Heartbreaking! Nanny Sets FIRE To Apartment KILLING Her Employer And Three Children After Stealing a Luxurious Watch

A mother and her three children have died after their 34-year-old babysitter intentionally set fire to the house.

The babysitter reportedly set fire to the house intentionally in Hangzhou City, China’s Zhejiang province on June 22.

The fire was on the 18th floor of a residence and burned for some 50 square metres.

The mother and her three children all died in the fire. They had been rescued from the building but died shortly later in hospital.

The oldest child was 11 and the youngest was six.


According to Shanghai Daily, the fire started around 5 am in the apartment which was located on the 18th floor of a residential complex.

Firefighters put out the blaze by 6.48am. The fire had burned over some 50 metres.

The mother’s brother tried to enter the premises, however, was pushed back by firefighters.

The babysitter survived the fire. She had been working for the family for a year. Last month she asked her employer if she could borrow 100,000 yuan as she wanted to buy a house.


It’s been reported that the babysitter set fire to the apartment on purpose.

Her husband said she was in good relations with the babysitter and she had once even borrowed money from her employer.

After being questioned by police, she admitted to having stolen watches and children’s bracelets from the house reports iFeng.

One watch was said to be worth 200,000 (Sh2.9 Million) -300,000 yuan (Sh4.5 Million). It is claimed that the woman stole the watch and some children’s bracelets and took them to a pawn shop.

Police say the babysitter is currently a suspect and has been detained.


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So Heartless! Nairobi House Help Arrested For KIDNAPPING Her Employer’s Son Then Trying To KILL Her With a Pesticide

Police have arrested a nanny who had abducted her employer’s 9-year-old son and tried to kill him.

The girl was identified as Jacinta Kanini kidnapped the child in Class Four student in Kariobangi South.

According to Buruburu OCPD, the 25-year-old house help took the child and boarded a taxi to laundry shop in Huruma where her boyfriend, Lucas Sirengo, 27, was.

The woman then asked the boyfriend to give her his house keys because she wanted to drop something there. Jacinta then locked the child inside the house and went buy a new SIM card, and registered it with an ID Card of one Batula Shariff.

“The suspect then sent a message to the child’s mother demanding a ransom of Sh 100,000, then warned her that if she reported to the police, she would kill her child, passenger,” said the OCPD to Nairobi News.


The scared mother then send her Sh 10,000 via M-Pesa to the number and pleaded Kanini to give her time to raise the rest of the cash.

It was at this time that the woman recalled that she had seen her housegirl with an ID that bared the name Batula Shariff, after sending the cash. She then alerted police who started tracing the number.

The suspect then withdrew Sh 9,000 then bought a soda and a sachet of pesticide.

The lady made the boy drink the mixture then she took him to a matatu stage, where she helped the kid board a bus and told the tout to drop him at the Eastleigh Moi Airbase.

It’s a Cruel World! Househelp Caught Breastfeeding Her Employer’s Child

“On reaching the stage and being passenger remaining on the vehicle, the conductor became hesitant and asked the boy, who appeared weak if he had the mobile number of his parents. The boy gave him the contacts of the father,” added Mr Maiyek.

The father was with the police at that time, then went to Eastleigh and found the boy with the conductor then rushed him to the hospital.

The police then traced the nanny who was found at a pastor’s house in Huruma where they arrested her, with two mobile phones, two identity cards, Confidor pesticide and Sh 5,000.

She will be charged with abduction and attempted murder.

Nanny arrested for beating a 2 year old boy

A woman named Cristina Ceril, 33, installed a secret camera at the family home in Argentina, and linked it to her smartphone after discovering a series of bruises on the youngster.

Neighbours had warned them that the two-year-old and his 10-year-old sibling were often screaming and in tears on most days when they were alone with the nanny.

The cameras captured a footage of the nanny harassing a 2year old boy, and later on goes to steal his food and eat it.

The woman was arrested and will be charged. 


Zimbabwe nanny jailed for murder after stuffing baby in drawer

A Zimbabwean nanny was jailed for 22 years for the murder of a 10-month-old baby she stuffed into a drawer “for crying too much” before she settled down to watch TV.

Violet Moyo, 22, was sentenced on Thursday after being found guilty of murder over what the judge said was a “very cruel and brutal” death, the state-run Chronicle newspaper reported.

Moyo, from Zimbabwe’s second city of Bulawayo, was left in charge of the baby boy while the parents went to work and had fed him and put him to bed.

But the child woke up after five hours and started crying, the prosecution said.

Moyo tried in vain to calm the boy and in frustration she wrapped him in a blanket, stuffed him in a linen drawer and shut it while she went to watch a film on television.

She went to check on the child after three hours and found he was dead, the newspaper said Friday.

High court judge Lawrence Kamocha described the baby’s death as “very cruel and brutal”.

“Despite the baby’s distressed cry, you chose to ignore him and went to the lounge to watch a television movie which is quite clear you wanted to kill him,” Kamocha said.

Photo Credits : AFP

Mariah Carey’s Nanny reveals details of marital abuse

For years Mariah Carey has openly joked about her diva reputations proceeding her, but word has it that nothing has been funny about the singer’s inhumane antics for quite a long time now.

It has been reported that one  of Carey’s former nannies is suing her for underpaying and overworking her during the four months she spent taking care of her kids.

Mariah Carey is said to be worried that is the  lawsuit goes through, it will bring out more dirty linen about her household.

The household staff was privy to some of their nasty fights,at one time was seen  Mariah  throwing plates at Nick and calling him names right  in front of the kids.


Ugandan nanny to tried afresh

The house-help in Uganda who was shown brutally abusing a two year old baby on video is to be tried afresh in court after the Prosecutor said she had been tried in a wrong court.

According the Ugandan press, the prosecutor, Mike Chibita said the city hall court where the housemaid was tried did not have the powers to do so, therefore terming it as null and void.

Jolly Tumuhirwe the house maid had pleaded guilty to the offence of torture that was carried on Monday.

The suspect will now be expected to plead guilty or innocent on fresh charges at Buganda Road Chief Magistrate court where the case was transferred for the retrial.

“The trial is set to start afresh before another court as the earlier plea she entered was null and void,” said Chimbita

He said that the plea of guilt in the wrong court was also a nullity.

The House maid aged 22, pleaded guilty for torturing a baby of her boss in Uganda and asked for forgiveness from court. The toddlers parents parents and everyone who watched the video that went viral were astonished by her actions.

– The Star

Uganda’s ‘monster nanny’ speaks out

Jolly Tumuhiirwe, a Ugandan nanny who has been dubbed the ‘monster maid’, has spoken out about the events around the tragic beating of the child she was supposed to take care of, 18-month-old Arnella.

On being arrested, Jolly said that she had also been beaten but was quick to add that Arnella was lucky, “she did not bleed, but I bled”. Jolly was holding up a blood soaked T-shirt she was wearing at the time of the beating, and marks sustained from the caning on her back.