Trouble In Paradise? Diamond Platnumz Hangs Out With This Beauty But His Baby Mama Zari Is Nowhere To Be Seen (VIDEO)

Rumors of Diamond Platnumz breaking up with his Ugandan baby mama Zarinah Hassan have been going round for a while now, and the two have just been fueling the claims in the last couple of weeks.

It all started when Zari’s ex-husband Ivan Semwanga died and during that period, the two did not spend any time together, with Diamond not attending the burial as he had promised before, to show support to his lover.

Things then got worse when Diamond posted a photo of her in a spa with another man, who seemed to be touching her inappropriately, but later on, Zari came out to reveal the man is her son’s uncle, a relative to the late Ivan.


This happened just a few days after Diamond Platnumz was accused of impregnating Hamissa Mobetto, a video vixen who was featured in his music video, Salome, claims he refuted, saying that he didn’t even know that the model was pregnant.

After the whole saga and rumors spreading that they had separated, the love birds later shocked us by sharing photos spending quality time together with their children, confirming that all is well in paradise.

Wenye Wivu? Diamond Platnumz’s Hot Wife Zari Shuts Down SEPARATION Rumours In The Most Epic Way (MUST SEE)

However, Zari is currently in Uganda with her siblings, monitoring their ailing mother, but interestingly, Diamond has not sent out any get well soon messages to his mother-in-law nor commented on her illness.


Recently, Zari shocked her fans when she called out her daughter’s name as Tiffah Hassan and not Tiffah Dangote, raising questions on whether the two have fallen out again.

But despite all that, it seems that nothing will keep Diamond Platnumz from doing what he does best, and that’s making good music for his fans. This time around he has decided to show us that he has been taking his English classes seriously.

‘I Meant Everything I Posted’ Diamond Platnumz Speaks Out About Zari Going Out With Another Man


Chibu Dangote has dropped a new song dubbed Eneka,  partly sang in English and a bit of Igbo (Nigerian language). Another thing that’s noticeable is the beautiful video vixen in the music video, which has been shot by Director Sesan.

As usual, Chibu doesn’t disappoint at all and brings out his best moves, showing his masculine chest and amazing voice as he praises love in the new song, showering praises at his beautiful ‘Tanzania lady’.

Here’s the new video Eneka. Is it a hit or a miss?




Superwoman! Size 8 Drops 3 Songs Back To Back, Teams Up With Dancehall Star Alemba As She Reveals Her RAPPING Skills (VIDEOS)

Linet Munyali, popularly known by her stage name Size 8 is not about to take a musical break anytime soon, and this time around, she has decided to surprise her fans with not one song but three mega tracks, a triple release.

The mother of one last dropped a new song about 4 months ago, dubbed Mapochopocho, and has been working on new projects after landing a deal with a top diapers brand, with her daughter Ladasha Belle.

TIMELESS LOVE! These Delightful Photos Of Size 8’s Beautiful Family Will Warm Your Heart

Things seem to be going well for the artiste as she recently got another job as a TV host for a new gospel show, Pambio, which has become very popular and is even becoming a threat for her husband’s show Crossover 101.


Now, Size 8 has released three new songs back to back, and from the look of things, she decided to take a different angle.

STRONG WOMAN! Size 8 Makes a Shocking Revelation About Her Health, Talks Losing Weight (VIDEO)

One of the songs is titled Bless My Way, which she has worked with celebrated dancehall gospel singer and hype man, Alemba, which is all about asking God to be with you in everything;

The song is a reminder of the promises God gave us.And as King David prayed ”May you guide my steps and light my path. May you make this your prayer every day and every night.


The second song is a worship song where Size 8 has sung entirely in English, donning a beautiful wedding gown, dubbed I Can’t Imagine, which is off her album Harusi. This is what Size 8 said about this particular song;

The presence of God is so precious and so necessary that I personally cannot imagine a world without Him. The evil in this world is to toxic one cannot survive a second without the presence of our maker. 


Last but not least, Size 8 showed us another side of her talent that we didn’t know about, in her third song, by the name, Mwambie, where she reveals her rapping skills, as she emotionally sings about struggles we go through and how we should give all our troubles to him;

Jesus is here for you no matter what you are going through or what you have done. He is our saviour, healer and comforter all you need is to just give Him your burdens, repent of your sins and believe that He is the true MESSIAH. The is no situation He cannot turn around. 


Well, check out the new songs below, what do you think about them? Hit or miss?




Which one is your favorite?


