Husband hangs self after discovering wife is pregnant by another man

Two men have committed suicide in Naivasha in two different cases as police expressed their concern over the rising cases mainly involving men.

In the first case, a 65-year-old man took his life through the rope in Kinamba estate in Naivasha after learning that he had a chronic disease which would not be curable.

The body of the father of four was found hanging in his home in the estate located off the Naivasha-Kirima road by his kin before police were called.

Emotions ran high among his kin and friends before the body was collected and taken to Naivasha sub-county hospital mortuary.

A witness John Mbugua said that that the man had been ailing for some years and was on and off medication and treatment in various hospitals seeking treatment.

He said that this had adversely affected the family financially and psychologically before the man decided to take his life.

“After learning that he could not heal he decided to take his life using a rope and police have been informed and collected the body,” he said.

Elsewhere, a man has committed suicide in Karagita estate in Naivasha after learning that his wife had been impregnated by another man.

The flower farm worker took his life in their house to protest against the pregnancy which according to him had caused irreconcilable rift in the family.

Members of the public in the sprawling estate were left in shock as police moved in to carry away to the lifeless body following the midday incident.

According to a neighbor only identified as Michael, the victim’s wife had a four month pregnancy which was the main source of conflict in the home.

He said that the man had on several occasions denied that he was responsible for the pregnancy before deciding to take his life.

“The man had on several occasions contacted us claiming that he suspected that the pregnancy belonged to another man,” he said.

He told of their shock on learning about the suicide adding that the couple had a two year old child who was at home when the incident occurred.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed both incidents adding that inquests files had been opened and the bodies taken to the local mortuary.

“In the recent past we have recorded several cases of suicides either related to family disputes and depression and the trend is worrying,” he said.

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Maina and Kingangi tribute to Hell’s Gate flash flood victims


News of the demise of several tourists at Hell’s Gate in Naivasha has shocked Kenyans.

Tragedy struck again at Hells Gate National Park, when a group of tourists and their guide got overwhelmed by a flash flood, caused by a severe rainstorm some distance away.

KWS broke the news saying

It is with deep sorrow that we announce a tragedy this evening in Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha, in which an unknown number of tourists are feared to have drowned in flash floods while others survived

Pictured: Naivasha MP Jayne Kihara consoles grieving families at Hells Gate

jayne kihara consoles grieving families
Six of the seven bodies of the flash flood victims have been recovered, leaving one tourist missing. The seven victims included five Kenyan tourists, a local guide and a non-resident.

The search and rescue operation continues. The park has also been closed.

Maina Kageni and co-host Mwalimu Kingangi sent out their tributes to the dead and injured saying

I’ve been to Hell’s Gate. It’s crazy, that’s why they are called flash floods, but it’s the most beautiful place there, just be careful, you just don’t know when the water comes, to the affected families pole sana,

Jane Kihara the area MP has also condoled with the families. She shared her message that read

It’s such a sad situation for one to loose loved ones through such an unexpected tragedy like it happened to these families

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‘We hid under a cave’ man narrates horrific experience at Hell’s Gate after flash floods

Tragedy struck again at Hells Gate National Park, when a group of tourists and their guide got overwhelmed by a flash flood, caused by a severe rainstorm some distance away.
Kenya Wildlife Service and other security agencies have launched a full scale search and rescue mission, hoping to find the group alive.

A man called Dennis Itolia has on Facebook written his traumatic experience together with his family. He wrote

“God is so great.

These photos were taken at Hells Gate. The rains started and we hid under a cave. When it continued to increase, I asked the KWS warden to take us back. They were 2. The one carrying my kid on their shoulders obliged. We bore the rain and came out through an emergency exit.

In the cave to our right were other tourists plus the other warden. They opted to wait for the rain to subside. Too bad, I learnt this morning they were all swept away by flash floods. They didn’t make it.

May God Rest Their Souls In Eternal Peace.”

