‘Pig Fat Chases Away Demons’, Here Are The Craziest Myths That Kenyans Believe In

A myth is a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.

People tend to believe in myths, although some are true whereas others are false.

Well, below is a compilation of myths, go through

  1. If a black cat crosses your path it is considered as bad luck.

2. If see an owl in your home one of your family members will die.

3. Kikuyus – If you run around a mugumo tree 7 times your gender will change into the opposite sex.


4. Sweeping the floor at night is taboo. If you sweep at night you’re likely to throw away something precious. Some even believe you will be poor if you sweep your house at night.

5. Wearing slippers on different feet is inviting bad spirits.

6. A man sleeping in his married daughter’s house is taboo.

7. If a woman is pegged then you cross her legs, she will give birth to a child looking like her.

8.  If you get rained on you will grow taller.

9. If you swallow gum it will tie up your intestines.

10. If you swallow the seeds of a fruit a tree will grow out of your stomach.

11. If you read in dim light it will damage your eyes.

12. If you sit close to the TV, it will make you go blind.


13. Pig fat chases away demons.

14. Tripping and hurting your left foot when walking is a sign of bad luck.

15. Blinking your eyes continuously is a sign that something will happen.

16. If a bird uses your hair to build its nest your hair will not grow.

17. If you see a shooting star and make a wish before it disappears your wish will come true.

18. Two condoms are better than one.


19. If you dream that someone is calling you and you respond you will die.

20. If you lick or drink salty water you can’t wet your bed.

21. Choking on your saliva when talking is a sign that someone just mentioned your name.

22. Placing your milk tooth on the rooftop of your house for birds to take away will make your new teeth grow faster.

23. Itching your left palm is a sign that you will receive money.

24. Raining during your wedding day is a blessing.

25. Biting of your tongue is a sign that someone is talking about you.

26. If you give birth to twins as first borns it’s a bad omen in some communities e.g Luo.


27. If a bird pees on your head while flying above, it is luck.

28. If you dream you’re collecting/picking money especially coins you will be poor forever.

29. If you want to give birth to a boy lie on your back and lift your legs up immediately after sex for the sperms to swim deeper.

30. When you have a patient and you keep crying the person will die.


31. When food falls from your mouth or misses (the mouth) it’s a bad sign.

32. When a woman is preggers and a pet or domestic animal is pregnant at the same time, one of them must lose the child.

33. If you dream you are eating beef you will die.

34. When a mirror breaks it’s a bad omen.

35. If you burn your hair it will never grow.



These Myths Will Destroy Your Marriage

Maintaining a marriage is hard enough without trying to live by “rules” or “truths” about relationships set by magazines and what the society says. Many people go into marriage with the same school of thought that our parents had forgetting that times have changed.

Relationship experts have shared a few myths about relationships that get under their skin. Here are some of the myths they dispelled.

1: Never go to bed angry – The big problem with this advice is that it’s based on the premise that marital discord of any kind is  unsustainable and unhealthy, when the truth is, hashing out your problems and clearing the air can lead to a stronger relationship, said Amanda Deverich, a Virginia-based marriage and family therapist. Go to bed if you don’t have the mental energy to talk; you’ll probably be better equipped to discuss your problems in the AM once you’ve slept, she added.

“Never going to bed angry could elevate a fight and reduce the ability for a couple to resolve the issue — and it could be particularly harmful when couples have a ‘pursue and withdraw’ dynamic; In other words, one person is the pursuer who’s driven to re-establish connection and resolve the fight while the other partner withdraws from the argument because they are emotionally flooded and tired,” she explained. “In this case, go to bed angry. A partner who tends to withdraw needs time and distance to calm down to be able to re-engage in the discussion.”

2: Marriage changes people at their core – If you hate the way your partner handles his meddling mother or you can’t stand how hot tempered she gets, it will still  drive you up the wall once you say “I do.” Face the facts: Marriage isn’t going to miraculously change who your partner is, said Jennifer Gauvain, a licensed clinical social worker and the co-author of How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy: Is He “The One” or Should You Run? “If you are in a relationship with someone who’s hot-tempered, those same angry outbursts aren’t going to subside just because you put a ring on it. What you see is what you get.  It should come as no surprise when those same behaviors show up again and again once you’re married.”

