‘I am not sure if I want that blessing’ Wahu wittily responds to rumors she is expectant

Gospel artiste Wahu has come out to refute claims that she is heavy with child.
The mother of two stated that she has only added weight which is normal.
Speaking to Word Is,

“First of all, I want people to understand that I have added some weight and they should stop saying I am pregnant,”

Wahu with her daughters Tumiso and Nyakio
Wahu with her daughters Tumiso and Nyakio

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 Nameless had earlier on told Word Is that he is ready to be a dad again although he was coy to say if Wahu was pregnant.

“Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions,” he said.

Wahu also revealed that she is under pressure from friends to get a baby.

 “It will be nice to be pregnant but I am not. It will be a nice blessing however not sure if I want that blessing. Everyone is telling me they want a baby but you know, I am the carrier and therefore I have to wait and see because I am not sure if I want it,” she added.

‘I regret staying away from God’ Gospel singer Wahu

Gospel musician Wahu Kagwi was at one time angry with the church and stayed away from God.

Wahu was a popular secular artiste before switching to gospel.

In an interview with Classic 105, she said;

wahu k

“My regret is that I stayed away from God because I did feel I was angry with the church and I let that overtake my relationship with Christ. In terms of my journey, I have no regret. I knew it was God and even the award that I won, I could feel it was God’s doing. 

“I regret most living away from Christ and I have even told God about it. The reason I am saying that is because there are secular artistes who have a very tight relationship with God and that is their journey.”

wahu p

She has released a gospel hit that’s been well received by fans. The support for her gospel songs seems to be greater than her secular music.

“I’m grateful for the reception and there has been a lot of positive comment since I made my announcement that I was changing to gospel. I received a lot of support from the church and the gospel circle so I’m overwhelmed because the non-gospel artistes are also really supporting me which speaks a lot.”

Wahu says her secular songs were never explicit. “I was true to doing my singing, even as a secular artiste, and I don’t regret having done secular music because it was part of my journey.


“Even then, I did back-up music for gospel artistes although at the time, I felt there was a bit of a [lack of] authenticity because I could see some church leaders preaching wine and drinking water.

“I did see God’s favour because most of the things I achieved then were through His grace.

I did not write bad music because most were all about women empowerment and the like.”

Wahu is currently promoting her new song Nifanane Nawe.

“The song reminds people of the virtues that Christ has so they can also emulate [them]. I desire to be more like Christ,”

Nameless reveals the reason he is planning on buying a gun

David Mathenge alias Nameless is a role model to many not only for his dedication in creating good music, but also for him being a dad who is present in his children’s life.

Many might wonder how he juggles being a dad, husband and an artiste at the same time. In an Exclusive interview with Classic 105, Nameless opened up on what has made him the dad he is.

‘He looked terrified’ Women tell of embarrassing moments when their wigs fell off

On being asked if he feels the pressure he says

“Gun sijafikiria kabisa but I  am still debating on whether to buy one or not,I am feeling the pressure though. I have created room for communication with my kids such that we can talk about anything and everything.

Even when I am creating my music, I have to involve them so that I will know they are comfortable with whatever I am creating. Sometimes she comes home and she is like’dad there is this guy I like ‘ and that’s how open our conversations are.”

‘I prayed about it and worked hard for it’ top makeup artiste Muthoni Njomba on taking her son to Dubai for his birthday

Nameless is a father of two with his first born being 12 and the youngest being 5.
Celebrating his eldest daughter birthday he penned her this beautiful message

“My 1st princess turns 12 today!! Tumiso, You are beautiful, intelligent, fun living, kind hearted and hardworking.. You are an outstanding big sister and lovely daughter.!! So proud of you my sweet Love!! May Gods light and blessings continue shinning in your life and guide you every step of the way!!! Heyo Fam help me wish my first princess a HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY, !!! “

His youngest daughter also celebrated her birthday and here is Nameless’ message to her

“My 2nd princess turns 5 today!!!!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉 Kio you bring so much joy to all of us my sweetlove… You are a special soul. Fam as you know Aug is a birthday month in the Mathenges!! Help me wish chocolate pool a happy blessed birthday!!”

