First anniversary! Otile Brown and bae serve couple goals

Singer Otile Brown and his bae Nabayet are serving couple goals as they celebrate their very first anniversary.

Well, it hasn’t been the best as the two once broke up and got the internet talking.

In August, the 25 years old Ethiopian woman even shared a black rose post; Just like Zari.

According to Google, Black roses represent tragic romance. A black rose doesn’t stand for happiness, but the sadness, a relationship would bring along.

Brown was the one who announced that he and Nabayet were no more after a woman faked a pregnancy for him.

Well, it seems December will be a good month for the couple because they’ve rekindled their love and have been seen in public together.

Nabayet’s declaration that will make Otile Brown go gaga!

Nabayet posted;

“True love never fails! One year down many more to go mi amor”

Check them out;

She says she is pregnant and will commit suicide! Otile Brown shockingly says

Otile Brown is either salty or he is in a funk at the moment. Why would I say that? The man released some very incendiary messages on his Instagram page about some of his exes.

In the messages, Otile speaks about his former relationships and how some are still pining for him.

Otile Brown
The singer posing

In a series of messages that would make any independent single woman proud and many a proud man ashamed, Otile speaks about not needing a woman in his life. Yet he writes a whole series of messages about them!

Image result for incredulous gif

The man says that he is now going to focus on his music as he might not be cut out for relationships. He even accused one of his exes of using a fake social media account and spoiling his name by alleging that she is pregnant with his child.

‘I knew you were gonna be my headache,’ Otile Brown to his ex Nabayet

For those who might not remember, the singer dated Vera for a period last year with that relationship imploding like a meteorite hitting terra firma.

The singer with Vera in the past


He then went on to Ethiopian bae Nabayet but that still didn’t last with the two separating after dating for a few months. What is interesting about his new messages is that Otile has been pining for Nabayet the past few weeks.

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet

So, who is this girlfriend that he is dating right now who is being inundated with messages from his thirsty exes? Ni nani Otile!? The messages don’t make any sense to me. Maybe they will to you. Check them out below;

The singers screenshotssingers

The singers screenshots
The singer’s screenshots


The singers screenshots
The singer’s screenshots
Otile Brown screenshots
The singer’s screenshots
Otile Brown screenshots
The singer’s screenshots


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Nabayet’s declaration that will make Otile Brown go gaga!

Otile Brown breaks up and then writes a song about it. He doesn’t end there! He then goes on to sing about it. The singer has done so the past with his two relationships with Vera and Nabayet.

His song for Vera was a dirge about the drama he had endured from the curvy socialite. The one he sung for Nabayet was different with him asking for a second chance from the Ethiopian beauty, an apology tour if you please.

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet

In the song, Otile tells her that he would marry her if she were to ask him to, something that shocked and astounded many of his fans.

What did Nabbi herself think of the song and its general sentiment? She recently spoke to her followers on Instagram. In a Q and A she did on her Instagram page, she was asked a couple of questions concerning the singer.

It was a session that attracted positive answers from the Ethiopian beauty and one that signaled to fans that there might be still hope for her relationship with Otile.

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet in the past

The first question was one word to describe Otile’s character and her answer was “Distinct” – one that stands out from the rest. That wasn’t all, the second question was whether she still loved her ex-Kenyan lover? Her short and to the point answer was, “Yes”.

Nabayet then filled her followers with more hope and mirth when she told her followers that she believed in second chances in relationships saying, ‘Absolutely!’

Nabayet posing in yet

Is this the sign that Otile might need to start pursuing Nabayet again?

Methinks that him rekindling the relationship would be a bad decision. Never go back to a past relationship. There is a reason the relationship failed the first time and that same reason will most likely cause the demise the second time.

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I will marry you today if you want! Otile Brown tells Nabayet

Otile Brown is going to become the new Taylor Swift. Why would I say that? It seems that the man’s new songs will be about the failed relationships he had with his exes.

Like the American megastar, Taylor has done in the past, Otile seems to be following the same script.

He is now singing about his Ethiopian ex, Nabayet in his new song, aptly named, ‘Nabayet’.

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet in the past

How original! Don’t forget that immediately after his first dramatic split from Vera, the singer sang a song where he alleged that she had had an abortion!

His new song about his Ethiopian bae who suddenly disappeared from his social media posts a couple of months back is, however, an ode to the light-skin beauty.

Nabayet in white
Nabayet in white

In the song, Otile bemoans that his ex left him because of scandals and allegations of cheating on his part. However, Otile Brown pours out his heart to the lass as he distances himself from the cheating rumors.

Otile Brown’s cryptic message after girlfriends black rose remarks

From his lyrics the guy even promises to marry the Ethiopian lady if she asked him to settle down with her, singing;

Nimejaliwa moyo wa upendo na nikipenda napenda vibaya ila skendo zimefanya sijasettle madem wananihukumu vibaya. Nimebadili hata mienendo wanadai nimefuria ile mbaya maana sifanyi hiki kitendo na skendo sina hamnazo kisa wewe mama. Wananiita playboy heartbreaker baada ya kitendo nasepa yaani hawaniamini hata kama nawatania baby mimi sio mtu wa mchezo mchezo Nabayet ukisema nikuoe hata leo Nabayet.

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet

The split (which we don’t know yet and are just assuming based on their social media timelines) was most likely occasioned by Otile Brown sharing a video clip getting cozy with Amber Ray, making many think she was his boyfriend.