Gone Secular? Bahati Goes Back To His EMOTIONAL Music With ‘Barua Kwa Mama’ Featuring Eddy Kenzo, Then Fans React!

Controversial gospel artist Bahati seems to have picked a few musical ideas from his frenemy Willy Paul, and I’m not talking about dancing in his music videos.

I’m talking about working with secular artistes, a move that portrays the wrong message to fans who say they are sending the wrong message because they are gospel artistes who should focus on christian music.

When it comes to Willy Paul, the Fanya hitmaker does what pleases him. Recently, he released a song with Jamaican songstress Alaine, dubbed I Do, a wedding song with 2.6 Million views on YouTube.


Before that, he had worked with the renowned boy band, Sauti Sol, in a song called Take It Slow, whose message was aimed at youth urging them to stay away from sexual lifestyles. Then came Digiri, which took shots at the Groove Awards.

Bitter Man? Willy Paul Attacks Haters Criticising His New Hit ‘Digiri’ In Cryptic Message

This time round, Bahati has gone to Uganda to work on a song with celebrated BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo, dubbed Barua Kwa Mama which is more like a continuation to his songs Mama and Barua.

The song has made many of his fans question his authenticity when to comes to his salvation since Eddy Kenzo is a secular singer.


A few days ago, Bahati traveled to Zanzibar where he was shooting another music video, and during the shoot, we spotted former Yamoto Band lead singer Aslay, which means he could be featured in the song.

The new song Barua Kwa Mama is basically a song appreciating mothers for all their hard work and perseverance.

GOING SECULAR? Is Bahati Working On a Collaboration With Former Yamoto Band Singer Aslay? (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

In the music video, Bahati and Eddy Kenzo play the roles of students then, later on, a fast forward to when they are grown up and successful, then they shower their mothers with gifts, making sure they don’t die poor.


Fans had mixed reactions to this song, with some congratulating Bahati for his great move of working with a big artiste, while others criticized him for working with a secular artiste.

plizahmora Average song
goodglory For the love of my mum you’re blessed bahati
barazaeric Bahati I used to like your music but once u started singing secular,I stopped being your fan.Hii ni nini sasa?
mercy_mwania I wonder how someone can say this is a secular song…people will always hate.
teambahati Bahati, you and your team are headed for greatness!! I love the support you have for each other.
ireneloren254 Wait what sort of gospel is this??am not hurting but eeish!!
christine Belinda l promise l will do my best to make my mama happiest person;my dream l don’t want her to die poor !!!!!
Yvonne Owino Ungeacha hata digiri imalize wiki
Shallzbaro Yellow Your messages revolves around two things Mama, barua or love.
Expand your creativity. its a nice song the only thing new in the song is the featured artist. coz even the rythm sounds maria, n barua.

What do you think about Bahati’s new jam? Check out the video below.




ONE LOVE! Popular Kenyan Rapper Attacks Corrupt Leaders In New Film, Urges The Youth Not To Be Deceived By Money

Kenyan rapper King Kaka is known for his lyrical prowess and his amazing rap skills, but his musical journey has not been that smooth and he had to work extra hard a few years back to make it to the top list.

The crooner is one of the best Hip-Hop artistes in Kenya, going head to head with other rappers like Octopizzo, Khaligraph, Juliani and others.

Other than just music, King Kaka is a businessman and is the founder of Kaka Empire, a music label which hosts the likes of Avril, Femi One and celebrated rapper Timmy Tdat.


In the last couple of months King Kaka has been dropping emotional songs with his last single featuring RedForth Chorus dubbed Senzenina taking over the airwaves for it’s touching message.

Now, the renowned rapper has dropped a new video, where he tackles the issues about corrupt leaders who pay the youth to engage in tribal fighting in Kenya.

In the new film, King Kaka introduces a certain minister, who was appointed as a minister and after 2 months inoffice, he exposes the dirt and corruption that takes place in the ministry.
King Kaka2

The man, who goes by the name Mwizi Mkubwa, decides to expose the scandal, after he found out that money set aside for development projects was embezzled and used to fund ethnic tension between different tribes in Kenya.

In the same video, King Kaka finalises with a few lyrics where he urges the Kenyan youth not to be lured into tribal fights and violence just because of a few coins.

This is an eye-opener and I think it’s the appropriate message for Kenyans as aw await the forthcoming general election. Check out the new film dubbed Mwizi Mkubwa below.

CAT OUT OF THE BAG! This Is What Redsan And Stunning Kenyan Singer Vivian Were Up To (VIDEO)

Veteran Kenyan ragga and reggae artiste Redsan has been in the music industry for more than a decade and he’s not slowing down anytime soon, musically that is.

