Check out mansions African celebs have built their parents- Photos

Its not everyday that people build their parents houses hence this is not just a ‘Kawaida thing’ .Here are houses celebrities have built their parents.

1.Reginah Daniels

She is an actress and the woman engaged to Nigerian billionare Ned Nwoko

She shared photos of the houses adding that was her way of gifting her mum.

Just a little thank you for mama🙏🙏  

image-2019-05-03 (5) (2)
House belonging to Reginah Daniels mum

image-2019-05-03 (6) (2)

Classy house belonging to Regina Daniel’s mum


The Tanzanian artiste gifted her mum a house in 2018.

The house Tanzanian artiste Nandy gifted her mum
The house Tanzanian artiste Nandy gifted her mum


The radio host cum Emcee built his mother a house despite being warned against it by elders in his community.

They said, as the firstborn son, If I build the house, an older man has to step in as my stepdad to give my mum permission and traditionally to take her to the new house so that it is not cursed.

Jalango's mums house
Jalango’s mums house

He adds

Me with my big head, I defied them. I found a good piece of land and built my mum a house. In the village, the neighbours were in shock because of that move.

The bemoaned my move saying I will be a corpse in due course.To date, I’m waiting [for the grim reaper].

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‘I was set to get married to Ruge before his death’ cries Nandy

Tanzanian artiste Nandy has confessed that she had a close relationship with businessman and media boss Ruge Mutahaba.

Ruge died in March this year leaving behind children he had had from a previous relationship.

In an interview with AYO TV, the Ninogeshe hit maker – confessed that she dated the media boss for three years

We did not put it out in the public because we did not want social media to dictate our lives.

However everyone else in the company and our parents knew we were dating.

We were trying to build our personal lives.

‘I will never forget,’ Njeri Kaberere on Kambua supporting her during difficult pregnancy 


Nandy continued,

He loved his family and he loved his children. He had no reason to have me meet the mothers to his children and that is why I never did.

We started living together after I finished building for my mum a house…Even then, we both had our privacy.

On being asked whether she still has messages she shared with Ruge, Nandy revealed,

I still have his messages on my phone because I do not know when I will get over the memories we created.

Ruge and I were to get married in March and we had planned everything including how many babies we wanted to have together.

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Vanessa Mdee to Ruby: Tanzanian female artists giving Kenyans a tough run

I was so tempted to use the line ‘forget the Wasafi crew members’ on my title but I am glad I have finally done so, ha!

Anyway, we all have come to know and most of all celebrate the WCB crew’s talent and their sudden rise. Their success has seen them take over East Africa and Africa at large and we can’t just ignore their influence.

However, let us not forget that there is a new crop of female Bongo artists who are slowly but surely giving Kenyan artists at large a run for their money.

This crop has picked from the foundation that the likes of Saida Karoli, Ray C and Lady JayDee laid decades ago and are already building stronger pillars for the next generations.

We take a look at these artists who are giving the likes of Avril, Akothee, Victoria Kimani, Fena Gitu and Wangechi a run for their money.


willy paul and Nandy (1)

The self proclaimed ‘African princess’ is already causing more than ripples in Kenyan entertainment scene with two songs, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Njiwa’ in collaboration with Willy Paul.



The petite talented singer is best known for her hit song, ‘Na Yule’ and my favorite ‘Ntande’ which she released five months ago.

She once openly confessed that she is Victoria Kimani’s number one fan when it comes to Kenyan artists.

Rosa Ree

The Tanzanian bad girl is a hip hop artist who’s flow can only be rivaled by our very own Khaligraph.

She has already made her name known in Kenyan scene with two songs which she has featured Timmy Tdat.

Queen Darleen

queen darleen

Many only know her as Diamond Platnumz half sister but her talent is undeniable.

Her ‘Kijuso’ jam which she featured Rayvanny controlled Kenya’s airwaves and her latest ‘Muhogo’ song has been well received.

Vanessa Mdee

vanessa mdee

He’s by far Tanzania’s musical queen who has been in the industry for almost a decade now.

She had been in the industry for a while but many Kenyans knew her after she released ‘Me and you’ featuring Ommy Dimpoz.

