Nameless reveals the one book that really helped his marriage (exclusive)

Nameless, real names, David Mathenge has lived a life that most would admire. The man has accomplished a lot; A great career, a loving wife and two beautiful daughters.

Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace
Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace

I recently spoke to the celebrity and he was very candid with me about his marriage. He and Wahu have a very close friendship with DJ Mo and Size 8; who have recently celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary. Like DJ Mo, I asked the ‘Nasinzia’ singer the best advice he had received regarding marriage and who had given him that advice?

Nameless, Wahu, DJ MO and Wahu
Nameless, Wahu, DJ MO and Wahu

His answer was fascinating with the singer saying that the advice came in the form of a book. At the time the couple was having issues and his brother-in-law called him to tell him to read a particular book, as he knew the struggles he was going through.

I had an emotional awakening and my brother-in-law told me to read the book, 7 habits of highly effective people. When i read it I was in a state of trying to search for what is my contribution to the issues in my marriage. My mindset at the time was like I was a mjuaji. But after reading the book I started looking at how I could improve myself in the marriage and not on the other person’s performance.

Wahu and Nameless with their daughters in the past
Wahu and Nameless with their daughters in the past

He added,

If you keep focusing on the other person and the other person focuses on you nothing changes. When your partner starts seeing you do that, they also want to replicate and it kind of spirals in a positive way. It was about increasing my emotional intelligence.

Nameless shares intimate and NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos of his wedding with Wahu

Clearly, it has worked as the couple recently celebrated their 14th marriage anniversary.

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Wahu hosts Bobi Wine to heartwarming dinner

When you’re the Mathenge’s, the seats at your dinner table may be filled with some very famous faces.

Gospel singer Wahu and hubby Nameless surprised fans by sharing pictures of a special dinner with Ugandan Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine thanked his hosts and said

@namelesskenya @wahukagwi thank you very much for hosting @nubianli and I to dinner the last time we were in Nairobi. Bless up.

Wahu shared the news on her Instagram writing

Was nice to have you over for a meal my good friend @bobiwine. Bless up bro! And more power to you! 

She also said

Was so good to reconnect after so long! My love to @barbiekyagulanyi and the kids! Keep the fire burning! Weve got your back

Bobi Wine made a secret stopover in Kenya, and faces a host of challenges as he seeks to unseat President Museveni in the 2021 general election.

The musician turned politician declared earlier in April this year that he will be challenging President Yoweri Museveni for the presidential seat in 2021 general elections.


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Nameless, Wyre and King Kaka grace Jua Cali’s 40th birthday mega bash(photos)

Paul Julius Nunda aka Jua Cali celebrated his 40th birthday in style this week. The veteran genge musician updated his followers on how his bash went down with images on his social media page.

Isaac Mwaura and Jua Cali’s wives reveal how women try to seduce their husbands

The party went down at the Blend Lounge located on Mombasa road. The photos he shared showed that the rapper still has a lot of clout and was able to pull a lot of A-listers to his celebration.

Jua Cali birthday bash
Photos from his bash

Some of those who attended were the likes of  Nameless, Wyre, Terence, Stivo Simple Boy and King Kaka.

Big shoutout to @thekingkaka for coming thru jana. Humbled mtu wangu hio thru pass to @stivosimpleboy ilikua 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Shukran sana @namelesskenya kwa kupitia jana usiku. Respect mtu wangu!!!!

King Kaka speaking at Jua Cali's birthday
King Kaka speaking at Jua Cali’s birthday
Nameless at Jua Cali's birthday bash
Nameless at Jua Cali’s birthday bash

But the one person whose message stood out on this lovely occasion was the rapper’s lovely wife, Lilly Asigo. She penned a sweet and heartwarming message for her husband writing;

It’s because of you I smile more this days, wear better wigs 😋, drive , I don’t pay rent, gained more weight 😂, I’m literally glowing. You give me everything I want and need and it gets better everyday. They say life begins at 40! Happy birthday my King @juacaligenge . Couldn’t wait until tomorrow 💖.

