Nadia excited as baby hits 10 week old milestone

New mum Nadia Mukami is basking in the glory of being a parent,

The singer welcomed her baby boy back in March,

She has excitedly told her fans that her baby is ten weeks old.

For many mums, this is a really good time.

Nadia expressed her joy while taking her baby for vaccination.

“Yesterday was my baby’s @haseebkai 10 weeks Clinic visit at @rfh_healthcare Ruaka
He got his immunization: Glad we got the Baby friendly because we sleeeept throughout the night🥰
I am glad I am walking this journey with @rfh_healthcare and sorting the clinic visits using the Insurance that has us as a family sorted for a whole year! Guys, I am inviting you all to our and cover your family and keep your worries aside for as far as Healthcare is concerned.

Thank you for the amazing hospitality @rfh_healthcare Ruaka we will be back at 14 weeks!🤗💖”

Her baby boy Kai has been a joy to his parents.

Nadia has been open about her journey to pregnancy.

On her popular youtube video, Nadia revealed she suffered a miscarriage before successfully conceiving.

Yesterday was my baby’s @haseebkai 10 weeks Clinic visit at @rfh_healthcare Ruaka
He got his immunization: Glad we got the Baby friendly because we sleeeept throughout the night🥰
I am glad I am walking this journey with @rfh_healthcare and sorting the clinic visits using the Insurance that has us as a family sorted for a whole year! Guys, I am inviting you all to our and cover your family and keep your worries aside for as far as Healthcare is concerned.

In a series titled My pregnancy journey, Nadia divulged that pregnancy is indeed bittersweet.

“I had a feeling I was pregnant and I was headed to a friend’s baby shower. I was so swamped in thoughts that I hit another car,” 

She added that just when they started preparing for the baby, she suffered a miscarriage. 

“I lost my baby on April 12th 2021.”

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy welcomed baby Haseeb Kai on March 24th.

The two disclosed that their pregnancy was kept privatet because they wanted to heal and be able to share the story themselves.

However the news was leaked early by comedian Jalango, who was later blasted by Nadia about respectng friends needs to remain private.

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I cut off toxic people after my miscarriage – Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami has lost many people she called friends after losing her first pregnancy in 2021.

She had a weird feeling she ws pregnant when attending her friends baby shower. A home test turned out positive.

On her youtube channel, Nadia opened up about a miscarriage she suffered in 2021 owing to career pressures and toxic people.

She told ‘honestly I got pregnant at the height of my career. So it’s alot of things that come in Ive been through the first miscarriage it changed my life for ever. I think the only thing the only thing that could ever break my life I think has just happened, sidhani there is anything else that can break me.’

She miscarried in April 2021

‘It has to be the weirdest place I had to be. I remember leaving the hospital after the procedure to remove the things, I went through counselling , people at the time didn’t know what I was going through. I went for counselling for a very long time,’

Nadia also revealed the names they had selected for their dead baby – Safare, for a boy, and Lola for a girl.

Arrowbwoy agreed saying ‘it was hard’ with Nadia describing the extent she went to hide the pregnancy ‘Imagine I had to hide it, and I had contracts I have to honor and so ono one cares about your personal problems so that’s why I think I have been chosing me, in my jobs, if you are toxic to me mentally, I just cut you off, even when I have many business kama unanipea stress coz I know I’ve had the worst year, last year, so it was more of we unataka kunipea stress we toka coz having to be an artiste still leading in number till now fighting to maintain your career, fighting yani ni mtihani .The fact that I had to get on shows perform, actlike its ok is like he wort part coz everyone looks at you like a role mode, no one gives a damn about your problems and that’s why I think I have chose me’

Nadia said multitasking took a toll on her and she prayed to God and out situations that would have killed her in gods hands. ‘I have fought kama last year that’s why I lost so many people in 2021 coz I don’t have time to explain. i could have walked away coz being in a career where your life is everyones business’

Nadia encouraged women who have lost pregnancies that ‘hang in there’

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Nadia Mukami welcomes baby boy named Haseeb Kai

Singer Nadia Mukami is the newest mum in town.

Nadia revealed she delivered her bundle of you March 24 and named him Haseeb Kai.

Kai already has an Instagram account.

‘Welcome to our World Haseeb Kai @haseebkai
24th March 2022. @rfh_healthcare is taking good care of us♥️’ Nadia captioned a hospital picture.

Nafia RHF

Dadangu mdogo Karibu kwa uzazi! Kweli utapenda!😍😍

Congratulations Nadia & Arrow .. Barakaaaa

Congratulations 😍😍😍😍

Congratulations 🎊🎉🥳

🙌🙌God Bless Our Good Friends @nadia_mukami and @arrowbwoy

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Pregnant Nadia Mukami holds thanksgiving ahead of birth

Nadia Mukami and bae Arrowbwoy held a thanksgiving for their unborn son.

