Nana Owiti & Wahu speak candidly about being molested when they were both 9-years-old

King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti and Singer Wahu Kagwi have spoken about the heartrending topic of being molested at a young age.

During their narration, Nana said that she had been touched inappropriately by a cousin, when she was 9 years old.

She said that it was something that she will be starting therapy in order to heal and that she regretted not sharing the information with her late mother in “black and white”.

“There is this cousin that my mom really trusted and any time she will send food it will be this cousin to bring… so my mom trusted this man to share beds with me… So this man at night touches me inappropriately, and I knew it was wrong and I tell him to stop. I was in class 3, that’s around 9 years as well. So I ask him why are you doing this and he says si hata wewe unishike, then he told me ukiambia mama yako utaniona. Then we didn’t have a relationship with my mom growing up, because she was very strict, yaani she was just a cop.”

“So the next day, I don’t know how to tell my mother, but one day I got courage to tell her and I was like person ananichunachuna usiku. And she jokingly told him wewe kwanini unanichunia mtoto, usinichunie mtoto and that was it. And it was the same circle. I dint tell anyone up until I was pregnant with my son and that’s when I told King Kaka.”

“This is like a trauma I have carried for so many years and I was telling King as the year began I definitely need to see a therapist concerning this” said Nana.

On her part, Wahu disclosed that she was also molested by her cousin at the age of 9.

“This usually a very difficult conversation for me because it’s easier to heal from a physical wound, but an emotional wound, sometimes we don’t have tools to deal with my emotional wounds. So what happened used to happen is whenever I could remember it just takes me to a dark space.”

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“He was 19, I don’t want to go into details but he molested me and I knew it was a bad thing and I was 9. I was angry, felt violated and I was a kid. That moment stayed with me and it has stayed with me has something very painful… thankful when my mom came back I was crying …. but I got courage to share with my mom and she told my dad. Dad was very angry and he likes to talk things out but my brother who was like 16 said mimi sina time ya kuongea… he went beat his guy” said Wahu in part.

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“I said hi first” King Kaka’s wife Nana reveals in True and False quiz


Shooting your shot takes alot of motivation and that is a strategy that King Kaka’s wife Nana employed when approaching him.

She revealed to a curious fan that she chatted him first and encouraged girl to think about doing it rather than wait for the man to make a move.

She just went for it and it turned out great. She shared her incredible story of their encounter in a Q&A with fans below:

nana shot(1)
Nana Owiti

She has previously opened up about making the first move

“I made the first move on King Kaka, of course, he is the one who did the chasing, we met at a movie shop and I was like, hey sasa, unakaa poa. See where it landed me, I did not die. It’s all about shooting your shot. Ladies can do this as well” she revealed on Chat Spot.

My ex-boyfriend tied me up and kidnapped me-King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti reveals

But fans weren’t done with their curiosity about her relationship with the singer. Two naughty followers asked questions about twa twa, while another wanted to know if the singer has a side thing. Really guys?

Here are her smart answers.

king vajo(1)

Nana and King Kaka have been married for nana co wife(1)

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My ex-boyfriend tied me up and kidnapped me-King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti reveals

King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti normally has some of the most captivating stories among the celebrities that we have.

The mother of two has revealed that she was kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend in a club where she and her friend were having drinks.

This emerged during a conversation on Chatspot with fellow hosts Mwikali, Kush Tracey and Joyce Maina, about the worst break-up stories she had ever experienced.

Nana Owiti in purple
Nana Owiti in purple

Nana narrated that she was enjoying her drinks when her ex who was coincidentally at the club, asked her to meet him outside so that they could talk.

But when she went out, there was a car with its door wide open and before she could figure out what was happening, the guy grabbed her and carried her to the car despite her biting and resisting him.

“By the time nimetoka kuongea kuna wase wa nduthi hapo nje, there’s a car over there open nilibebwa kifudifudi nikaingizwa kwa gari, so I’m thinking what’s happening so I’m biting him he’s like unajua hauendi, nilipelekwa kwa hao nimefunganishwa kamba, like for real for real and then I’m like okay its 3 AM, I’ve drowned a whole bottle of wine, what do I do now?” narrated Nana.

Nana Owiti in yellow
Nana Owiti in yellow

After devising a plan, she hit him, ran away and hid somewhere else.

The crazy guy went ahead to tell the watchman that should he see a lady of a certain description, he should stop her because she has stolen sh 50,000.

“Nikamgonga halafu nikahepa and he’s athletic so nikaingia place ingine, kona fulani of course alifika hapo akaona theres no way huyo dem amefika pale so akachukua mawe anazirusha rusha mahali niko and I can’t make a sound. So this soldier comes kumbe ameenda kwa gate akasema ukiona dem amaevaa hivi jua ameiba 50k umshike,” added the mother of two.

