How do you get wet for a man with dry pockets-Woman tells Maina

The discussion we had today on the morning show was fire. Maina brought up a conversation about women helping their men with money referring to a female caller who had said that, ‘A man without a job is a disgrace to his woman. You have a useless man in the house.’

Mr. Kageni agreed with the statement and gave his thoughts saying, ‘A man should get any job he can. When she bails you out or helps you, it is a favour or a duty. Your primary responsibility is to provide and protect. It is a biblical responsibility.Don’t give a man money, give him food, yes, give him a warm bed he can enjoy himself in, I agree. Clothe him, money no.’

‘She is beautiful’ Maina Kageni addresses Lucy Natasha dating rumors

King’ang’i, as usual, disagreed with him and told Maina to stop spreading the hate speech, telling the host, ‘We are one. We are an item. Stop telling these women that it is a favour. We are not mistreating them when sh!t hits the fan, she can also help.’

The comments from listeners are below;

So only jobless men should be hanged. Nonsense-A man wrote.

It is so true. Men up your game if you don’t want to be considered useless-A woman said.

I don’t know what you ate or smoked Maina but you are saying bad words. If she wants to give me money, let her. Those women going to talk about their men to other women, messing up their relationships. This is a temporary situation. No situation is permanent-A man told Mr. Kageni.

Isn’t Sonko mad! He is an African Trump – Maina tells King’ang’i!

My woman gave me 140k for an investment. You stay there saying that-A man bragged to Mr Kageni.

Men are givers by default while women are takers. You give him money he gives to another woman who showers him with praise-A woman commented.

Prophet of doom. The same women who say that Eliud is handsome. Their minds are only on money. You want a man to steal so that he can make a woman happy. Then when you get in trouble they leave you for another man-Wakanai said.

How can you get wet for a man whose pockets are dry? Get out of the house and do something. Let them go outside and get something. We don’t need so much. We will appreciate that effort. I can never give a man money.

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Ati what! Did you hear about King’ang’i and Huddah rumours?

Maina and King’ang’i always have fun when in the studio. Today was no different. The hosts spoke about the early rains that met most Kenyans early today morning with King’ang’i wondering what time people in Gachie and Kinoo would reach their workplaces considering the muddy treacherous trails that they often use.

The hosts also spoke about the humbleness of Eliud Kipchoge jetting back into the country without much fanfare. Mwalimu enthused that had the runner being a man from the lakeside, his entry would have been very different, even demanding to see former US president Barack Obama. ‘Eliud angekuwa Onyang’o, he would have come back very differently. He would have had pacesetters for his jet.’

Eliud Kipchoge on the plane
The marathoner on the plane

The part of the early morning conversation that really got my ribs cracking was when King’ang’i spoke about people who gossip in matatus.

I miss President Moi so much!-Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

The man acted out an imagined scene for Maina that had the host chuckling uncontrollably. Mwalimu related how those great gossipers are so good that one doesn’t even want the person to alight from a matatu, as the stuff they are talking about is very juicy.

‘Watu wana udaku kwa gari mpaka hutaki ashuke. Ulisikia Maina na Reverend Natasha. Ati King’ang’i alikuwa na Huddah Monroe. Ule mtu alinipa his story alikuwa anaishi ploti yetu. Ulisikai juu ya Kamene Goro na Mike Mondo. Kwanza hao.’ the comedian said.

Huddah in blue
Huddah in blue

King’ang’i concluded by warning those gossipers that, ‘Mushene itawaua.’

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My husband takes my phone if I obsess over his whereabouts


Men hate it when women ask where they are going.

That’s a fact many of them revealed to Maina and Mwalimu during the Wednesday morning conversation.

If you feel like you need to know the whereabouts of your partner 24/7 then you may likely have serious trust issues.

For a woman taking an interest in their day and life is one thing, but monitoring will only push your partner away. They will feel suffocated, untrusted and controlled. These are not the basis of a healthy, happy relationship.