Captioning the moment #thanksgivingsunday, Nadia added ‘Mama Boi na Baba Boi.
This phase of my life is beautiful♥️ I have dedicated this Sunday to thanksgiving: I cant believe my prayers have changed to God protect my Boys. (Boi & Baba Boi)😉🙈♥️I am loving & appreciating it. When you let God align, you just smile everyday♥️’

The Africanpopstr gushed over her two boys and looking forward to their first child.

Nadia revealed she was pregnant on March 8 International womens day in a beautiful moment at Safari Park.

Nadia also revealed that they miscarried after media personality Jalango told that she is hiding a pregnancy.

She sadly opened up about it saying ‘we have an angel in heaven’

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Nadia Mukami’s reason for accepting marriage proposal

Nadia Mukami has revealed why she said Yes to Arrobwoys marriage proposal.

A day after the surprise was shared online, Nadia has gushed over her fiancé admitting love is the reason. Arrowbwoy went down on one knee asking her to marry him.

She said yes.

Nadia Mukami and Arrowbwoy pregnant

I fell in love with you because of how you always treat me like a Princess. You have the most amazing Heart: Your heart is clean & I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. We have fought so many battles together. People see the artist, the bad boy. I see the responsible family man. My Son is lucky to have you as a father. He is so blessed. I guess the men in your family were really brought up well because of how you guys carry yourselves. God Bless your mother🙏♥️ Even in the Next life, I still wanna be with you.😉 I love you Ali Etale.
Our goals this year & dreams are starting to Manifest. I wanna be rich with you 💋

In a video of the moment, Arrowbwoy gushed saying ‘My one and only still going strong ❤️❤️’

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Arrowbwoy proposes to Nadia Mukami

Singers Artrow Bwoy and nadia Mukami wikll be getting married soon.

He proposed on Saturday night March 12th surrounded by friends and family.

In videos trending online, we see him get down on one knee and remove a ring as she stretches out her hand to accept it.

The crowd gets excited and cheer them on at the junction Mall rooftop.

The couple last week on March 8th announced they are expecting a a baby boy in a special ceremony that went down at Safari Park.

Nadia and Arrow bwoy

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Nadia and Arrowbwoy land deals after pregnancy reveal

Congratulations to the new beginnings

Nadia Mukami and boyfriend Arrowbwoy have announced they have landed two deals a day after revealing they are pregnant with their first child together.

Nadia on Tuesday March 8th, showed off her 7th month pregnancy and told why she kept it a secret.

he alo revealed they are expecting a boy.

On Wednesday while haring an official picture, Nadia told that she and Arrowbwoy re brand ambassadors. The first is with healthcare providers RFH, and the second is with a Foundation targeting young girls and mothers who have challenges with pregnancy & childbirth.

She gushed ‘Our First Endorsement as a Couple♥️’

We wish the couple the best in their pregnancy journey.

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Nadia Mukami opens up about keeping pregnancy a secret

Nadia Mukami unveiled on International women’s day that she is heavily pregnant.

The singer also opened up about being 7 months pregnant and it’s a boy.

Nadia also expressed how deeply affected she was a miscarriage when rumors began several months ago that she was pregnant.

Nadia told blogger Eve Mungai that

‘It is not easy. Mothers don’t tell the truth. They only say 50% so morning sickness can be throughout the pregnancy, you are just sick. For me I had anemia. That was the major thing. I could not eat completely because of vomiting excessively. I have been hospitalized a number of times.For me the reason why I did not want to say it, I wanted to be okay for me to be able to tell people or the world that I am expecting my bundle of joy. There is nothing like hiding pregnancy, it is just that it is very personal, you just have to wait till you are ready to talk about it,’

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‘If you see me avoiding you, I really am’ Nadia Mukami blasts fake friends

Nadia Mukami appears to have a message for friends who have not supported her, like she has.

In a crytpic message shared on her Instagram stories Wednesday January 26, Nadia wrote

It is during the worst times of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you.’

Nadia also added that

‘It takes experience coz chile I was buying lunch and drinks supporting people their businesses but when it came to my turn, NO ONE! If you see me avoiding you, I really am! I do not want anything parasitic and fake his year’

Nadia Mukami on USA tour 2021

Nadia and boyfriend Arrow Bwoy recently confessed they lost a pregnancy and the difficulty that followed that sad moment grieving in private.

This followed Jalango’s insistence that she was pregnant and was hiding the fact. Arrow Bwoy and Nadia separately told him off, and later on her Instagram, Nadia confessed that she ‘had an angel in heave’.

She also spoke about wanting to grieve in private urging Kenyans to give them time.