Redsan real name, Swabri Mohammed, is known for some of the biggest ragga hits back in the day, which include; Chicken, Yule Pale, Step On It and his latest hit Shoulder Back.

The celebrated rapper made a musical comeback in 2015 and has since been active in the music industry and even dropped a new song with sassy Kenyan-Nigerian-based singer Victoria Kimani and top deejay, DJ Creme De La Creme dubbed Live It Up.


Though Redsan is recognized as one of the most influential ragga musicians in Africa and beyond, he has somehow managed to keep his private life off the public radar and little is known about his love life, but all we know is that he’s happily married.

Recently, Redsan was spotted with sultry singer Vivian getting cozy and steamy at a beach somewhere in Comoros Islands and from the look of things, it looked like there was more going on.

What is Ragga Artiste Redsan Up To With This Stunning Kenyan Singer? (PHOTOS)

Vivian is known for her Kenyan love songs after coming into the limelight after a collaboration with singer Jaguar by the name Dream and recently, she dropped a new song with Ugandan musical legend Jose Chameleone dubbed Charm.


The sizzling photos of Redsan and Vivian left some fans questioning their relationship and after keeping us curious for days, the two artistes have finally revealed what they were up to at the beautiful Island, and as I guessed, they were working on a new song.

The two stars have officially confirmed that they have been working on a new club banger dubbed Attention, and with Redsan’s dope ragga lines and flow and Vivian’s mellow voice and vocal prowess, I can bet this will be a big hit.

Without further ado, check out the teaser for their new song Attitude below as we wait for the official music video in a few days time.



Hit Or Miss? Size 8 Drops New Song That Almost Sounds The Same As The Controversial Hit ‘Tiga Wana’

Celebrated gospel singer Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8 received a lot of backlash back in 2016 after releasing her collaboration with controversial singer Willy Paul dubbed ‘Tiga Wana’.

The secular-turned-gospel act was accused of releasing music that does not have a genuine Christian message, with people expressing their disappointment that she can sing that kind of music.

TIMELESS LOVE! These Delightful Photos Of Size 8’s Beautiful Family Will Warm Your Heart

But for some reason, the song still did well and got a lot of airplay and is already at 1 Million views on YouTube .


Size 8 is known for her amazing voice and energetic performance on stage and even after crossing over the gospel world back in 2013, the talented singer still maintained her fans and a huge following.

The Mateke singer is married to top gospel deejay, DJ Mo, real name, Sammy Muraya and the two are blessed with a very adorable daughter, Ladasha Belle, who recently turned a year old.

Gospel Music Has More Money Than The Secular Industry! Size 8 Confesses (EXCLUSIVE)

Size 8 is not taking a break from music and she’s back with another track, dubbed Mapocho.


According to Size 8, the song is an appreciation to God for his enduring blessings that she doesn’t deserve, but He still provides;

MAPOCHOPOCHO is a name i use to describe God’s blessings in my life. How beautiful His put my life together even when i wrong Him or disappoint Him his love is never ending. I just find myself smiling at His goodness and abundant grace in my life. My God has been to good to me. The blessings in my life are more than i could ever imagine. No amount of words can be used to thank my God.

Just like her last song Tiga Wana, a keen listener will get the songs message, but at least this time she’s singing more about God, with most of the verses in English.

However, some of her fans feel like she could still do better and release more inspiring songs like; Pale Pale, Afadhali Yesu, Ni Yesu and Yuko Na Wewe;

Diana Diana: victor chitery 😂😂😂 sure but its sound #avrilkenya_kitu kimoja☝
Ruth Wangui: size 8 please give us space sielewi kitu hapa we need a song like huyu yesu by Masika and Angle
Faith Wairimu: You are now loosing track ….Ati mapocho
Esther January: Afadhali yesu was a great song mama wambo. It blesses full time. What is happening to you right now???? Do you always mingle with female gospel artistes like Sarah K among others and know what it means to sing gospel? ?? you have been my favourite and I like you so big, but you are losing it.
Oliech tube: Size 8. Nice Video but the Song NG…Please give us content that can uplift our souls and make us feel in the spirit of watching…Hii Mapochopocho sasa haina difference na Bazokizo
Ruthwangui91: Please can you take your time to listen new song of @mercymasikamuguro Huyu yesu and know the meaning of gospel your song is full of mapocho…. hakuna words ingine nimesikia please you should fire whoever write your song ama urudi kwa shamba boy tutakuelewa

But there were still fans who congratulated her for the new single;

Vivyshiko:The song is good… such a blessing to kila mtu keep up
Ennkiennki: 77This is good.
Wanguannie: This one iko tops.
Candy_kui: It’s awesome. I love it




New Music Alert

2016 has come with a bang for music lovers and it’s expected to get better, as new music has been dropped by various local artists. It seems that as the years progress and the music scene changes, a number of artists are now stepping out of their comfort zone and trying out new sounds and styles.