Condolences messages continue to be received from Kenyans:
Gladys Mumbi Kamau Ndungu Nyoro, ...I wish people would know that there’s power behind every name, It might be positive or negative. The name itself tells you exactly what to expect. I thank God for saving the lives of this man and his family. But people should be careful …

Munjiru Njuguna ..The last time I was there in June , I was told thirty minutes prior the flash floods the walls of experiences tremors. So you have to locate the email emergency exits within that time💆🏾‍♀️😬🤦🏾‍♀️ I am not sure how true that is, but what I can say is, I didn’t not enjoy the place at ALL!!!!!

Nahason Karuri ..You have all the reasons to thank God.For your information,those guards aren’t from KWS.They are from the community who are accommodated to operate guide services to visitors at a fee.I dont know exactly how they operate but one thing am.very use of is
Nimmoh Wa Kahuria ..Apparently the flash floods come from rains from the surrounding hills. The floods happen hata kama the exact place has not rained. The management shld come out with ways to detect the floods and evacuate anyone in the caves in due time. The name shld also be changed, name it Olkaria caves..

Marion Kuria ..I remember years back whn still in high school 12+years, I cldnt get down there…. I literally became sick n had to go back to the bus…. Years later with my friends we went for a walk, again just kuchungulia from top I fell sick… Upto date have never understood the connection btwn that me falling sick…… Anyway its high time thy change its name

Shiro Wa Kamau …N u hear there’s a devils bedroom inside. Reke nemwo. God is great He saved you. N for those who lost their lives may they rest in peace


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Manhunt for Naivasha mother who sewed 8-year-old sons lips over poor school record


Police in Mai Mahiu Naivasha are seeking a woman who allegedly sewed the lips of her eight year old son on Friday last week following a drop in school performance.

The incident was however reported to police on Tuesday after word went around in social media groups over the beastly incident.

How post partum depression put musician Laika Kenya on a music hiatus

This came as the minor was rescued and taken to Naivasha sub-county hospital following the bizarre incident in the trading center.

A child activist Samson Njogu said that the issue was first reported in one of the Whatspp groups in Mai Mahiu over the weekend.

He said that upon investigations it emerged that the mother had committed the act over the minor’s poor performance in class.

“The woman accused her son of playing and talking too much against a drop in class performance and thus wanted to teach him a lesson,” he said.

Kimani added the school was to blame also after learning about the incident and failing to report to the area police station.

“The school management reported the matter to the police station after it became public with residents accusing them of been ignorant to the minor’s welfare,” he said.

Mai Mahiu assistant sub-county commissioner Julius Nyaga confirmed the incident involving the minor who is a student in Sacred Heart’s Primary schools in Mai Mahiu town.

Nyaga said that the boy had been rescued and taken to Naivasha sub-county hospital for examination and issuance of a P3 form before the suspect could be arrested.

A message on wedding planning from Bien of Sauti Sol

“The incident occurred last week but the school management and the relatives remained quiet until today Tuesday when the reported the incident,” he said.

Nyaga termed the condition of the minor as stable though traumatized adding that officers from the children department had taken over the matter.

“Once police get the doctors report we shall go for the mother who will definitely be arraigned in court facing various charges,” he said.

A junior officer from the department of children said that the minor had been rescued and brought to their offices.

“We shall first counsel the minor and hold him here for some days before seeking an alternative home where he can be hosted,” said the officer who is not authorized to speak to the press.

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Naivasha woman in fight with witchdoctor over Sh2,000 con job


Police in Naivasha have embarked on a major crackdown targeting witchdoctors mainly in the populous Karagita estate which is home to tens of flower farm workers.

During the early morning raid, two suspects were arrested and all manner of queer goods including snake skins and dead chicken were found from one of the houses.

The raid follows complains from area residents that the suspects who claimed to have come from Tanzania could cure all manner of diseases including impotency and financial instability.

Last year, area residents raided several homes that the witch doctors were operating from and destroyed their goods.

In the latest incident one of the witch doctors had conned a woman that he would help her get a good paying job from one of the flower farms.

An elder John Wachira said that the promise did not materialize forcing the woman to demand back her Sh2,000 that she had given the sorcerer.