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‘Imagine till infinity’ Nadia Mukami promises Arrow Bwoy


Arrow Bwoy attended Nadia Mukami’s father’s retirement party on Saturday December 4th.

She congratulated her father ‘My Dad Retired this week at #60 from KICD It was an amazing day to celebrate my dad’

While sharing pictures of the beautiful occasion, Nadia penned a sweet note to her bae Arrow Bwoy promising him that ‘imagine till infnity’ adding a heart emoji.

She also added ‘we have to be rich together’

She captioned a cute dancing video ‘Thank you @arrowbwoy for coming to my Dad’s #RetirementParty #60
You are now part of the family ❤️
I love you too babe’


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Nadia Mukami’s special message from Maina Kageni after turning 25



African popstar Nadia Mukami celebrated her 25th birthday a few days ago. Her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy threw her  surprise party and he was not done. He had a second surprise for her while she was in studio.

He popped in to hand her red roses. The stunned beauty gushed ‘Man surprised me with flowers again!! We are celebrating all week!!!! @arrowbwoy Baaaabe 😌🙈 Nakupenda kipenzi❤️

Maina on Friday November 12 wished her a happy born day in a cute message that got Kingangi adding ‘aki ya ngai’ for his special message.


Maina said ‘she is a wonderful artist and what I love about Nadia is she works hard, one thing you cannot take away from her is her work ethic, Nadia, it’s only natural success will follow’

“He added ‘Happy birthday Nadia we absolutely love you’


She has a big event on Sunday if you have no plans.

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Nadia Mukami excited at soon turning 25 in cute message


Singer Nadia Mukami is gearing up to entertain her Kenyan fans in a concert in Kisii followed by a birthday party to ring in her 25th birthday.

A party to mark her born day will be held in Moran Lounge. She excitedly told fans that ‘More details on the way!! 25thBirthday!!!.

The African popstar has been in the USA for the last one month holding concerts for her fans abroad. Her last show was in Washington DC on Saturday October 16.

Nadia’s star has been shining and back in October, she celebrated her song Wangu a collabo with Sanaipei garnering 10 million views. she has also scored major nominations and this is such a huge achievement and we are excited for her.

Happy birthday in advance Nadia from the Classic 105 family.

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“NitakuDM” Nadia Mukami tells fan about how many men she’s dated


25 year old Nadia Mukami is almost wrapping up her US tour before returning home.

She told a curious fan, who wondered if she had permanently left Kenya, that she is almost done with the US but would certainly not mind living there

“I love Kenya but I wouldn’t mind relocating it’s a good place ya kuraise watoto”

Nadia will also vacay after concluding the US tour then jet back to Kenya.

This also raised the question of if she already has children. Nadia was asked ‘How many kids do you have?”

She responded “waiting on God”

Nadia is in the US with Arrow Boy and the two are dating. A curious fan asked her how many times she has broken up with him, perhaps owing to incessant rumors of their on and off relationship.

“Do you ever break up  with Arrow then get back together?” She admitted “Maybe kupitana tu once in a while”

She addressed the question “How many relationships had you been in before meeting Arrow?”

She said laughing “I am avoiding headlines nitakuDM”

She concluded confessing the best gift she can give a man “Lolsupport na peace of mind”

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Nadia Mukami’s collabo with Sanaipei ‘Wangu’ hits 10 million views


The song Wangu feat Nadia Mukami and Sanaipei Tande has hit 10 million views.

An excited Nadia shared on her Instagram the good news tagging Sana captioning “My first ten million views! Yes @SanaipeiTande we did it”

She added

Asanteni sana! But first, Glory kwa God🙏🙌
Also asante @alexis_onthe_beat 🙌 @jibrilblessing @keeppaceafrica for sponsoring the project & for making it happen! God bless everyone that played a role in the success of this project!

This is Nadia Mukami’s 12th studio single and her THIRD track off her EP, African PopStar the EP.

Wangu featuring Sanaipei Tande is her dream collaboration as she always looked up to her as a mentor.

This song is fire to say the least…

Congratulations to you Nadia. Cheers🥂

Our love ..we appreciate you kanadia keep winning

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Kenyans excited for MC Jessy after posting cosy photo with Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami titillated fans and followers this week when she showed off her Indian boyfriend. The sad thing though is that the announcement was overshadowed by the news that Kabi WaJesus had sired a child with his own cousin.

But despite the disappointment of the news cycle focusing on that scandal, Nadia seems to be moving on courting fresh publicity.

How now? The musician posted an image with famous comedian, MC Jessy, yesterday. The two seemed to be having the time of their lives with smiles all around as they spent time together at an influencer activation.

Meet Nadia Mukami’s tall handsome Indian boyfriend, Priyan

Her caption read,

We always have so much fun with @jessythemc during our @rubisenergykenya activations!!

