Kenyan ladies can’t have money and submit – Kingangi

The discussion of whether married woman who have power and money can be submissive upset Mwalimu Kingangi.

The Classic 105 co host told Maina Kageni that women with money and power cannot submit to a man.

“ati money and then you add power eh, then you want het to come home and be submissive?”

Mwalimu hinted at some workmates whom he hinted are in that position

“Sitaki kumention, I don’t wan to give examples coz there are many Kenyan men want that a submissive woman.;”

Maina laughed about it as he enjoyed Kingangi’s discomfort. He proded Kingangi

“I was with a group of gentlemen and they asked is it possible for a Kenyan lady to have power and money and submit?”

Mwalimu Kingang'i Kasheshe
Mwalimu kingangi

Kingangi retored that those women’s husbands are nowhere to be seen “have you ever heard the wives of such men, he disappears into oblivion” Kingangi added “pesa wewe alafu uongeze power?”

Mwalimu advised women to be humble like RTanzanian President Samia Suluhu

“samia suluhu says she still kneels before her husband and she is the third wife”

And in a twist a man called in to tgive his opinion and told men they are to blame if they ;et their wives become powerful and rich.

” what is a powerful woman doign with a powerless man?”

He added

“as a man should always be six steps ahead, if your woman makes one million you should be making ten million, if your woman has ten bodyguards you should have more. Your woman should never be more powerful than you, whether she has a body guard or chase cars, at the end of the day when she removes clothes of leadership she comes home to a man who can guide and provide”

Maina clapped for the man who added

“Don’t sit there saying my wife earns, what are you doing as a man, when she was getting power what ere you doing? any man who face the wrath of a powerful woman amejilietea hio shida, she was a lady at some point , what is a powerless man doing with a powerful woman”

Kingangi was at a loss for words as Maina repeated that mans message

“if your woman is wealthier than you ask yourself a question” Maina added “By the time she gets there what have you been doing? How did she get money and you are broke?”

empower a woman sounds good but wait untill ile siku atakua powerful kukuliko utalilia kwa bafu ukioga

“Provide for her”……..Just understand the word provision and the let the lady stay with the poor man………hahahaha

Money and Power to a woman is just but an ingredients to chaos..They can never submit.

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King’ang’i reacts to 13-year-old teen being accepted to medical school

Mwalimu King’ang’i has reacted to news of a 13-year-old girl being accepted into the University of Alabama School of Medicine. Alena Analeigh Wicker took to social media to share her joy after her acceptance letter.

“I graduated High school LAST YEAR at 12 years old and here I am one year later I’ve been accepted into Med School at 13. I’m a junior in college,” she wrote. “Statistics would have said I never would have made it. A little black girl adopted from Fontana California.”

“I’ve worked so hard to reach my goals and live my dreams.”

Alena also credited her mother for the success;

“Mama I made it. I couldn’t have done it without you. You gave me every opportunity possible to be successful.”

“You are the best mother a kid could ever ask for. You always believed in me. You allowed me space to grow and become, make mistakes without making me feel bad. You allowed me the opportunity to experience the world.”

King’ang’i said at 13, he was being taught things that eventually never helped him in life.

“There is a girl who is 13-years old. She has been accepted to the University of Alabama, medical school after graduating at 12 years. She’s the youngest black student ever accepted at medical school. She is currently finishing up two degrees in biological sciences at two other universities. At 13 years, I was wondering why trees are running fast when I’m in a car. This is what we need to encourage, not being taught the parts of a grasshopper.”

Mike Mondo added “That’s such an achievement, congratulations to her. At 13 I was still being taught how to do certain things, geometry was hard.”

Last year, Alena also made history for becoming the youngest intern ever at NASA.

She also enjoys watching movies, baking, and spending time with her friends just like any other teenager.

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KOT share their heartbreaking struggles with Mwalimu King’ang’i

‘I will be in the delivery room during the birth of my child,’ – Maina Kageni

Radio King Maina Kageni has revealed he would love to be present in the delivery room when his kid is being born.

According to Maina watching a woman bring life into this world is something worth witnessing.

I would be in the delivery room. You are watching the creation of life and that is an amazing thing.

It’s a special moment how can you not want to be there?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i was however not impressed, he insisted the men should stay away from delivery rooms.

“Maybe I am the one who is afraid. There is something about me and hospitals. I do not even love how hospitals smell.”

