‘I would never sleep with Mwalimu King’angi’s wife even if she seduced me ‘ – Maina Kageni reacts to Asbel Kiprop’s viral video

The brotherhood code has been in existence since time in memorial but Kenyan athlete Asbel Kiprop has broken it and Maina Kageni is not amused.

Asbel was caught in a fix after a video of him groping a friends wife, who was  identified as Nancy Rotich. She is Asbel Kiprop’s pace setter’s wife.


Maina Kageni has pledged his loyalty to his co-host Mwalimu Kingangi, strongly stating that even if they stopped being friends, Maina would never sleep with Mwalimu’s wife Mwongeli.

“Are you telling me that if Kingangi’s wife came and seduced me I’d go there?That’s impossible even if we kosanad today I wouldn’t touch her because  I respect the relationship Mwalimu and I have had over the years.”

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Maina Kageni. photo credit:courtesy

Incase the worst happens and Mwalimu Kingangi’s wife decides to seduce Maina Kageni, here is what Kingangi would do, after all hakuna haja ya kuua mtu ulale jela.

“I will hand her to you together with the kids and everything else and go for a vacation to Madagascar.”

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Maina is a rare man given the fact that most men would easily jump at the idea of sleeping with their friends wives.

Hard as it may be to believe most men and women have at some point flirted with their friends partners or even went ahead and had intercourse with them.

So the next time be careful as to who you leave your wife or husband with after all sio kila mtu wa kuaminika.

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‘I used to think I am strong until I was seduced by my sister-in -law, I felt so bad after falling for her trap’ City man confesses (Audio)

Days ago a video showing Kenyan athlete Asbel Kiprop getting intimate with a friends wife went viral.

The leaked video shows the athlete groping and kissing Nancy Rotich Chepsiya in his car. She is also seen dancing and gyrating on the passenger’s seat to a vernacular song in a very s3xual manner.

The incident elicited debate with Classic 105’s Maina Kageni asking men why they would sleep with their buddies wife or girlfriends.

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‘I am pregnant and I don’t know whether it’s my bosses or my husbands baby’ City woman confesses

Here is what the listeners had to say

“Hao watu ni mafisi kila kona wanatukulia mpaka mabibi, brotherhood ilikufa kitambo.”

Another says

“These men keep talking about their wives and how good they are so sometimes we decide to test the water and see where all this goodness comes from.

On the other hand the women also open up to us on how their men are not satisfying them between the sheets.They will say ‘ooh mume wangu hawezi ,hua haniridhishi.

Every time the husband is away on work related duties is when you pass by and that’s when you create a rapport with her and after that she will open up on all the dirty secrets.”


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On being asked why he would entertain his friends wife and break the brotherhood code, he says

“Pale hakuna ukaka,ukaka ni sa zile tuko mi na yeye ,nkiwa na mke wake hata akinipigia simu ntainagalia tu na kujifanya siioni.”

An agitated male caller narrates how his best friend tried hitting on his woman, and as way of revengingf the caller went ahead to sleep with two of the suspects women.

Another listener let people shocked after admitting that he slept with his sister in law

“Men are weak when it comes to s#x, I used to think I am strong until I  was seduced by my sister in law,mind you she was 90kgs but I cannot even fathom how quickly I  carried her up and carried her to the bedroom.She was hot but I felt stupid after that.”


The woman who was later identified as Nancy Rotich was rushed to Eldoret Referral Hospital after she tried to commit suicide after the video went viral

Alleged posts by Asbel concerning the lady


Listen to more of the discussion in the audio below

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