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Exclusive: Nameless and Atemi Oyungu set to launch first collabo ‘Romantic’. This is what you should now about the song

When two great minds come together, something amazing is about to happen and that is the case for Nameless and Atemi Oyungu.

The duo is set to launch their first collabo ‘Romantic’ which drops on Thursday, 20th September 2018 at 7:30pm.


A list of the worst public hospital scandals that have triggered outrage

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Nameless and Atemi stated that their latest project #InspiredByKenya was as a result of their love for this beautiful Country.

This has led them to create this hot video ‘Romantic’ which Kenyans can’t wait to listen to

“It’s a story of Kenyan romance and how Kenyan men don’t know much when it comes to that department.

I feel like romance in Africa is very different, even if you are going to romance me in an African way don’t justify yourself with the fact that you re providing for me.”

Atemi further argues that Kenyan men should pull up  their socks in the romance department. Expressing her shock after learning there is no Swahili word for romantic.

“I was looking for a word that is romance in Swahili and I could not find any.

I want my third album to be about romance but how can a song be about love when such words do not exist in our mother tongues?”


Exclusive: Wahu thinks it is bae, but Nameless hates it so much, see what it is.(Video)

On working with Nameless, Atemi says that as she was writing the lyrics Nameless is the only artiste who came to mind.

“As I wrote the lyrics he is the only one who came to mind, so I tabled my proposal and luckily he accepted.”

Nameless says

“When I looked at the proposal I accepted, when the idea was sent to me and after I listened to the lyrics I realized that I liked it. The beauty of this song is that it is something worth taking about and worth listening to.”

Below is a snippet of what to expect from this hot new video

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Exclusive: Wahu thinks it is bae, but Nameless hates it so much, see what it is.(Video)

You have probably heard people say ‘Avocado is bae’ but for local artiste Nameless it is not and it will never be bae and here is why.

During a recent interview with Classic 105, Nameless expressed his shock after learning that avocado is loved by almost every Kenyan with many calling it the avocado movement.

He said

“I  don’t like avocados, I did not even  know avocado is such a big deal. I used to see my wife enjoying it so much but I could not understand what the fuss was all about .

Till I went to social media and found every one saying avocado is bae.”

This is how Dj Stylez and his family are keeping his late sister’s memory alive


At  used to think she is weird till I  realized that it’s more like a movement. After seeing that everybody likes it I decided to give it a try but I did not find its taste appealing.”

Well Nameless is among the few whom do not love avocados.

Female artiste Atemi Oyungu avocado is actually bae and she cannot imagine life without avocado.

Her undoing is Nyamachoma with some avocado on the side with some fresh made Kachumbari, doesn’t this make you just salivate?

Listen to more on the video below

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‘Siwezi mind a baby boy’, is Nameless expecting third child? He responds

The couple have been blessed with two girls, Tumiso and Nyakio, and to show his love and appreciation to the mother of his kids, Nameless released a song for Wahu on their 13th anniversary.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Nameless said, “Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions.”

“Sometimes, pictures are taken and fans wanaona vitu zao and start suspecting she may be pregnant. Those pictures you see could be that she ‘ate’ a lot that day so her stomach was big. I am with her everyday but I have not realised, but I don’t mind another kid.”

‘Every man needs a woman like you’ Nameless shows his romantic side by releasing a love song for Wahu on their 13th wedding anniversary


Asked to confirm if she is pregnant or not, Nameless laughed and said:

“I don’t really know but I will talk to her and ask to confirm by myself. Being in the public, you know that you are the target for scandals. So we are careful with everything we do, especially because we have a family to protect. So we try balance and put family matters away from the media.”

On their 13th anniversary, Nameless released a song called I am good, a true manifestation that real love does exist.

“I had written the song sometime back, when in the studio. It was what I was feeling in my heart. I thought of how important family is although I did not have the pictures then, that is why I released it now.”