3: Love heals all – There’s no question that spouses can play a big part in healing wounds from your past — but their love can’t possibly solve all your problems, said Abby Rodman, psychotherapist and the author of Without This Ring: A Woman’s Guide To Successfully Living Through and Beyond Midlife Divorce.

“The problem is, your spouse can tap into those wounds as well,” she said. “That’s because we often unwittingly choose partners who draw out emotional responses we’re familiar with even unhealthy ones. Your best bet is to acknowledge your problems and ask your spouse to do the same. Once you’re aware of what those wounds are and what triggers them, you can support each other in a healthier, more loving way and avoid each other’s emotional landmines.”

4: The same old gender roles apply – Why adhere to gender expectations in your modern, nuanced relationship when they don’t suit you as a couple? Just because he’s a dude doesn’t mean he’s more cut out for yard work and finances than looking after your children, Deverich suggested.

“The gender role myth is dangerous because it is limiting to the individuals and the couple as a whole,” she said. “Some men are more natural parents, better cooks or more emotionally aware than their other gendered partners. Some women are better at earning and managing money, fixing things around the house or laying down much. Assigning tasks by default gender role not only misses maximizing the true talents of one partner, but can set the couple up for frustration and failure.

5: When you’ve been together for long marriage is the next logical step – Agreeing to marry someone just because you’ve invested so much time in the relationship is a recipe for disaster, said Gauvain. “Many people I’ve talked to say this myth more than anything else kept them in a relationship that should have come to an end long before walking down the aisle,” she said.

6: No relationship can survive an affair – Many subscribe to the belief that no marriage or long-term relationship can survive infidelity and that once a cheater, always a cheater. Marriage therapist Deverich is more inclined to agree with sex expert Dan Savage: A single act of infidelity does not have to be “a relationship-extinction-level event.” “Clinging to the myth is poisonous. Forgiveness and relationship repair is a long, difficult process but it can result in a marriage that is even better than before. The reality is that many couples survive affairs, sometimes even improving the marriage.”

7:  Your partner should know what you want and how you’re feeling – Your spouse is not a mind reader, Rodman said.  “Partner 1 assumes they know exactly how the other one is feeling about a certain situation or person, and then gets angry or upset when Partner 2 responds to that situation in a way that contradicts their assumption,” she said. “This one is easily remedied by simply communicating effectively. Don’t assume your partner will know how you’re feeling telepathically.”

8:  Your relationship is fail-proof because you’re married – Don’t fall into a false sense of security just because you went and put a ring on it, said Rodman. All relationships are vulnerable and could always use a little TLC.

“Just because you had a wedding doesn’t mean you have a marriage. Your marriage needs attention,” she said. “It requires your time, commitment and focus. As I tell my sons when they’re in relationships “Treat her well, or somebody else will.”


Myths About Love That We Believe

We have heard a lot of stories about love, both positive and negative and in some cases queer. However love can be a beautiful thing if the right person is there with you. It can also be a bad thing if you are dealing with a person who’s not on the same page with you.

Growing up there are things that we were taught or heard about love and some of them are nothing but myths yet we still believe them when we should know better. Here is a list.