“The witch doctor became arrogant and threatened the woman that he would kill her baby using his powers and police were informed of the threats,” he said.

Wachira added that police moved in and arrested two of the suspects who had been operating openly to the joy of area residents.

According to area Chief Hassan Guyo, the crackdown targeting the suspects would continue until security agents got rid of the conmen.

He admitted that tens of area residents including well known individuals had been conned by the suspects who operated at a fee.

“We have received several complaints over these witchdoctors and we have taken action to make sure that we get rid of them,” he said.

SQUAD GOALS Gone Bad: Youth’s Weekend Outing Ends Tragically When One Of Them Drowns

A swimming expedition for a group of youths ended tragically in a Naivasha hotel when one of them drowned on Sunday morning.

According to witness John Kamau, the youths had booked into the hotel on Saturday evening where they had a party before resting in the evening.

However one of the youths ventured into the hotel on Sunday morning where he started swimming but ended up drowning.

“One of the youths who was still drunk entered the pool at around 5am and ended up drowning as his colleagues sought help,” he said.

A senior police officer who declined to be named confirmed the incident adding that the body had been collected and taken to the local mortuary.

“The information we have is that the youth who did not know how to swim entered into the unmanned swimming pool only to drown,” he said.

Meanwhile, police in Mai Mahiu Naivasha are investigating an incident where hate leaflets were found in the busy trading center.

The leaflets which are warning members of some communities to leave the area were found over the weekend raising fear and tension among the targeted communities.

According to one of the area residents Joseph Njoroge the authors of the leaflets were not known adding that this had raised tension in the area.

Njoroge said that the typed leaflets were found in estates around the town adding that police had since collected them as part of their investigations.

“We woke up to find the leaflets distributed around the town and we hope that those responsible will be brought to book,” he said.

He added that following the move, some communities were contemplating fleeing the area if security was not heightened.

“We are asking police to move in with haste and arrest those behind these leaflets as they have ended up raising fear in this town,” he said.

-The Star/ George Murage

Residents In Shock After a Seven-Year-Old Boy Is Found Dead Minutes After Playing With His Friends

Residents of Karagita estate in Naivasha are in shock after a seven-year-old boy was found dead in his home minutes after he was spotted playing with his friends.

Emotions ran high as police moved in to collect the body of the minor and investigate the bizarre incident that left area residents in shock.

Early in the year, two minors were found murdered in the sprawling estate that is home to hundreds of flower farm workers and up to date, no arrest has been made.

In one of the cases, the decomposing body of a missing girl was found dumped in abandoned house with some body parts missing and indications that she had been sexually abused.

Sad: KNH Doctor Found Dead In His Car At The Hospital’s Parking Yard

In the latest incident, the boy had been playing with his friends when he decided to retreat to the family house where he collapsed as the parents watched.

A witness Peter Thairu said that the class one pupil was rushed to a nearby health center while unconscious but he died while undergoing treatment.

“The minor according to the parents was in sound health and had not complained of anything before he just collapsed and later died,” he said.

A senior police officer who declined to be named confirmed the incident adding that an inquest file had been opened up as part of their investigations.

“The death is shrouded in mystery and we are waiting for a post-mortem which will shed more light on the cause of death of the boy,” said the officer.





-Antony Gitonga

Tragic: A 30-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide After Losing His Job In Naivasha

Residents of Sero village in Ndabibi area woke up to a rude shock after finding the body of a middle aged man hanging from the roof of his house.

The thirty-year-old man said to be living alone was last seen on Sunday and residents had begun asking for his where about.

According to a resident Samuel Mwangi, the man had been depressed for some time after he was sacked by one of the flower companies he was working for.

“He became quiet all of a sudden and could stay alone for some time and we were shocked to find his body hanging although he did not leave a note,” he said.

A senior police officer who did not want to be named confirmed the incidence saying the body had been picked and taken to the Naivasha County referral hospital mortuary.

Depression? Kenyan Man Commits Suicide Days After Wife Gave Birth To TWINS In Keiyo

Meanwhile, a flower farm worker riding a motorcycle to his place of work was hit and killed by a van along Moi South Lake road in Naivasha.