A wife obsessed with her husbands daily activities sounded off on this topic.

She confessed how mad she makes him and what he does to stop her obsessive compulsive disorder.

Mwalimu advises that ‘the best thing is not call’.

The woman began her experience saying

‘Actually hakuwa anataka nimcall I know where he is, and when he is travelling I ask him if I can call and ask him to confirm where he is. He tells me that this phone of mine is the problem, so he would take it and go with it, and tell me at least I won’t be busy to know where he is. 

It got worse with the husband abusing her for her behaviour.

‘This phone is the problem, I see kiherehere inakusumbua sana, you can’t stay without asking where I am, case closed. You don’t have to know where I am. 

So now that he has gone with the phone how does she handle her desire to know his whereabouts?

‘I stay at home close to the door, and I don’t sleep incase he knocks in case you don’t open the door he will give me a hard time, sometimes I sleep at the door and he didn’t come home. I don’t have a good nights sleep and my back and neck hurts. But I can’t call him. 

Dear Classic fam, is it wrong for a spouse to ask where you are going, and what has been your experience?

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I miss President Moi so much!-Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Maina and King’ang’i were on fire today talking about Moi Day that is set to take place tomorrow. The two reminisced about the man the day is named after, second president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.

King’ang’i said that he missed the old man and the period under which he ruled. ‘Tulikuwa tunaokota pesa. We literally used to pick up money. The logistics of executing maziwa ya nyayo is hard. Following Kenyatta was hard.’

Maina interjected by agreeing adding, ‘When was the last time when you picked up money on the street?’

King’ang’i went on by adding that things were very cheap during that period, ‘You used to shop with 100 shillings and you were o.k. We used to hear Moi every day on the T.V and radio. Nowadays you don’t have to hear about him every day. Happy Moi Day to all Kenyans.’


The two also spoke about a prominent feature of that era, the KBC weatherman, Nguata Francis who KBC’s weatherman. Maina and King’ang’i congratulated him for his service as it transpired that he had just retired as the CEO of the meteorological department.

One of the callers on the show agreed with their nostalgia over the era and noted that the leadership we had today was poor. ‘We didn’t have the nonsensical leadership we have today. People couldn’t talk about a seating president like that. I miss Moi. Today you can see people talking Uhuru anyhow,’ he said.

He is a mzungu! Maina and King’ang’i say about Larry Asego

The duo finished up the show by speaking about Eliud Kipchoge’s upcoming feat of running a marathon distance in under 2hrs. King’ang’i enthused that the singers run had been so carefully calibrated that the meteorological department in Vienna was monitoring the weather for the best conditions for him to run to.

‘Kipchoge opted to live because of the meteorological department. They needed to tell him when to run. Everyone needs to watch it on Saturday at 8,’ King’ang’i urged Kenyans.

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He is doing it for mankind – Maina admirably says about Eliud Kipchoge

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about Eliud Kipchoge today morning and his heroic attempt at breaking the 2hr marathon record. Maina and his co-host were impressed with the feat that Eliud would try to achieve.

Mwalimu even enthused that Eliud was taken by a private plane on his way to Vienna.

‘He was come for by a private jet(owned by British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe) that costs Sh.4 billion. Imagine he was at Kaptagat where he was washing his own clothes! You there you keep on disturbing women to wash for your clothes.’

Eliud at the airport
Eliud at the airport

Maina was fascinated by the great thing that Eliud was about to accomplish. He said,

‘He is going to do something special for mankind, for our species. This is a task that is being undertaken by a Kenyan. He will be doing something that no human being has ever done.’

He then asked the audience whether they could see him pulling it off? All of the responses were optimistic and believed that he could do it.

Congratulations: Eliud Kipchoge wins fourth London Marathon

One lady said,

‘He is doing for mankind. Please don’t miss it as he doing something that no human being has done before. You will do it, you will change mankind forever. It is like going to the moon. He is the idol that our children need. He is a national icon.’

