃💃💃💞💞

nish_fransis @wanguimuriuki soooooo cute

winnybobbs 😍😍blessings n favor

yvonnediogo Growing so beautifully. 😍😍😍 You’re doing a great job. 👌❤️👌

hillzz.z Baby Dua so gorgeous!!!! 😭😍❤️

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Nobody is ugly just broke: TBT photos of Kenyan celebs that will make your day(photos)

They say nobody is ugly, just broke. Most of these celebrities have really transformed and you cannot even recognize them unless someone pointed it out.

Here are some of the celebrity throwbacks,

1. Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njung’ush



2. Lupita Nyongo with Nick Mutuma


These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

3. Kristoff Barton Namwaya aka Kristoff



4. Fena Gitu and Jay Take a Pic



5. Kagwe Mungai


Utashtuka! Strangest People You Didn’t Know Existed

6. Vera Sidika


7. Bahati

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Vera Sidika and other Kenyan celebrities whose breakup left many in shock

We all look forward to a happily ever after when we get into relationships, but it is not always the case as some relationships end up failing.

Some break ups by Kenyan celebrities left us in shock and still do even though some of them broke up years ago, we wish that some of them were still together.

Betty Kyallo’s sisters’ beauty will leave many drooling – Photos


1. Marya and Mustapha

The two broke up in a nasty manner after they both  threw accusations against each other. Among the reasons for their break up was religious differences and accusations of infidelity.

Marya went on to get married to Kevin Mutisya with whom she has a son but the couple recently broke up, Mustapha has also moved on.



2. Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

The much publicised affair has left Vera in pain after Otile broke up with her. Vera claims that Otile used her to gain mileage for his music career and then dumped her when he was done.

She is yet to recover from the heartbreak.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Kenyan celebrities who have side hustles. It should inspire you in these hard times

3. Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

They were the most powerful couple in the media industry and when the couple broke up Kenyans were left in shock given that most people admired them.

The two have gone their separate ways, but we still wish that they were still together. They have a daughter together.


4. J blessing and Chantelle

They were among the best  couple at the time and everyone was hoping that their relationship would last, sadly it wasn’t so.The couple had a son together who sadly passed away after being sick for sometime.

5. Willis Raburu and Sally Mbilu

Willis who is now married to the love of his life Marya Prude, was at one time engaged to Sally Mbilu and things were looking great between the two.

Willis Raburu & Sally Mbilu

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Oh my ovaries fans gush over Nick Mutuma’s daughter after posting this cute photo of his daughter

Recently Nick Mutuma sadly  narrated how he feel like a stranger to her daughter for the fact that she can’t seem to recognize him.

Dua is Mutuma’s daughter with his beautiful ex Bridget Shighadi and it is clear on why the cute little girl can’t seem to recognize daddy.

Nick Mutuma with his ex Bridget Shighadi

Here is his previous post

“Its been almost 4 months since I last saw Dua, and how I imagined our reunion was very different from the reality. I thought she’d see me, and think ‘hey you’re that guy from the delivery room’ and we would both smile and hug it out…


But I picked her up , and we had a little stare down which was followed by a complete breakdown…by her. I was/ am a stranger to her 😕 BUT we’re getting to know each other again. We’ll figure this out together. S/o all the dads out there hustling hard for their kids. Let’s not forget to be present.”

Well it seems that his ex is doing a good job bringing up the little girl and here is her latest photo .

He  posted this beautiful photo with the caption and fans couldn’t help but compliment the girl.

“My little Eskimo is 5 months old today ❤️ God is good🙏🏿 #daddysgirl”


sand_drahWhy so beautiful😩😍😍😍😍😍
shilljshillOh my ovaries❤❤❤….She is beyond adorbs!
misskithinjiShe is too beautiful 😍😍 It was expected tho 😀kisses to the angel xoxo
kate_actressOmg 😍😍😍😍😍 hapo @bridgetshighadi alisaidia aki , waaah such a cutie congrats @nickmutuma
sharon_oojaOmggggg ❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 im in love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 omg @nickmutuma i want her😩😩😍
wlatnahcAdorable!!! @nickmutuma our munchkins are agemates! She’s such a gem.
nancyg_thegoldenbutterflyWow ..I had no idea,, she is cute!!
senayaaureliaShe is so cute,God is good
qharohAwww too cute for this unforgiving world

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MCM! Check out drool-inducing photos of Nick Mutuma

Media personality Nick Mutuma is one of the finest Kenyan actors in the entertainment industry.

He is the newest father in town as he recently welcomed his daughter with his on and off model girlfriend Bridget Shighadi.

