I get counselling once every 3 months over – Mike Mondo

On the Wednesday morning conversation January 26th, Mike Mondo asked men why they don’t seek therapy for stress.

He wondered why men keep their emotions bottled up rather than opening up tot heir wives or even friends.

‘Me i cant keep quiet. I usually go to therapy once every three months’

Mwalimu his co host said men don’t open up because they fear being gossiped about.

Mike responded that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved. Why cant you talk to a therapist, talk to your fellow man and get it sorted out?’

Mondo opened up the discussion to the Classic 105 audience who told of their challenges.

A man called in and told Mike and Mwalimu that ‘men stay taliban. I tell you I only see therapists when i was doing biology mimi in real life they don’t apply. I became a young father at a young age, I agreed, so I’ve been going through alot, niko bedsitter, and the moment you try to open up to anyone that is opening a problem to another problem. there is no need to go to a therapist hata nisaidia, mwanaume ni kuvumilia’

A woman urged men to take their mental health seriously.

@jennykanyiri said ‘No wonder most men are committing suicide nowadays due to depression after things piles up till the mind can’t hold the pressure anymore,so sad’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you encourage your men to open up and take care of their mental health?

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Mike Mondo tells Kingang’i of his fear of an ‘oops I’m pregnant’ announcement

With all the birth control options availvble today, can a Kenyan woman tell a man that ‘oops I’m pregnant?’

That is the Monday January 23rd conversation with Mike Mondo and Malimu Kingangi.

How do you still have an ooops? Mik Mondo asked women to respond to the allegations.

A female caller told him it’s possible citing her three month old son as proof ‘wacheni ujinga hizi mambo hufanyika, my oops so turns three months and i took precaution but it happened to me and I’m raising my son, it happens, it can happen.’

Mike was still wrapped aroudn the fact that surprise pregnancies happen to which Kingangi told him ‘si wewe ni babaa mtoto si lazima you step up’

Mike added ‘Ladies why do you tell us that babe there’s something we need to talk about? that oops situation and in this day and age can it still happen when in this day and age you have options.?’

A man said ‘the moment unenda kufanya kitu hiyo ya uoops inakuja kwasabaabu inafaa ukuwe mwangalifu, if you start a relationship you should know anythingcan happen’

A man told Mike that it happens ‘my friend ukiruka ruka what do you expect, ukirukrauka ovyo what do you expect as you enjoy the game enjoy the oops, the oops can happen that’s normal.’

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Stop borrowing from your wives, she will remind and embarrass you – Kingangi

On the Thursday January 13th morning conversation, Maina asked women what they think of men who say that ‘pesa ya mwanamke haisaidii mtu’.

According to Maina, this is the conversation he had with a group of gentlemen who say you should never ask a woman for money.

A man called in saying it is true. He recounted how a friend borrowed from his wife, failed to pay back and then was denied his conjugal rights to teach him a lesson. The caller says a man who takes money from a woman is now referred to as ‘hiki’ as opposed to ‘huyu’.

Mwalimu Kingangi agreed ‘ujue ukikopesha pesa, she will keep reminding you about it’

Maina reminded him of a simple fact that ‘these are ladies who give you money to go and pay dowry, these are ladies who give you money to pay in a restaurant. She even gives you pocket money to go sit with your fellow men.’

Kingangi advised men to avoid borrowing or else she will keep reminding you of that fact and even publicly embarrass you if you don’t pay back.

‘pesa jitafutie kama mwanaume, sio yake, wacha hio ni pressure. Ebu niulizie wanaume walikopesha na wanawake wao na hawajalipa wako wapi?’

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think? Pesa ya mwanamke inasaidie?

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Parents prefer boarding schools purely for economic reasons – Maina Kageni

Maina and Kingangi continued a second day of discussions of why there is rising school unrest in the 254.

Most Kenyans have been calling for boarding schools to be abolished, something that Mwalimu Kingangi rubbished saying students these days can’t handle a little pressure.

‘why fix what’s not broken? Tulienda boarding sisi wote and we never had such issues. Hii pressure wanaweka they need to change their mindset.

Main asked if it is time to do away with boarding schools ‘me from my observation it’s not going to happen’

Mwalimu told him ‘hakuna shida ya boarding school it’s their mindset. Mbona hatujasikia Alliance wamechoma?’

Maina weighed in saying ‘ parents don’t like having their children at home, that’s why they prefer boading school’

‘Wakae huko’ Kingangi insisted.


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Maina and Kingangi: Problems of arson in boarding starts from home

Tuesday November 9, the Classic 105 morning topic was of the increasing number of students burning their schools, citing the need to break for midterm.