Eliud at the airport
Eliud at the airport

The Classic105 duo even spoke about the recent haul that Kenya achieved at the Doha World Championships finishing second behind the USA.

King’ang’i remarked that we Kenyans had become indifferent to their athletic teams doing well,

‘Those are the real shujaas. Na tumewazoea. They will beg given mursik and it will be over. Do you know the celebrations that they were given in Uganda when they went with two gold medals? They (Ugandans) will now be given shambas and houses.’

King’ang’i also advised Maina that he should seek out Arsenal fans to help him deal with the loss Man U are undergoing this year.

‘This is the last time we are talking about Man U. People are throwing themselves. You need to get used. It is never that serious. Stay with the people of Arsenal and ask them what they are taking. Get used to losing because It will not end soon.’

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Kingangi teases Maina Kageni mercilessly about Man Utd


United’s miserable form continued with a defeat away to Newcastle and among its fan is Classic 105’s Maina Kageni.

Man Utd have high hopes with their next game coming up against heated rivals Liverpool.

On Monday Kageni was trolled mercilessly by co host Mwalimu Kingangi about the teams disappointing results this past weekend.

After losing 1-0 at second-bottom Newcastle United, thereby failing to win an 11th straight away game and extending the club’s worst start to a season in 30 years, Kingangi had a good laugh.

Kingangi declared ‘Manchester United needs prayers, hakuna mtu watafunga. Mtafungwa hapa hata mufungwe na Shabana FC. I was hoping to catch Ferguson watchign whle chewing his gum, he wasn’t there zilipendwa hahaha those days of Rud Van Nistelroy, those days of theatre of dreams. Next wait you will see’.

Maina added ‘aki that team, do you know who we are playing next? 

man u fans trolled

Maina sounded tickled by the funny comments and was very optimistic despite the defeat.

Mwalimu trolled him further adding

‘Mtafungwa saba’

Here are more reactions from fans online using the hashtag
The way Man Utd are going down, they will soon discover oil 😂😂😂😂


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‘I gave her 5g’s,’ Maina says about woman who saw him carrying 300k

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’angi engaged in a fascinating debate about how Kenyan men are stingy.

Maina was very concerned that not only were men refusing to give money to their clande’s but also their own wives!

King’ang’i interjected with the point that relationships aren’t about money alone, they can be measured in the amount of time that a man spends with his woman.

‘Time is also money. Friendship and companionship are important.’

Maina then explained that that wasn’t true and that women are very attracted to money.

He even gave an anecdote about how he had once given a woman in his office 5k.

‘Women are attracted to money. There is a woman who stopped me in the office when she saw me walking with a stack of money. She asked how much I had, I said I was carrying 300k. She asked me for 2g’s I gave her 5 g’s,’ he said.

Is it true that Kenyan women live beyond their means? asks Maina

The floor was opened to the gallery and the comments were inevitably split along gender lines.

Some of the comments are below;

Nothing is more pleasing than a woman who doesn’t need their support-A man said.

They will spend a lot on their boys but refuse to give us money-A woman complained.

You have more money than me. Which gods do you worship? Why shouldn’t women also treat their men? They should also pay for us. That is why we are having sandstorms. We are done with giving out money!-Wakanai hilariously opined.

Ati now giving a woman money…she is now a prostitute-A woman incredulously said.

They are very stingy to their women but not to their boys-A woman told Maina.

Equality should be the order of the day-A man said.

Should a wife be allowed to go out separately with friends every once in awhile? Maina asks

Another woman complained about a situation she had gone through before she got married.

She told Maina, ‘I spent a day in a man’s house. He gave me Sh.100 and this was in 2008. I told him to put it on the table. He left for work. That was the last time I saw that guy. I told myself that he would neglect me if he married me. I taught myself that lesson that I would never ask a man for money until I got married. That was 7 years ago. Now I am married and I have a husband who gives me Ksh.20000 per month for myself!’

What do you think of this situation?

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‘If you are broke humble yourself’ woman tells men


Are you a woman with standards to keep and insists that a man must level up?