Aika (Navy Kenzo)

navy kenzo

Aika is the girlfriend to Nahreel and the two are the members of Navy Kenzo.

She has been slowly making major moves with every song the two touches turning into gold.

They are best known for their ‘Kamatia’ song but she has also done solo projects.

‘Nandy alitoa mimba ya Willy paul’ Ringtone at it again

Ringtone is on Willy Paul’s neck once again after photos of Willy Paul and Nandy getting cosy emerged.  The two have released some provocative photos.


Ringtone accused Willy Paul of using God’s name for the wrong reasons and to make money warning him not to play with the name of the lord. He also warned the ‘Njiwa’ hit maker that the gospel industry is not a money making market.

Adding that Willy Paul was incorporating his satanic signs in his so called gospel music.

Willy Paul and Nandy have a new jam dubbed ‘Halelluhjah’ that was released on Friday. But ringtone had something to say;

“Kwani hatutapumua😏😏😏@willy.paul.msafi umezunguka ukisema @officialnandy alitoa mimba yako na utapajika mara ya pili. SO HAPA NINI INAENDELEA?
Wewe @officialnandy umezunguka ukisema @willy.paul.msafi ni maskini anaishi kwa nyumba ya 2 bedroomed kwa gorofa chafu Syokimau. Eti hata haina lift unachokanga kupanda ngazi. Eti Willy amekuaribia jina kua unalala na wazee kenya na kulipwa penda ndogo. Please sort your issues kwanza msitaje jina la YESU ovyo ovyo🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️👨‍💻👨‍💻”

The song that had suggestive photos provoked the angry ringtone.

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Governor Joho kick starts his singing career in Ommy Dimpoz’ latest jam

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has made his debut as a musician in Ommy Dimpoz’ latest jam ‘Ni Wewe’ to the dismay of many.

The song is Ommy Dimpoz’ way of thanking his fans, family and friends but most of all “Our almighty Lord” who has protected him throughout his sickness.

Joho and Ommy Dimpoz are bossom buddies and it is easy to understand why he was willing to let his voice be used in the song.

In the introduction, Joho is heard introducing the song with the words

“Sultan 001”

‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries

Ommy Dimpoz

Ommy Dimpoz releases a gospel song after surviving three surgeries (Video)

Tanzanian damsel Nandy also recently released a jam ‘Hazipo’ and in the video she is seen wearing a cap branded with Joho’s name, something that left many speculating whether the two were dating.

She denied being in a relationship with the Sultan adding that

“All this rumor was because I wore a cap and even used a chopper written 001 in my new video.”

Nandy-and-Joho-696x387 (1)

Nandy revealed that she will be working closely with the Mombasa county boss on other upcoming projects.

“He is a person who loves bongo music and the he loves Tanzanian artistes and so we are there to support him as he supports us.”



Below is Ommy Dimpoz latest song and Nandy’s song


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Aww: Tanzanian artiste Nandy buys her parents a grand home (photos)

Tanzanian damsel Nandy has gifted her parents a home as a way of appreciating them ,this is a sweet gesture given most people forget their parents.

Its not everyday that people build their parents houses hence this is not just a ‘Kawaida thing’ ,Sharing the photos on instagram she penned on how happy she was.

Willy Paul with Nandy
Willy Paul with Nandy


“Nilikuwa na furaha sana wakati na shoot hii nyumba!!! So so so happy for 2018…🏠.. (I was so happy while shooting this house,so sos happy for 2018.”

