Nairobi Diaries Arab Princess Aliiptisam hits out at body shamers

Aliiptisam aka Arab Princess alias Sicho has told off cyber bullies who titty-shamed her. The mother of one and a reality star, who is known for her flashy lifestyle says she doesn’t care about what trolls have to say


While addressing her haters on social media, Aliiptisam murdered the queen’s language again and instead of writing breastfed she wrote ‘brestfeeded’.

Image result for gifs shocked

“You busy talking about my boobs out there yet you don’t even know whether you will be ever be blessed with a child. Some of you your boobs are already sagging even before giving birth. I breastfed for two good years and I don’t care about my boobs. They are delicious. Proud mama,” read her post.

Here’s the screenshot

Aliiptisam responds to haters


Aliiptisam recently told that she has not time for broke men and only rich or loaded men are invited to DM her.


Adding that:


Below are photos of Aliiptisam showing off her well-endowed set of twins (boobs).











Many celebrities have been boob shamed among them Janet Mbugua and Miss Mandy.

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Bridget Achieng’s bodyguard Ericsson Likhanga is possibly the world’s scariest human being

Bridget Achieng is the voluptuous cast member in Nairobi who causes as many fights and drama as either Pendo or Mishi Dorah.

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng. photo credit: instagram/Bridget Achieng

And when you tend to get into so many altercations, then you should have adequate security to take care of you, which she does.

And who might be the man responsible for such an arduous and risky venture as this? His name is Ericsson Likhanga. A huge man with a commitment to his job that is both admirable and commendable.

Bridget bodyguard
Bridget bodyguard

Ericsson is a former administration police officer who might look and be intimidating, but he is still a humble giant. he has been watching over Bridget Achieng the last 4 years. And they must have been dramatic, to say the least.

Ericsson on the left
Ericsson on the left

But Bridget isn’t the only star who has a committed bodyguard by her side. The one and the only Akothee has a fierce guard around her too.

Akothee bodyguard
Akothee bodyguard

Unlike many female celebrities who find it hard to control perverts at events and concerts, Akothee’s security detail is just as tight as that of Diamond Platnumz.

Akothee bodyguard
Akothee bodyguard

A requirement it seems of guarding one of this celebs is being BIG!

Akothee bodyguard

So for those aspiring to become a celeb bodyguard, chapa gym!

Ericsson in the gym
Ericsson in the gym

Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng calls out fake people in EPIC rant

Bridgett Achieng, socialite and reality TV actress might just be going through a discovery phase or she just has a strong belief system. This is the part she discovers who’s real and who’s not. On Tuesday morning, the socialite took her feud online and ranted towards fake people.




Bridget is another socialite who has gone trough scrutiny for bleaching her skin. With claims that she spent roughly over three million shillings for it to be that ‘perfect’. It is still unknown whom she was talking about and what they did. However, the Nairobi diaries star is always involved in different scandals.

Bridget Achieng is still enjoying her holiday in Dubai and I’m guessing drama knows no boundaries.

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Mishi Dora had a slim chance of walking again after multiple surgeries

Nairobi Diaries’ Mishi Dora has revealed that she was once crippled.

Mishi Dora
Mishi Dora. photo credit: Instagram/Mishi Dora

The reality star shared past photos in a wheelchair narrating how she was confined to a wheelchair and doctors told her she would never walk again, leaving her heartbroken.

Mishi Dora disclosed that she never lost hope and she thanks three special women for being there for her. In a lengthy post that has gone viral, Mishi is grateful to God for another chance and below is what she wrote:

“I’ve always used myself as an example to motivate someone out there… well this is my story.. 3-4 years ago I was crippled… I couldn’t sit on my own talk less of standing or walking… the doctors told me even if I will have 20 surgeries I’ll still not walk since I had multiple fractures…my heart sank… I was broken… but I never cried… because 3 most important people were there to support me… my daughter kept telling me it’s gonna be ok mamii… my mum Pat and sister Ruth supported me fully… then I got another mum at the hospital who was fighting for my rights.