A conversation of women not settling for any broke man seemed to have touched a  raw nerve with men.

It all went down on Wednesday during the Maina and Kingangi morning show, after the musings of one women.

She told the co hosts that

Kenyan men are jealous, insecure, and stingy 

She was of the opinion that alot of men want women to settle for any man that is presented to them.

That’s the main problem, they are so insecure they are stingy so they want you to stay plain and I wish they would change their attitude, your woman should look good,

She is urging queens to stop settling narrating her experience

I has a man who always criticized me, oh ati my lipstick is too much, and when i look ashy he is very happy for me. He only used to give me money for food, and even that was tightly budget for lest I get extra money for makeup. He didn’t give me money to look good, it was all my effort.

She concluded saying ‘your king is worth the wait’.

Ladies should you compromise your standards just to be with any man? Drop your comments below.

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He is a mzungu! Maina and King’ang’i say about Larry Asego

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i spoke today concerning some different issues. One of the most hilarious bits was about Larry Asego.

They spoke in regard of the former Classic105 presenter winning 2nd place at the Concours D’elegance that took place yesterday. They noted that Larry had a lot of behaviours that are very foreign. Maina and King’ang’i then cheekily called him a mzungu for those behaviours.

Larry Asego
Larry Asego in studio in the past

King’ang’i hilariously added, ‘The man is a British. He bought a very expensive camera to take photos of the morning dew.’ The duo also spoke about the old one Ksh.1000 notes.

King’ang’i said, ‘Leo ni mwisho wa 1000 shillings! Makanga mnasikia. By 4 o’clock someone should have kulad that money. Banks close at 4.’

Maina added that he would miss my 1000 shilling note even though he didn’t carry a wallet, something that Mwalimu found fascinating, wondering how someone could survive without having a wallet? Mr. Kageni said that he used cards and Mpesa, that was good enough for him.

Maina Kageni reveals reason Diamond wasn’t at Harmonize’s wedding (Exclusive)

The famous presenter also spoke about how he witnessed Nero and Diamond coming up with the song, ‘Marry Me’. He said that he was seated with the American singer having a conversation when Diamond came to speak to the two.

Mr. Kageni said that the two came up with the song on the spur of a moment, something that both surprised and impressed Maina.

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Should a wife be allowed to go out separately with friends every once in awhile? Maina asks


Has your mans jaw dropped upon seeing this question? I bet his first question is to know your intentions for going out and if they are noble, right?

On the Friday morning conversation, Maina said he got a very interesting SMS from someone who is so prominent in society, who is so up there in government it was incredible.

He posed this question to women ‘This morning ladies I want you to tell me how you go about it’.

The question from his friend sought to find out ‘how often should my wife go out alone or with her girlfriends?’


When are married women just supposed to get away from it all and breathe?

A suspicious Mwalimu Kingangi pondered the reason behind her desire to go clubbing.

Where am I when she is going out, anenda wapi? Alone? No no no. Where is this she is going alone?

There are many reasons why women go dancing. The most popular reason is that they want to let loose – to dance their problems away and feel the tension eke out of their muscles.

@ItsMainaKageni I’m allowed to go have fun with my friends(his sisters&cousins too) once in a while,the problem is when I come back sitaongeleshwa one week

Alcohol. photo credit:

That’s why it’s very important for ladies to work and be independent #MainaAndKingangi that way hakuna mtu atawahi kukalia chapati

Red and white winetasting wineglasses, glass stemware on rustic wooden table in front of brown wine cellar racks and oak wine barrel. Fermented grape beverages are poured in two sparkling glasses for winery tasting. Background shelves are reflected and in soft focus. Indoors close-up of alcoholic drinks, with no people.

marriage is like a jail ukitaka kuenda out lazima uombe ruhusa yaani ata unaboeka na hiyo out sababu unapimiwa masaa ya kurudi like an 18yr old child but to hell with that lazima OUT WATU WAENDE KAREE KIIIIIII #mainaandkingangi

Girls, is your husband ok with you going out clubbing either alone or with girl pals?

