EXCLUSIVE:Kenyan socialite Pendo arrested after her Mzungu bae bailed out on her leaving her with a bill of Ksh75,000

Socialite Pendo is currently at the Parklands police station for failing to pay a bill of Ksh 75,000 in a Westlands based hotel .

The actress who is well known for her acting stints in a local show ‘Nairobi Diaries’ is alleged to have been with her mzungu lover, Joseph Kner; the one who recently engaged her,Mr. Kner is said to have left her in their room with the bills and the socialite was stranded.

Even though the socialite and her bae seemed head over heels in love, Sources have found out that she was taken to the police station on Wednesday evening.


Our source said:

“She and her mzungu went to that hotel last week, sasa mzungu amemhepa, amemuacha na bill ya karibu 80,000. Yesterday, she was checked out by that hotel but at 8:00 PM, she hadn’t paid, akaitiwa makarao.”

Adding that:

“As we speak, she is at Parklands police station. she spend around 8 nights in that hotel.”

Pendo Nairobi Diaries

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We reached out to her but spoke to the lawyer who confirmed that the lass rumoured to have enjoyed a tryst with Davido was indeed behind bars.

He said:

Mimi ndio wakili, nimekuja kumsaidia. Ni kwa sababu ya Ksh 75,000

Pendo engaged

Just the other day, pendo was flaunting her engagement ring and leaked the information that she and the mzungu were to ‘walk down the aisle soon’.

She wrote:

“I said yes”


Below is the man


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Former Nairobi D cast member Risper Faith accidentally reveals she is pregnant

Risper Faith of Nairobi D is expectant after she accidentally announced the news during a dinner party held at their home on Saturday.

Risper is married to Brian  and the two tied the knot this year in February and they are already pregnant.

Well, she revealed this news in a very unexpected way. They held a dinner party for the family on Saturday and she decided to go live on Instagram. Since the two have loyal fans, the comment section was very active.

One guy decided to confess his love for her saying:

“looking good as usual, my dream lady

Nairobi Diaires Risper Faith’s Bride Price Was Ksh 2.5m

Risper Faith and Brayo

Risper laughed in her video and blurted out:

I’m so married and so pregnant

Looking surprised, she went on with her business trying to distract her fans from the statement she accidentally said, but I guess this is where we say too little too late.

Other celebrities who are currently pregnant are Janet Mbugua, Lilian Muli, Mwanaisha Chudzuga and recently Lulu Hassan.

Risper Faith during her wedding
Risper Faith during her wedding

She’s Balling: This Is The Ridiculous Amount Risper Faith Chopped For A Table (Photos)

So we can only wait and see if Risper is expecting a boy or a girl. Apart from acting, Risper is an entrepreneur who sells branded water labeled Liquorice and a club by the same name.


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Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng calls out fake people in EPIC rant

Bridgett Achieng, socialite and reality TV actress might just be going through a discovery phase or she just has a strong belief system. This is the part she discovers who’s real and who’s not. On Tuesday morning, the socialite took her feud online and ranted towards fake people.




Bridget is another socialite who has gone trough scrutiny for bleaching her skin. With claims that she spent roughly over three million shillings for it to be that ‘perfect’. It is still unknown whom she was talking about and what they did. However, the Nairobi diaries star is always involved in different scandals.

Bridget Achieng is still enjoying her holiday in Dubai and I’m guessing drama knows no boundaries.

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Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora makes a startling confession about her pregnancy

Mishi Dorah has had her fair share of public scrutiny for a very long time, well ever since she came to the limelight as a cast member of the popular reality show Nairobi Diaries on K24

For a while now, people have been questioning her pregnancy, with many saying that she’s actually not pregnant and has been deceiving the public perhaps to gain fame.

Mishi belly

Well, Mishi has always made it clear that if no one has lost a child, they should not question her pregnancy.

Queen Of Stunts: Is Mishi Dorah Pregnant Or Is This A Pot Belly?

According to our source, Mishi revealed that she apparently had a miscarriage a while back, but at the moment, she is three months pregnant.

“I had a miscarriage, but I’m 3 months pregnant now,” she told our source.


She was also spotted sipping wine in a club, and this tends to raise questions if at all she’s pregnant.

But Mishi Dorah never cares what people say about her and she’s made that clear since day one. So no one’s opinion really matters.

Socialite Pendo’s Boyfriend Involved In A Horror Car Crash (PHOTO)

Nairobi Diaries reality star Luwi Capello needs your prayers. The handsome lad escaped death by a whisker after he was involved in a grisly accident in Mombasa yesterday.

Luwi Capello

Although details are still scanty, Luwi was rushed to hospital and according to a close friend, Mr Msanii,  the reality star is out of danger.

“I was in the hospital with him this morning, he’s strong, God is with him,” HE SAID.

Fans of Luwi among them fellow reality star Brian took to social media to wish him a quick recovery and here are some of the messages they had for him

Monica: Quick recovery

Vince: Oh my god. Blood of Jesus. Please bless him n give him life to live and get back to normalcy. I warned him n many others several times in Africa to wear their seatbelts religiously. I warned them but ppl chastise me saying i was a hater. I pray to god that he recovers from this in God almighty name🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢

Luwi Capello and Pendo

Fab: This is so sad. Get well soonest Luwi



Mercy: Oh my God. Get well soon Luwi, may the almighty God take care of you und strengthen your Family

Nancy:May God heal him

Meteri:Get well soon

Reina: Woi pole zangu to both Pendo and Luwi. God is in control

Did Mishi Dora Miscarry After Fight With Fellow Nairobi Diaries Cast Member Sameer?

Nairobi D actress Mishi Dora has been accused of being too vulgar at times but that has not stopped her from doing her thing on the reality show.

Mishi who is not new to controversy has been rumoured to be pregnant with Rayvanny’s baby. something that is yet to be confirmed since the musician (below) has kept quiet about the issue.


Although Mishi Doras’ pregnancy is estimated to be around 6 months, a conversation among her fellow cast members has left us questioning whether Mishi is really pregnant or if she has miscarried.

While out on a coffee date, Sameer is heard telling Risper that she feels bad because she might have caused Mishi to miscarriage during a fight they had early this month.

Risper, who seems to be shocked at this, reacts by saying “did you even touch her tummy? what miscarriage? That lady has been lying to people that she is pregnant but she is not.”


Nairobi D actresses Risper Faith and Sameer

She adds, “How can you be pregnant and your taking alcohol, and even smoking, how is that even possible?” How can you be six months pregnant and its not showing?

Sameer, who is shocked at this revelation, seeks reassurance by asking Risper whether it’s true.

“Are you trying to say that whatever you are saying is the truth?” Risper says that she is sure of it and that she would repeat it given a chance.

“I am not two faced, and if you call her here and ask me about everything I said, I will repeat it.”

We can only wait and see how all this unfolds.