Larry Madowo and Nyeri Town MP go at it on Twitter over police brutality

Larry Madowo has been one of the fair and balanced journalists that we have had in the recent past. The man who took over from James Smart on The Trend and turned it into one of the most beloved of Kenyan T.V shows. He did so by combining poor grit with as some would say hard-nosed reporting.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo. photo credit: Larry Madowo

He normally stands for facts and that can be very hard in this environment and era of fake news. This next story documents the journalist calling out Nyeri town MP Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu on Twitter over Ngunjiri’s claims on police brutality in Kenya. Ngunjiri had come out expressing his support for the black lives matter group that highlights and demonstrates against police brutality in America.

Ngunjiri Wambugu
Ngunjiri Wambugu. photo credit: Ngunjiri Wambugu

What seemed like an innocuous tweet sparked outrage and dismay from, Larry, as he called out the Mp for his views on police tactics within our borders. This ensured a back and forth with no side giving any quarter.

Ngunjiri Wambugu
Ngunjiri Wambugu. photo credit: the star

This was the tweet that started the firestorm:

Larry was quick to respond:

Ngunjiri did not take the comment laying down and he also proceeded to respond:

Larry had the last word as he clearly disagreed with the MPs account of things:

Whatever your views on last years election, there is clearly a big disconnect. How can two smart individuals see the same set of facts and interpret them so differently? I don’t have the answer. Maybe you do?

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