Mwanaume kamili! Photos of Diamond supporting Tanasha in labor

Wasafi Boss Diamond Platinumz has turned a year older today.

The father of four also celebrates his birthday with his son with Tanasha Donna.

Diamond and Naseeb Abdul Junior share a birth date and it will be interesting to see if he pays tribute ot the young man months after Tanasha said in an interview that he doesn’t financially support their son.

Diamond has turned 31 years old while Naseeb turns a year.

Well, to celebrate the boss’s birthday, his mother Sandra has released exclusive photos of Diamond and Tanasha in hospital while she went to deliver.

‘Cheers to another year around the sun’ Maina Kageni wishes BFF Diamond Platnumz


According to the photos, seems like Diamond was present to give support to his then love of his life.

He spent his time together with Tanasha and a cake was brought to him in hospital.

Although the two now don’t see each other eye to eye, Diamond has proved he is a responsible man by supporting Tanasha in hospital.

Mama Dangote wrote;

Happy birthday tom kaka @naseeb.junior 🎂 Bibi anakupenda sana sana ❤❤”

Check out the photos;

Tanasha has not yet wished Diamond a happy birthday although the day is still well young.

Happy birthday Baba Lao.

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So cute! Tanasha Donna shows 10-month old son driving her car (video)

Tanasha Donna might have had a sad end to her relationship with her former man Diamond Platnumz. Their relationship ended earlier this year with the beautiful singer and former model accusing the Tanzanian of being a narcissist.

For keen watchers, the end of that relationship had been coming early on as Diamond kept on postponing the date of the wedding, a classic sign of second thoughts on his part.

Diamond with Tanasha
Diamond with Tanasha in the past

One might think that their affair was a waste but that wouldn’t be true as a beautiful son was brought forth from their liaison.

The blessing and the curse of dating Diamond Platnumz for Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha

That boy, Naseeb Junior who is nearly one year old, has been the bright spot in Tanasha’s year and the apple of her eye-the reason she goes so hard.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

In a recent video, Tanasha shared a video of her beautiful baby boy trying to control the staring wheel of a car that he was in.

In the short clip, Naseeb could be seen sitting on her mother’s lap as she drove her car at an unidentified location. The boy was clearly enjoying himself and the other passengers in the car could be heard laughing out loud.

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Naseeb Junior doing whaaat?

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Naseeb recently clocked 10 months old and his growth continues to show how much he resembles his father, Diamond Platnumz.

Tanasha doesn’t leave her boy behind when she travels, taking her along with him showing how much she loves the baby. A few weeks ago the “Gere” singer was in the coastal region with the boy as she unwinded.

Tanasha Donna with her son
Miss Donna with her son

Tanasha has previously said that she does not get any monetary assistance from her baby daddy and takes care of her son on her own.

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Learn from Naseeb Junior how to slay like a celeb kid

Naseeb Junior is son to celebrity couple Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna.

He became famous even before he was born and on 2nd of October 2019, he became an Instagram sensation.

This was because he has celebrities parents and he shares the same birth date as his music mogul dad, Diamond.

Esma, Diamond sister revealed that the child was so good that they had to name him twice, so his real name is Naseeb Naseeb.

He is brother to other celebrity kids like Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan who are Zari Hassan kids.

He is also brother to Dylan Abdul who is Hamisa Mobetto’s son.

Young and boujee! Celebrity kids born in 2019

Naseeb is the four son to Diamond Platnumz but the firstborn to Tanasha.

With over a hundred followers on Instagram, Naseeb Junior has managed to win over people’s hearst.

Check him out;