Nana Owiti with King Kaka
Nana Owiti with King Kaka

After talking to the watchman who was ready to shoot her with his bow and arrow, he helped her find a phone and then called her friend who later picked her.

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Nana Owiti’s surprising response to nosy fan about step daughter


King Kaka shares a daughter with his first baby mama Sage Chemutai. The girl, Ayanna is cute for days.

In an interview with The Stars Word Is, the father of three who often dodges the question of whether he visits his child after Sage said in an interview she pays her daughter’s school fees alone, was put on the hot seat and responded to her allegations that

“I visit my daughter with Sage, and so we meet because you have to create time for your kids,” Kaka told Radio Jambo.

King Kaka also has two other children with wife Nana.

A fan recently asked Nana about the kind of relationship she has with her step daughter. Nana gave a very interesting answer that we can’t quite decide what it means.

Is it a cordial relationship or nah? During a QnA with fans, Nana answered that in the screenshot shared below:



Truth be told we have always been curious what kind of a bond they share because she never shares any pictures of information about it, thus our curiosity.

Here are key points one should know about a blended family:

Becoming a step-parent can be challenging and/or rewarding depending on how you look at it

It’s important to talk openly with your partner about your and their expectations regarding blending of families

It’s important to take one step at a time so that everyone has time to adjust

Over time, you can take on more of a parenting role if that’s what you, your partner and your stepchild want

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I will marry you and give you 12 kids! King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti told by fisherman

It seems that there are some men who still live in the past as far as romance comes. Their idea of charming a woman is telling them how many kids they will put in them!

And that’s not even the worst part, they tend to hugely exaggerate the number of children they will have with the targetted woman.

Nana Owiti
Nana Owiti

Does it even work? Clearly it might be working for some men as Nana Owiti recently found out. The curvy wife of popular rapper King Kaka recently was the subject of one fisherman’s desires, an experience that she heartily shared with her own fans.

During a visit to her shagz, she spent time in a simple wooden boat puddling by the shallow waters, with the help of the area fishermen and her aunt.

But the Kamba personality got more than she bargained for as was proportioned by a gutsy fisherman on River Tana. The Switch TV presenter narrated that a besotted young fisherman could not help but go crazy for her.

Nana Owiti in purple
Nana Owiti in purple

One of them even told her that he would marry her, take care of her, and grow a family of at least 12 children together. His bold confession was a change of pace for Nana who could only smile and be impressed with his confession.

My ex-boyfriend tied me up and kidnapped me-King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti reveals

She then explained to the man that as she was a married man, that would be impossible for her to do so but the man still had an answer for her telling her that she would leave him in the future. “…hiyo si shida. Si utamuacha tu.” the fisherman retorted.

Nana Owiti with King Kaka
Nana Owiti with King Kaka

A shaken Nana gasping, “Weeeeh!!! Huyu sijui ni disciple anatafta Ama watoto 😂😂😂😂”

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King Kaka’s wife Nana is torn over decision to have baby number three

Nana Owiti is making it clear that she is not getting a third born anytime soon with husband King Kaka.

She revealed this during a QnA segment on Instagram where she simply told her fans, ‘ask away’.


The mother of two said she is still haunted by the experience of giving birth and it will take a bit of time for her to recover from it. Joking that she will think about it in 2030.


To which she answered,

Jesus! I’m still tormented from the giving birth experience. Wacheni nisahau kidogo. Inshallah 2030 tutarevisise

Nana Owiti’s career path has taken shape ever since she was hired as a host on Switch TV, so she might want to leave in the moment for a while before thinking of being a mother again.

Last year, Kiss100 reached out to Nana after she signalled that she had been getting baby fever. She refuted the claims then saying she is actually done giving birth.

King Kaka was also having baby fever last year sharing alot of cute baby pictures and videos online.

When it comes to children, you just never know when they can decide to come by so Nana, never say never.

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I walked with dead fetus for 5 weeks-King Kaka’s wife, Nana reveals

King Kaka and his wife have been through the wringer as a couple. One of the worst experiences that they went through was losing a child to a miscarriage.

Nana Owiti, the rapper’s wife, revealed more details about this sad phase during an interview with NTV. Nana, who is a mother of two disclosed that she had been walking around with a dead fetus for 5 weeks.


She said sadly:

The doctor thought we needed to do another scan so he called the sonographer to the room. He said we lost the baby at seven weeks. I remember I just talked to my doctor because I wanted someone to listen.

Nana recalled the sad experience

This came as a shock to the beauty because at that moment she was supposed to be on her 12th week of pregnancy.

She added:

I remember I was invited to see my best friend’s baby but I could not go. I was not ready.

Nana explained that due to the stigma associated with miscarrying, the mother of two could not even tell her closest confidant about her pain.