Lilly Asigo kissing her husband
Lilly Asigo kissing her husband
Jua Cali and his wife posing
Jua Cali and his wife posing

The couple has been blessed with 3 kids, Evans and Doreen and Abby.

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Nameless shares intimate and NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos of his wedding with Wahu

Nameless and Wahu are one of those couples that I have had the pleasure of seeing developing from youthful exuberance to the mature parents that they are today.

The couple is an example of growth that marriages experience as they age, the beauty of togetherness and the fruits that come from it, both in memories and children.

Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace
Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace

Nameless and Wahu have been blessed with two girls; Tumiso and Nyakio. The two popular superstars met in 1999 and got married in 2005.

‘I almost quit my marriage’ Nameless opens up on his marriage struggles

Their wedding was well-attended with the who is who of that time attending. From the likes of Mercy Myra, Sanaipei Tande, Wyre, Nazizi and her late brother Feroze.

Wahu and Nameless
Wahu and Nameless

The celebration was a buffet of joy and happiness at the commencement of a pairing that would produce such excellent stories and images for media and fans alike.

This week on the anniversary of that wedding day, Nameless decided to release previously unseen photos of the wedding. Check them out below;

Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day
Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day

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‘My best friend, lover’ Wahu tells Nameless on 14th wedding anniversary

Nameless and Wahu are one of the best examples of marriage bliss that we have in Kenya and at a time when the institution is under threat from sponsors, infidelity, and now wife-swappings!

The pair celebrated their 14-year anniversary in style and with the sweetest messages ever on their Instagram pages. Wahu spoke in glowing terms about her husband and how they had gone through a lot together.

Wahu and Nameless together
Wahu and Nameless together

Her post read;

It is our 14th wedding anniversary!!! Where did the time go! What can I say babe… We have laughed, cried, fought, made up, made money, lost money, agreed, disagreed and throughout this roller coaster called life. I have always known I can count on you. … my best friend, lover, ride or die. Thank you for loving me with all my imperfections. Here’s to 100 more!!! 🥂🥂

Nameless also spoke lovingly about Wahu, calling her his ride or die. The video he posted is below;

The posts inevitably received excited and animated responses from their followers who spoke in admiration of the marriage the two had. Their marriage has been blessed with two beautiful daughters; Tumiso and Nyakio.

Nameless with his two daughters
Nameless with his two daughters

The music power couple first met in 1998 at a campus event at Grand Regency. It was either a Miss University event or an award ceremony, Wahu can’t remember which exactly.

Forever 18: Wahu celebrates her ’18th’ birthday alongside hubby – Photos

Nameless explained in a previous interview that their first official date was on a Boxing Day with Wahu late for the date by a whole hour! After their meal they took a nice long walk across the city, talking and getting to know each other.

Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace
Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace

The two have had their ups and downs but have been able to weather all those storms with Nameless once admitting that there was a point he and his wife nearly parted ways! I know I am not the only one who is glad they stayed together.

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Maina Kageni speaks to Nameless and King Kaka about MCSK controversy

Maina Kageni interviewed Nameless and King Kaka about the issue of MCSK paying Kenyan musicians peanuts for all the work that they do.

He spoke to the host and revealed that he used the 2.5K he received to pay for a jet ski.

He also revealed that the situation was very frustrating for him noting that,

The solution is at the board level and that level of leadership is very important. I feel the leadership is lacking. People are refusing to work together. We need to be real as artistes and be honest. We need technocrats and only 3 musicians on the board. So that we get people who have the business savvy to get control of the situation. 

Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless
Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless

Maina asked if it was fair that established musicians were being paid the same amount as artistes no one knew about.

He replied,

We are supposed to be paid for the rotation but things aren’t like that. They are many artistes who will not be earning if they were paid just for the play that their music receives.

