So Disturbing! Nairobi Mother Exposes An Abusive Househelp Torturing Her Toddler (Video)

A Nairobi woman by the name, Mary Wanjiru recently shared a horrifying video that captured her then nanny torturing her one-year-old son.

The mother of one shared the heartbreaking video to QTV, revealing that she decided to put up the hidden nanny camera when she discovered her son kept crying a lot after they hired the new house girl.

To their dismay and shock, when the couple reviewed the surveillance camera, they found out that the woman had been abusing and neglecting their son, instead of naturing her, in their absence.

A screenshot of the footage captured by the nanny camera. PHOTO | COURTESY
The abusive nanny

According to Mary, the house help was from Nyeri and had been recommended by her aunt when she needed the services so that she can manage the house and stay with the child when she’s off to work.

The video shows the innocent baby falling from a sofa as she seeks attention from the nanny but instead of the lady consoling the young one, she goes ahead to beat her mercilessly and proceeds to eat his food. So sickening!

Watch the heart-wrenching video below, which Mary Wanjiru decided to share with fellow parents to make them aware of such atrocities from nannies they hire.