‘R.I.P my brother till we meet again’ Nazizi mourns her late brother Feroze

Celebrated female artiste Nazizi is still mourning her brother 12 years on after he passed away in an a road accident.

Feroz’s death saw CMB (Cash Money Brothers) – a group he had formed together with Prezzo – suffer a big setback.

In an exclusive interview, the Tension hitmaker revealed that that the day she was informed that her brother was no more has been the most painful moment to date.

“I was on tour with Wyre and was in the car coming from Holland to Germany. That phone call was the most painful thing I had to go through in my life.”

She took to social media to pen a touching message to her late brother, stating that the day he died remains to be one of the worst days of her life.

“16.12.06 still remains one of the worst days of my life … i don’t know how i have made it 12 yrs without you. I love you sooooo much and i miss the strength you gave me . R.I.P my brother till we meet again. R.I.P gates. #sad #alone.”

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Meet the Kenyan celebrities who’ve lost weight and look hot!

Weight loss is a very big milestone especially for individuals who have struggled with it.  To maintain the patience and discipline so as to see good results at the end is not easy, however, these individuals managed and are now quite happy with the whole process and they don’t regret a thing.

Below are some of the celebrities who lost weight drastically.

1. Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa is famously known as the CEO of executive still water and the daughter of Keroche Breweries C.E.O Tabitha Muigai. She struggled with weight loss for a while and once took to Instagram saying,

Nothing bad in life is permanent… Today i don’t even want to talk about my weight loss journey…. i want to address everyone who thinks whatever they are going through at the moment is permanent.

If your seated somewhere thinking you will never be successful, you will never be rich, you will never be your own boss, you will never be accepted, you will never get a job, you will never get married and have a family, you will never be beautiful, everyone will forever look down on you, you will never be confident…i want you to know it’s all in your thoughts, everything you ever wished for will come to be true, keep a positive mind and trust in God.”

This man proposed to his lady with NOT ONE but 6 rings!

She continues,

My life has been what it is today because of believing that it is possible and putting God first. I am sending hugs to everyone feeling low today and i always want you to remind yourself this”




2. Thomas Kwaka aka Big Ted

Big Ted’  said he won the weight loss battle through a Gastric bypass procedure. This is a non-invasive procedure that ‘reduces’ the size of your stomach


During his weight loss journey, he tried every trick in the book to lose weight; from juicing, high protein diets, crash diets to toiling in the gym in vain he isn’t 162 kg anymore and has drastically lost weight.

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3. Maureen Kunga

Maureen Kunga invested in her weight loss journey to a point where she went quite on social media but indeed came back with a bang.

She shared her weight loss journey with her fans on Instagram saying,

Making small, healthy choices makes the #journeytohealth so much easier! It’s a marathon – not a sprint (cliché though it may sound, it’s very true!!)

I know most people are thinking they’ll start in 2019. Me too! I’ll “turn it up” in 2019, or so I say (procrastination!!) 🙈 but what are you doing NOW? Even a small thing! Do something sustainable today. ALSO, my YouTube channel has some great healthy recipes, and is a great forum to discuss health and wellness!



4. Nazizi Hirji

She is a music legend in Kenya with her genre being reggae. She has also invested in her weight loss as she lost a lot of weight.

She still continues workout even after her weight loss as she took to Instagram to say,

No filter becoz thats wat happens wen u put in work…i want to know u story to help u loose weight…dm me you’re videos telling me how much u weigh and what your target weight is and i will help and advise u as much as i can..lets go fit fam


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Woman Crush Wednesday: Nazizi Hirji (Photos)

Nazizi Hirji became a household name in the local and East African music industry having begun her career with the famous Necessary Noize group before they split.

To date she is still just as loved and cherished by her fans and followers.

Nazizi went through major transformation to a slimmer look which she has also been sharing with her followers on her Instagram account and the likes just keep on coming.