He’s A Cancer Survivor: The man Maina Kageni admires the most (EXCLUSIVE)

Nameless finished off by saying that he did not see the terrible situation changing anytime soon. Maina also spoke with the musician mirroring Nameless’ sentiment.

He told Maina,

We are been taken for a ride. Writing music is not easy and shooting music videos is very expensive. I feel that they are not transparent. There is no way that these guys only collected Ksh 37 million.

King Kaka
King Kaka

Maina interviewed Nameless and King Kaka about the issue of MCSK paying Kenyan musicians peanuts for all the work that they do.

King Kaka added that he was disappointed that the organisation’s administrative costs were estimated at between 60-70 % of what they collected!

He said the solution could come after they seat down with MCSK. Adding that, they could even disband the current MCSK and start another one of their own.

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Proud mother Wahu gushes about her daughter’s achievement

Wahu and her husband Nameless have been a positive influence in the lives of their two daughters and last week the public got to see it for themselves.

Her firstborn daughter Tumiso emerged top in a government-sponsored essay-writing competition about combating desertification.

Tumiso, Wahu's daughter
Tumiso, Wahu’s daughter

The competition was coordinated by the National Environment Management Authority and sponsored by the Environment ministry and Netfund.

The ministry awarded 12-year-old Tumiso with a trophy and a cash prize of Sh20,000 as Kenya marked the World Day to Combat Desertification in Makindu, Makueni county last week.

This has got Wahu brimming with pride and singing her daughter’s praises after the achievement. She told Word Is about her daughter’s win;

She entered an art competition for the environment and she won. She would also watch national geographical movies without anyone supervising when she was young, and she loves everything about conservation.

Nameless with his daughter Tumiso
Nameless with his daughter Tumiso

The gospel musician added that her daughter is self-driven and does not anyone to be told what to do. She said that the essay writing wasn’t the only thing that her daughter had been doing; Tumiso also takes part in tree-planting.

Wahu finished off by saying that they plan to open an account for her daughter and that the money Tumiso had won would be the first deposit in the account.

Wahu now
Wahu now

As far as I can glean from research, the name Tumiso has two meanings; 1. To God to be Praise, 2. Seriousness, thought, intuition, intent, and wisdom.

Considering how much stalk is put into finding a name for one’s child, I think the celeb couple got this one right.

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‘Your daughter needs your attention more than your money’ – Wahu tells fathers

Wahu has been blessed with possibly one of the best marriages in a day and age when the institution is under siege. The songstress has been married to singer Nameless for close to 14 years.

Their marriage has been blessed with two daughters; Nyakio Mathenge and Tumiso Nyakwea. So one has to take note when the secular-cum gospel musician speaks about raising kids.

Wahu and Nameless with their daughters in the past
Wahu and Nameless with their daughters in the past

She recently was a guest on Churchill Show that was filmed in Ngong and had some great advice for fathers raising kids. She noted that girls need attention more than a father’s money.

She said;

Fathers of girls, I want to tell you that your girl needs your attention more than she needs your money.

Wahu on Churchill Show
Wahu on Churchill Show

She further added that when fathers are present in their daughters’ lives it gives the girls confidence in the future. It also prevents the girls from looking to other men for attention, saying;

“…especially if you are raising teenagers. You may go out there to look for money, but spend more time with your girls so that they will not go out looking for attention from other men.

Nameless and his daughters Tumiso and Nyakio
Nameless and his daughters Tumiso and Nyakio

The singer also spoke about the way her late father raised her and praised him saying;

My dad gave me the attention I needed and I did not go out there to look for other kinds of male attention.

Wahu has had a firsthand seat in the way her husband Nameless raises her daughters, praised her husband for the way he has raised their daughters. She revealed;

Nameless is an amazing guy and I never see him as a celeb, I see him as Baba Tumiso who is very supportive in raising our girls.

Wahu describes her husband as a supportive father
Wahu describes her husband as a supportive father

According to numerous studies, daughters raised without father’s or with father’s who don’t take an active role in raising them are;

-Dadless Daughters Are More Likely to Become Se3ually Active Earlier.