Well we cannot wait for them to reveal the baby’s face because one thing for sure is that the baby is beautiful because the parents are drop-dead stunning.

Nick is not only a handsome fellow but also his taste in clothes is amazing and simple.

I can only imagine how his DM flows with messages from women because his social media timeline can make you just love him even without seeing him.

Well Nick Mutuma is just but a snack.

Check out this pictures that he graces us with on social media.


Stunning with the shades


Selfie game on point

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Nick Mutuma Finally Explains What His Tweet Meant After He Was Blasted By His Followers

Twitter is not for the faint hearted and if you try Kenyans on twitter, you’ll be digging your own grave as they never spare anyone.
Nick Mutuma has found himself in a really weird situation after he tweeted that he unfollows anyone who is over 25 and doesn’t know how to save.
nick hoodie

He tweeted, “I unfollow anyone over 25 and talking about ‘Njanuary’. By now you should know how to save Bruh…”

Well this was not taken lightely by some of his followers, as they went ahead to blast him for making such remarks.

Here are some of the responses from his followers;


Well, Nick took his time to clear the air about the tweet that received so much attention. He explained that he was throwing shade at his friend whom he watched party all through December.

That tweet was subtle shade for one of my mates who I’d watched partying hard through out December only to complain about a tough financial situation in Jan. It wasn’t a shot at anyone and I honestly didn’t think it would go South this quick. Sorry if it rubbed you the wrong way,” he explained.

More Nick Mutuma Stories

Hunk Nick Mutuma to study at UCLA

Nick Mutuma is one guy many people admire because of his hardwork and whatever he does to grow as an actor. Most of us have witnessed his growth in the entertainment industry from when he tried being a rapper to venturing fully in the acting scene.
Well, his hardwork is paying off and he’s now taking things further as he has landed a scholarship to study at UCLA, pursuing Acting and Film Production. You will not be seeing a lot of him on the streets or events because he will be concentrating on school work.
His recent series, This Is It, has been well received as its currently showing season two.
We wish Nick all the best as he starts a new chapter in his life.

Beauty And Brains: Meet Nick Mutuma’s Extremely Beautiful Sister (Photos)

Nick Mutuma is a celebrated actor in the country, who has managed to go far and beyond as far as his acting career is concerned.

He is now even acting in series’s like Shuga, which has been shot in different countries and his latest series, This Is It, which was shot in Nigeria.

Nick Mutuma

Well, Nick is a hunk and ladies have drooled over him countless times. But what some of you might not know is that he’s not the only gorgeous creature in his family. Nick Mutuma has an extremely beautiful sister who is totally different from him.

Sandra Mutuma loves the lowkey kind of life and is not about the public shenanigans. To top it all, she’s got the brains to compliment her beautiful self. A few months ago, she was admitted to the bar. You see what I mean, when I say she’s the true definition of beauty and brains?

Check out her beautiful photos

Sandra Mutuma 1

Sandra Mutuma 6

Sandra Mutuma 5

Sandra Mutuma 4

Sandra Mutuma 3

Sandra Mutuma 2

‘I’m Not Pregnant’ Nick Mutuma’s Ex Girlfriend Shouts

Tanasha Oketch alias Tanasha Donna who was rumoured to be Nick Mutuma’s ex has shut down rumours that she is heavily pregnant.

The model cum video vixen said this after a photo went viral with her wearing a black top that showed she might have been hidding a baby bump

“What YOU allow is what will continue. It all starts with YOU. 🙏 (and no I’m not pregnant 😂)”


Kenya’s Top Celebrity Break-ups

Tanasha is well known for her role as a video vixen in Ali Kiba’s song featuring Christian Bella dubbed Nagharamia.

She and Shuga’s star Mutuma were rumoured to have broken up weeks after being seen hanging together. In a past interview with Mpasho, Mutuma said that he was single and was not looking to get into a relationship anytime soon.

“NO. I Am Not Dating right Now, I feel Like I am in great creative space and i just wanna focus on my craft and on my family and just getting it right?”

When asked about his ideal woman, Nick said:

“I’m very picky when it comes to mamas…i love women that are independent…Me madem mmenichoma mpaka sitaki kuwaongelea”


Should Men Pierce? Kenyan Women Reveal If They Find Men Who Have PIERCINGS Attractive And Sexy

Piercing is known to be a woman’s thing, to enhance her beauty and enable her to wear jewellery on several parts of her body, so that they can glitter and look delightful.

Women are not limited to piercings and other than just the ear, there are plenty of other parts on their bodies that they can pierce to put an ornament, like the belly button, the nose, the tongue, eyebrows, nostril, earlobe, or lip piercings.