She said that she spoke to her husband, King Kaka, about the loss.


She said her husband tried to keep his thoughts about the matter bottled up but she was successful in making him open up.

She said:

 We talked about it. I had to pull it out of him because men rarely talk about these things.

Nana Owiti
Nana Owiti

The couple now seems to have moved on from that dark period 5 years ago.


Nana Owiti on childhood – I would pluck leaves to use as a mattress

Nana Owiti, King Kaka’s very popular and inspiring wife, recently revealed details about the struggle she had growing up – stories that help encourage some of in this terrible economy!

In a series of posts seen by Classic105, the Switch TV presenter explained that her childhood was filled with many challenges from using leaves as a mattress, sleeping hungry, having no shoes or enough school uniforms.

“My eyes speak the language of sadness, of a girl who is holding on to life by a thread. My eyes are puffy, significant of the little hours of sleep I would get every day either because it was too cold, too hot, or because I had slept hungry. I would get lost in a world of thoughts wondering if we would ever break away from this cycle of poverty and become successful people one day” said Nana as she talked about a photo of her with her grandfather.

A TBT of Nana Owiti
A TBT of Nana Owiti with her grandfather

Nana explained that she desperately wanted shoes because of the hard terrain that would eat their soles. She added that most of the cracks on the women’s soles resembled ‘tributaries of a dried river’.

“My skin (Esp my legs) was cracked and had visible scales. I had no shoes. I remember now, how desperately I wanted shoes, because of how the terrain had badly ravaged the soles of my feet.” said Nana.

Nana Owiti posing
Nana Owiti posing

Nana said that her family survived through donor funding from a Non-Governemntal Organisation (NGO) even though most of the items the sponsors donated did not get to them.

Wedding bells! King Kaka proposes to long time girlfriend Nana Owiti

Ms. Nana added that she would quickly run home at the sound of thunder to pluck enough leaves so that they could find a place to sleep.

“This picture reminds me of how fast I ran home at the sound of thunder. Thunder meant rain. And if it rained before we plucked enough leaves from the trees to use as a mattress, then it meant we’d have no place to sleep” added Nana.

Nana Owiti with King Kaka, posing with their kids
Nana Owiti with King Kaka, posing with their kids

She finished off by speaking proudly about the grit she had shown in becoming the woman she is. Great for her.

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Adorable: King Kaka’s Wife Shares Photo Of Her 3 Month Old Son

The wife to King Kaka, the gorgeous Nana Owiti is one of the most popular celebrity wives in Kenya. She is known for her sexiness and undying support for her rapper husband. The couple now has two kids, a son and a daughter.

Their daughter is called Gweth Ombima. He also has a daughter with singer Sage called Ayanna Ombima.

Another Baby On The Way! King Kaka’s Baby Mama Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump (Photo)

Contrary to hating each other, King Kaka has ensured that the two women never fight. In fact, back in March 2017, he thanked them both for taking care of his kids well.

Just recently Nana took to Instagram to share a photo of her all grown son, Prince Iroma. Here’s the beautiful caption and photo she put out:


Happy 3Months Young King and Happy Holidays from #PrinceIroma and his fam😘😘😘
Ps: Am out here giving @kdee_creations a run for his money with these photography gimmicks lol.

Isn’t that adorable? Here’s what her fans had to say:

kdee_creations Yes yes we for it..
aliciaahawo Merry Xmas 🤴 iroma lots of ❤️
kelvis_solingamusic_ Cutest

King Kaka’s Wife Narrates How Hard It Was Breastfeeding Her First Born

King Kaka’s family is growing as they were recently blessed with a young prince, Iroma. They kept the news hush hush, until a few weeks ago when they posted photos of their maternity shoot on Instagram. The photos were breathtaking and Nana looked like a goddess, as always.

Nana Owiti

Well, being a mother is not an easy job and one is faced with challenges when trying to take care of the baby. Nana had her own fair share of struggles when she gave birth to her first born, Gweth.

King Kaka Bashed By Fans For Kissing His Daughter On The Mouth

She had challenges trying to breastfeed her because she was sick and it was quite a hustle. She even had a surgery after getting Mastitis, which is inflammation of the mammary gland in the breast or udder, typically due to bacterial infection via a damaged nipple or teat.

Nana Owiti 1

But with her newborn, things are different and he’s feeding well.

She said, “2.5wks later we are weighing 4.4Kgs! Our prince Iroma is a feeeeeder. We thank God. I didnt enjoy breastfeeding with Gweth because I got sick cause I didnt know how to properly latch her. I got mastitis and even had a surgery. Am glad I can properly do it right now.
Our journey continues. Iroma is a Luo name meaning ‘You Satisfy me’ I pray he lives up to his name.”

Check out photos of the little one:

Iroma 1

Iroma 2

Iroma 3