Why Nandy ditched Diamond Platnumz’s WCB record label

Tanzanian singer Nandy is set to release an exclusive gospel EP this year. The single is also ready to make her own record label.

Speaking at a press conference last Friday, she said,

“Last year, I gifted fans with an album called African Princess. This year, I’m releasing a gospel-only EP.”


“I also thinking of a record label and it will only feature gospel artistes”

Nandy and Ommy Dimpoz get cosy in Mombasa

Nandy is known for secular songs. However, she has done a couple of gospel covers.

She confessed she was supposed to be signed by Diamond Paltnumz under WCB but went for a competition, in which she emerged among the finalists and was later taken in by Tanzanian House of Talent.

Nandy and Ommy Dimpoz get cosy in Mombasa

Nandy and Ommy Dimpoz are in Mombasa where they came to enjoy their new year’s eve. The Tanzanian artistes have however been seen in steamy photos that were posted by Ommy Dimpoz.

He shared the photos and simply wrote “Happy New year 😬❤️”

 These have stirred fans to talk on the Internet as Nandy is said to be dating a Tanzanian rapper by the name Billnass.
But with the confidence Dimpoz has, it is evident that this is a music video coming soon.
Check them out;

Nandy shockingly admits that she got pregnant with ex-lover

Tanzanian singer Nandy is one woman who has so many surprises hidden underneath that petite and very innocent looking exterior.

The singer has recently shocked many with the news that she once had a miscarriage! What! The songstress with the sensational vocal cords admitted that she was once pregnant and had a miscarriage soon afterwards.

Nandy in white
Nandy in white

And who impregnated the ‘Kiza Kinene’ singer? Her ex-lover Bill Nass. The songstress said that this happened while they still dating.

The singer revealed this interesting detail in a candid interview with Times FM. She explained that after she conceived, she suffered a miscarriage days later.

Nandy posing
Nandy posing

She also shocked audiences when she implied that Bill might have some part to play in her having the miscarriage. She said;

Well, I will not dwell on that but yes I was pregnant for him but I suffered a miscarriage. He brought me some medicines which I took and they led to my miscarriage. I was excited about the pregnancy and of course I was hurt when I had a miscarriage

But Nandy said that she had no ill-will towards Bill and that she had forgiven him. This revelation comes hot on the heels of news that she might have gotten back with her ex-lover Bill.

Nandy or Alaine? Willy Paul answers who he would date (Exclusive)

Earlier this year, Ruge Mutahaba one of the media greats in Tanzanian radio died. After his death, many were shocked when it emerged that Nandy and the media pioneer had been dating secretly for some time.

Ruge and Nandy
Ruge and Nandy

She even penned a heart-warming message for the departed Ruge and many might have wondered whether she had lost her one tur and great love? But it seems that she might just be moving on.

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Nandy or Alaine? Willy Paul answers who he would date (Exclusive)

Willy Paul is arguably the most famous musician in Kenya at the moment. The singer might also be making the most bank with his hit song with ‘Haleluyia’ that features Nandy.

Willy Paul with Nandy
Willy Paul with Nandy

We called the singer and asked him whether he had given Jalang’o Ksh. 400k for just meeting him? He said that it was true and that he wanted to appreciate a great MC, saying;

It’s good to appreciate an mc. He(the mc) is very important so that the crowd is on their toes. Jalang’o is someone who knows what he is doing. our emcees should be shown that they are worth it.

We asked him how he viewed himself at the moment considering that this had his greatest year so far in his career? He bragged that he knew he the biggest artiste in Kenya. He also refused to be drawn on the topic of whether he was a secular or gospel artiste saying that he was simply, an ‘artiste’.

Willy Paul with Vera Sidika
The singer with Vera Sidika

We also asked the actor when he was going to get married? He said;

Why should I get married?…Off course I need a woman but si wa kuoa kwanza. I  will take my time. Even if it is 30 years of dating.

We also asked the singer who he would date between Nandy and Alaine. His answer had us in stitches. He said that he would date ‘both’.

Willy Paul looking stylish
Willy Paul looking stylish

That is Willy Pozze for you, charismatic, controversial and unapologetic about it.

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What about Nandy? Fans concerned about Willy Paul flirting with Alaine

Willy Paul has been on a career-high this past couple of years. He is probably the best performing male solo artiste that we have at the moment.

Willy Paul in the mirror
Willy Paul in the mirror

The ‘Haleluiya’ star was recently with Jamaican female musician Alaine. She had been in the country to perform at the’ Tomorrow´s Leaders’ festival.

Alaine while she was in Kenya
Alaine while she was in Kenya

Willy posted a video with Alaine and one could see the joy and happiness that they had in each others presence. They giggled and smiled as they flirted on camera.

Willy-Paul-Alaine in 2017

In the video, Willy is seen gossiping to his followers in Kiswahili about Alaine, a language that she cannot understand and she tried to interject, curious about what the singer was saying. The hilarious exchange is below with Alaine’s responses in Italics;

This is your boy Willy Paul, Willy Pozze.

This is Alaine, Alaine, not Pozze.

Kuna watu hukuwa na kiherehere.

What you saying? Stop speaking Kiswahili.

I just said that you are a very lovely lady.

Oh, thank you. Is that true?

Na hata angejua namdanganya…wah!

Is that what he said? He didn´t say that!

Ai, sasa we unatakaje?

Alaine had had enough and decided that two could play the game and started speaking in pidgin, something that left Willy floating. He then reiterated that he ‘runs the game’ but Alaine didn’t comprehend what he was saying asking him to clarify?

Alaine in white
Alaine in white

Willy, the cheeky singer decided to say the words, ‘Nakupenda’ with Alaine saying immediately after, ‘Pia Pia ah huh.’ The two burst out laughing as they remember that they have just sung the chorus of Alaine’s famous collabo with Wyre.

Some of his followers were quick to comment about the video, some asking him about Nandy.

Willy Paul with Nandy
Willy Paul with Nandy

The two have been rumoured to be dating, something they have both denied. Some of the speculative comments from Kenyans are below;

doted_king; Na bado utaambia nandy ure just friends😂😂
esthertibim; But Alaine looks older to you. Nandy is perfekt Match for you 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
shantel_sabrina; Mtu ashikilie nandy asicomment apa aki😂😥😥🙌

What is it about Willy that makes his female collaborators go crazy about him?

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What spell has he cast on Nandy and Alaine that makes them go all gaga when they are with him? Or is just a wonderful PR specialist?