People that I never knew neither had I EVER met showed me love.. a fundraiser was done by these very same people that knew nothing about me… and I was out of that hospital… The women you see in these photos are a true definition of WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE… I couldn’t give up simply because the doctors said I CANT and I WON’T.. I had people who were looking upto me… I am their breadwinner. I am their dad and mum that they know of… am their hope in life .. so how could I give up?? Just how?? she wrote in part. Continue reading “Mishi Dora had a slim chance of walking again after multiple surgeries”

RIP: Mishi Dora is mourning yet again soon after losing her father

Barely a month after losing her father, Nairobi Diaries reality star Mishi Dora is once again mourning.

Mishi Dora has lost a close friend and business partner. The late, who was into beauty business, passed away after he was involved in a horrific accident.

Mishi Dora broke the sad news via her Instagram account and she wrote:

“Life !!! What is LIFE??? …. so this guy who happens to be my business partner and a friend calls me yesterday to check on me since he heard that I was rushed to the hospital, I tell him I’m stable but can’t talk much still. He disconnects the line after telling me that he’d better see me at the spa on Wednesday or Thursday when he is back from Kisumu where he was headed to at that very moment he was speaking to me. He was to work on my hair since he is the one that coloured it and made me believe that I can look good in different colours besides black.. So at 7pm last evening I get messages and pictures of him involved in a terrible accident and that he is dead.. How?? Just how I’m I gonna stop your voice from playing in my head?? Why Brax?? Why now my friend @tha_salonguybrax .. I can’t question God.. He knows best.. R.I.P bro 😢😢😢😢 Nobody knows tomorrow.”

Her followers have sent their messages of condolences and we at Mpasho pray that the good Lord comforts his family during this trying moment.

Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora makes a startling confession about her pregnancy

Here are photos of the late Mishi Dora’s friend, go through


Mishi Dora's friend


Mishi Dora's friend


Mishi Dora and friend


Mishi Dora and friend


Mishi Dora and her friend


Mishi Dora's friend

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Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora makes a startling confession about her pregnancy

Mishi Dorah has had her fair share of public scrutiny for a very long time, well ever since she came to the limelight as a cast member of the popular reality show Nairobi Diaries on K24

For a while now, people have been questioning her pregnancy, with many saying that she’s actually not pregnant and has been deceiving the public perhaps to gain fame.

Mishi belly

Well, Mishi has always made it clear that if no one has lost a child, they should not question her pregnancy.

Queen Of Stunts: Is Mishi Dorah Pregnant Or Is This A Pot Belly?

According to our source, Mishi revealed that she apparently had a miscarriage a while back, but at the moment, she is three months pregnant.

“I had a miscarriage, but I’m 3 months pregnant now,” she told our source.


She was also spotted sipping wine in a club, and this tends to raise questions if at all she’s pregnant.

But Mishi Dorah never cares what people say about her and she’s made that clear since day one. So no one’s opinion really matters.

Pregnant Michel Yola is glowing as she cradles her baby bump

Michelle Yola is pregnant and looking really good. She seems to have come into her own after leaving Prezzo and finding a new man and then getting pregnant.

Prezzo on his part believed the child in question to be his but he eventually accepted Michelle Yola’s denial of the rumour and has since moved on.

But Michelle Yola no doubt doesn’t spend too much time thinking pf Prezzo, seeing as she is loved up and happy with her new man and the child she insists is his.

She recently posted some photos of herself enjoying life and I couldnae help but be impressed by her glow up. Check her out below:



Kenyan Reality TV Actress Denies Offering Sex On Tinder (Screenshots)

Nairobi Diaries star Iptisam Ali was at pains to explain if she offers sex in exchange from money to men she meets on social dating websites.

Screenshots of her conversation with a man only identified as Peter Hopkins have been leaked on the interwebs and have gone viral.

The messages posted from the dating app Tinder follow a conversation between Ali and Hopkins in what looks like texts planning a sexual rendezvous.

