UKay Mall in Westlands demolished

The multi-agency team handling Nairobi’s regeneration has started demolishing Ukay Centre in Westlands even after its owners went to court to stop it.

CBD Chief Julius Wanjau, who is in charge of the operation, said they were not served with the court order that Ukay owners claim to have obtained.

“Even if we are served, we will not stop pulling down the building as we are executing an executive order,” he said.

According to Ukay management, the building is not put up on a river but sits 10 metres from a canalised stream. The building manager, Veeral Shah, said they adhered to all the requirements  when putting up the building.

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Ukay Centre in Westlands, Nairobi county, is torn down as part of an exercise to reclaim restricted areas, August 10, 2018. /EZEKIEL AMING'A

Owners of the centre earlier asked the court to stop the destruction of the property worth Sh900 million.

Demolitions are taking place across the city as part of efforts by the government to save riparian land. About 4,000 buildings are earmarked for demolition in an operation to clear illegal structures from river banks in Nairobi.

The inter-agency team includes officials from Nema, Water Resources Authority, the Nairobi government, ministries of Environment and Public Works. It was formed to bring down structures that had encroached on wetland.


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The operation expected to take two months kicked off in Kileleshwa on August 6. A Java coffee house within the Shell petrol station and perimeter walls of several residential apartments in the upmarket estate were pulled down.

In a statement on August 6, NEMA said: “This activity will continue for facilities where the notices issues have lapsed and a cost to the proponents of these structures.”

It noted its mandate to ensure a “clean, healthy and sustainable environment for all”.On Thursday, President Uhuru Kenyatta told state agencies to prosecute officials found culpable of allocating riparian and public utility land to private developers.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko warned that all properties on road reserves, waterways or riparian land will be demolished.The county boss said no one will be spared in the crackdown which will include his property in Buruburu.

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NEMA: Cool kids can no longer drink at Charlies Bistro after Southend mall is demolished


If Charlies Bistro was your favorite hangout joint, start searching for another one.

Southend Mall on Langata Road which houses the popular entertainment spot, has been demolished as NEMA continues with crackdown on structures built on riparian land.

Kenyans on Twitter on Wednesday morning woke up to news it was being demolished and here are more photos being widely circulated on Twitter.

southend mall 3

southend mall 2

7 type of neighbors you are likely to meet in Nairobi’s flats and estates

The search for greener pastures has seen many Kenyans relocate to Nairobi and its surroundings, creating more neighborhoods.

The government even introduced the ‘Nyumba Kumi’ initiative to be able to handle the rise of insecurity due to increase in ‘majirani’.

With the increase in population emerges a rare breed of neighbors who are not only annoying and petty but a pain as well for their uncouth behavior.

Here are the types of neighbors you are likely to find.

1. Nosy

We all have seen that one neighbor who wants to know anything and everything that happens in your house. From who you are dating to what you ate last night. They will always seek to find out where do you buy your clothes, who is that booty call who checks into your house at midnight on those lazy Saturday nights etc.

One would be mistaken to think they are compiling a top secret, classified report to give it to the police.

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2. Stalkers

They are the kind of neighbors that stalk you wherever you go just to have some juicy information to share with other idle people who might be willing to listen to her. If they don’t do it physically, they create pseudo accounts to cyber stalk you.

She will befriend you on all social media platforms, come to your house uninvited and even try talking to you whether you want to or not.

3. Thieves

These are the kind of neighbors who have ‘mkono mrefu’ they never miss to see your new lingerie on the clothes line or a new pair of shoes and not grab them.

Problem comes in when you go and claim it as yours, they deny it so much even swearing with the names of their long dead ancestors.

4. Gossipers

Such neighbors are termed ‘BBC’ for their know it all attitude. They are better than CSI when it comes to investigating their neigbours. They have a PHD in not minding their business. Nothing seems to pass their ears.


They know who fathered who, who is dying, who killed who, where and when…It is lke they are always there when anything happens.

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5. Drama Queens

This are the worst type of neighbors one could ever come across always causing drama at the slightest provocation. Always arguing over who fetches water first, whose clothes line they will hoard, why were you staring at their husband and many other petty issues.

