The best dinner centerpieces to try this weekend

Centerpieces are important display at the table especially when hosting a dinner party.

Centrepieces can be made in various ways from flowers, candies or even candles.

Tokeo la picha la importance of a centerpiece

These ways include;

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are always lovely with a natural sweet scent. They also act as a source of happiness among people as they enjoy their meals.

Tokeo la picha la fresh flower centerpiece

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Fruit display

This includes the collection of different fruits and mixing them together in a tray or vessel. These types of centerpieces act as an appetite stimulator before the main meal.

Tokeo la picha la fruit display centerpiece

Paper pom poms

These can be made from used papers or even the card boards. You can cut them into small papers in different colors and put them in a clear glass jar to have that beautiful view of them. They can be displayed in different jar shapes and sizes of choice.

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You can have these from all types of flavors and sources. They can be homemade or bought depending on the occasion. They can also serve as a dessert before the main meal is served or refreshment drinks.


Candles are known to be a source of brightness where there is darkness. You can have them in many other colors of choice. It is best to be used in a romantic dinner with your spouse or partner.

Tokeo la picha la types of centerpiece

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Branches centerpiece

This gives a clear view of nature and how beautiful the branches can be. It is a sign of appreciation to the environment and trees in particular.

Picha inayohusiana

Butterfly decor

Butterflies have very beautiful colors on them hence can bring a nice view. They can be either the real flies or the animated in a jar. They can also be a source of entertainment while eating as you watch them play and fly in the jar.

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