Maina and Kingangi weighed in asking What are the questions we need to be asking ourselves? What’s the source all this chaos?

Poor parenthood is the cause of all the dramas that are happening in our schools…I remember at our time… Ulikua unapigwa unalia, na unapigwa kwa sababu ya kupigwa unakosa kulia na pia ukilia unapigwa unyamaze..weeee…..!!! I love how we were brought up
Kuchoma shule is a sign of communication… Lakini sometimes I won’t blame students shule inakuaga jela… I remember nilipigwa back 2015 juu ya kuekelewa makosa.. Have never recovered… Nowadays kamama na kababa ndo wamachoma shule our time hungefikiria Hata… Good day maina

Sasa watoto wakija holidays wanawatch akina prison breaks, kuchoma shule na kuambia principal ati watamtext haitakua shinda,
All what I know dispiline start at home

Most of these kids are immature in their thoughts and they end up doing what hits their mind,Saizi ata ukiwauliza sababu ya kuchoma shule hawawezi wakajibu!!

Maina mi nimemaliza highschool just the other day and I can blame the parents for poor parenting ,, Hawa wanafunzi ata wakiwa Nyumbani wazazi hawana time Yao , utapata wamejaa huko clubs na wazazi hawawezi wauliza. #MainaAndKingangi

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The difference between wills written by Kenyan men and women


It’s been quite a week, from Kenyans learning that the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth has a secret wife and son, who has been included in his will.

To Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko encouraging ladies to expose politicians they have children with. This has proved quite a tricky issue.

Maina and Mwalimu debated this topic, after Mwalimu accused women of deliberately leaving men out of their wills, while expecting to be beneficiaries in their husbands.

Women called in to challenge Mwalimu, and brought out the stark differences between a man and a woman’s will.

The only listed beneficiary in a woman’s will is her children, while in a husbands last testament comprises of side chicks, secret children and countless other people.

Do you agree with this?

Read the confessions below:

Maina started with his advise to women while answering Mwalimu’s question.

He said

A man who makes you cry, a man who cheats on you girls if he is in your will, remove him today shouted maina.

A woman narrated

heheeh I have four kids, I’m a manager, my kids are beneficiaries, weuh if I die he will use my wealth with another woman. Then my kids are left suffering, let him get his own wealth, and leave mine alone to my children, ati make him a beneficiary?NEVER, he is only next of kin, let him hustle for his, you know in the event that he dies I will be left taking care of these kids, plus mimi nikikufa I am very sure one month atatafuta mtu, so awachie zangu kwa watoto

Another woman concurred saying

How now tuwaongeze kwa will how now? Look here you can give him money alafu aende kufurahisha mwingine ! That’s why my money is for my kids only..

So girls, is your husband a beneficiary in your will?

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Wives must abide by husbands rule, sio sherehe and cheating – Kingangi

On the Friday morning conversation October 15th, it was all about mandem and sherehe.

The topic excited Maina who said ‘there is a certain kind of lady we need to discus today because your men don’t know how to deal with you – madem wa sherehe’.

Mwalimu King’ang’i faulted these women’s behavior using the lyrics of a popular song ‘hata wakifunga tupige sherehe’.

Maina reminded him ‘but that is todays women. It’s not that the rules have changed it’s that they have evolved. More and more ladies are doing road trips’


King’ang’i said ‘mpaka bonfire have a package for ladies wanaitwa squad, at what point do you top sherehe , how do you detach yourself from such a squad? This lifestyle has to stop. There are rules these women should follow. The man being the head of the house is not outdated. You being humble to your husband is not outdated, you being submissively is not outdated, w e are going through a very difficult time as men, hiyo tabia’

King’angi’s warning was supported by many men who said women who like sherehe over the weekend must be submissive or else.



Mwalimu King’ang’i said there are limits to a woman enjoying herself over the weekends.

@Classic105Kenya Any woman in my house has to leave by my rules because I’m the man..If she can’t she should exit leave alone outside there alone. How can you be going out as the man and the woman is going out no way #MainaAndKingangi @ItsMainaKageni

We need to understand the meaning of marriage bana… And understand what comes with going to sherehe.. It will end in machos.. Single mothers sawa.. But married people 95% will end up single . that’s where ladies start comparing men

Shida ya hii gender imegrow baze ni ngumu sana ku reform…..kila weekend lazima watafute form #MainaAndKingangi

Alafu wanataka vile ulimnunulia simu mpya ukimkatia kila wakati simu mpya ikitokea umnunulie as if pesa ni za simu pekee nkt


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Are you addicted to a bad man? Maina asks after Wema Sepetu admits loving being beaten


On the Tuesday morning conversation, the topic was about something Tanzanian beauty Wema Sepetu said. Over the weekend on her cooking show, Wema said she loves being beaten because after that the man has to bembeleza her.