The incident came barely two days after an employee of Nakuru county government was hit and killed by a speeding motorist along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

In the latest incident, the flower farm worker was heading home when the tour van that was leaving one of the hotels around Lake Naivasha hit and killed him.

Heartless! Woman STABS Her 6-Month-Old Baby Then Tries To Commit Suicide But It Backfires On Her

According to a witness Jared Owouth, the tour van knocked the victim from behind seriously injuring him as members of the public moved in to assist him.

“The man received head injuries following the accident and was pronounced dead on arrival at a private hospital and the body has been preserved there,” he said.

A senior police officer confirmed the incident adding that the driver of the van had recorded statement and the motor vehicle towed to Kongoni police station.







-Antony Gitonga

A Mother Of Two Dies After Being Hit By a Speeding Car, While a Man Commits Suicide, Both In Naivasha

Two people including a mother of two died in two different incidents in KCC village in Naivasha leaving area residents in shock.

In the first incident, a woman identified as Rebecca Wanjiru was hit by a speeding car along the busy highway and died on the spot.

According to witnesses Peter Mwangi, the middle-aged woman had been dropped by a matatu and was on her way home when the accident occurred.

“The woman on been dropped by them matatu decided to close the road without checking and a speeding car which was heading to Nairobi from Nakuru hit,” he said.

Two Suspected Gang Members Shot Dead After Killing a Man After An Argument In Mathare

Mwangi said that the woman did not have any identification documents adding that she was identified hours later after relatives heard about the incident.

And in the second case, a middle-aged man identified as Peter Kuria committed suicide in his house in unclear circumstances two hours after the first incident.

The body of the man said to be a casual laborer in the town was found hanging from the roof of the house by friends who were concerned by his absence from his place of work.

RIP: A Family Of Three, Woman Her Husband And Their Daughter, Found Dead In Their House In Dandora

A neighbor Japeth King’ori said that the man could not be reached on phone since Thursday evening forcing them to visit his house.

He told of their shock when they found him hanging in his single room and informed police who moved in and collected the body.

“He was in high spirits when we parted ways the previous day and we are still trying to come to terms with his decision to commit suicide,” he said.

A senior police officer who declined to be named confirmed the incidents adding that the bodies had been collected and were in the local mortuary.

Curbing Crime: Four Armed Thugs Shot Dead In Karen After Stealing a Car In Kayole, While Two Others Lynched In Embakasi






-Antony Gitonga

Heartbreaking! 4 Month-Old Infant BURNS To Death After Mother Leaves Her Home Alone In a Huge FIRE Break Out

Residents of Kabati estate in Naivasha are in mourning after a four-month-old minor was burnt to death during an incident where property worth thousands of shillings was destroyed.

According to an eyewitness Samuel Mwangi, the fire started from one of the houses and spread quickly to the others.

He said that the four months old infant had been left by her mother in the house when the fire broke out with efforts to rescue her being futile.

Mwangi added that by the time firefighters from the county government arrived, the fire had burnt down everything.

“Most of us were at our usual working places and we were alerted by neighbors about the incident and we are appealing to well wishers to come to our aid,” he said.

Love Triangle? Nakuru Woman Severely Burnt By Husband For Cheating Allegations After a Nasty Quarrel

His sentiments were echoed by a victim Peter Kamau who said they had lost all their belongings in the fire.

He said that most of them were casual workers who depended on day to day jobs for a living and called for help.

“As we are speaking here we do not know where to sleep or what to wear tomorrow and if can get the assistance we will be thankful,” he said.

Naivasha Assistant County Commissioner Richard Aguoka praised the quick efforts by the firefighters to put it down.

“We are still talking to the owners of these houses so that we establish the actual cause of the fire,” he said.

Nominated Senator Paul Njoroge who is seeking the position of governor gave a contribution of Sh50,000 and pledged to help them restart their lives.

SO BRAVE! Heroic And Daring Girl SAVES Her Father’s Life By Snatching a GUN From a House Burglar

Njoroge said it was a sad day for the lakeside town adding that stringent measures ought to have been taken to avert such situations.