In an interview with Mpasho, Classic 105 radio host Mike Mondo who is a certified nurse warned men against being in the delivery room.

According to him, the trauma some men go through is not worth it.

Men should stay outside the door and let their sister, your mum, your mum-in-law be there,” he said.

Mike said men are no use to their wives while in the delivery room.

“In most cases, they will end up being stressed out after the experience,” he said.

Some male callers shared their experience in the delivery room

*Mike says he was present during the birth of all his kids

That moment of me being there for the birth of my kids was beautiful.

I even lifted my kids and gave them my blessings.”

Some women were not pleased about their men being present during the delivery.

Liz Wanja shared,  “Sasa on today’s topic, My husband wanted to be in the delivery room when I was giving birth to our first born ati moral support kosokoso.ile mbio nilimtoa nayo kwa delivery room anaikumbuka hadi leo.

But he loved chewing it when I was pregos. ilukuwa moto fire.”

*Nelly says a man being in the delivery room doesn;t make the experience less painful.

“Men should not be in the delivery room. Childbirth is traumatizing! Hapo inakuwanga wewe, Mungu na muscles zako.” 

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Kenya male celebs who were in the delivery room when their wives were giving birth

I had to wear my wife’s shorts to satisfy her pregnancy cravings-Man tells Maina

‘I have no degree,’ Maina Kageni reveals

KOT share their heartbreaking struggles with Mwalimu King’ang’i

Kenyans are suffering financially.

According to one of our local dailies, traders have defaulted on Sh100bn loans due to Covid. 70 per of parents have not finished paying school fees for this term.

In today’s breakfast show Mwalimu King’ang’i asked, “We have not recovered from Covid! Saa hii nikujitetea kwa principle na tumeshindwa mpaka kulipa deni za hizi loan apps. Have you recovered from Covid and how are you dealing with your loans? How are you coping?”

A caller told Mwalimu, “Mimi nikona madeni. Akina tala wamenipigia mpaka wamechoka, wamenitumia messages mingi.”

Here are the reactions by KOT on how they are suffering financially.

Jack Ibrah: King’ang’i wacha nikutume ambia hio jamaa ya zenka nitalipa Pole Pole awache kunimalizia simu Moto.

Peter Karanja: Kwa ground Maisha ni tight

Erico Alcupon Mitau: Maisha imekua survival of the fittest Ni Sir God tu

Valentino Iriho: We haven’t yet recovered yet 🙄 after covid19 ndio iyo monkeypox 😏😏this world is very confusing.

@michukipn: FYI, this year has four school terms and parents are expected to pay school fees 🙄. Ti kwega #MainaAndKingangi

@njeriwajohn: Being a banker we are having a hard time you call a person to remind them their loan is due anakuuliza ni loan atalipa ama ni kununulia watoto chakula na kuwalipia fees.

@SirAlbertke: Life out here is very expensive men everything imehike in term of food item @ItsMainaKageni mpaka imefika mahali feeding a family isn’t easy

@jaynjuguna97: Life getting hard every second, sai nashindwa ata kununua basic things kwa nyumba

@Wattah17: They should give us more time wasituharakiashe besides covid is still here with us au iliisha jameni

@underground_sts: Most of us have accepted we are broke. Many are now trying to sell the assets they acquired in kibakis time to stay afloat. But anyway we were broke even before covid came

@mose_young1: Debts will kill us one day mtu anajaribu vile anaweza maliza hizi madeni lakini akuna vile economy nayo ndio noma sana prices out there going crazy only way to survive ni madeni tu covid nayo ikaja na shida zingine @[email protected]#mainaAndkingangi.


King’ang’i is handsome, I want his child, caller tells Maina (video)

Today on Maina and King’angi, there was a discussion about how women can look at a man and desire to have their child.

According to Maina that is stealing ‘Mbegu’ from men.

He said;

“We are talking about seed stealers by women. They look at you and when they see a certain trait in you, they have your baby and baby,” Maina said.

King’ang’i on the other end said he overheard some women saying they would want to get a baby with midnight presenter ‘Dr love.’

A listener called in and told King’ang’i to take care as she is hunting him.

“I will get you and I have been eyeing him for quite some time. He is handsome and his IQ is on top and he is funny. What else do you want? Kitambi we will deal with it. That dark complexion is the best. I don’t want light men. I am tall and he is dark and handsome like King’ang’i to give me a child.”

