Senator Isaac Mwauras wife opens up about enduring love story

Despite them being together for five years now, some people still believe money was what drew Nellius Mukami to nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura.

The power couple have a child together.

However, Mukami states that love and Mwaura’s affection is what saw her fall head over heels in love with the legislator.

Speaking in an interview with Massawe Jappani, Mukami said;

“My husband is very handsome and him having an albinism condition doesn’t mean he does not deserve a beautiful wife.”

“You can get people who are okay but they do not treat you well so, it is not about the looks and money.”

In 2017, Mukami and Mwaura were blessed with triplets but sadly they lost two of their babies.

Mukami says that the loss was the most challenging thing to ever happen to her and that it completely changed her life.

“I have become a different person after losing my two kids. I now have tough skin and a tough heart and it is something that is life time. Even when I introduce myself, I always say, I am a mother of three children and on my son’s birthday, I celebrate even those two that I lost.”

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