-Daughters With Absent Fathers Struggle to Build and Maintain Relationships.

-Women With Absent Fathers Are More Likely to Have Eating Disorders.

-Fatherless Daughters Have Self-Esteem Issues.

-Daughters of Absent Fathers Are More Prone to Depression.

-Abandoned Daughters Are Susceptible to Addiction.

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Education trains you to be disciplined’, Nameless emphasize the need to have papers despite being talented(AUDIO)

For two decades now, music has been part of singer David Mathenge life, famously known as Nameless, to an extent we forget that he studied Architecture. He is a dad to two beautiful daughters too and a husband to songstress Wahu Kagwi

He is among the few educated singers in Kenya, and has always made a name for himself in the music industry more than in what he studied for at the University Of Nairobi.


Once in a while, he shares photos of himself in construction sites inspecting how work is flowing. One of the notable structures that can be attributed to Nameless is “The Hub Karen”, a massive structure in the leafy suburbs of Karen in Nairobi.

Well, during an exclusive interview with Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni, he emphasized that despite being talented like he is, one is required to have papers.
Maina congratulated him for setting a good example and finding it necessary to graduate despite getting money of his own through music while still in school.
“I think even when I talk to my daughter, I tell her that the things you are doing now will matter in time and will help you in terms of discipline and have a logic thinking. You can be a musician and still go through education so long as you have self discipline. This is what I was trained in campus. I even talked to my parents and they were happy because I was earning and the school fees would be paid through my earning, but they told me, so long as your studies are not interfered with, then we have no problem.”
He also talked about the opportunities he missed just to focus on his education.
“Sometimes I would be offered good money, but I would be doing my school projects so, I would opt not to do it after all, I will have all the time after school. The  principle I use in architecture is the same I use with music even now. Lucky for me is that they are both Arts and I followed my passion.
You know what Maina, entertainment is very erratic you can be big today, tomorrow you are gone. You can not predict about your brand, scandals you will have tomorrow hence the need to have your papers with you.”
Listen to the whole conversation below;

Nameless Reveals Wahu Doesn’t Have A Problem When Ladies Grind On Him On Stage

Nameless is by far one of the most energetic performers in the industry. When he hits the stage, you know its going to be fire.

Most times when he performs, he loves to call ladies on stage and they always grind on him.

Nameless and Wahu/ Instagram

Having been in a steady marriage for years, one would think that Wahu is definitely not ok with girls grinding on him, but that’s not the case.

In an interview with Mambo Mseto, Nameless explained that Wahu knows that when he’s on stage, he’s doing his job.

What has helped us as a couple is that we are both in the entertainment industry. Yeye mwenyewe akiwa kwa stage anajua ukiwa kwa stage uko kazini, mind yako iko kwa job kwa hivyo akiniona niko stage haezi kuwa na shida na venye naperform juu anajua hiyo time niko job si ati kuna vitu funny funny,” he told Mambo mseto.

Nameless/ Instagram

He also revealed that he explains to his daughter that what she sees in his music videos is pure acting because she’s older now and they need to explain it to her.

Yeye anajua hii ni acting hata mtoto wangu Tumiso lazima nimfundishe ni acting. Yeye amegrow up sasa ako 11 anaelewa hiyo ni acting. Its important watu wenye wako close to you waelewe the truth wanajua ni acting, ni performance.”

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Nameless Reveals His Parenting Secrets With Wahu On How They Raise Their Celebrity Kids

If you’re a Nameless fan, you know that he’s one of the best musicians that Kenya has ever produced in its history. The entertainer is also hubby to the gorgeous Wahu; they both are a power couple.

COMING HOME! Nameless And Wahu’s Beautiful Mansion Is Almost Complete (PHOTO)

They have two daughters by the names Tumiso and Nyakio. Just yesterday, a video surfaced of the two adorable kids singing along to Lady Leshurr, Queen Speech Ep 7.