“Although we do not know the cause of the fire we should be able to put measures that will prevent such occurrences including building access roads where engines can pass through”.

Viwandani ward Jubilee MCA aspirant Eric Gichuki said they would do everything possible to help the families overcome the trauma.

“We send our deepest condolences to the family that lost the child and we want to state here that we will offer our support to see that the seventeen families live just like ordinary Kenyans”.








-Antony Gitonga

Naivasha Man Instructs Police To Arrest Him Because He Can’t Cope With The High Cost of Living

A 35-year-old man left police in Naivasha perplexed after he demanded that he be arrested and jailed as he could no longer cope with the high cost of living.

When told that he could not be arrested as he had not committed any crime, the man whipped out two sticks of bhangi as evidence and challenged the police officers to do what they do best.

The man who was said to be depressed shocked the officers when he said that he had earlier tried to smoke bhang near some officers but they did not notice.

SO BRAVE! Heroic And Daring Girl SAVES Her Father’s Life By Snatching a GUN From a House Burglar

Trouble started after the barber from Karagita estate walked in the office of Naivasha OCS Isaac Sang and pleaded that he be arrested and jailed.

On being questioned by the OCS, the man admitted that his business had collapsed due to bad company and thus wanted to be locked in.

We told him that he could not be arrested as he had no committed any crime but he went ahead to produce two sticks of bhangi. We had to call in one of the leading clerics to pray for the youthful man who from our investigations was suffering from depression before allowing him to go home.

On his part, the man who was identified as Peter said that the high cost of living coupled by the loss of livelihood had affected his life and thus wanted government support.

I walked all the way from Karagita to Naivasha police station so that I could be arrested and put in jail where am guaranteed a place to sleep and food.

Meanwhile, a ten-member committee has been formed to resolve the dispute between herders and farmers in Kikopey Gilgil after members of the two communities clashed over water.

Fear And Anxiety Grips Farmers After Receiving Hate Leaflets In Mai Mahiu Targeting Some Communities

Each community will be represented by five elders in the meeting following an incident on Monday where water pipes worth thousands of shillings were destroyed.

Trouble started after Maasai accused some farmers of blocking a seasonal river that flows from maji matamu dam leading to a water shortage downstream.

According to Gilgil MCA Jane Ngugi the elders would have a meeting on Wednesday so as to resolve the water problem.

“The Maasais want the blocked seasonal river opened up while the Kikuyus want compensation for their damaged pipes,” she said.












-Antony Gitonga








-Antony Gitonga

Crazy World! 13 Year-Old Boy Found Guilty Of Killing His Girlfriend By STABBING Her Three Times

The High Court seating in Naivasha has now found a thirteen-year-old boy charged with killing his 11-year-old girlfriend a year ago guilty of murder.

The court has further placed the minor on a three-year probation sentence in Kimumu rehabilitation center in Eldoret for counseling.

The class three student at Githinji primary school in Kinangop had being charged that on the 5th of July 2016 at Kibuyu village in Magumu he murdered Mary Nduta Wairimu.

High Court Judge Christine Meoli termed the accused as a minor who had come from a difficult background and a dysfunctional family and needed a lot of counseling.

In his defense, the minor who was represented by lawyer Francis Mburu said that some forces directed him to stab the minor whom according to him was his girlfriend.

Youth In Crime: Six MINORS Arraigned In Court After Being Suspected To Be Members Of Gaza Gang In Murang’a

The boy said that while having intercourse with the deceased a tall man with a panga and a shiny knife appeared and issued him with the orders.

He said that the stranger directed him to stab the girl several times before he went to the deceased sister and informed her what he had done.

But in her ruling, the judge trashed the accused defense adding that it did not hold water and that it was unbelievable.

The judge noted that from the evidence adduced in court, the girl could have rebuffed the boy from having intercourse with her leading to the fatal attack.

Meoli noted that minutes before the minor died, she had clearly told her relatives the person who had stabbed her three times.