Maina couldn’t understand this begging the audience to explain.

“She said she loves a man that can beat her once in a while. that she loves the process of pacifying her after”

“I remember when I fell in love with a certain man, he told me he would never beat up a woman. Then he beat me up,I enjoyed it. Being beaten by your baby has its own joy, especially when he starts pacifying you, But not being beaten like a thief, just a little. And should do just once, not daily.”

“We can’t all be the same, there are those that don’t like it but for me, it’s very healthy,” Wema said

Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)
Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)

Wema dated Diamond Platnumz and once accused him of beating her. Maina wanted to know from Classic audience why.

“Are you addicted to a bad boy? A man who disrespects you but you can’t leave him, ni nini mbaya? what is wrong?
Wema said she enjoys it because he will later have to pacify her a process that she enjoys, aki ya ngai these ladies” Maina added.

Co host Mwalimu weighed in saying “kuna ladies hata ukimwabia atoke hawezi toka even if you tell her to leave haezi toka. Everybody warns you against this man na bado uko huko”

“There are women addicted to nasty men, what keeps you there ladies and you can’t explain it that’s the crazy thing maina asked. ‘what is the attraction?’


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If the mother of your child has moved on, should the new man raise your child?

The Friday morning August 20 conversation was all about men not wanting to financially take care of their children because the mother has moved on to a new man.

The topic generated heated discussion with Mwalimu Kingangi saying if she has moved on, then the new guy should pick up from there.

A man even told Maina that a woman who is not capable and willing to take care of a child by herself has no business getting pregnant in the first place.

“I cannot believe how these men think. This morning I want to talk about childcare when she is in another relationship coz that’s one thing Kenyan men cant stand”

Mwalimu jumped in asking “she has moved in na bado ana expect support?”

Maina told him the child remains his regardless “but that is your child how does that remove responsibility from you? Does that child stop being yours because she is seeing someone else?”

Mwalimu tried to defend his opinion that once a woman moves on, its not his problem anymore “si amechukuliwa na mwingine hii no gari imechukuliwa na tumeuza gari na tuma transfer logbook si tumemalizana?umetransfer mandate hiyo gari huyu mwingine ndio ata lipa.”

Maina opened up discussion to the audience who had quite some pins.

A man agreed with Kingangi that women have commercialized child support.

He said “in kikuyu we say that ukipenda ngombe unapenda mkia na so if she goes you cannot continue supporting coz you cannot interrupt her in another relationship. She has moved on now let the other man  take care of the kid”

An upset woman told off men siding with Maina kageni.

“Kwani women dont have feelings and shouldn’t move on? Si tulizaa na wewe? Ebu they stood that nonsense”

Dear classic 105 fam, if she has moved on to a new man, should he now raise your child?



Are Kenyan men being set up by women Maina Kageni asks

On the Wednesday morning conversation, Maina spoke about something  that men claim is happening alot – blackmail.

“Yesterday I met a couple of gents, two of whom have been set up by women. How do these set ups work? Blackmail of the highest order is now becoming a major source of concern. Because men are now being blackmailed left right and centre. Cases like these cannot be on the rise for no reason. And what of the blackmailed men? How much did you make ladies? And how do these operations work?”

Co host Mwalimu Kingang’i said “That lady accusing the Senator of rape has not reported the case, and the one’s who are poorer are put for mchele”



Huyo Senator alikuwa anaongea na uchungu sana… Nadhani alisetiwa for financial reasons

I was blackmailed by a lady once…all she wanted from me is to have a kind with me with regards that I’m handsome😂
Lakini nilicheza kama mimi

Even your own wife’s will blackmail you. Did you hear of a man who paid rent for ten years kumbe it belongs to his wife. Wacha tu

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“It was a setup” Mithika Linturi tells Maina about rape drama


Meru Senator Mithika Linturi spoke to Maina Kageni about the alleged rape claim lodged by a woman who says he entered her room when her husband was not there in a complaint about rape and indecent act with an adult.

The Star reported that Linturi insisted he was stripped naked in a top hotel room, details that he repeated to Maina.

It was claimed by the woman that he entered her room while her husband was away, and attempted to rape her.

He told Maina how he was enjoying his usual drink at the hotel before things went south.

The incident reportedly took place at Maiyan Villas Resort Nanyuki on January 29 this year.

The woman claimed that later that night she retired to their room but she did not lock the door because her husband was still out.