The old “safe and normal” video style has been pushed aside and the new swanky, daring and adventurous spirit has been unleashed on the their music videos.

This is in a bid to get a piece of the international market, that is said to be lucrative for those already in it. Here are a few new songs at the start of 2016.

Akothee ft. Diamond Platinumz – Sweet love

Prezzo – Mrembo

Victoria Kimani ft. Khuli Chuna –  All the way

Ay ft Diamond Platinumz – Zigo Remix

Kagwe Mungai ft. Muthoni DQ – Hot this year

New Music Alert

New music is being dropped almost every other day by various artists in the county. The music industry has grown and from the look of things artistes are investing in their music if the quality of the videos is anything to go by.

Nonini dropped his new video for the song Wanajishuku featuring Pierra and Chege from TMK; Gabu, Kritoff and  Jalang’o dropped their video for the song Dirunk and Songstress Cece Sagini dropped her song -I’m a doer featuring Octopizzo.

Watch them here:

Amani Drops Video To Latest Single ‘Heartbreaker’

Mellow voiced songstress Cecilia Wairimu better known by her stage name Amani has finally released the video to her latest single Heartbreaker. Amani who is one of the top female pioneers of good music in Kenya released the audio about a month ago.

Amani, classifies her genre of music as Afro-Pop sound and has continued to release hit after hit with her last release addition ‘Kizunguzungu’ that dropped 5 months ago.

The 35, year old artist has several accolades to her name. In 2009 she was named MTV Africa Music Awards – Best Female. The same year she was also nominated for the Channel O music awards – Best Female Artist. Song Of The Year. Best Artist – East . Music Video Of The Year

Some of Amani’s classics include; Without You – featuring CJ, Missing My Baby, Usiwe Mbali Nami – featuring AY, One thing – featuring Wyre and Tonight

Heartbreaker is a reggae/dancehall tune directed by the talented Enos Olik and targeting the club scene in Kenya according to 360music publishing which handled the audio.

Listen to the song below. Is it a hit or a miss?

Amani isn’t the only one dropping new music. Top Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol also dropped the acoustic lyric video to their new song ‘ISABELLA’ Tuesday. Which is the sixth single off Sauti Sol’s upcoming album “Live and Die in Afrika. According to Sauti Sol, Isabella is a bonafide ballad, and truly represents the band’s soulful side and prowess in songwriting and execution. The lyrics and storyline of the song flaunt a vagabond and youthful love, which knows no age, race or religion. Official video dropping soon. Watch the lyric video below


New Music Alert: ‘Nerea’ by Sauti Sol Featuring Amos and Josh

Kenyan boy band, Sauti Sol  have a brand new song ‘Nerea’ featuring Amos and Josh the duo of the hit ‘Tutaonana Baadaye’.  ‘Nerea’ is the fifth single off Sauti Sols upcoming album Live and Die Afrika.  The song has a powerful message and the lyrics really stand out.

Sauti Sol


‘Nerea’ talks about the unpredictable future of unborn babies and encourages men to  take responsibilities for their actions.

Amos and Josh



As the lyrics to the song say, you never know maybe the unborn child you are planning to terminate may be the next Obama or Lupita Nyong’o.

Will ‘Nerea’ rule the airwaves like their previous hit ‘Sura Yako’? Only time will tell. Listen to the amazing song below.



New music alert: Sanaipei Tande – ‘Ankula Huu’

Natasha Sanaipei Tande better known to everyone as Sanaipei has just released her new song ‘Ankula Huu’ . Sana who began her music career in 2004 is known for her hit songs; Najuta, Mfalme wa mapenzi, Kwaheri in collabo with Juakali and ‘You’ featuring Big Pin.

The radio presenter/songstress is one of the throwback Kenyan artists who has managed to stay relevant in the music industry. She has several songs lined up in 2015.

The video to her song ‘Ankula Huu’ was released today and if you definitely fancy a good love story/heartbreak you will definitely love this song. We should have seen more of Sanaipei’s dancing though. How would you rate the song?

Watch the song below