Listen to the whole conversation;

Don’t order things you can’t afford – Kinga’ngi tells girls

Carry money to a date.

To avoid being embarrassed when a man disappears to avoid paying the bill, girls should carry their own money, and then order for things you can afford.

King’ang’i told girls that it’s a bad habit to go empty handed, then end up being arrested to face charges of not paying bills.

He was rereferring to two women who were on Monday March 14th, charged with enjoying Sh147,000 worth of food and drinks and failing to settle the bill.

The pair, identified as Delilah Raila and Evy Cheptoo, are also accused of causing a nuisance at Black Stars Lounge.

They are also accused of causing a breach of peace by insulting Gregory Nzamba and a host of revellers who were enjoying themselves at the restaurant on March 6.

They allegedly ordered food and drinks worth Sh147,250, which they refused to pay.

Delilah Raila and Evy Cheptoo in Kibera court on March 14, 2022

Kingangi labelled them gold diggers ‘ili iwe funzo kwa wale wengine wana tabia, na kula pesa ya wanaume. They are gold diggers how do you drink sh147k, it seems to be a habit. if invited to a date carry money. Why should you drink like you are buying a shamba?’

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Child support is not a right – King’ang’i defends deadbeat dads

On the Tuesday morning conversation, Maina and Kingangi referred to Corazion Kwambnoka’s note ot bay daddy frankie thanking him for co parenting.

Maina told Frankie ‘aki I have many questions for you. I will callyou about it’

Mwalimu gave a kayamba to Corazon for Thannking Frankie, adding he wished more women emulated Corazon to show appreciation to men.

‘acha nimpigie kayamba’ malimu aid, while Maina said ‘me I’ve got many questions for Frankie me aki you are my friend i will call you myself and ask you’ Mwali said it is important because ‘why is it so difficult for women to appreciate men who step up? they are not together -Corazon and Frankie- so you should take it with alot of appreciation’

Maina asked why men disown children and not pay support when the mother moves on.

it’s not a must’ mwalimu said ‘wewe umeeenda na kuna jamaa amechukua usukani, you have moved on to someoen else so i don’t have to be there for the kid, you have taken them,’

kwani that child stops becoming yours?‘ maina added

‘Corazon ebu remove that post you look like you want him back, take it down, it looks bad,’ Maina advised

you need to be appreciated’ Kingangi added ‘for the sacrifice and the commitment, nakama umemenda kuishi maisha na mwingine? They should be brought up by that man where you have gone. aie, kufa dereva kufa makanga, umeachana na huyo jamaa huyo jamaa anaendelea kukusaidia and you have moved on? na anaendelea kulipa? do you realize it’s not a must ashaenda, ati nikuchangie? and you have another man?’

‘ahsante ni ya nini kwani wewe ni mungu ahsante for what? if you didn’t go the extra mile that child couldn’t be born, goma ino’ Maina retorted, ‘thank you for what, ebu let’s talk tafadhali.’

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I borrow money from my man to give my boyfriend

Maina was this morning stunned by swindling stories.

This follows the discussion about Rose Kemunto who was swindled sh1.8million by a man she met on Facebook.

Rose called Maian Kageni to recount the trickery that she fell for. She described the swindler as a good Christian man and never believed he could do wrong.

‘I didnt give hom money the frist night we spent together. It was after several weeks when he asked for sh500,00.’

The confession led to another from a woman who told Maina that she is also swindled by a side boyfriend, and to come up with the money, she borrows from one boyfriend to give the other.

‘Maina it’s called puppy love. You want him to stay with you. I borrowed 10k from my husband to give my boyfriend after he asked for money to sort something out’

Kingangi was impressed at how men ae getting money from women because according to him, Kenyan women cannot easily part with cash, even his wife Mwongeli.

‘ati she borrowed money for this guy? First of all this man needs an award. To get money from a lady? And not once but several times to a point she borrowed to give him? hehe huyo jamma lazima alikuwa na kiswahili ingine. and that man is a kenyan? anaishi Bomry, unadanganywa na mtu ya Bomet? akina kiptoo amekua wajuaji?’

Ladies, if you were to be honest, how much have you ever given man? what have you ever told him to give him money?