At about 3 am she heard the door being opened and since the lights were switched off, she assumed it was her husband.

The man entered her bed and started touching her in a very unusual manner.

However, according to the woman, the man she thought was her husband never uttered a single word while he inappropriately touched her and later they both fell asleep.

Mithika told Maina he was abducted, stripped after having a couple of drinks calling it a coordinated attempt.

“Being a state officer I admit that my life is open to public scrutiny, Maina I would want to give the facts to the people the listener to be able to give judgement, because all the cases i am reported are case here i am the first complainant. the incident that I am in in todays paper occurred on 29 January on the even of the BBI meeting in Sagana. I checked into Maiyan, that day I was very happy I had a friend who had come in, and I was on diet I had to be served at 6 oclock and I was served after having my drink very late in the night characters who are not known to me and i had taken a drink quite an amount and I am being honest because i dont believe in telling a lie, character abducted me”

“it is all extortion. It’s a clear case of extortion of a criminal gang that extorts money. They are trying to finish me on account of my political affiliation and I  am determined to move forward. If there is evidence4 please call me”

He ended telling Main and King’ang’i that “I am not bitter. I am determined to move forward I am determined to serve the people of Meru. I am accountable tot he people I am not immune to criminal proceedings”

I have so many questions Maina said after the call.

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I can see a lockdown coming Maina tells King’ang’i begging for reprieve



on the Friday morning conversation, it was all about the expiration of the nationwide curfew, and more so what is likely to be done about it.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe is expected to address the nation this afternoon. While discussing what he is likely to do, Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i each weighed in.

Maina was of the opinion that a lockdown will be announced, a King’angi’ pleaded that Kenyans need some breathing space.

“What do we deserve” Maina asked “coz that is what we are going to get” King’ang’i said “a break, a break from what has become a reality, watu akiachiliwa kidogo what can go wrong?

But Maina argued that “my feeling is that there is going to be a lockdown. If you look at the data it all points in that direction”

“ah leave the data it alway happens like that tuachiwe kidogo one week pia tuone kama we can manage ourselves, wewe unaona aje? kidogo tuu aseme wacha tuone” King’angi posed.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think is going to happen? I want you to be truthful and not hopeful Maina added when opening the discussion to listeners, “to be honest what do we honestly deserve?

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When is the last time you asked your husband if he is ok? Maina asks wives


On the Wednesday morning conversation July 28th, the depression statistics in Kenya indicated a serious challenge families are coping with.

Maina cited figures that said Kenya is fourth in Africa with mental health issues and ninth in the world.

“There have been 438 suicide cases in the last three months a majority of them in men. Ladies you have been accused that you are not talking to your men yet you have your own support system that you go to to talk about everything. But where is the support system for your men?”

Co host Mwalimu King’ang’i said that it is impossible to talk to wives so Maina suggested men try their buddies, something that King’ang’i brushed off as embarrassing.


“How do you tell your wife and she is the one who has brought this pressure? hawa ndio huleta hiyo pressure 99 per cent of the time. Kwanza during corona wakati ilishika, expectation zilikua zile zile, mnakaa kwa nyumba kama kuku mkiangaliana, wewe unajua hizo stories zinaishangaa, you think peopel talk all the time in marriage, she knows your jokes and everything there is nothing to know and talk about” mwalimu said

When is the last time you asked your husband are you okay? Maina posed to women.



Ladies can you tell that your man is depressed?

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“I am not a chicken to go home at 6pm” Man shouts about going home late

On the Friday July 23rd morning conversation, Mike Mondo wanted to know why wives demand husbands be home at a certain time.

“Ladies do not care what time their men get home, and I wondered how because time and time again that once you get marrieed ile maneneo ya kukuja nyumbani saa nne usahau”

Mwalimu King’ang’i told Mike that no husband should ever be commanded by his wife quoting a Bible verse.

“kuna mahali inafika unawacha maisha iteremke otherwise utaisha, you know you can’t tell your man to be home by 6pm, don’t tell an old man with 32 teeth to be home by five pm how? ukiulizwa umeotoka wapi, there come a time when you stop explaining kwani ni clinic unaenda? you get tired of explaining”

This prompted Mike to ask “Ladies by what time should your man be home? or you don’t care?”