It, however, turned out to be a song he featured the lovely video vixen but his ex-girlfriend could not accept this. In a question and answer session on Instagram Nabbi went on to tell one of her fans that the best way to leave a cheating boyfriend is to stay quite and avoid drama.

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Are they done? Otile Brown’s Ethiopian bae posts cryptic message

Otile Brown looked like he had found his happier ever after this year after flossing his new Ethiopian bae, Nabayet. The couple would spend time together and most times showed off the images on their social media pages.

But there are hints that all might not be well in their home. The woman who brought back a smile on Otile’s face after his terrible and cautionary break-up might not be with the man anymore.

Nabayet posing

The reason for this worry was something that she posted recently on her social media page. The singer posted the image of a black rose. In literature, it can signify a new stage in life that sometimes requires the “death” of the old stage. It can also represent “rebirth or the beginning of something new.”

Nabayet’s post

Black roses, because some manipulation might be involved in getting it to a particular shade, can also mean obsession. Be aware, though, that giving someone a black rose generally indicates the end of the relationship.

Zari Hassan and Lilian Muli have in the past posted images of black roses on their social media pages. Zari famously dumped Diamond when she posted the image, while Lillian at the time was going through unique times in her relationship with baby daddy, Jared Nevaton.

Lillian Muli admits she’s still with tycoon Jared Nevaton after sharing photo of black rose

Otile last posted an image of Nabayet on June 13th over 2 months back while Nabayet herself posted an image of the singer on June 16th.

Otile Brown with Nabayet cutting a cake
Otile Brown with Nabayet cutting a cake

The comments to Nabayet’s post are very illuminating with some saying that she had posted a message on her page that alluded to heartbreak. A message her followers said that she quickly deleted.

The two have had a long-distance relationship that many wondered whether it would last? It seems that maybe the trope that these types of relationships are very hard to maintain is true and that our very own Otile might be in that same boat.

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Nabayet pregnant!? Otile Brown quizzed by curious Kenyans

Otile Brown has been head over heels in love with his Ethiopian bae, Nabayet. The two have been together from early this year.

It is the first serious relationship that the singer has had since his controversial split with socialite Vera Sidika.


The singer has gone above and beyond to show how much he cares for her. They say that an image speaks more than a thousand words which Otile posts plenty of on his Instagram page.

One of his recent images has drawn interest that makes my ears perk up.


The singer shared a photo which seems to have since been deleted. It was of his lover, Nabbi in a white flowing dress exposing her stomach which had bulged out.

Nabayet in white
Nabayet in white

His caption read;

Ggaah! Alhamdulillah. Fast moves.

Some wondered whether Nabayet was now pregnant while some others had a more logical viewpoint that she had just eaten.

Some of those comments are below;

bellaalucoh; She’s preggers.
emmywilsone; Umetinga bao Otile.. ama nikushiba

Otile screenshot
Otile screenshot.courtesy/urbannews254

What is fascinating about the speculation is that the image is no longer on his page making my spidey senses go off.

When Tanasha first got pregnant in December, many little birdies whispered to us, as early as February that she was pegged and it turned out that that information was true.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

But she denied that claim on numerous occasions, maybe Otile doesn’t want to lie and his easiest option is to kill the story by deleting the photo. Maybe…

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‘My soulmate’ – Otile Brown told to stop copying Diamond as he shows off Nabayet

Otile Brown and his Ethiopian woman have been spending a lot of time together. The singer had first shown off his yellow yellow earlier in the year.

Nabayet posing
Nabayet posing

Many thought that they had broken up after they were not seen together for many months, but it seems like the two might be in a long-distance relationship.

Otile and Nabayet, as she is known, spent time together this past weekend and the artiste was proud to show off his woman along with his new and veeeery ugly hairstyle. (BTW he has said that the hairstyle will stay for a year, so people should get used to it)

He posted images and videos of the couple together. In one of the videos, a very happy looking Otile can be seen kissing Nabayet and in another video the two walk hand in hand on the streets of Nairobi.

He even calls her his soulmate in one of the captions that he posted. He wrote;

The things I miss sometimes .. high in the street of Nairobi with my soulmate, being ourselves .. she thinks am funny funny

The posts have elicited a lot of comments from Kenyans as the singer looks to be moving on from Vera. The comments comprised varied thoughts about Otile copying Diamond’s hairstyle to the singer’s behaviour when he gets a new woman.

Otile Brown posing
Otile Brown

Some of the best are below;
_omarion__; Vera angesha vunja gari sai
mulievid; Uyo dem ni mzee Sana….heri ule ulimba nae Samantha anakufaa
santy_onetouch; Fake dreads doesn’t look good on you😜
lovelypookiewookie; 🍆🍆🍆 kamekua kabig ama ni dot tu 😳😹😹
coxdawayao; Dogo ukipataga demu mpya unasumbua sana
beatriceotieno80.lo; 👌cool..nywele nayo rudi to kwa shave..hizi matuta za bwana ya tanasha haiwezi🙅‍♀️🙆‍♂️
young____metroo; Kwan lazma mumuige diamond kila kitu 😢😢
xz_lice; Daimond Issa role model to every guy out there, you guys look good 😍
hovamerge; Umenona round….then the hair is a no! Ain’t doing you justice.

One wonders if Otile sees this relationship as one that might end up in marriage? The fact that he is already calling her a soulmate speaks of a man that falls in love veeeeery quickly!

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