Tips To Help Your Hair Grow

Many women dream of having long healthy, hair but not many are willing to do the work that is required to achieve this. Most of the things we do to our hair reduces the quality and stunts its growth.

Things like using too much heat while drying or flat ironing makes the hair weak. To have healthy hair there are things you need to do.

Drink water – We have been told time and again that water is good for our bodies, what they forget to say that it’s also good for the hair. It keeps it healthy and helps with the scalp. In addition to that use natural hair moisturizers like coconut oil, olive oil, and the purest Shea butter, do this as often as possible.

Deep Condition your hair – Deep conditioning treatment moisturizes and restores balance to your hair and should be done no longer than 3 weeks for 30-40 minutes. You can stay in the dryer however if you don’t just wrap your hair and sit under the sun for about an hour.

Trim and Dust your Ends – It’s important to trim your ends every month to achieve a certain balance. Alot of women don’t believe in trimming and dusting their hair but one thing you should note is that this is really important and scientifically proving that it improves hair growth.

Untangle your hair – Untangling your hair helps to reduce hair breakage, helps to manage your hair and also you will be able to comb through your hair easily, its best to untangle your hair in the showers using a wide tooth comb. Start from the outer part going in to reduce breakage.

Protective Hairstyle – There are a lot of hairstyles that are considered as protective asides from being protective this hairstyles also save time and money and are also low maintenance. Some of this hairstyles include big braids, crotchets, buns, human hair weaves and wigs. Weaves and wigs are especially used for growing out hair. However remember to treat your hair every three to four weeks.

Avoid Blow Drying – The tugging and excessive heat from blow drying can be very damaging to your hair, its better and safer to air dry your hair although its time consuming but it saves your hair from damaging and its less stressful.

Avoid highly chemical hair products – You work against your hair when you use products with very high chemicals, instead opt for simple and natural products like essential oils and Shea butter , olive oil, grape seed oil etc that would help nourish and balance your hair, helping it to grow health.

Wash your hair – Letting hair stay for long without washing it will not only allow dirt to build up but will also increase chances of dandruff and scab. This will in turn cause you to have irritated scalp and poor quality and weak hair. Wash your hair on the regular and condition it to keep it soft and easy to maintain.

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Different Styles For Natural Hair

Having natural hair can be alot of work sometimes because unlike a weave or relaxed hair, natural hair can cause you embarrassment as it doesn’t always stay in place especially if its texture is coarse.

With the use of different products, the maintenance of natural hair has become easier. From the good old coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, detanglers etc it’s possible to set a style and maintain it for a week or longer.

Here are some of the styles one can rock on natural hair.

Afro Twist – Photo/ Virginrootsbraids
Twistouts – Photo/thestylenewsnetwork
Solange – Photo/Pinisterest
Rolling Mohawk – Photo/Bellanaija
Bun – Photo/pretty-hairstyles
Rihanna – Bantu knots Photo/lovebscott
box braids
Box Braids – Photo/naturalhaircarenews









Raila says Fidel did not die a natural death

Cord leader Raila Odinga has told mourners in Kisumu that his son Fidel did not die a natural death.

Speaking during Fidel’s requiem mass at the Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground in Kisumu on Friday, Raila said his son did not show any signs of ailments prior to his death.

“Fidel did not die a natural death. We are looking forward to a report on investigations into his death as promised by the Government yesterday (Thursday),” Raila said.

Without further elaboration, Raila said Fidel’s death may be the beginning of “something else and we must remain steadfast.”

“We know where we are coming from and where we are going. Let Fidel’s death not distract our agenda,” he said. He thanked all Kenyans for their condolence messages.

Homa Bay Town MP Opondo Kaluma, who monitored Fidel’s post mortem with lawyers James Orengo (Siaya Senator) and Tom Kajwang’ (Ruaraka) said “the examination which only revealed he suffered mild throat pain is an indication he may have been killed.”

ODM will dispatch a team of legal experts and medics to Germany to further probe Fidel’s death, Siaya Senator James Orengo said.

Orengo said the results of the autopsy done locally will also be dispatched.

“Luos were not imported to Kenya from other countries. Luos are also within the 42 tribes in Kenya and should be respected as well,” he said.

The mourners supported the need for a conclusive probe but heckled Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma who did not speak.

Fidel’s body arrived aboard a Kenya Air Force plane for the viewing held at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Grounds.

Members of the Kenya Rugby Football Club for which he was chairman carried his casket to a hearse amid tight security by regular and administration police.

Shops remained closed while hundreds walked and drove to join thousands others at the venue

– The Star