STRONG MAN! Diamond Platnumz Shuts Down Nairobi Despite Mourning Death Of Zari’s Baby Daddy Ivan Don (PHOTOS)

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz thrilled his Kenyan fans over the weekend at the Carnivore grounds with his hit songs, where he performed with his band.

Naseeb Abdul Juma has been in the country despite the tough time the family is going through after the passing of Zari’s ex-husband and baby daddy Ivan Semwanga.

The Rich Gang leader prior to his death was admitted to a Pretoria hospital for days after suffering a heart attack, before he breathed his last on Thursday, May 26, leaving behind three sons, Raphael, Pinto, and Quincy.


Ivan  Don died at the age of 40 years, and the children were under his custody before his sudden death, making it harder for them since they were living with him in South Africa.

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Zari has been going through a very tough time, but her husband has been by her side the whole time. Even despite the sad situation, Diamond still showed up for his show in Nairobi, revealing that he couldn’t cancel it since it had been planned for a very long time.


Chibu Dangote also confirmed that his wife Zari understood that he had to work, even though things were hard on her side. Ivan’s body is already in his village in Uganda before his burial on Tuesday, May 30.

Diamond Platnumz showed a lot of courage and strength during his mega performance, giving an electric performance as he always does on his other shows.

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Some of his popular hit songs that he sang included: Salome, Utanipenda, Number One, Bado, Marry Me, Mbagala and more.

Check out some of the photos from the concert below as Diamond Platnumz does what he does best.




Rich And Proud! Diamond Platnumz Boasts Of How He Doesn’t Need TV And Radio For His Musical Success

The same media that made him famous for his Bongo flava music, is the same that Diamond Platnumz has gone ahead to ditch.

Diamond Platnumz is the real definition of grass to grace and without a doubt, he is now one of the biggest names in Africa thanks to the media.

The multi-award winner during an interview with a Tanzanian based show said that he does not depend on radio and TV anymore to promote his music. What a brag!



Some DJs have already started going ham on the Number One hitmaker saying that they helped push his music when he was nothing.

But now that he has seen the limelight, the lad seems to have forgotten about the past.

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Nasib Abdul is one lad that has received a lot of support from the media especially when he was just an upcoming artist.

Remember the days he hit with his song Mbagala and Kamwambie?

Those were the days the Moyo Wangu singer knew nothing about the industry, then came fame and awards, then came his controversies with socialite wife and then this?


SWEET! 6 Photos That Prove Diamond Platnumz And Zari Are Still In Love Despite Paternity Wrangles Rumours

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz and his Ugandan girlfriend Zarinah Hassan are one of the cutest couples in the entertainment industry in Africa, and despite their age difference, they have managed to keep it going.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari hooked up at the end of 2014 after dumping his on and off girlfriend Wema Sepetu. Soon after dating for a few months the two love-birds revealed that they were expecting a child together, something that shocked many fans.

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Zari welcomed their first child together, a cuddly baby girl by the name Tiffah Dangote aka Princess Tiffah, a great moment for Diamond Platnumz who had always wanted children with ex Wema Sepetu, but sadly, she was infertile.



Even before Tiffah turned a yearold, it was revealed that Zari was pregnant again, something that didn’t go down well with the Number One hitmaker, who is said to have asked her to abort.

Later on, the two would reconcile after Zari stood her ground on keeping the pregnancy and in December 2016, she welcomed their first son, Prince Nillan and the lovebirds have never been happier.

A few days back the family traveled to Tanzania to celebrate the boy’s 40 days, at a lavish, colorful ceremony where their parents, family and close friends attended. It was also during this ceremony that they unveiled their son’s face to the world, for the first time.


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But even after all that celebration and proving to haters that they are still very much in love, there are claims from his home country that Diamond Platnumz’s mother is questioning Zari about the paternity of the children, but this just looks like rumours from people who just don’t want the couple to be happy.

How about I share a few photos that prove that this family is not going through any brawl, and how about haters just let them be because they seem very happy. Check them out below.