It’s interesting to see what the two kids will go on to do, as most celebrity kids do what their parents do. Think of Willow Smith and Jaden Smith.

“I want them to pursue what they love and have a passion for. Whatever it will be,” Nameless tells me in an exclusive conversation.

Asking him about the relationship that he and Wahu have with the kids, Nameless had something special to say.

“It’s very interesting because you want to keep a close relationship so they don’t feel they need to hide anything from you but at the same time you have to make them respect you as a parent who knows what’s best for them. We are trying our best to prepare her for that vulnerable time,” he reveals.

‘Mwambie Aache Za Hizo!’ Nameless Is Left Pleading With Wahu Infront Of The Kids. Fans React

Nameless has recently been riding high with a string of releases, including “Inspire Me,” and “Oh My”, a patriotic song that has been receiving massive airplay.

Listen to the groovy song with a powerful message today:

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‘Mwambie Aache Za Hizo!’ Nameless Is Left Pleading With Wahu Infront Of The Kids. Fans React

Nameless and Wahu are Kenya’s popular celebrity couple. Of late they have been letting fans into their lives.

Now that Nameless is recovering after being hospitalised and Wahu has just released a new gospel song, Sifa, all seems to be going well for the Mathenges.

The singer took to social media to highlight his struggle when they plan to go out as a family.

Nameless wrote, “I had to take this selfie because it reminded me of when I was growing up and all us kids will be in the car and my Dad on the driver seat would be fuming and loosing it because my mum would always delay to come out of the house 😂😂😂.. Well here we are a generation later going through same thing… Atleast sisi tuko na social media to keep us busy as we wait for mama watoto !! 😎😎😉😉 #IGmanenoz #waitingforsaladpool #newgerationsameproblems #newgerationparents #burgerchocolatejuicepoolareready #pliznoticeburgerpoolstolemyhat #Amefundishwanamamake #Godlovesme #recoveringwell #beenallowedtodrive #hashtagsarebackagain #rememberingthegoodoldays #dadulijaribu.”


‘Oh Why?’ – Nameless Is Not Happy With His Wife After She Did This

Fans has their own hilarious take on the post. here are some of them.

Nzisa Kilonzi: My husband always complains that i take ages to get out of the house. Shida ni ile ile kila mahali. A woman has to make sure everything is in order before she steps out. I.e kuhakikisha pasi imezimwa, gas iko off, lights are off, milango imefungwa , tap imefungwa poa na pia kuzima tv. Eish wat wud u do without women.😂😂😂 so nyi kaeni hapo mngojee wahu.

Makena Kariuki: Can I double like.. Sometimes I have to get back from the car to go open the house and reconfirm the Pasi,the gas, the elec etc yet they were off.. This condition oh

Nesh Ta Nesh: And at last after hiyo hustle ya kuangalia hakuna socks juu ya tv… My lipstick still intact? Check… Then you shout. Coming out.

Carol Davis: Just when we are about to leave after waiting for mum her mgeni comes calling and just like that uhuru park gets cancelled.

Diana Kins: Lol I i rem my mum keeping us waiting and phewx here she comes after long wait and when dad is about to drive she goes like ,”Na nimezima pasi” in kyuk lol we would my siblings n I would scream fuuuuuuuu…..then we would rem it’s our parents and we would Malizia faaaaathi (pasi) yet we wanted to say fuuuuuuuck. Lol here I am I adopted same thing even taps gas and all.

Harrison Gachanjah: Saw hio ata bafo hajaoga na makeup Bado. Acha nikupee siri. If y’all have yo be somewhere at a specific time always tell her the time an hour earlier. Works perfect over here 😂😂😂.

Vinnie Mureithi advised Nameless, “Vunja kioo… worked for me. And when you replace, nunua kio ya skracha. She can only see one eyebrow in that one.. saves time.😆😆.”

Linah Greg: I love this hash tags so happy they are back na kumbe stealing ur clothes is getting serious aki.