A woman boldly told Mike that “I think my hubby should be home by eight pm or latest 9 pm”

But a man dismissed her saying  a man should be authoritative

“A man should go home anytime without explaining. If he leaves he can return whatever time, vile Kingangi amesema unaeza rudi kesho, kesho kutwa, even my father taught me, mwanaume ni simba lazima nitafute excuse ili bibi ajue sasa baba nani ameingia, ili nisiulize nimetoka wapi, usiwe maembe ama malenge, coz women can sit on you badly, she can tell you to come at 6pm kwani wewe ni kuku? one time she tried to stamp her authority I came back home banging things, she was so shocked, after I came back home on Monday after leaving on Friday”

Another man agreed adding “Kwani ni curfew tunaekewa kwa nyumba mwanaume ni mwanaume na atabaki hivyo mimi sijulikani hata kama ni kesho”

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“Get voice insurance like Maina Kageni” King’ang’i tells Mike Mondo


If you were hoping to catch Mike Mondo in studio on Wednesday but did not hear Mike, it was because he had lost his voice and stayed home.

The hunky presenter apologized for not making it to work on Wednesday as co host Mwalimu gave him a top about his voice.

Mwalimu let it slip that Maian Kageni has insured his voice for a staggering amount, and Mike should do the same

“I’m glad the voice is bad. Ulifanya nini? You know Maina Kageni has insured his voice, na alikataa kusema ni ngapi. I think it’s like 20 million you should too”maina&kingangi

Mike was astounded by the cost of voice insurance but would consider it because it’s his career.

“Nilichemsha ginger na ka garlic kidogo, unachemsha then I felt so much better. Ati 20 million, I will think about it”

Dear Classic 105 fam, can someone please tell Maina atarudi tuu. Yes we are salty that his vacay has been this long.

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Would you work with your spouse Mike Mondo asks as he confesses


On the Monday morning conversation with Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King’ang’i, the topic of working with your spouse was debated as Mike confessed he experienced it.

Mike told Mwalimu that he has noticed several spouses working successfully together citing the case of Loulou Hassan and Rashid Abdalla and Wahu and Nameless.

“I noticed the other day of people working with their spouses. I noticed Wahu and Nameless, Loulou Hassan and Rashid Abdalla. Congratulations to them. Why is it alot of people don’t like working with their spouse.”

Mwalimu told him it’s nonsense saying “kwanza mimi niko na hiyo condition, naeza choka, you know if you are gifted in that area you need a kayamba because..aie kuna wale huchoka haraka”

Businesses can now do all transactions conveniently using Straight2Bank
Businesses can now do all transactions conveniently using Straight2Bank

Mike admitted he has worked in the same office with an ex “I’ve dated a lady I used to work with I used to see her everyday Mike confessed, why are people so scared?”

“That is very hard Mwalimu said “mnakuja pamoja, tunashinda na yeye kila saa, weuh mimi hiyo siwezi, aie ni ngumu”

The question was posed to listeners who were split about it. But many insisted ‘lazima mtakosana”.

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Why do you still have a phone password years into your marriage? Mike asks


Some peoples phones are more protected than the Central Bank of Kenya, according to Mike Mondo in an interesting conversation about married people and passwords on their phones.

Mike told Mwalimu that “Hizi masimu, I understand there is a certain sense of privacy but why?”

Mwalimu told Mike that his phone doesn’t have a password and his wife Mwongeli is free to check, and shauri yake.

“Kuna hiyo miaka unakaa kwa ndoa, but after a certain time unaacha password ni ya nini? Simuj ya mazee haishikwi, ni kama kurusha mawe kwa police station ama kutemeba wakati flag inaletwa chini. Miaka 17 surely ni nini hujaona? Mimi kama anataka kuangalia, shauri yake”

phone down

Which led Mike to insist “What are you hiding?”

Mwalimu added that “After 17 years password ni ya nini, ni nini hajaona? simu inafaa kuwa open kwa nyumba, naficha nini? na wewe ukuwe tayari kama hauna password.”

Mike opened up the discussion to listeners who had alot to say. Men insisted that women should keep off because they are not ready for premium tears.

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“I’m going to make it up to you” Maina tells Mike about birthday treat


Maina Kageni missed Mike Mondo’ birthday big time. And if anyone knows Maina, you know he spoils his people rotten on their birthdays.

So much so that Mike Mondo on his 40th birthday on Tuesday July 13th, noted there was no bottle or cheque awaiting him.

But all is not lost. A text from Mania to Mike says he will make up heavily.

Maina lands back in Kenya 19th July to take over the morning show. He told Mike that said”  Good morning, a very happy 40th birthday. I  land on Monday so I will be in on Tuesday and I am going to make it up to you birthday boy!”

Mwalimu who was listening in, assured Mike that Maina will make it up because he is that guy. He asked Mike what he did for his birthday and was told it was lit. “Heh I have not slept since I left the studio on Tuesday, it was fun. Do you know. I don’t even know how I am functioning this morning. Leo natembea na magoti”

Welcome to fourth floor Mike

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