“Wanted to say am going to be very simple,” Ali chats. Hopkins responds, ” Wear what’s okay with you.”

An impatient Hopkins then asks her in another chat, “Are you coming or not? Or I look for another girl?” Ali assuages his fears and tells him she in on her way.

Once she get to the hotel, she asks him for the room number and she is given a wrong room number. She later finds out it was a set-up because the hotel reception confirms to her that they have no such room number or guest by that name.

Ali said, “First of all, I did not hook up. The moment he gave me his room number I knew he is playing. Because there is no such room number at Kempinski. All rooms are four digits.”

Do you hook up with people you meet on these dating sites? “I don’t mind meeting new people from these sites. I have made friends from that site. So I don’t see anything wrong with that. So it’s not about what people are thinking.”

Ali said the screenshots getting leaked are the work of a “mama”, adding, “Aaargh! If she has decided to do that, it is all good and fine.”

Check out the screenshots…


Socialite Risper Faith reveals exciting news about her ruracio

Risper Faith has been giving us life of late with her every move, from getting engaged to having a booming business to building her own house.

She recently revealed she has become an entrepreneur selling her brand of water and  liquor. We can’t help but applaud her for working hard and striving to be successful doing what she loves.

Risper Black

Well, last year Brian went down on one knee and proposed to her on live TV in front of her cast members and the public, and of course she said, YES.

She is now on her way to finally being Mrs Brian as she revealed during Nairobi D’s 6th season reunion, adding that the wedding is happening pretty soon and it will be an invite only affair.

Risper and brian

Risper has finally revealed she’s about to have her traditional wedding. She took to social media to share the news while getting her nails done at the salon.

If her post is anything to go by, the traditional wedding will be happening any day this week.

Check out the photo she posted:

Risper Faith Nails

Random thoughts everyone has when watching Nairobi Diaries

Watching reality shows can be addictive and Kenyan reality shows are no different. Are you a Nairobi diaries fan? Last night our eyes were glued on k24 for Nairobi Diaries.

While the cast engaged in the usual beef, fans of the show were on social media, jotting down their thoughts. Find below random things everyone thinks when watching the girls do their thing.



Shindwe Pepo Nyeusi! Colonel Mustafa Involved In An Accident A Day After Fellow Nairobi Diaries Actor Luwi

Popular rapper and Nairobi Diaries reality star Colonel Mustafa aka alias Uncle Mus alias Lipunda was involved in an accident on Sunday morning, a day after his fellow Nairobi Diaries actor Luwi.

The car he was driving, a Nissan Murano, veered off the road and rolled into a ditch leaving him with neck and arm injuries. Mustafa was rushed to Nairobi Hospital, where he received treatment and went back home, where he is recuperating. He was in the company of two friends.

“I was in the company of my two friends when the accident occurred early hours of Sunday morning on Mombasa road. I had a show at a club in Kahawa West, later we went to gateway Naivas Mlolongo to catch the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. So on our way to Nairobi, it’s when the accident happened,” he told Mpasho.

The Dodoma Singida hitmaker took to social media to thank God for giving him another chance.

“Thank GOD for giving me another chance”

Mustafa’s closest pal and fellow reality star Noti flow also assured his fans that Lipunda was fairing on well.

“Tafah was involved in a car accident. He’s fairing on well. Let’s put him in our prayers 🙏 Colonel Mustafa nakupenda mchizi wangu ❤ Get well soon.”

The rapper’s fans have also wished him a quick recovery and here are some of the messages

Anne: Lipunda ashapona in JESUS name😜you’re my  favourite, much love uncle Mus

Roxy: He will surely get well soon.lots of prayers

Shaz: Quick recovery Mr.Loboko

Jacky: Oooh, may God be with him. Quick recovery.

Mary: Get well soon colonel

Queen: Good heart Noti may God bless your music and your family sweetheart …uko na roho poa sana

Here are the photos from the accident scene


Colonel Mustafa

Colonel Mustafa’s car which was involved in an accident






Socialite Pendo’s Boyfriend Involved In A Horror Car Crash (PHOTO)

Nairobi Diaries reality star Luwi Capello needs your prayers. The handsome lad escaped death by a whisker after he was involved in a grisly accident in Mombasa yesterday.