Gladys Mogire: I love this couple, long live nameless u r my crush it’s only that am older

Leira Njau: Hahaha Kweli Hapo umegonga ndipo the same thing happens to me. They have to wait for me…

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‘Oh Why?’ – Nameless Is Not Happy With His Wife After She Did This

Nameless and his wife have always given couple goals. They’ve never shied away from flaunting their love on social media and we just can’t get enough.

Last month, Nameless was not in a good place after he fell ill and was rushed to the hospital where he was admitted after he started having intense migraines.


He later on explained after he was discharged that he was diagnosed with a life threatening condition called subarachnoid hemorrhage.

He explained, “I did a CT scan and was diagnosed with a life threatening situation called subarachnoid hemorrhage. This means some small blood vessels in the brain had ruptured and blood had leaked into the area between the brain and tissue and that was what was causing the intense headache.”

Nameless and wahu

Well, he is recovering quite well and his fans couldn’t be happier.

Nameless and his wife goof around a lot and today he decided to expose his wife. Well, she has been stealing his clothes and so he decided to expose her and asked his fans to tell her “hanifanyi poa, lol.

She was posing for a photo.. what she doesn’t know is i was taking evidence ndio niwaonyeshe… huyu was salad pool anachukuanga nguo zangu na kofia zangu all the time… that is my white top and that hat mnaijua ni yangu ..😠😠OH WHY?? mkimpata kwa njia mwambie hanifanyi poa!!😡.”he said.


Well, Wahu knows that two can play that game and she had the best response for her husband, who might not like this response.

She told him, “They say tit for tat is fair game… are welcome to wear my clothes too babe 🤗🤗😘.”

Couple Goals: Nameless And Wahu Celebrate Their 12th Wedding Anniversary

For a very long time, Wahu and Nameless have given us life with their marriage. They have always given young couples hope that marriage does work, even with the challenges that come it.

Blessed with two beautiful girls, Tumiso and Nyakio, the Mathenges are today celebrating 12 years in marriage. For all those who witnessed their wedding, you will bare witness that it feels like just yesterday. How time flies.


Even with all those years, they don’t seem to age a single bit. So what’s the secret? Only they can answer that.

Nameless has revealed before that when he writes songs, he’s always thinking of Wahu. Even his latest song, Inspire, his wife played a big role in making that song a beautiful song. Their love is truly admirable.

Nameless and Wahu

Well, Nameless took to social media to post their wedding photo, with the caption, “#12yearstoday ❤️😊 #myLioness.”

Happy anniversary Nameless and Wahu. You are an inspiration to many. Keep shining.



He’s The Real Deal: This Is The Place Nameless Proposed To Wahu

Nameless has always been open about his life, especially when it comes to his wife, Wahu. Having been married for years, Nameless has grown to love his wife even more and learned how to keep their marriage safeguarded and beautiful.

Nameless and Wahu

A while back, he spoke to us and revealed that when he writes a song, the woman that is in his head or he is writing to is by all means his wife. This is a guy whom many ladies out here wish they could have, but unfortunately his heart belongs to only one.

EXCLUSIVE: Nameless Reveals What He Does To Stay Happily Married And Lessons You Can Learn From Him

We all know he got married and some of us even got the opportunity to witness them exchanging their vows. But before the wedding, there must have been a proposal.

Well, Nameless revealed where he proposed to Wahu; a place that many would never have even thought about.


In an interview with a local TV station, Nameless revealed that he actually proposed to Wahu at Arboretum Gardens. Yes, the one place that is used as a social ground for weddings, chilling or just doing exercises.

Nameless Reveals The Craziest Thing A Fan Asked Him To Do

He said, “Arboretum is a very nice place by the way. Do you know I proposed to my wife in Arboretum? Mimi ni yule msee. We used to go to Arboretum when I was in campus. The reason I proposed to her at Arboretum was because it was more sentimental. Tulikuwa tunaenda huko tukiwa campo kuchill since its near main campus (UON).