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I would give my parents money to my girlfriend – Mike Mondo

‘Adhis knew she had me at the palm of her hand if she asked me to jump I would ask how high, do you know I would take my parents change to Adhis that was in Mombasa if my mum asked me I would tell her fare imepanda that’s why I don’t have any change. She is now married with two kids. We stay in touch once on in a while she knew I would do anything for her,’

A woman told Mike she has a tattoo on her chest of a jobless man ‘niko na haka kijana we even have our tattoo on our chest. I’m so serious the love I have for him, when we split, I started dating another guy who had alot of money, but I’m telling you I only wanted that other guy, he is also so crazy about me if one of us dies, I don’t know, hana job and if we leave each other, tunarudiana’

Do you have someone in your life who just simply drives you crazy? For men there is that one woman who when she wants something you will go to the ends of the earth for her, Ladies, do you have this someone?

s Kuna mwingine nakumbuka nilikua nae hadi nikauza kitanda nilale chini madam akae poaSmiling face with sunglasses lakini vile nili mature kidogo tukaachana nikajua kumbe ilikua tu utotoRolling on the floor laughing

its usually a crazy experience i have been there and weeh i could jump through hoops for that human…but glad iliisha cz walai ningejipeleka mathare for a mental evaluation. I was growing crazyCrying faceFace with tears of joy anyway its life.

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Men are so dramatic when they are dumped – Mwalimu King’ang’i

Mwalimu Kingangi says that men are weak

Ladies, men have a question for you. They want to know where you get the strength to move on after a man has left you for someone else.

On the Tuesday February 8th conversation, Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kingangi cited the case of a Busia man who killed himself after finding out his wife was being eaten by their pastor.

Kingangi attributed this behavior in men to weakness.

3 days ago it was reported that a middle-aged man identified as Onyango set his house ablaze after learning the pastor was up to. NTV reported that his body was found beside Busia river.

Mike added ‘I really want to understand ladies where do you get that strength from when he leaves you, today if the woman leaves her man he will commit suicide because ameachwa tuu but when it comes to ladies they will pick up and move on.’

A lady called and contributed that women don’t get heartbroken so easily because of the stress men put wives throughout their marriage

‘the moment hat you leave its okay you go, you make us endure so much throughout marriage, you take us through alot until he moment you eave we feel zero, we have moved on emotionally, we feel zero chilsl youcan as well go you make us endure that when you leave you can as well go’

‘But men a whole CEO he cant move he cant function juu ameachwa lakini wanawake wanendelea na maisha’ Mwalimu noted about her comments.

He added ‘if today a man s left by his woman that man just loses his mind, but for ladies its different, she moves on. where do you get that strength from?’

‘Ladies we move on even when we are still in the relationship,’ another woman told Mike, ‘unajichuja tuu hivyo and then when you talk to your friends you find out others are going through worse, so when the man is doing all these things she is tired, by the time you leave, ah it feels zero’

A man told that ‘ men are not weak it just shows you how faithful they are, ukishawekwa kwa shimo unakaa tumeweka myai moja kwa kikikapu moja zikiunjika hauna option ingine, men are fithful thats why it takes a toll on them when they are left, when we are left we cant function’

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‘Kenyans are born journalists’ King’ang’i says of love for gossip

On the Friday morning February 4th conversation it was all about the love Kenyans have for moshene.

Mqalimu told Kingangi that Kenyans are born journalistswho investigate your life to get the moshene they need.

Mike agreed noting that even Maina Kageni has been linked to a new girlfriend just because he posed with someone while on holiday in Miami.

‘unakumbuka shiru? Walisema ati Maina ana girlfriend. Even me I recently put a picture on Instagram and they said that’s my girlfriend’

Mwalimu told him that it’s normal because of our love for gossip.

#MainaAndKingangi life itakuwa so boring without udaku dingehota nie lazma tuchambue

Being idle since there are no jobs in most cases .secondly also you to kuweka chuku kidogo ikue tamu ..and also in a way of finding the truth

Replying to @jennykanyiri @MikeMondo1 and @Classic105Kenya
Kenya Ni ya wale wazee ,udakulife keeps us going Rolling on the floor laughing @MikeMondo1 umeskia? #MainaAndKingangi

Some people gossip to seek revenge. It gives them a sense that they possess secret information about another person,which gives them a sense of power.People want to be seen as being in the know when it comes to the latest gossip about others #MainaAndKingangi

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Wababa give us peace of mind unlike young men – Mike Mondo told

On the Tubonge Tuesday conversation February 1, Mike Mondo spoke about older men and younger girls in relationships. He told ‘There is a youtube clip and basically it’s an interview of a gentleman asking ladies why they like dating mubaba.’

