Natalie Tewa-Why I started going for therapy

Kenyan YouTuber, Natalie Tewa, has revealed that she has started attending therapy classes for her mental wellness.

The damsel says starting the therapy classes is something that she had been postponing for a while.

Speaking via her YouTube channel she shared,

I have been having therapy sessions. Today was my fourth session and I am loving it. I plan on putting it on my calendar. It’s nice to talk to someone and get a perspective you never had. Today is my last session for the month but I have been postponing it.”

2020 was not a rosy year for Natalie Tewa.

She took a 5-month social media break after she sued Edgar Obare for unlawful disclosure of her private data.

The disclosure led to massive cyberbullying on the beautiful content creator something that affected her mentally. She had also taken a break from shooting YouTube content.

I love creating content but lost my love for it because honestly not sure if it’s worth the negativity that comes with it. I miss creating content too but my peace is just more important. Got tired of being wrongly judged,” she said.

She became famous thanks to her nasty breakup with her now ex-boyfriend Rnaze.

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Women have for a long time been looked at as ‘weak’ but that narrative is being changed by a group of female bloggers and Vloggers in Kenya.

A wise man once said that when you empower a woman you empower the whole society and the women below are a true manifestation of that.

1. Natalie Tewa

The architectural engineer graduate has been running a Vlog which she shares information ranging from fitness, travel, hair and everything lifestyle.

2. Maxine Wabosha

This beautiful Kenyan vloger is known as one who has wanted to grow in the beauty industry and not only is she doing well, she is doing a great job at it, working with different brands and also different personalities.

Maxine Wabosha

3. Wahura Kabutha

The recent masters graduate with an interest in social media and content creating, Wahura is  doing it different creating funny life stories that make our rubs crack.


wahura kabutha

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4. Wanjiru Njiru

After quitting her full time job, the Sassy digital content creator and brand ambassador is breaking the internet with her fashion, life and style blog known as ‘Wanjiru Njiru’

wanjiru njiru5. Chebet Ronoh

The new comedian on the block is breaking the internet with her comedic vlog dubbed ‘The great day channel’ which focuses on the beautiful side of life – humor.chebet rono6. Joana Kinuthia

The sensational Joana chose to venture into vlogging and entrepreneurship after she quit her former job. She is running her own make up brand ‘Joana K cosmetics.’


joana kinuthia

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