Nameless said he has celebrated their anniversaries differently over the years.

wahu nameless

“Sometimes we travel just me and her either out of the country or even just in the country. Other times we decide to stay at home with our girls,” he said.

“I remember there was a time I decided to take her to Arboretum, where we used to hang out when we were still in campus, just to remind her of where our love began.”

The song means a lot to the Mathenges, and that is why he included every member in it.

“We are so happy with our daughters and to me, that is what family is. So when doing the song, I decided to include them in the video.”


The couple is considered one of those without scandals, with no backlash from their social media.

“We know we have our own battles and we are not even perfect, but a lot of people are inspired by our marriage and so we have to be the best,” Nameless said.

“We see a lot of goodwill and people wishing us well, so even with our struggles at times, we consider the people who look up on us.”


‘We have been through so much together! Happy 13th anniversary babe’ Nameless celebrates Wahu on their wedding anniversary

When Nameless said ‘I Do’ to the love of his life Wahu Kagwi 13 years ago, he could not have envisioned how beautiful life with her would be.

The couple has been blessed with two girls Tumiso and Nyakio, and to show his love and  appreciation to the mother of his kids he has released a song for her.

‘Sharon Otieno was married’ Uncle to slain student sensationally claims

The song dubbed ‘I am good’ is a true manifestation that real love does exist.

Read the message Nameless wrote to celebrate Wahu.


“It’s been 13 years since this beautiful day, 10th Sept 2005, when I married the love of my life. It’s been a TRIIIIPPPP!!! ! We have been through so much together! We’ve loved passionately, we’ve fought, we’ve laughed and cried together, we’ve won and lost tegether! Yaaani we seen it all. And we still at it. Happy 13th anniversary babe! Love you to the moon and back! I celebrate this anniversary with this song , as a special dedication to my wife and 2 beautiful daughters! Through the ups and downs we’ve been through, AM GOOD as long as I’ve got you! 😊 #Amgood”

Here are photos to celebrate the couple 13 years on.






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‘Every man needs a woman like you’ Nameless shows his romantic side by releasing a love song for Wahu on their 13th wedding anniversary

It’s been 13 years since David Mathenge alias Nameless and Wahu tied the knot and the father of two has released a song just to celebrate his wife.

Dubbed ‘I am good’ the song is a confession from Nameless on the fact that even if everything was taken away from his life, he would still be good because he still has his girls – Wahu,Tumiso and Nyakio.

The lyrics of the song are so captivating that they would make even the coldest of hearts melt. Below is Mathenge’s message as he released the song.

“On September 10 2005 I married the love of my life.13 years and two beautiful children later, I celebrate this anniversary with this song, as a special dedication to my wife and kids! Through the ups and downs we’ve been through, AM GOOD as long as I’ve got you!”


‘I slept with all the 17 boys in my class’

Here are the lyrics of the song

“Even if they take all my money from my pockets take all my clothes from the closet, take my TV, radio and  computer from the socket. Even if they threw me out of my house and lock it.

Even if they break me down and throw me on the highway.Took all my days and left me not even Monday. Even if they left me down and hungry. Even if they took my house, bling, money, cars

I am good, I am good as long as I’ve got you


Every man needs a woman like you, a woman that’s real and a woman that’s true, the strength of a lioness and the beauty of a rose, who stands by him in the highs and the lows.

Hata wakiniwekelea na kunifungia jela ama kunifuta kazi na kunikazia hela,hata kama wananikazia na kunipatia presha even if they took my money, house,  cars,dreams, my jeans, my bling and my everything.

I am good as long as I have got You, I am good as long as you got me, I am good better than you ever knew as long as I am with you.”

Check out this latest jam below

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‘Happy Birthday Babe’ Wahu celebrates hubby Nameless on his birthday

A day after baby Nyakio turned five, Nameless is celebrating his birthday.

August is birthday month at the Mathenge household.

Early Last week, Wahu celebrated Tumiso as she celebrated her 12th birthday and just yesterday 9th, she celebrated her youngest daughter Nyakio as she turned 5.