Nameless Finally Introduces His Mother To The Inter-webs (Photo)

Nameless is an amazing Kenyan artiste who has grown tremendously over the years in the Kenyan music industry. His unique style and music composure is definitely something many of us truly admire. It’ll be fair to say he’s a legend and his name is respected in these streets.


He has an amazing family with his wife Wahu being a musician too. The two of them have been in the music industry for over ten years now and still doing their thing to date. Their beautiful daughters are a sight to behold and both parents never shy away from sharing their cute moments on social media.

TOO SWEET! Have You Seen How Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is All Grown Up? (PHOTOS)

But Nameless rarely shares photos of his family members although a while back he shared a photo of his sister. Well, he has finally introduced the woman he calls mum to social media. She is beautiful and doesnt even look a day over 60. Good genes perhaps? Maybe.

Check out the legend’s mom below;

nameless and mum

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Top 8 Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Make Marriage Seem Blissful And Merry (PHOTOS)

We are witnessing what could be the largest number of celebrity breakups affecting our favorites couples in the entertainement industry, however we must point out that there are those marriages that have stood the test of time.

The most recent celebrity breakup  is between comedian Dr Ofweneke and his fiancee, Nicah real name, Victoria Wanja after he confessed that they had broken up and were no longer together.

The female gospel singer then came out to reveal that they actually separated back in September 2016 when he walked out of the matrimonial home after beating her mercilessly, leaving her behind with two children, one from a previous relationship.


But that’s just one of the sad stories of relationships that don’t las. But that does not necessarily rule out the fact there are Kenyan celebrities who are managing just fine in their marriages and living the almost happily ever after life.

MARRIAGE IS TOUGH! Here Are 3 Things We’ve Learned From Dr Ofweneke’s Break Up With His Baby Mama Nicah

Here are some Kenyan celebrity couples that make marriage look so blissful and dazzling.

1. Wahu And Nameless
They have made it to the top of my list and I’m sure you all love them too. Wahu Kagwi and Nameless real name David Mathenge have been together for 11 years, and yes, they’re still going strong. They have been blessed with two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge and recently, Nameless revealed that he now wants a son.


2. Size 8 And DJ Mo
Gospel bigwigs Linet Munyali and her husband Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo are one of the most loved couples in the Kenyan music industry and we all know why. They are both down to earth and seem to be genuinely in love. They are blessed with a cute daughter Ladasha Belle who turned a year old in Nov.


3. Julie Gichuru and Anthony Gichuru
The popular media personality and her wealthy husband have been married for 16 years now and have 4 children together- 3 boys and one girl. Julie Gichuru always celebrates her marriage, showing off her man on social media despite several rumors that she was not happy in the marriage.


4. Reverend Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna
They are the most popular and celebrated church leaders in Kenya and when it comes to having a stable marriage, they indeed have an admirable one. The wealthy couple has three children, two girls, and one boy. Their first born daughter Vanessa Kovac walked down the aisle in 2015 and was later blessed with a cuddly daughter, making them first-time grandparents.


5. Bob Collymore and Wambui Kamiru
This couple is one of the most lovable in Kenya, not just because of their simple yet classy wedding but for their genuine love and affection for each other. The Safaricom CEO and the awesome artist met in the line of work and were both married before, with children from their previous partners.


6. Ababu Namwamba and Priscilla
This politician has been flaunted his wife on social media for the longest time, making those who are single turn green with envy, taking her on lavish trips and holidays. They are always proclaiming love for each other on the internet.


7. Chris Kirwa and Christine
This lovely couple is always celebrated for their unending love and support for each other, Chirs Kirwa and his wife Christine are inseparable despite being married for years. They are mentors for many celebrity couples and most of them look up to them for marriage advice and guidance.


8. Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Madubuko
Emmy Kosgei and her Nigerian husband have stood the taste of time despite being a couple of years apart. The two held a lavish white wedding and a traditional one in Kenya and another one in Nigeria. Though many thought that Emmy was after Madubuko’s money, she’s proved that love works.