Drop us your comments below this post.

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‘I wash my wife’s underwear’ husband of seven years admits


Today let’s talk about something many Africans consider taboo – men washing women’s underwear.

Fellas, would you wash your wife’s inner wear and do it religiously without complaining?

A man on Classic 105, described how his wife is a working women who is overworked and exhausted.

He has taken it upon himself to do the bulk of house chores and childcare.

I work and my wife works as well, we’ve been married for seven years, and sometimes our schedules are different.

While the majority of men choose to sit back and relax after work hours at home, he says

So what happens is if I’m leaving later than her or not going to work at all, I do the housework, like laundry. I look after the kids, even change diapers, I do everything, all the house chores, we don’t hire nannys.

Cleaning floor using rag
Cleaning floor using rag

He is so thoughtful about equality in his home that he washes her underwear.

I even clean her inner wear, and even when she wakes up late and I find she had soaked her inner wear in a bucket and forgot to scrub them, I will take them outside to the line and put them, I even iron.

Fellas, would you ever? Leave us your confessions of the sweet things you do for  your wife to make things much easier at home.

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Why it’s expected that wives must cook for husbands everyday

Is it still important for your wife to cook for you Maina Kageni asked listeners on Monday morning.

If a woman can’t cook is she even considered wife material?

That was the discussion on Classic 105 on Monday morning as Maina Kageni and Mwalimu debated the merits and demerits.

Mwalimu was of the opinion that men shouldn’t marry a woman who can’t cook because ‘it is the only time a man feels important’.


‘She needs to find way to figure out how she will cook, leave work alone, what comes first is the marriage, and those who say its because of the nails, you need to stop, and cook for your man mwalimu continued’

He added

‘That is not something to argue with, they have to create time and cook, not asking for pizza all the time’

Maina sought to know from Kenyans if it’s important for a woman in 2019 to know how to cook.

‘What were you marrying, a wife or a chef? Prompted Maina adding’ how can it be one of the qualifications for being a wife?

Here are views from fans:

Whether she is a CEO,Minister or even a President and she can’t cook for me, then what is her role as a wife?? a route to a man’s heart is through his stomach! #mainaandkingangi

@athman_melly.. Things a girl should know how to do before she is approved
1. How to milk a cow
2. How to cook (chapoo ikue)
3. How behave like a wife in front of visitors
Slay queen wanajitoa group stages
asks any Luo and they’ll tell you that the Luo term of getting married is “dhi katedo” which simply going to cook. #MainaAndKingangi
There is only ONE special meal a wife should cook and present in a SPECIAL way to Husband, Other meals can be discussed and understood depending on situations. ..
Is this a bit too harsh? Drop us your comments below

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I have not seen my son for close to one year-Estranged father tells Maina sadly

Maina and King’ang’i had a vigourous conversation today regarding men who complained that their kids are kept away from them by the kid’s mothers.

Maina was shocked that such a thing could happen and couldn’t wrap his head around it.

He wondered if it could be possible?

King’ang’i meanwhile felt that those men who were complaining were speaking truthfully and that it was an issue that was afflicting many men.

Is there a problem with parenting today asks Maina Kageni

One man chimed in with a very sad story, speaking about how the mother of his child had run away with his 5-month-old son. He said that he had not seen the kid for close to one year, not for want of trying. He said that the child’s mother had a father who was a licensed firearm holder and that he couldn’t go to see the kid. The story is below;

We (men) are really suffering. I got married to a woman who had two kids from another man. I took her in, paid everything for them. God’s luck I got a son with her. Since we got that child, I stayed with that child for 5 months, on the 6th month she left and went to her parents again. I have not seen my son for close to one year. I am still providing for the kid but the mother refuses me to see the kid. The mother tells me to go on and look for another woman. They are using the children to punish men. To find a woman who wants a better family in this day and age is hard! There are one in a million.