Celebrating her husband, Wahu penned the sweet message below

“ITS MY HUSBANDS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
I’m sooooooo Happy and sooooooo grateful to God for bringing you this far @namelesskenya!!! Happy happy happy happy happy birthday babe. May God continue to bless you, guide you, keep you safe, and give you wisdom in all you do!! You are a wonderful man babe 😊😊😊😊 And wonderful people deserve wonderful things… (It’s no wonder you have me! 😁😁😁😁) I love you to the moon and back and you know it!!! Fam please help me celebrate this amazing Kenyan icon, most awesomest performer, super fantabulous dad, head of our home, and love of my life as he turns a year older today!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉”


Here is her message yesterday as she celebrated Tumiso’s 5th birthday.

“Guess who’s turning 5 today!!!! 💃💃💃
My Nyakio. You make us all so happy!!!! You are such an important part of The Mathenges… And you always make sure we don’t forget it 😁😁
We love you, we treasure you and we route for you always.
Today as you turn a year older, my continued prayer for you is that God reveals His purpose and plan for you even at an early age. That you will learn to walk with Him and to hear His voice.
I bless you my child, with every heavenly blessing. May your path always be straight. May favor surround you as a shield, and may you always dwell in the presence of the Almighty.
Fam, help me celebrate my sweet bananananana (as I love to call her) as she turns 5 years old today!! Surely God is good oh!!! 💃💃💃”


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‘Happy birthday my sweet love’ Wahu to daughter Tumiso as she turns 12

When gospel artiste Wahu released ‘Sweet Love’ a decade ago and she did not imagine that parenthood would turn out to be this sweet given that she was expectant

She was expectant with her first-born Tumiso, who just turned 12. Wahu has another daughter named Nyakio.

Otile Brown slams fan who accused him of using Juju to lure Vera Sidika

Gospel artiste Wahu with her daughter Tumiso

She celebrated her daughters birthday with this beautiful message

“I give God all the glory for this my baby girl who gave me the title of “Mama”, 12 years ago today. cannot believe how time has flown!!! Practically my height now and turning into a fine young lass. Happy happy birthday my Sweet Love.. may God continue to bless you, be a light unto your path, and may favor always follow you, in your going and coming. We love you to the Moon and back! Fam help me wish my baby girl a happy 12th birthday!


In an earlier post, Wahu had stated that she is loving the motherhood journey despite the fact that it can get confusing at times. She also took the opportunity to encourage other young mothers out there.

‘You are one of God’s most beautiful masterpieces’ Govi’s mum pens to him on his 18th birthday

She wrote

“It’s crazy how time flies….look at my child turning into a beautiful young lady. I’ve been loving this journey from day 1, and no matter how confusing it gets, I know that God’s got us.
To all young moms:


You’ve got this on lock down, in spite or despite your circumstances. That child didn’t come as a surprise to God. And from the minute God placed that baby in your womb, He gave you all you need to make sure that he/she succeeds in life. So trust your journey. And trust the Father. He’s got you!”

Wahu is married to secular artiste David Matheng’e alias Nameless and they are among the most celebrated celebrity couple in Kenya.

Here are bitrthday wishes from Wahu’s fans to her daughter Tumiso

sarahwambua.sw…Happy Birthday Tomiso

margaretndungu.nm…Happy birthday baby girl

esthertheequeen…Happy Birthday!

[email protected] …amen! Thank you

iam_the_real_champ…Happy Birthday to that Little but fast growing lass.

mwathakui…Happy birthday beautiful girl. Blessings

[email protected] …thanks dear! And thank you for all the guidance you offer her and the rest of the kids every Sunday. We always get to hear about her Sunday school lessons! God bless you mightily dear

_diane_deivan..Happy birthday Tumiso..more years baby girl

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It’s a mini-vacation! Nameless and Wahu in Watamu

Looks like showbiz couple Nameless and Wahu decided to hit the coast for a little vacation.

The two were also accompanied by their two beautiful daughters and looked to be enjoying themselves and having a ball.

Here are some photos one our favourite showbiz couples shared on Instagram.



Here is Wahu,singer and mother of two looking radiant and sunkissed.





