Akothee and Nelly Oaks enjoy ‘quality’ time in released sensual photos

There was a time that Akothee and her manager Nelly Oaks used to light up social media with their crazy lovers’ antics but that had stopped for some time.

Some curious fans were so concerned about Nelly’s whereabouts that they even asked the charismatic entertainer what had happened to him? Had they parted? Was he still her manager?

Akothee with Nelly Oaks
The two canoodling in the past

Before his disappearance, Oaks was actively involved in Akothee’s life and was present wherever she was, including the many times he had to accompany the star to her international tours.

Akothee had to reveal Oaks was missing in action because he was busy pursuing his Master’s degree following demands from fans who wanted to know what was up with her one-time manager.

Nelly Oaks with the singer in the past
Nelly Oaks with the singer in the past

Akothee being who she is didn’t miss the opportunity for publicity and quickly set about to use the fans’ interest in her missing manager for more mileage.

I have long legs! Akothee cheekily defends skirt she wore to parliament

In a series of images accessed by Classic105 on Akothee’s Instagram page, the mother of 5 shared photos of herself laying in bed with Oak in what seemed like a Weston Hotel room. She carefully teased her fans with carefully worded captions.

The first read, ‘Guess who is visiting ❤ Who has been stolen from? The goat has eaten the rug.’ The following picture was attached;

Akothee with Nelly Oaks
The singer with Nelly Oaks

Her next caption read, ‘Mwenda tezi na omo malizeni jamani,’

Akothee with Nelly Oaks
The singer with Nelly Oaks

It is not yet clear if their reunion is genuine and they are here to stay or not but one thing is for sure, the singer has sated the appetites of her fans to see the light-skinned brother.

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Akothee’s boyfriend throws money at her because he did not spend time with her (Video)

Akothee’s way of settling an argument with her manager turned boyfriend, Nelly Oaks is unique.

In a viral video, Akothee asked Nelly why he hasn’t spent time with her and he says, “I was busy working.”

Akothee fires back at him, “Give me the money then”

She said stretching her hand, “Put it here.”

Nelly Oaks takes out a huge bundle of cash and throws it at her saying, ” I was busy making money.”

Akothee responds, ” We exchange heartbreak with money.”

In a social media post, Akothee add, “Try it next time & I will carry your bank on my head you either spend time with me or show me the money period.”

She posted the video on her Facebook account with the caption,”We exchange heartbreaks with money,” she said.

Watch it here…

Diamond Platnumz’s ex wife is gifted this super expensive phone by a mystery man days after dumping millionaire husband

Well she is definitely a lucky woman because we know most Kenyan men would rather see their relationship fail or listen to their partner nagging for hours than remove a cent in their pockets to solve the argument.

If this isn’t goals, well, I don’t know what is.

Here are some comments her follows posted after watching the video.

Faith Cynthia: Kukaliwa chapo is realwah this made my nyt

Evans Othiambo: Unachocha wenzako…try these utakula mangumi then mzee aende kabisa na pesa zake

Sally Davis: Akotheeeee ,the boss’s,Zero Chills

Robin Ongeri: You can make a good nugging wife you should enroll in papa sirandula

Christina Wangare: I tried this, now am single at the moment

Ashly Muhalia: In Kenya it’s only Akothee who can do this and still have her way the rest of us lets just see on soap opera otherwise utawachwa single

Aswito Mc Nindo: Nimecheka yangu yote

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