Okari shares first public photo of him and his new wife,It will melt your heart

NTV news anchor Dennis Okari has for the first time shared a photo of him and his new wife Naomi Joy in what seems to be a public acknowledgement.

For the longest time, Okari has not said anything about his new relationship to the church girl nor has he given an interview about his new life.

But in a bold move, Dennis Okari posted about his new life as a married man to the excitement of Netizens.

Differences between Okari’s wedding with Betty Kyallo and with Naomi

Dennis Okari

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Dennis and Naomi are currently enjoying their honeymoon  It is not clear where exactly but they jetted out of the country to an exotic location.

Today morning, Dennis posted a photo of him and Naomi looking all lovey dovey.

As if to put emphasis on his new status he went ahead and made the photo his profile picture.

You know how they say, a photo speaks a thousand words? Well, this one spoke volumes, unlike his past relationship Okari has kept his new relationship private.

But as you know Kenyans are better than FBI so they always find things out on their own.

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Similarities between Dennis Okari’s wedding and that of Nixon Korir

Dennis Okari and Langata MP Nixon Korir wedded over the weekend and it’s hard to ignore the similarities between the two weddings.

There are also major differences and here they are

1. They are both famous in their own right

Hate or love him Dennis Okari is a celebrity, the young and the old sing his name on the other hand Nixon is also a celeb.

In an interview on Viusasa, Lilian Muli when asked who the most handsome politician of the sitting August House, quickly said MP Nixon Korir.

“It has to be Korir, Lang’atta MP. I mean he is hot. from his dressing to his speech. Nixon Korir.”

That goes on to show that he is not just the guy next door.

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nixon k 1

2. Both weddings were invites only

There was no chance for gate crushing in both weddings thus it was invites only.

3.  Wedding was attended by the high and the mighty

Nixon’s wedding was attended by the creme de la creme of the Kenyan society. Among those who attended included DP William Ruto’s wife Rachel and their son Nick and Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett.

On the other hand Okari’s wedding was attended by his fellow journalists Ken Mijungu, Olive Burrows among others.

Also in attendance was Bonfire proprietors Sarah Kabu and Simon Kabu.

Differences between Okari’s wedding with Betty Kyallo and with Naomi

nixon k 2

There were two major differences between the two weddings and these are

-Nixon’s wedding was a garden wedding held at Karen Blixen Museum while Okari’s wedding was a church wedding held at Ridgeways Baptist Church.

-Okari has no kids with Naomi but Nixon has kids with Beryl Zoraima.

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Betty Kyallo flaunts her new bae days after Okaris wedding- Photos

Kenyans are still trying to come to  terms with Dennis Okari’s wedding that happened on 15th February 2019 leaving many ladies heartbroken.

Okari who was married to Betty Kyallo married the love of his life in an invite only wedding and going by Betty Kyallo’s recent posts its obvious she has moved on.

Many have been wondering if Betty Kyallo is dating and it seems like she is given that a few days after Okari’s wedding she has gone to Enashipai to ‘create memories’ with her new bae.

Taking to instagram she wrote

“Nothing much, just out here making memories on a Monday. ❤️

Betty Kyallo

Sharing another post she wrote

“Vile nacheka nikikulisha watu ma-block. 😊😊😊 Hata BK hapendi ujinga
Meanwhile @bountifulsafaris picha zile Moto moto Ziko wapi aisseee #Getaway ❤️”

Betty Kyallo

A source has revealed that she and her bae always visit Enashipai for weekend getaways.

“Yes, we have seen her there severally with a middle eastern man. This was as late as December last year,” our source confirmed.”

To give this information credence, Betty Kyallo posted a series of mini videos on her Insta-stories showing off the mystery man’s appendages.

The video shows off the man’s hands clasping Betty’s as they take a stroll in the well mowed lawns of Enashipai Resort. We also glimpse his hairy limbs exposed because he is clad in shorts.

In one video Betty also shows off her black romper and lets her fans know that she is in Naivasha.

Meanwhile, she has posted about love conquering all after getting trolled during Dennis Okari’s wedding to Naomi Joy.

She tweeted:

“Shining Star😉 Never Broken. Thanks for watching #WeekendWithBetty”

In a question-and-answer session with her Instagram followers, Betty said she has moved on and she is “happier”.

“No pain whatsoever, happy for him. Wish him the best and to everyone else who’s gone or going through the same thing, you’re human, life happens, move on and find your happiness,” Betty said.

Here are photos of her spending time with La Bae









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PHOTOS: How Dennis Okari’s post wedding party went down

On Friday, Dennis Okari walked down the aisle with his girlfriend Naomi Joy, at an invites-only event that was attended by the who-Is-who in the media industry.

The two love birds treated their guests to an exclusive party at the Windsor Golf and Country Club.

The NTV news anchor jumped the broom for the second time. This time with Naomi Joy.

Here are photos from the reception party at Windsor.

Differences between Okari’s wedding with Betty Kyallo and with Naomi

Dennis Okari is now officially married after saying ‘I Do’ to the love of his life Naomi Joy.