In the video the girls were advocating dating wababa and that vijana hawajui mapenzi’ described one interviewee who added ‘wanatupea pesa’

Kingangi bragged that the ‘wababa are good at loving ‘it’s the love’ he told Mike taking shots at young men who think they are loved because of havign six packs. He teased them ‘hizo si pack hulipa rent, inakusaidia aje ama zinalipa token?’

‘ladies mbona mnapenda wababa? is it the love or is it the money? Mike opened up the discussion to the audience.

A girl called and said ‘wabab give us peace of mind, it is not about money, they know what we need, peace of mind ndio tunatakanga,’

Another girl called in and said ‘these people (mubaba) are very caring, I have one and I love him for real nampenda this guy he provides everything amenipea peace of mind, he doesn’t go through my phone na is not after twa twa, He doesn’t give me sress if I don’t pick up my phone when he calls unlike young men hawa watu wako tuu poa wanakuchunga tuu kama wanajua hujalipa rent, lazima ukule, we are not with them for money, w e need peace of mind vijana wanatusumbua’

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I get counselling once every 3 months over – Mike Mondo

On the Wednesday morning conversation January 26th, Mike Mondo asked men why they don’t seek therapy for stress.

He wondered why men keep their emotions bottled up rather than opening up tot heir wives or even friends.

‘Me i cant keep quiet. I usually go to therapy once every three months’

Mwalimu his co host said men don’t open up because they fear being gossiped about.

Mike responded that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved. Why cant you talk to a therapist, talk to your fellow man and get it sorted out?’

Mondo opened up the discussion to the Classic 105 audience who told of their challenges.

A man called in and told Mike and Mwalimu that ‘men stay taliban. I tell you I only see therapists when i was doing biology mimi in real life they don’t apply. I became a young father at a young age, I agreed, so I’ve been going through alot, niko bedsitter, and the moment you try to open up to anyone that is opening a problem to another problem. there is no need to go to a therapist hata nisaidia, mwanaume ni kuvumilia’

A woman urged men to take their mental health seriously.

@jennykanyiri said ‘No wonder most men are committing suicide nowadays due to depression after things piles up till the mind can’t hold the pressure anymore,so sad’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you encourage your men to open up and take care of their mental health?

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Mike Mondo tells Kingang’i of his fear of an ‘oops I’m pregnant’ announcement

With all the birth control options availvble today, can a Kenyan woman tell a man that ‘oops I’m pregnant?’

That is the Monday January 23rd conversation with Mike Mondo and Malimu Kingangi.

How do you still have an ooops? Mik Mondo asked women to respond to the allegations.

A female caller told him it’s possible citing her three month old son as proof ‘wacheni ujinga hizi mambo hufanyika, my oops so turns three months and i took precaution but it happened to me and I’m raising my son, it happens, it can happen.’

Mike was still wrapped aroudn the fact that surprise pregnancies happen to which Kingangi told him ‘si wewe ni babaa mtoto si lazima you step up’

Mike added ‘Ladies why do you tell us that babe there’s something we need to talk about? that oops situation and in this day and age can it still happen when in this day and age you have options.?’

A man said ‘the moment unenda kufanya kitu hiyo ya uoops inakuja kwasabaabu inafaa ukuwe mwangalifu, if you start a relationship you should know anythingcan happen’

A man told Mike that it happens ‘my friend ukiruka ruka what do you expect, ukirukrauka ovyo what do you expect as you enjoy the game enjoy the oops, the oops can happen that’s normal.’

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Stop borrowing from your wives, she will remind and embarrass you – Kingangi

On the Thursday January 13th morning conversation, Maina asked women what they think of men who say that ‘pesa ya mwanamke haisaidii mtu’.

According to Maina, this is the conversation he had with a group of gentlemen who say you should never ask a woman for money.

A man called in saying it is true. He recounted how a friend borrowed from his wife, failed to pay back and then was denied his conjugal rights to teach him a lesson. The caller says a man who takes money from a woman is now referred to as ‘hiki’ as opposed to ‘huyu’.