Some other comments from listeners are below;

I have tried to see my child. It is impossible-Message from a man.

Maina you will never understand women-Message from a man.

I have been trying for months to see my kid with no success, yet I am willing to co-parent-Message from a man.

I tell the father of my child that he will never see his kid until he contributes. I just tell my lawyer that if he wants to see his kid then he has to go to court. He has never contributed to raise the boy. We have even gone to court but he doesn’t want to contribute to the upbringing-A woman told Maina.

How do you punish your children, asks Maina Kageni after boys online rant

Why can’t a man just move on when we break-up?-A woman told Maina.

Until the day he starts to cater for the kids, then that’s when he will see the kids-A woman told Maina.

Why do these things only happen to those people who have money? More money, more problems-Message from a man.

Some of us men are really struggling. We have differences. I will support the baby in the school, she will support shelter and food. I saw the baby in March at school. In April on school holidays, she started making excuses that I should get the kid. She took the kid upcountry and she is staying with her mother. I am told to pay the school fees and don’t see your kid. I miss my son- A sad man told Maina.

There is no woman who would block a responsible man from their kids. Deadbeat dads should stop giving excuses-A man told Maina.

I haven’t barred my ex from seeing his kids. He refused to see his kids-A woman told Maina.


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The ultimatums Kenyan women have given ‘lazy’ spouses


Women have revealed their thoughts on unemployed spouses and it’s pretty harsh.

Mwalimu Kingangi on Friday started a very interesting conversation about role responsiblibites in terms of money, noting that ‘a woman will rememeber the first time she gave you 50 bob.’


He was upset that many wives have been bragging about paying bills and outing men who are unemployed. He figured that women are not understanding that unemployment is a temporary situation, and this men should be respected.

Mwalimu said

You will never hear a man say how he paid bills but when a woman does pay bills for a man, she will announce it to the world, t will be front page news, you are telling the entire world how you are helping your husband, why do women have to announce. Do you know you would rather take money from a shylock than ask a wife for money. 

So Maina sought to know from ladies: why are you like that? Is it that you feel unappreciated, is it that you feel that you do so much for this man and it’s not appreciated?

Let’s have this chat ladies, and be honest. Women opened up with all sorts of accusation you need to read below:


Woman caller: God did not say women should provide and that is why we complain, we are not bragging, she is saying you are just another bugger, if you are useless man one day you shall be called bugger


Another woman concurred noting that

we are living with Kenyan men that are bums, we are paying all bills and they they have nothing to say because they are doing nothing, why should I be paying his bills? I have a man I supported for ten years. I left the bugger,  I  took him to school I paid his fees, I paid the mortgage and all he does is wear a nice suit, buy nyama choma, and entertainment friends, what will he say he did for his family? Nothing!!!

Dear Classic fam, are these women being petty or are their grievances justified? Drop us your comments.


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Mwalimu King’ang’i gives fascinating reason he would never join politics

The recent entries into the political landscape by musicians and sportsmen has been met with excitement and incredulity alike.  Yesterday, Prezzo was mooted as a possible candidate for the vacant Kibra seat under the Wiper banner. It has, however, emerged that he will run in 2022.

This news prompted Maina to ask whether Mwalimu King’ang’i would ever run for political office. King’ang’i postulated that he would never run as one would be saddled with that failure all their life, were they to fail. He told Maina;

The reason I cannot vie is that when you fail they will still be referring to you as the ‘man who failed in the Kibra by-elections’. that tag will be put on you for the rest of your life even when you go onto win other awards. 

Maina Kageni in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

Maina agreed with that sentiment and said that Kibra politics was no joke. He added that he believed King’ang’i would be better suited to Mbooni politics where he would have a chance to succeed.