Such neighbors also love attention and will do anything including shouting and name calling just to look like the ‘boss’.

6. Dirty and Unkempt

NEMA should arrest such neighbors for their unhealthy behavior which puts everyone at risk of getting communicable diseases such a cholera.

So annoying are these neighbors that it requires some self control not to get into a confrontation with them, they throw waste anywhere, leave uncovered diapers all over, leave the communal sink littered with food leftovers thus blocking it in the process.

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7. Slay Queens

This neighbors are always idle, strutting along the corridors showcasing any thing new they might have bought including some cheap second hand dresses which leaves nothing to imagination.

They always have a mirror trying to re-pimp their make just in case the guy next door fails to notice them. Such neighbors pretend to be well versed when it comes to fashion when they actually know nothing at all.

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Hilda Gacheri Narrates How Her Pals Called Her a ‘Backward Witch’ For Carrying A Bag Made From Banana Fritters

The governments ban on plastic bags went into effect on Monday, 28th August and every Kenyan has been doing their best to find alternatives. Hilda Gacheri Bundi, a form 3 student at Materi Girls (Tunyai, Tharaka Nithi County) is one of those who’ve embraced the ban on plastic bags in a very positive way.

Obedience is a virtue and when her time to open school came, she had no alternative but to innovate since she couldn’t use plastic paper bags to carry her school shopping.

At her home in Keria village, Nkubu, they use improvised bags to carry yams. Dried banana leaves put together to make an environment friendly bag. In fact she had spent her morning making one after her mother left her to go to work.

By 3pm on opening day, she wasn’t ready yet. She was running late. She had no bag and getting one would cost her.

That is when Hilda thought to herself, why not try making the improvised banana fritters bag. This would save her the time of looking for a new one, and of course, money!

She came up with the simplest method ever that was environment friendly, and could not land her in trouble with the law.


This writer interviewed Hilda via phone, with the young lass narrating she had no idea who took her pictures that have since gone viral.

Her maths teacher, Mr. Solomon Kiguru who was earlier identified by humanitarian Ndungu Nyoro who had shared her pictures online, positively identified his student and assisted us in reaching out to her.

When talking to her about it, she sounded happy and had no regrets on rocking her ‘bag’.

“I love my environment” Hilda said during the phone interview, “I am happy that the plastic paper bags were banned because they do not decompose, ngombe zikikula hizo nylon papers sinagonjeka, so am happy that sahii hazitatumika tena”.

Adding, “When you throw away the banana fritters makeshift bag they can easily decompose and be used as manure.”

Hilda also narrated to us how her friends found it weird when they saw her carrying the bag.

“Waliniambia nitupe hiyo kitu ati nakaa mshamba,” Hilda explained, “Wengine pia waliniambia nakaa mchawi. But I took courage and defended the reason why I’m carrying it. I told them; ‘Don’t discourage me with my bag, let me carry it. It doesn’t matter! Ebu nikae mshamba but najua chenye nimebeba’.”

When asked whether she still has the bag, she said, “Yes I still have it. I will rock it again when we close school.”

Trying to inquire on how the teacher reacted when they saw her, Hilda said “Teacher mwenye alikua kwa gate, akaniuliza what I am carrying, Nikamwambia my shopping with my bag, akaniuliza,’hiyo ni bag?’ nikamwambia, yes. Akaniambia just get in if it’s your shopping. Then when I came here at school, they did not discourage me, they were like, you are so creative.”

“I am telling Kenyans to try this method because it is not only preserving our environment, but also bringing more value to our bananas.

After her pictures went viral on social media, Kenyans proposed that she be the next environment ambassador.

This was what everyone who saw the pictures wanted.

On September 5, 2017, she was visited by officials from NEMA and appointed ENVIRONMENT AMBASSADOR despite her pals calling her a ‘backward witch’ for carrying a bag made from banana fritters.

Here are some of her photos;






These memes and tweets about the plastic bag ban are hilarious

The governments ban on plastic bags went into effect on Monday, and KOT were on hand to provide memes and funny comments about it.

Here are hilarious tweets, pictures and memes about it. You can also post your meme or comment using the hashtag #plaaticbanKe.


plastic ban kenya

plastic ban pic 1 plasic ban pic