But the photo that stole the show is of the couple cozying up to each other in the pool.


The Carters: Beyonce and Jay Z enjoy their time in Rome (Photos)

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Who is the fairest of them all! Celebrity dad’s and their beautiful daughters

A father is a daughters first love. to some, the only love.

There is nothing more beautiful than a father and a daughters bond amidst all the madness going on in the society.

Fathers are advised to be their daughter’s first love, to open doors for them, pull her seat and treat her with utmost respect. Set expectations on how a man should treat her lady and she will never settle for less than what you taught her.

Some celebrities have taken this lessons to heart and are clearly setting standards high as they bond and celebrate their daughters.

Here are celebrities with beautiful and amazing daughters.

  1. Jaguar

Starehe MP is not only lucky to be a father, but even more lucky to have two daughters. The mheshimiwa is never shy to celebrate his daughters’ big occasions, be it, birthdays or school functions.

Kigeugeu artiste and now MP for Starehe Jaguar with his daughters

2. DJ Moz

The gospel DJ is a father of three but has two exceptionally beautiful daughters whom he seems to adore going by his Instagram posts with the litto angels. The last born is a boy who is equally as handsome. DJ Moz’ daughters,  Zara and Alba are their dad’s treasure and be sure that he would shoot your toe if you tried hurting them.

DJ Moz is married to Deborah Kimathi.



3.  Bahati

Known to many as ‘mtoto wa mama’, Bahati can’t keep calm with the newest member of his family together with his wife Diana Marua. The couple welcomed their daughter, Heaven, into the world a few months ago. Heaven has a big sister, Mueni whom Bahati begot with Yvette Obura, a little over two years ago.


4. DJ Mo

‘Baba Wambo’ is not only proud dad but he is more proud with the blessings has brought to her family. DJ Mo is married to Size 8 reborn and this is their only child .


5. Octoppizo

He is a proud father of two beautiful daughters with two different women something he has no apologies for. The proud dad has been on several occasions been spotted spoiling his girls with some crazy outings and expensive shopping sprees.



6. Jose Chameleon

The Ugandan musician is blessed with five kids  and he boasts of two beautiful daughters among the five. The newest member of the Jose Chameleone clan is Princess Xara, who seems to be getting a lot of attention from her parents and her siblings.


6. Nameless

The ‘Sinzia’ hitmaker, is blessed not once but twice with two adorable daughters Tumiso and Nyakio. Nameless and Wahu enjoy the pleasures of parenting these two angels.


7. King Kaka

He is not only good when it comes to music but also when it comes to parenting and he is a proud dad who spends time with his kids.



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#IfikieWahu: Nameless tasked to explain who took a picture of him ironing his clothes

While most local artistes traveled to Eldoret, Nameless, Gidigidi, Nonini and Longombas were in Dallas, Texas to promote their music as well as meet their fans.
Veteran artiste nameless has been showering us with pictures of his time in Dallas.
He wrote

Fam.. If you in Dallas tonight make sure you go for this Kenyan throw back show featuring my brother @noninimgengetrue @gidiogidi and the logombaz… Mimi niko Hapa Houston so if you in town make your way to AVRY centre tonight…!!!

Nameless, who didn’t travel with Wahu was forced by circumstances to fetch an iron box and press his clothes. He posted the picture doing the chore that he captioned in his usual funny way.

“Hapa ndio being on Tour imenifikisha, hakuna bibi kukuorganizia hizi maneno… Hapa unajihumble na kujikumbusha bachelor days. #PIGAPASIBUDAAAA! #NamelessinHouston #wasagoodnight #juicepoolGeneral #mwanaumenikusurvive


Well, his fans want him to explain to his wife who took the picture;

Check out some comments;


mercy_brown1Tuanze na kuambia @wahukagwi Who took that fun picture lol

ibrah_the_soudyHukusomea boys skul nguo mtu huweka chini ya matress unalalia ukiamka ziko straight kama ruler

judemsella”Wewe kuisha,umejianika”

skg_godschosenWho took the pic???