‘I would never sleep with Mwalimu King’angi’s wife even if she seduced me ‘ – Maina Kageni reacts to Asbel Kiprop’s viral video

But Maina had special words for comedian Jalang’s saying that he thought he could navigate Kibra politics. He confided hilariously to Mwalimu,Jalas can, he is a hard-core. I cannot wait to see how all this is gonna turn out.’
Mwalimu was also for the idea that Churchill Comedian Smart Joker would succeed as a politician in Kibra constituency’s by-election alongside Prezzo and McDonald Mariga.

What do you think about entertainers becoming politicians?

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Nagging and Clingy: Why Kalenjin men dump wives in ushago

A Kalenjin man left Maina Kageni astonished after sharing details of his living conditions.

No, he is not homeless, or living large. He says he is happily married and living separate from his wife, and it’s the best thing EVER!


Now before you wonder what the hell he is talking about, he has a reason for it.

I have been married for four years and after a year I took her ushago, you know there is reality of life, you cannot be doing cosmetic things of ‘we are in love’, let us not live the western life

Notice the lack of empathy he has for his wife as he continues his life story

we cannot keep moving from one place to another with our wives, we have to leave our wives back at home to stabilize things, so for me I can’t allow to move with my wife, and she is back home by the way she is a very good farmer very good manager, my farm is doing well just because she is doing a good job



So I see her once a month, that’s what is done in Kajlenjin. We don’t have to agree on such things, it’s men who decide.

I am 33 and she is 28, and she is doing very well infact I opened a shop for her, she is a graduate, we had to get educated, so we have to live a reality life not movies, infact I am looking for a school for her to teach so that she is busy.

Would you ever live apart from your partner? Or do you love the closeness? Or do you wish you could? Do you already? Tell us below.

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‘My husband forbids me from visiting him in the city’ Kiambu wife confesses 


What is the point of getting married if you will not live with your wife, was the question Maina Kageni posed to his listeners after a woman confessed how her husband left her with his mother, with a silly excuse.

The husband thought it was a good idea to dump his wife in ushago (upcountry) with his mother and sadly is causing untold stress to his wife.


She narrated to Maina Kageni

I’m a victim. I’m liviing with the mother int he same house and it’s been six years now.

He said that things are not doing good in Nairobi and he took me to his mothers house but he is living in Nairobi himself.

I’m with the mother in Kaimbu, but hatuwezi kaa wawili, there is pressure, nimejaribu kumpush anirudishe Nairobi akasema hapana.

It’s so hard here I’m like the maid, I do everything in the house for his mother, it’s not easy.

I have two children, I see myself living here forever, coz I have tried pushing him to remove me from here but he resists.

He doesn’t visit me often. The last time he visited was 2017 December, I went once to Nairobi and he chased me away saying Nairobi is not for someone like me

Can y’all see how she is being played by her husband?

Have you tried living with your in-laws? How did you make it work, or didn’t it work?

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Maina and Kingangi tribute to Hell’s Gate flash flood victims


News of the demise of several tourists at Hell’s Gate in Naivasha has shocked Kenyans.

Tragedy struck again at Hells Gate National Park, when a group of tourists and their guide got overwhelmed by a flash flood, caused by a severe rainstorm some distance away.

KWS broke the news saying

It is with deep sorrow that we announce a tragedy this evening in Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha, in which an unknown number of tourists are feared to have drowned in flash floods while others survived

Pictured: Naivasha MP Jayne Kihara consoles grieving families at Hells Gate

jayne kihara consoles grieving families
Six of the seven bodies of the flash flood victims have been recovered, leaving one tourist missing. The seven victims included five Kenyan tourists, a local guide and a non-resident.

The search and rescue operation continues. The park has also been closed.

Maina Kageni and co-host Mwalimu Kingangi sent out their tributes to the dead and injured saying

I’ve been to Hell’s Gate. It’s crazy, that’s why they are called flash floods, but it’s the most beautiful place there, just be careful, you just don’t know when the water comes, to the affected families pole sana,

Jane Kihara the area MP has also condoled with the families. She shared her message that read

It’s such a sad situation for one to loose loved ones through such an unexpected tragedy like it happened to these families

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