But what about men, should men have piercings and does it make them look more attractive or appealing especially to ladies?


In Kenya, there are several male celebrities who have piercings. They include; Nick Mutuma, dancer Boneless, singer Kid Kora, and rapper Octopizzo.

Other male artistes around the world who have are the likes of Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Elton John, Davido, Diamond Platnumz, Flavour, Banky W, Iyanya and the late Tupac

Though some men may find it fancy, is this the same way women view a man with piercings? I got the chance to ask a few ladies in the office what they think about men who pierce and if they find them sexy.


The responses varied, with some saying that they find such men attractive, while others said that they don’t find them appealing because it makes them look immature, especially if they are over 30 years.

Well, here are the responses from ladies from different age groups on what they think about men with piercings. These are not their real names since they requested anonymity.

Mary: Yes guys (like in college) who wear earrings seem cool however I don’t think grown men should wear them. It just looks…funny more like they are trying too hard to be young or they have not yet matured or something.

Betty: No, Never. I think most of them are too divaish.

Rachel: It depends on where it is..I don’t mind both ears as well as one’s eyebrow. I find it attractive as well as it says the guy is a spontaneous person.

Ruth: Very sexy. He is willing to take risks and is adventerous.

Clara: No. Piercings make men come off as feminine, competing with ladies, when I’d like a man that’s macho, masculine in every way.


Diana: No. I don’t think men with piercings are sexy or attractive. However, this depends on their age. It is a phase I believe everyone goes through. If a 17-year-old has a piercing, then I could understand where they are coming from and hope they outgrow the phase. But a 32-year-old man with a piercing, meaning having the ornament on, say an earring or stud, on whatever part of the body, just shows me they are still stuck in that adolescent stage.

Annabel: Nope piercings aren’t sexy and this is a stereotype perhaps but the men I have encountered with piercings are very childish. You bet there’s nothing sexy about immaturity. Also, I feel it waters down an outfit. Like you can’t be rocking a tuxedo with an eyebrow piercing, it just looks funny.

Maria: Guys who have pierced are too damn sexy to be true. They make women look bad at some point, lol. But the problem comes in when people start to give them labels. Some people say men who’ve pierced their ears are gay, which is a crazy assumption. The same way tattoos can be worn by anyone is the same way earings or studs can be won by anyone regardless of their sex.

Caroline: No. It’s not appealing at all. It shows that a man is very immature, hormonal. It also tells me his background and it shows his age, and that he’s all about trying new stuff.

Kenya’s Top Celebrity Break-ups

Cupid’s ex is determined to prove that happy endings are just something from a dream. We thought this celebrity couples were altar bound, but different plans were already set out. They hooked up, some even for 10-years others for months, some had children and then eventually broke up. Here is our list of rising celebrity breakups

Shaffie Weru and Debbie Asila

Kiss fm radio presenter Shaffie Weru and musician Debbie Asila were the IT celebrity couple in the early 2000s. They hooked up, broke up, hooked up again and even had a daughter, Milan, who is now 10 years old. They have since parted ways and we can only speculate about the reasons for their breakup.

Shaffie & Debbie (trending.co.ke)

Nick Mutuma and Bridgit Shighadi
Radio presenter and actor Nick Mutuma broke up with his model girlfriend in 2014. Rumors were rife that they would get back together but that seems only the belief of the hopeless romantics, although we must admit they made the cutest celebrity couple in Nairobi

Bridgette-4153-600-600-70 (1)
Nick & Bridgit (ghafla.co.ke)

Sage and Rabbit
Not much is known about musician Sage and Rabbit’s secretive relationship. Speculation was rife about their union with information reaching the media later that their relationship had gone sour. Rabbit moved on with a different woman who is his supposed fiancée, she gave birth two months after Sage had delivered Rabbit’s baby. This makes for the perfect love triangle.

Sage & Rabbit (trendingnewskenya.co.ke)

Adelle Onyango and Christopher Obwaka

Kiss fm presenter Adelle Onyango and Christopher were engaged back in 2013. The couple had been friends for over six years and only started dating in mid 2012. They had set a February 2014 date for their wedding only to break up amid rumours of infidelity.


Adelle & Chris (ictville.com)

Linda Muthama and Walter Mong’are
Walter Mong’are who is mostly known by his stage name Nyamabane and Linda Muthama had set the bar as the perfect couple in a working polygamous relationship. But it seems that wasn’t so and Linda will no longer be the bar for polygamous relationships. They had been together for over 10 years and in a recent revelation to Drum magazine Linda confessed to have parted ways with Nyambane over a year ago.

Linda & Nyambane (standardmedia.co.ke)