Hatujaachana: DJ Kalonje denies claims he’s broken up with his wife


Below is a video of the house and to say the least we are impressed

View this post on Instagram

Mungu wangu na Baba yangu najua nakukosea sana kama binadamu na kama kijana ila nikipiga goti unajua namaanisha kutoka moyoni mwangu na unajua hakuna ninaye mtegemea zaidi yako… Asante kwakunipa uvumilivu, unyenyekevu, katika maisha yangu hasa kipindi hiki cha mwaka 2018!! Asante kwa hii zawadi ndogo ya wazazi wangu najua hii ni ndoto ya kila kijana mwenye kutafuta!!! Ni kila ndoto ya mwanadamu yoyote duniani kuona wazazi wake wako na furaha na ndiyo baraka zenyewe . Nashukuru media zote , blogs zote, ma producers wote, ma promoters wote, familia yangu ya THT, familia yangu ya clouds ,management yangu, Team yangu, marafiki zangu, Baba yangu wa kiroho Mtumishi MWAMPOSA , na mafans wangu wote ,bila kusahau na hatters wote kwa kunipa nguvuu na supports kwa namna moja au nyingine uwepo wenu ndio mafanikio yangu…….. Nili jipa nguvu kabla sijapewa Nilijipa moyo kabla sijapewa Nilijiamini kabla yakuaminika Nilijikubali kabla yakukubalika Popote ulipo kijana mwenye ndoto yoyote ile jua inawezekana ukiweka nia ukikubali mazuri na mabaya yote yakufikie sababu ni daraja na nguzo ya mafanikio yako bila kusahau MUNGU ndio kila kitu. Nawapenda HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE 👑 #DADAMWENYENYUMBA

A post shared by NANDY (@officialnandy) on



Bridget Achieng goes all n#ude during a maternity shoot (photos)

Nandy is loved by Kenyans for her collabo ‘Njiwa’ with our own Willy Paul ,the two are tight and have on a few occasions been photographed together setting

Her fans were impressed and many went on to congratulate her and below are the comments

fancy_8th:Congratulations nandy ……that is thanks your returning to your parents

paulrugata:Hongera sana Nandera,keep it up..mpanderehema:Nandy nimekupenda bureeeeee wazazi unawajal mmwaaaaaaa

zenambalaukwa:Hongera mwaya umejitahid sana

shahida8461:Big up nandy salute to u

platumz_diamond:You are de icon you rock it girl now hvyo ndivyoo baraka zitakazo mimi nikaa ndo maana auteterekii u rock it nandy👏

ashamaokola1914:Hongera nandy unatupa changamoto na wengine

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Willy Paul Reveals How He Managed To Land A Collaboration With Songstress Nandy

Willy Paul has found what he has been looking for after traveling all the way to Tanzania to find his love. He just released the video to his song, Njiwa featuring Nandy and he confessed she is all he ever wanted.

See, Willy Paul was given a list of various female artiste to collaborate with and all he wanted was Nandy. Mwanamme ni effort, he worked his way to a collaboration.

Willy Paul/ Instagram

He confessed he saw a lot in Nandy. From her looks to talent. Willy Paul went to Tanzania but never got the opportunity to see her because of their busy schedule. When Nandy came to Kenya for her media tour, Willy Paul said, not today satan and tried his luck one more time.

anakasauti flani hapo. she was the perfect one. niliona vitu vingi pia tusidanganyane ni mrembo. nilichukulia kuwa video itakuwa safi so urembo ulinivuta

Willy Paul

This time he was able to work with her in his studio and Njiwa was born.

Other than that, Willy Paul opened up to Lil Ommy saying he is yet to open a studio, Saldido records which he says will be the biggest in Kenya. He doesn’t want to compare himself with anyone but he knows he is going to give Kenya nothing but the best.

He will also be unveiling his signed artistes.

Willy Paul

Of course, the elephant in the room had to address. He sang Jigijigi that got a lot of attention, especially in Tanzania. According to Lil Ommy, Tanzania’s associate the word jigijigi with lungula. Seeing as Willy Paul is a gospel artiste, Tanzanians could not understand why he is singing about that.

Family Feud! Bahati’s daughter says she prefers Willy Paul’s music

He laughed explaining that it was all about the sweetness of a chewing gum that he could not pronounce when he was young and just that.

 Jigijigi nikiwa mdogo kulikuwa na big g so when nikiwa mdogo I couldn’t say so i used to say jigijigi. he put the flavor for creativity after the release two weeks later, he is trending talking of sex(jigijigi)

Willy Paul

Willy Paul’s greatest achievement in music is when he was trending just after Nicki Minaj after the release of I do featuring Alaine on Apple TV. The whole world thought Alaine was married.