Luwi Capello

Although details are still scanty, Luwi was rushed to hospital and according to a close friend, Mr Msanii,  the reality star is out of danger.

“I was in the hospital with him this morning, he’s strong, God is with him,” HE SAID.

Fans of Luwi among them fellow reality star Brian took to social media to wish him a quick recovery and here are some of the messages they had for him

Monica: Quick recovery

Vince: Oh my god. Blood of Jesus. Please bless him n give him life to live and get back to normalcy. I warned him n many others several times in Africa to wear their seatbelts religiously. I warned them but ppl chastise me saying i was a hater. I pray to god that he recovers from this in God almighty name🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢

Luwi Capello and Pendo

Fab: This is so sad. Get well soonest Luwi



Mercy: Oh my God. Get well soon Luwi, may the almighty God take care of you und strengthen your Family

Nancy:May God heal him

Meteri:Get well soon

Reina: Woi pole zangu to both Pendo and Luwi. God is in control

‘Do I Look Pregnant?’ – Notiflow Responds To Claims That She Is Carrying Colonel Mustafa’s Child

The latest gossip in town is that Noti Flow could be expecting her first child with fellow Nairobi Diaries cast, Colonel Mustafa aka uncle Muss who she was recently rumored to be involved with.


Noti Flow whose real name is Natalie Florence is a Kenyan Musician-rapper and an actress who appears in the controversial reality show Nairobi Diaries that airs on K24.


The news was first disclosed by Mustafa himself in one of the episodes aired two nights ago.

However, Noti Flow has finally addressed the rumour and according to her, this is one of the most desperate moves Mustafa has pulled to draw attention to himself.

noti flow

Through her social media pages, Noti Flow said:

Do I look pregnant? 😎 N***a please. I mean I understand you desperately want my baby but going on TV to make allegations that I’m pregnant just so I can play along is so f****n wrong . I mean, I don’t even feel responsible enough for myself, how do I get a baby now?”

This she posted on her Instagram page telling young girls out there that “It’s not about how cute your baby is gonna be, it’s not about what the internet wants of you. Be responsible for yourselves. Know what you want and work towards it.”

Her followers also commented on the post saying that she did well by doing away with the rumours.

Done and Dusted? Prezzo Introduces His New Bae After Getting Rid Of Michelle Yola’s Tattoo

Prezzo was in the headlines all of last week and with good reason; his life’s our entertainment. And trust that is entertaining enough to keep me constantly checking in on him.

From people writing articles feigning concern for him in weekly value ads in the Standard newspaper to accusations from his ex that he is constantly harassing her to verbal assaults from Colonel Mustafa, Prezzo is just that guy.

And this time round, I want to focus on his new catch whom he introduced rather coyly perhaps to counter Michelle Yola’s assertions that he is constantly blowing up her phone trying to get back with him.

And the crazy thing about it is even with all the drama surrounding el Prezidente, he still manages to find lasses willing to risk it all and date him.

Anyway, here she is:

She’s Balling: This Is The Ridiculous Amount Risper Faith Chopped For A Table (Photos)

When some of us are complaining about the high cost of living, some people are chopping money like mere paper.

Risper Faith has been posting photos and videos for a while now of the progress of her home that is currently under construction.


She also takes her fans with her on shopping sprees for her new home. It seems Nairobi Diaries is paying her pretty well, and her other businesses are bringing mulla home.

Well, while in the spirit of taking her fans on a shopping spree, she thanked her fiancé for getting her a table she really wanted. But what’s shocking is how much the table costs.


It’s price can pay your rent for a few months and also feed you. But what is money for them, nothing perhaps.

The said table costs a whooping Kshs. 120,000. Yes, that’s right and there are photos to confirm that I’m not making all this up.

Check out the photos below with the price tag;

risper2 risper1