[email protected] count this as a duty relieved off. Akirudi aendelee vivi [email protected] nimekusema

iam_tesh_merAliekupiga picha ni nani?







He is mine! Jua Cali’s wife warns lady attacking husband on social media

Genge artist Juacali found out what it is love after his wife defended him after an attack on social media by a woman who had nothing better to do

There has been an increase in social media bullying as people enjoy hiding behind a desktop and a keyboard making mean comments about other people without minding about their feelings.

According to Ghafla Jua cali’s wife Lilly Asigo found that someone was trying to dig out dirt about the love of her life and father to her kids and this did not seem to settle well with her thus she came out guns blazing.


Image result for photos of jua cali and his wife

The said attacker going by the mane Susan Nekesa  had posted the a photo of Jua kali and his fellow artistes Nameless and Vivian,but drawing attention to juakali by circling on his photo to highlight the target.


Lilly came out to give Nekesa the savage answer she was looking for ,here is what she wrote

Wro“First of all its JUACALI. Hiyo K yako ambia watu wenyu! Eti sijui anakaa aje, amevaa aje, he smiles less this days, nyenyenyenye..sijui akona watoto wangapi. Babako akiwatajia wale watoto anao, naona tuki mark register ya county!Hiyo isikujalishe. I’m I you? Are you me? Are we related? Shindwe! Watu washachoka na umbea ya tz mapema hivi 😂. Wale wanaongea mavi wengi wao hata boyfriend hawana 😄😄. Yale Mambo huyu KING wangu hunifanyia..(other than being a good father) No wonder ni yeye tu ana key. Rudisha kiherehere ulikotoa mscheeewww! Kama Sina shida na anavyo kaa, anachofanya, wewe ni nani tena?

On learning that his wife had defended him like the way KDF soldiers defend us from the Alshabab Jua cali could not hide his amazement and here is what Jua cali had to say

“Defence iko juu!!! Hapana leta mchezo!!!”

Not contented with the response Lilly showed haters the middle finger in a separate post.

Kenyan Celebrities Whose Fashion Sense You Should Emulate

Fashion is an ever evolving industry, unlike in the past where people were more conservative people are opening up to new changes in the fashion arena

In Kenya, we have seen great improvement especially by people who are considered as public figures or celebrities

Looking at them now one would be forgiven for thinking that they have always been this sharp in their fashion sense, however this is far from the truth as proven by the photos below;


1. Nameless

The talented musician has been in the music industry for more than a decade and with that time his music has greatly changed so has his fashion sense.

Nameless, who was fond of rocking a durag dropped it and decided to give people a glimpse of his dreadlocks and we are loving it.pcXcsqwy

2. Size 8

The Mateke singer has seen a great improvement in her fashion sense, from back then when she was a secular musician rocking skin showing attire to now where she simply rocks beautiful dresses properly for her new role as a wife and mother.https://www.photojoiner.net/image/yOvT7uek

3. Amani

Recently turned gospel musician is turning a new leaf not only in her singing but also in her fashion. Amani who is an eye candy has recently changed her wardrobe to a more conservative but decent look which is fitting well with her.

Amani is a true definition of beauty and brains and is a great role model to the girl child.


4. Tv show host  Kalyeke Mumo

There is nothing as sexy as a confident woman and Kalyeke Mumo seems to be rocking all the confidence after her major weight loss journey. Kalyeke who has worked really hard, has not shied away from revealing  her new body in figure hugging dresses away from the baggy clothes she was used to.


5. Akothee

The self proclaimed Boss lady has seen a major transformation in her fashion department. From the laid back girl from the village, Akothee has turned out to be a fine woman who leaves men drooling.

The mother of five, who is not shy to rock skin revealing attire boasts of a well toned body and that melanin pops, a true definition of African beauty.

Although her fashion statements leave people talking, on claims of being inappropriate as she is a mother, the mother of five never seems to give a hoot.


6. Nazizi

The sexy and talented rapper has seen a major transformation in the recent past, from the baggy t-shirts and baggy trousers Nazizi has now embraced beautiful dresses that embrace her curves.