“The accused defense is unbelievable, conjured to absolve him and the prosecution has proven the case beyond any reasonable double,” she said.

Fun Turns Chaotic! Woman Stabs Lover To Death After a Quarrel During a Drinking Spree

On the accused defense that a mysteries man who was dressed in a dark cap appeared during the incident, the judge termed this as fiction and an invention of the minor.

She added that during the trial, the minor was careful to cover any loophole or crack adding that he too had a fertile but corrupted imagination.

The judge noted that it would be unfair to return the minor back to the harsh background that he had been raised in adding that he need counseling and education.

“There is no need to send the boy back to the dysfunctional background but to a place where he can be rehabilitated and undergo psychotherapy counseling,” she said.

Crime Wave: Thugs ATTACK a ‘Boda Boda’ Man Purpoting To Be Customers, Then Steal His Motorcycle In Naivasha

A motorcycle operator was attacked and seriously injured by two thugs who made away with his motorcycle on Monday night in Naivasha.

The operator had been hired by the two men to ferry them to KCC village 10kms from Naivasha town when they turned against him.

Following the attack, fellow operators launched a major manhunt for the two suspects but their efforts bore no fruit as police moved in to investigate the case.

According to one of the operators Paul Kimani, the operator had been hired to ferry the two men to the village as they could not afford a taxi.

He said that a few meters from the village one of the men whipped out a knife and ordered the operator to pull off from the highway.

“The two thugs attacked and beat up the operator before fleeing with the new motorcycle which is yet to be recovered,” he said.


-Meanwhile, an elderly woman is fighting for her life at Naivasha sub-county hospital after she was attacked and left for the dead by a lone buffalo.

The mother of four was on her way home from collection firewood when the animal attacked her near Marula estate along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The granny was left nursing head injuries and fractures on her legs as cases of human-wildlife attacks continued to rise.

The attack came barely a week after another man was attacked and seriously injured in the nearby Ol Magogo ranch by a buffalo.

According to Eburru chief Joseph Njihia, cases of wild animals attacking area residents were on the rise due to the recent drought.

He pointed to Marura farm as one of the most affected adding that the animals were straying into nearby farms in search of pastures.

“The woman was leaving Marura farm when the animal attacked seriously injuring her before she was rushed to Naivasha hospital where she is admitted in serious condition,” he said.




-Antony Gitonga

SAD! Shock As Dogs Savagely Attack a Newborn Baby After Mother Abandoned It On a Field

Residents of Kinungi village in Naivasha are in shock after a pack of dogs mauled to death a new-born baby minutes after the mother had given birth and dumped the baby in an open field.

Emotions ran high as police moved in to collect the head which was the only part that the dogs did not eat during the Tuesday morning incident.

Soon after the incident, the suspect was arrested as she nursed her wounds in her house and taken to Naivasha hospital before being detained.

A witness Joyce Wacera said that they were woken by sounds of a crying baby and the barking of the dogs forcing them to venture outside.

She told of their shock after they found the over ten dogs eating the naked minor adding that their efforts to rescue the baby were fruitless.

“We could only watch in horror before police came in the morning and collected the head before taking it to the area mortuary,” she said.

A senior police officer confirmed the incident adding that the woman would be arranged in court charged with various offenses.


Meanwhile, three people were injured one of them seriously after a lorry ferrying solar panels was involved in an accident along the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road.

During the midday incident, residents of the nearby Chechinia trading center looted some of the panels before police moved in to contain the situation.

Police had a hard time controlling the unruly mob that was keen to cart away the panels and not save the bleeding crew from the ill-fated truck.

The accident occurred after the driver of the truck which was heading to Nakuru from Nairobi lost control and landed in a ditch.

According to a witness Amos Mwangi, the lorry was in high speed when the accident occurred adding that the passengers received head and back injuries.

“Soon after the accident, some of the area residents started looting from the truck but police moved in fast and stopped the stealing,” he said.

A senior police officer confirmed the incident adding that the victims were undergoing treatment at the Naivasha sub-county hospital.




-Antony Gitonga