Mwalimu Kingangi agreed ‘ujue ukikopesha pesa, she will keep reminding you about it’

Maina reminded him of a simple fact that ‘these are ladies who give you money to go and pay dowry, these are ladies who give you money to pay in a restaurant. She even gives you pocket money to go sit with your fellow men.’

Kingangi advised men to avoid borrowing or else she will keep reminding you of that fact and even publicly embarrass you if you don’t pay back.

‘pesa jitafutie kama mwanaume, sio yake, wacha hio ni pressure. Ebu niulizie wanaume walikopesha na wanawake wao na hawajalipa wako wapi?’

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think? Pesa ya mwanamke inasaidie?

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Parents prefer boarding schools purely for economic reasons – Maina Kageni

Maina and Kingangi continued a second day of discussions of why there is rising school unrest in the 254.

Most Kenyans have been calling for boarding schools to be abolished, something that Mwalimu Kingangi rubbished saying students these days can’t handle a little pressure.

‘why fix what’s not broken? Tulienda boarding sisi wote and we never had such issues. Hii pressure wanaweka they need to change their mindset.

Main asked if it is time to do away with boarding schools ‘me from my observation it’s not going to happen’

Mwalimu told him ‘hakuna shida ya boarding school it’s their mindset. Mbona hatujasikia Alliance wamechoma?’

Maina weighed in saying ‘ parents don’t like having their children at home, that’s why they prefer boading school’

‘Wakae huko’ Kingangi insisted.


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Maina and Kingangi: Problems of arson in boarding starts from home

Tuesday November 9, the Classic 105 morning topic was of the increasing number of students burning their schools, citing the need to break for midterm.

Maina and Kingangi weighed in asking What are the questions we need to be asking ourselves? What’s the source all this chaos?

Poor parenthood is the cause of all the dramas that are happening in our schools…I remember at our time… Ulikua unapigwa unalia, na unapigwa kwa sababu ya kupigwa unakosa kulia na pia ukilia unapigwa unyamaze..weeee…..!!! I love how we were brought up
Kuchoma shule is a sign of communication… Lakini sometimes I won’t blame students shule inakuaga jela… I remember nilipigwa back 2015 juu ya kuekelewa makosa.. Have never recovered… Nowadays kamama na kababa ndo wamachoma shule our time hungefikiria Hata… Good day maina

Sasa watoto wakija holidays wanawatch akina prison breaks, kuchoma shule na kuambia principal ati watamtext haitakua shinda,
All what I know dispiline start at home

Most of these kids are immature in their thoughts and they end up doing what hits their mind,Saizi ata ukiwauliza sababu ya kuchoma shule hawawezi wakajibu!!

Maina mi nimemaliza highschool just the other day and I can blame the parents for poor parenting ,, Hawa wanafunzi ata wakiwa Nyumbani wazazi hawana time Yao , utapata wamejaa huko clubs na wazazi hawawezi wauliza. #MainaAndKingangi

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The difference between wills written by Kenyan men and women


It’s been quite a week, from Kenyans learning that the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth has a secret wife and son, who has been included in his will.

To Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko encouraging ladies to expose politicians they have children with. This has proved quite a tricky issue.

Maina and Mwalimu debated this topic, after Mwalimu accused women of deliberately leaving men out of their wills, while expecting to be beneficiaries in their husbands.

Women called in to challenge Mwalimu, and brought out the stark differences between a man and a woman’s will.

The only listed beneficiary in a woman’s will is her children, while in a husbands last testament comprises of side chicks, secret children and countless other people.

Do you agree with this?

Read the confessions below:

Maina started with his advise to women while answering Mwalimu’s question.

He said

A man who makes you cry, a man who cheats on you girls if he is in your will, remove him today shouted maina.

A woman narrated

heheeh I have four kids, I’m a manager, my kids are beneficiaries, weuh if I die he will use my wealth with another woman. Then my kids are left suffering, let him get his own wealth, and leave mine alone to my children, ati make him a beneficiary?NEVER, he is only next of kin, let him hustle for his, you know in the event that he dies I will be left taking care of these kids, plus mimi nikikufa I am very sure one month atatafuta mtu, so awachie zangu kwa watoto

Another woman concurred saying

How now tuwaongeze kwa will how now? Look here you can give him money alafu aende kufurahisha mwingine ! That’s why my money is for my kids only..

So girls, is your husband a beneficiary in your will?

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