Nazizi took a bold step to shed off the excess weight and she is ageing like fine wine.


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After 13 years of marriage, Wahu shares some relationship advice

Songbird Wahu and her husband Nameless got married in 2005 making it 13 years of marriage till date.

They are without a doubt the longest lasting celebrity couple in Kenya.

‘In the situation where my husband was unwell, I went on my knees,’ confesses Wahu

Love is a beautiful thing and hard to find at the same time. It involves two soul mates who are in love and stand by each other no matter the circumstances.


Like every couple, Wahu and Nameless have had their ups and downs but they’ve made sure that it doesn’t come between them.

“One of the challenges marriages face is the Disney and they lived happily ever after fairytale which is great but we don’t understand the happily ever after comes with work.”

Here are four relationship advice she shared.

1. Understand each other. Relationship requires work.

2.Respecting each other. Nobody is better than the other in the relationship.Focus on the strengths and not the weaknesses.

3.Talk to each other about your fears, your concerns together learn to be vulnerable with each other

4.Be sincere to each other on the challenges you are facing, where you both at.

Wahu also said that she sees her husband as a running mate for life who support and build each other.


“For me I look at marriage as this is a running mate for life am here to help you fulfill your dreams and your purpose what role can i then play how to i help you achieve your goals and not always getting into each other hair and vice versa his role is to help me achieve my goals the best version of myself.”

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E-sir’s death inspires road safety awareness campaign

Kenyan legend E-sir lost his life in a tragic road accident while he was returning from a concert in Nakuru and this was a sad moment for all Kenyans.

Many Kenyans can attest to having lost a loved one through road accidents, probably caused by speeding, drunk driving, poor roads and other ways.

Road accidents in Kenya happen almost daily and each and everyday we are reminded to drive safely in our roads but like we know, Kenyans are always in a hurry and impatient in the roads.

It has been 15years since E-sir’s death and he still remains in Kenyan’s heart and on 29th March, fellow musicians Nameless, Habib,Vivian and other celebrities came together to hold a road safety awareness campaign.

Nameless posted on social media the aim of the awareness.

Screenshot from 2018-03-29 08_43_16

“Discussing road safety on citizen Extra… We launching the Moss Moss road safety campaign in honor of the late Esir today… We will be at Machakos bus stop today talking to drivers and passengers heading on Easter travels to be safe… Blessup fam.”

Since Easter has just began it is important for people who are traveling to remember that ‘haraka haraka haina baraka’ so that they can get to their destination safely.

Screenshot from 2018-03-29 08_44_20

Safety on roads for pedestrians as well as for drivers is an important aspect in today’s life.

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‘We celebrate you forever E-sir’, Celebrities join fans in paying tribute 15 years on

Today marks 15 years since Kenya’s fastest rising artist Issah Mmmari aka E-Sir, lost his life in a tragic road accident on March 16, 2003.

Nameless has recounted his journey with the late E-sir, upto the time death took him away at a very young age.

He was on his way back to Nairobi from a concert at Afraha Stadium, Nakuru town, to help promote his debut album whose songs remain club bangers to-date. E-sir was an inspiration and a mentor to many and for that matter, the image of an evolving youth urban music culture.


‘I broke down when I learnt that E-sir was dead’ – Nameless recounts

Well, Nameless and other fans have taken it to their instagram page to pay tribute to the Legend E-sir .

kagwemungai …Long Live The Culture 🖤🙏✌️#Esir

dj_storm_the_great..Today marks 15 years since one of Kenya’s greatest rappers #ESir passed away. We honour his memory with best of his tacks back to time……..Join me at @mercurylounge_abc With @djburnradiokillah …..its gonna be lit……salute! @mwanaumenieffort

namelesskenya …It’s been 15 years Bro!!! We MISS you, we LOVE you we CELEBRATE you! #Esirforever #TheLEGEND #Brother #Genius #16March2003

boneye…#ESIR 20th May 1981-16th March 2003! #foreverinourhearts 🇰🇪

rigbyrodgers…My lyrical tongue twister. He was dope

Listen to the audio below;