Here some photos to appreciate our Woman Crush Wednesday of this week;






She also posted a photo with musician Wyre;

000000000000000000000000000nazizi n wyre

And captioned;

‘Got your back Wyre da lovechild
Necessary Noize since 2001.’

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Momo is bae! Men who marry chubby women smile more according to this study

Forget diets, forget working out and starving yourself. A new study suggest that men who are in relationships with chubby women tend to smile more.

The study further shows that chubby women  are better at dealing with problems than men who are in relationships with thin women. The regular Kenyan woman is chubby but the hype to lose weight and be skinny has been on the rise due to westernisation.

Extreme diets have led to health complications and even death.

The study also shows that thin women tend to be more reserved, more unfriendly and less expressive with their emotions.

The Argentinian newspaper Buevo Diario reports on the findings from the research conducted by Dr Filemón Alvarado and Dr Edgardo Morales at UNAM’s department of psychology.

According to their research, chubby women make their men ten times as happy as thin women. And we all know that happy people live longer. The study also indicated that chubby women are better at anticipating their partner’s needs.

But keeping fit isn’t bad. And Kenyan fitness experts such as Jane Mukami, who runs 21 Days Of Change, Chiki who has a show Dance with Chiki, Esther Dindi who runs Fit Sistaz and many other personal trainers, inspire us to be fit.

But going by this recent study,  maybe those few extra pounds aren’t fat – they’re love and tenderness! More and more celebrities are making the effort to lose weight  such as Big Ted who recently opened up about his struggle with weight before he lost 70 kgs from his initial 168 kgs.

Female musician Nazizi Hirji is also among local celebrities who have lost a drastic amount of weight over time bringing her sexy back. She went through a complete nutrition change and incorporated workouts .

Talia Oyando, Size 8 reborn, and Kalyeke Mumo have also been tagged along in this fitness journey  and we commend them for wanting to keep fit.

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Eight Pack Loading! Meet Nazizi’s Fit Kid (Photo)

Veteran singer and Reggae artist Nazizi seems to be enjoying her life with her handsome young son. The veteran singer has been on a weight loss journey that she has shared severally with her fans and followers, perhaps to inspire.


She has been updating her followers about her journey and it seems she has been going to the gym with her seven-year-old and the results are much more clear.

The weight loss has left the beautiful lady looking younger than her age and very beautiful. Her little boy seems to be also motivated with the effort his mother has maintained, that has seen her shed weight.


Nazizi posted a picture of her son showing off his six pack, waiting for the eight pack to emerge soon. At such a tender age, he is well on his way to a healthy lifestyle, and it turns out he does martial arts. Check out his picture below.


She captioned the picture saying:


“Raising a lion 8 pack loading …7 years old..wats ure excuse fitkids tafari firoz”

Check out reactions from fans:

Prezzo: 🔥 🔥 🔥

Bayley: Still can’t believe…….. Awesome mum greater role model

Mercy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥my nephew warrior prince is on 💯

WCW: Nazizi Hirji

Kenyan queen of hip-hop Nazizi Hirji has been in the music industry for quite a long time. From her days with the Group Necessary Noize with hit songs such as “Kenyan Gal, Kenyan Boy” and “Bless My Room”. Nazizi has been making the news over the last couple of months thanks to her amazing weight loss journey. We must admit that the mother of one does really look stunning.

Check out her amazing photos


Nazizi Hirji








Nazizi ditches her signature tomboy look on her birthday and she looks stunning

Nazizi Hirji decided to ditch her tomboy look for her birthday celebration Monday night and she totally killed it.

The queen of hiphop turned up in a short leopard print dress, heels and she even had some makeup.

Nazizi recently lost over 15kgs in her fitness journey and now looks amazing. Nazizi acknowleding missing her late brother Firoz every year she turned a year older. Here is her post and check out the photos

“its finally here 30th march the day mama had me!!! Im so blessed im trully thankfull for this day some people wont b with me today but i will turn up for yall!! my fam wish u were here! Firoz i Miss u every bday !

Doesn’t she look stunning? Happy birthday