Top media personality denies hitting on Msupa S

A celebrated media personality-cum-tv host has distanced himself from Kalenjin rapper Msupa S after someone posted that he is hitting on her.

In a social media post, the caption warned Willy M Tuva to keep off as Msupa S is taken.

The tv host, who is married and a father of two, has however said he has NEVER hit on her.

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In the post, Msupa S is seen castigating the radio host for hitting on her. The post which has since been deleted reads:

“@mzaziwillymtuva please tosheka na wako me I’m taken. wacha kunisumbuwa”

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The contentious screenshot is below:

Msupa S screenshot

Msupa S screenshot

We called the daring and enterprising entertainer for a comment about what had happened. The exasperated artiste Msupa S disclosed:

“Unajua si mimi nimeandika hizo vitu I.G. It is just a guy who is very jealous of me and we didn’t even meet with Willy M Tuva. It has nothing to do with me. “

Msupa S

The artiste claims that he account was hacked

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She added:

“It is not me and I am trying to delete it…the person who has my password (hacked it)”

Msupa S

The rapper

When called about the issue Willy M Tuva categorically denied the claim that he had ever hit on Msupa S. The father of two explained:

“First of all it is untrue. Na yeye mwenyewe ameeleza haja post hizo vitu. (After we gave him the backsory) But I will say, si vizuri watu kutumia majina ya watu kuharibia majina, ndio wapate umaarufu. wafanye muziki mzuri…”

Mzazi Will M Tuva

Mzazi Will M Tuva with his kids

He also clarified:

“Kitu ambacho unafaa kujua ni kwamba mimi na wasanii we don’t mix. She has come to my interview once and nimemwona (Msupas) mara mbili ama tatu. I am a professional.”

He denied the allegations and termed them as false.

He also explained that he had gone to the police over the malicious claims.

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‘You ain’t loyal’ Nyashinski slams media personalities for not promoting Kenyan music


Mzazi Willy M Tuva and Nyashinski have started 2019 on  a bad note after the later accused the TV host of not doing enough to promote Kenyan music.

The spat was stirred up by an online video by Tuva that had a governor responding to his interview on what music he supports to which he responded ‘Kwangwaru’ by Harmonize.

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Willy M Tuva
Willy M Tuva

Nyashinki then went online and hit out at Tuva in a widely shared comment viewed by many Kenyan artistes.

Willy even went head to state that he had hosted Nyash both on TV and radio.

Nyash wrote

“@mzaziwillytuva mbona hiyo video inaishia hapo? Hakuwa anajua msanii wa Kenya hata mmoja? 🤔 kuna utiaji flani hapa. Bado home ni Kenya 🇰🇪 boss. Utarudi tu. Shout out to @thenaiboi @sautisol @khaligraph_jones @thekingkaka @octopizzo @otilebrown and all other Kenyan artists who made major moves in 2018. The fans see y’all working. #love 🇰🇪”

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Below are some of the comments from the fans and other artistes

ej_stunna: I have thought about this for the longest time, @mzaziwillytuva ukuaga mtiaji. the guy claims “Kulea Vipaji” but on the contrary i don’t think so. We should send him straight to Diamond’s WCB which he worships


dmhanjy01: bongo makes sense…Kenyan artist are all about the bang. ..nothing to sing along!

misssamoh: Try helping out a struggling talented Kenyan artist as well even if it’s just a collabo. I think that will go a long way. I’ve never seen you introduce a new artist.

dianaliboso: We blame @mzaziwillytuva for nothing this guy has done enough to support the crapy kenyan music we have. Useless lyrics and content from MOST of our so called kenyan artists. We have a very LONG way to go even to get to Tanzanian level. Now guys Hang me for that 😂

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These throw back photos of Kenya celebrities will leave you in tears

Celebrities portray a perfect picture life to the public but that is not always the case given that most of them have gone through tough times to achieve the success they boast of now.

While some are not proud enough to share their old photos with the public, some easily do it as a way of sharing with their fans their transformation journey, reminding them of where they have come from.

Here are some throw back photos of local celebrities that might leave you in stitches.

  1. Willy M Tuva

DON’T JUDGE ME by my PAST. I don’t live there anymore. What I do now will determine who I will be in FUTURE. Watch what am doing and see what am about to become.


2. Willis Raburu

#TBT wannabe ogaaa and funny pose 😂😂😂😂


3. Shix Kapienga

#TBT back in high school…you all know what they say about the back benchers, very obedient students! 😁😁😁😁(Don’t mind the paper bags, zilikuwa zinabeba nguo za games, sahani,vijiko na maembe haijaiva)
image-2018-07-19(13)(1)4. Bahati Kenya


This throw back photos prove that indeed our local celebrities have come from far not only in terms of looks but also in the fashion department especially for Mzazi M Tuva and gospel artiste Bahati.

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So Uncalled For: Njambi Koikai Bundled Out From Citizen Radio

Nancy Nanjala Nyongesa aka Njambi Koikai has been battling a condition known as Endometriosis for the last 18 years but the last two years, the situation became worse to a point she started having intense chest pains.

Njambi Koikai

A lady by the name Cindy, whom she has never met before, reached out to her via Facebook. She asked her if she experiences problems with her lungs during a certain period. She found it strange because her lungs would only collapse during her periods. That’s when she told her she has a reproductive health issue and she should go and see Dr Patel in Agah khan. She went and was diagnosed with thoracic endometriosis.

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Kenyans have come together to hold her hand as she goes through this trying time and as she continues to fund raise for her treatment. She also has a charity event today at the Alchemist to help her raise money so she can go for treatment abroad.

Njambi Koikai

But even with many trying as hard as they can to help her where they can, someone else has felt the need to embarass her.

According to our source, one of the Citizen Radio bossed kicked out Njambi from Mzazi Willy M. Tuva’s show. This was just after the Mseto star introduced Njambi to his listeners. The host was dumbfounded and speechless as the lady boss ousted his guest from studio without any apologies.

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