The two married in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and relatives.

Okari proposed to Naomi weeks ago, leaving many ladies heartbroken given that they have a soft spot for him.

Here are notable differences between Okari’s proposal to Betty Kyallo and to his new wife Naomi.

Dennis Okari finally weds his fiancee Naomi Joy Photos)

1. The second proposal was top secret not to be publicised
Okari proposed to Joy Naomi in a surprise dinner where only family and very close friends were invited.

His first proposal to TV queen Betty Kyallo was carried out during a holiday in Mombasa.

According to sources,

“Dennis took her to Mombasa. They went to south coast’s Swahili Beach Hotel. He informed everyone about it and for two days tourists were just staring at Betty.

He proposed at the poolside as a Maasai moran accompanied by two white twin girls carried the plate of roses surrounding the ring. It was mind blowing,” said our source.


Later the media reports indicate that the couple did gush about their engagement.

“I will not deny nor confirm this story but I will let you know soon,” Betty told a section of the media..

Dennis on the other hand hinted the possibility of the wedding but declined to give more details.

“We are still planning and we will let you know as soon as all is ready,” he said.

2. The traditional wedding went swimmingly without any drama

Okari’s traditional wedding in ukambani – Joy Naomi’s parents home – is said to have gone smoothly. No hitches at all.

That was not the case with Betty’s ruracio.

“When we started preparations for the traditional wedding, the cracks started to show. A week and a half to the ceremony, certain things about me were said by my partner’s family, and my family found out. They weren’t happy,” Betty narrated to True Love.


 “I needed to find out what time their entourage would arrive. But he did not pick up my call. I tired calling him again after an hour and once again it went unanswered.”

betty kyallo

Betty’s parents tried to contact Okari which saw their calls go unanswered too.

“At 3pm, when we tried to call again, all their phones were off. By the time the sun was going down, it was obvious that I had been stood up on my traditional wedding.”


3. Parents love the new fiancée

Going by the attendance at the engagement dinner, both Okari and Joy Naomi’s family seem to get along.

Again, this was the missing ingredient in Betty’s love life with Okari.

Everybody in her family wanted her to break up with Okari after what he had put her through.

Three years down the line, pregnant Betty Kyallo would then go back to Okari as she talked to him behind her family’s back.


The two agreed that when their daughter turned one year, they would do a second traditional wedding even though Betty felt that she was not being protected by Okari when it came to his family’s side.

This time round, the traditional wedding was attended by only ten people. Betty explained,

“We then decided that when Ivanna turned one, we would have the wedding,The second traditional wedding leading up to this day was attended by only 10 people.

My mum and dad were the only ones present from my from of the family. But ultimately, it was not the marriage ceremony I had dreamed of.”

4. The bride-to-be is sure of her decision

Joy Naomi was sure of her answer to Okari when she said, “Yes!” and hugged him tightly as the room burst out in cheers and ululation. The engagement dinner saw Okari get vulnerable and ask Joy:

“The answer that I will get today will be etched in my memories for as long as I live.
I will love you with all the wisdom that God will give me and not just to love you but also to love Him as well and to serve His people.”

As for Betty, she had doubts from day one. She didn’t want the wedding nor the marriage but because of the “power couple” image they had created for the public, she agreed.

Betty said in a past interview:

“I felt it was still very premature and we had no story to tell. I was just learning the ropes and the idea of getting married was also just settling in.

So I wasn’t sure if our story would have depth you can imagine being engaged at 23, what do you know?

But when you are in love, you easily get influenced by what your partner thinks and feels. And so Dennis managed to convince me to take the opportunity.”

We wish the happy couple the best in their impending nuptials

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Dennis Okari finally weds his fiancee Naomi Joy Photos)

Today Dennis Okari is walking his bride Naomi Joy down the aisle in an invite only wedding to the disappointment of many ladies.

Okari’s best Ken Mijungu man posted:

“Na suti tukavaa☺️”

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Dennis Okari and Ken Mijungu

DJ Mo was under house arrest on Valentine’s Day (Screenshot)

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu leaked the news by posting on his Instagram

He wrote:

“Attending my friend’s wedding. Join me in congratulating him. @dennisokari . #wedding.”

Okari’s fans reacted:

tkaruri: 😍😍congrats @dennisokari , wishing you joy and happiness in your marriage.

yvonne_kylan: @alaine_alaine14 toka hapa hata aitwe baba ivanna we don’t care 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂 😂 😂

peterndeleva: Congratulations Dennoh, tunakutambua. God bless you and yours big time🙏🙏🙏

umu_asya:Congratulations to the couple.

wairimu_musindi:I honestly love this guy..He deserves the best..Congratulations Dennis

anjleegadhvi:Congratulations dear @dennisokari 💖

Below is a video of the wedding


Below are photos from the wedding


‘I’m happy for him’ Betty Kyallo speaks out after Dennis Okari Moves on


Dennis Okari

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