  1. Love means never having to say you’re sorry –A good relationship depends upon a couple’s ability to resolve conflicts. Those who do not know how to work through problems, apologize for mistakes and forgive offenses made against them are not very capable of maintaining loving relationships. Remember, no one is perfect. Not you or your partner, blunders will be made and feelings will be hurt. When you truly love someone, you will do whatever it takes to make things right when times get rough. Love means saying sorry often and forgiving repeatedly.
  2. When the spark is gone, the love is gone –The spark will not last forever but it has to be reignited every now and then. Just because the spark has dimmed a little it doesn’t mean that there is no love. But true love is caring so deeply for someone that his or her happiness and well-being are more important to you than your own. Do not give up on it so easily. If it has lost its sparkle, polish it up! Look at your relationship and find things that are lacking. Work on them with your sweetheart and fall in love all over again.
  3. Love is disposable –If your relationship is in trouble fix it. It is sad to admit, but we live in an extremely selfish world. Media has pumped the idea into our minds that everything is disposable. If your phone is broken, get an upgrade. Love is not a toy that will eventually need to be replaced by something shinier. True love was made to endure anything. It was not meant to be temporary. It was not meant to be thrown away.
  4. There is no such thing as a happily ever after –Why have we chosen to make our view of the “real world” a negative one? Yes, life is hard — harder than you ever thought it would be. Your heart has probably been broken at least once. Hopes and dreams have most likely been crushed multiple times. It has been rough. But that is not everything life has to offer. Amidst trials, you can still choose to be happy and love with all your heart. No, your life isn’t a fairytale. No, fairy tales aren’t even real. But, believe it or not, you do not need a dashing prince to have a happily ever after.
  5. All you need is love –This is a very popular lie that, unfortunately, many people have started to believe. You need to put effort, trust, faith, patience etc nothing works without sweat. They have begun to think that if you have love, nothing else matters. This is wrong. Love is wonderful, but it isn’t “all you need.” If you want your relationship to last, you need a sweet friendship, total trust, feelings of respect, a great deal of forgiveness, lots of patience, effective communication, complete support and loads of laughter. Your relationship will not survive if it is based solely on romance.


Myths About Money That Will Leave You Poor

There are myths about money that we should not listen to because they will ensure you stay broke for long. The moment we stopped believing these six myths about money will be the time when the road to financial freedom will start shaping up.

Debt can build wealth – Doesn’t it seem dumb that to build credit you first have to go into debt? Debt can be a tool if you’re a millionaire or a large billion-dollar corporation because the interest on the debt is tax-deductible. The wealthy are always looking for deductions. For the average person, however, debt can crush us. We start off with the intention paying off our balances and paying on loans, but life happens. Unplanned life situations affect your ability to pay the debt back, and the interest makes that debt continue to grow. Look at what’s happening with student loans. It’s estimated that it will take the average student 25 years to pay off their loans. Debt is not the path to wealth. Billionaire investor Warren Buffet said, “Those who understand interest earn it, those who don’t, pay it.”

I have time on my side – When you’re young, you think you can make mistakes and have plenty of time to make them up–especially financially. You think you can make more money or overcome poor choices. The problem is that none of us knows how long we’ll live. Time-related to money works in reverse. The sooner you start saving and investing; the better compound interest can work and grow what you have. The time to start handling your finances properly is right now.

Investing is for rich people – This is one of the most commonly spouted myths and one of the most destructive. If you wait until you’re “rich” to invest, you could be waiting forever. The reality is that with today’s access to information and technology, anyone can figure out how to invest. You can research anything related to investing and feel confident you know at least the basics.

I can’t afford to save – If you looked carefully at what you spend money on, you would find a few dollars that you can save. If you cut out things such as cable or fast food, you can save a little. A little bit over time adds up, and I’m not saying you have to give that stuff up forever. You’re making a short term sacrifice for a long term gain.

Money isn’t important – Money isn’t the only thing in life and not the most important, but it IS important to almost everything you want to do. You will need money to chase dreams, you will need money to survive, and you will need enough money to not let it stress you out. Money is one of the main reasons for life stress. Don’t chase it, but make enough to give you some breathing room and freedom.

It’s too late for me – It’s never too late to get control of your money. Take some time and think about your goals. Figure out the right investments and set yourself up towards making your money grow.


Could this be the world’s best hangover killer?

An Asian fresh water plant, might just be the latest hangover killer, apparently it has the power to reduce hangovers by 96%.

The plant called Chlorella, health benefits include enhanced detoxification of the liver, making it great for the morning after.

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An Asian fresh water plant, might just be the latest hangover killer, apparently it has the power to reduce hangovers by 96%.

The plant called Chlorella, health benefits include enhanced detoxification of the liver, making it great for the morning after.

Tipper Lewis, head herbalist at Neal’s Yard, told HuffPost UK Lifestyle that chlorella has the highest chlorophyll levels of the plant world at 3-5%.

It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals that have countless health benefits.

Chowing down on algae might not sound as appetising as eating pizza but there are ways to make it more appealing.

Stir it into water with some lemon juice to hide the taste or, if you can’t stomach that, try swallowing it in tablet form instead.