But it was Jessy’s page that had all the interesting comments after the funnyman posted his photo with Nadia at the event. The caption read, “@nadia_mukami amesema amehama Parklands, sasa yuko na Amerucan’s finest😎”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mc Jessy (@jessythemc)

The Churchill Show host’s fans took it upon themselves to warn Jessy about Nadia while a few others were happy for him, praising the chemistry between the two.

But while Nadia and Jessy look good together, many shouldn’t forget that he is allegedly dating a rich Burundian model after his breakup with his ex-lover Shix Kapyenga.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mc Jessy (@jessythemc)

According to Edgar Obare, Jessy’s new lover goes by the name Joan Delly Mugeni and has been living with the comedian for months now.

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Meet Nadia Mukami’s tall handsome Indian boyfriend, Priyan

Afro-pop Singer Nadia Mukami has for the first time unveiled the man who has been warming her heart in secret.

Yes, the woman who keeps her personal life away from the interwebs dropped a bombshell on many of her fans when she showed off her Indian boyfriend.

And to top it off, she presented a photo of her and her boyfriend Priyan in ceremonial garb. They both looked like they had celebrated an important occasion with some speculating that it might have been their engagement.

Nadia showered her lover with words of love and affection on Instagram. She wrote;

Despite everything they have said about me today, you have showered me with love I am just smiling here next to you. Being in the limelight, you need someone who loves you for you. Someone who sees you outside the fame, money, attention, gossip, redicule and insults. Someone who speaks to your soul and you are just that! I should have met you earlier to experience this kind of love but I know it’s not late.
We are from 2 different ethnicities but our Love overcomes that!

Nadia’s fans, including Classic105’s Maina Kageni, were quick to congratulate her, with the radio host saying, ”Aaaakiyaooooo!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mapenzi Mapenzi Mapenzi!!!!!”

Last year, the singer revealed in an interview with Jalang’o the reason she’d decided to remain single despite receiving advances from men.

‘I made my first million in 2020,’ Nadia Mukami on staying on top

She stressed that she’d chosen to dedicate her 20s to building her career. “I feel like a relationship will be a distraction for me right now. It’s hard when you are in the music industry to date, you never know what a guy wants, maybe they want bragging rights,” she added.

She explained that her decision had been inspired by a “bad” experience she had while on a date. She says she was forced to pay the bill after the man asked her to.

“Halafu there is this, I have gone on a date and I paid, sikuwahi rudi because they think I have money. And that is when I said I am not doing this dating thing. Some of the guys think I have a lot of money,” she said.

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Singer Nadia Mukami hospitalised again (video)

Singer Nadia Mukami has been hospitalized. The singer who had been performing in Busia over the weekend shared a video clip of herself admitted at an unnamed hospital.

Nadia did not however disclose the reason as to why she had been in hospital.

This comes 3 weeks after another hospitalization at the RFH medical centre in Nairobi. Nadia who is a two-time award-winning artist in Kenya and East Africa also posted photos of herself at the time in a hospital gown accompanied by a bible verse.

” Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine”. Psalms 16:5. Even then she didn’t reveal the reason for her admittance raising questions about what was going on then?

Nadia Mukami during her hospitalization 3 weeks ago
Nadia Mukami during her hospitalization 3 weeks ago

At the time of writing this story, Nadia had posted another photo of the dream car she wants, not mentioning anything about her hospital visit.

Whatever is ailing the singer, we here at Classic105 wish her a quick recovery.

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Nadia Mukami- I Have A Boyfriend Na Lazima Anioe

2020 was singer Nadia Mukami’s coming out year. The lady became one of the most talked-about singers in the country.

So much so that Nadia also claims that artistes from other countries have been messaging her asking for collabos. She is yet to confirm whom she’ll do a collabo with.

But Kenyans like all human beings still like knowing the intimate lives of the people they adore and so the same goes for Nadia.

And one thing that people always wonder about is a celebrity’s love life. For a time there, it was rumoured that she was seeing ArrowBwoy, something both, later on, came out to deny.

In a recent interview, Mukami revealed that she has a boyfriend. She adds that she will not reveal his face until marriage or engagement.

”… Nina boyfriend. Details are not important. Ile siku niko married ndio nitawaonyesha. Siezi enda kwingine. Yaani nilishamwambia by fire by thunder, we are getting married. You are not wasting my time. Lazima anioe…”

In a previous interview with Maina Kageni that took place in October last year, Mukami told the Classic105 host that she wasn’t dating at that moment.

Maina had asked her a question by a fan about whether Nadia was still single? “I am very very single,” she replied. Adding, “I am at a space where I want to reach a place with my music. Music is a jealous lover. I want to elevate.”

So what happened? Was it that a man was able to sweep her off her feet during that short period, or did she lie to Maina? Hmmm…

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