They drink Jack Daniels like a man! Maina told about bibi mang’aa

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about wives who create chaos and suffering for their very loving husbands. The host was shocked that women like this (mabibi mang’aa) existed.

The presenter wondered how this could take place in a country where the men were reported to be the heads of homes. King’ang’i explained to him that it was happening more than people actually knew and that the husbands of these women were normally some of the coolest men out there.

I know my wife is cheating with many men and I can’t leave-Man tells Maina

Comments from listeners are below;

I can’t remember the last time I got home before my wife-A man sadly said about his bibi mang’aa.

Some times you visit someone and you see the way the wife behaves, I tell myself that I would like 10 minutes with that woman so that I can deal with her and make her a good wife-A man said.

Don’t such women know that they are inflicting fear on men who want to get marrie?-A woman asked.

Those kids called kababa are doomed. You are the head of the home and should behave as such. This women start by testing you. How can a man confess that his woman is seating on him? Leave her and go to another one that you can handle. Whether you are a billionaire, all women love an authoritative man-A man said.

Jacque Maribe’s father tenderly comforts distressed-looking Jowie(photos)

They are the first generation of women after the Beijing conference. That is why they are behaving like that-A man told Maina.

My grandfather once told me that there are no good women-A man told Mr. Kageni.

A woman has become like the men she is supposed to marry, drinking and acting like men-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

Those crazy women are there. Wanawake visirani wako. They should learn how to control their emotions. You don’t want to deal with one-A woman said.

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Maina, we have tolerated you for too long! Upset Kenyan man tells morning host

Maina Kageni had the bit in his teeth today when he spoke about a topic that has him perplexed. The issue at hand, was why many men had a problem with women who smoke.

The radio presenter issued an impassioned appeal to men speaking about his female cousin who not only smokes but is successful and has been married for 30 years.

Women smoking will dissuade men from having relationships with women. My cousin is married and she smokes and drinks. My cousin has never smoked or drank and he has been with his wife for more than 30 years. She is a good mother. She is a doctor, she is doing business. How does smoking make someone a bad partner? Would that one thing alone not make you get married to a woman?

King’ang’i himself was almost apoplectic about the notion Maina was advocating and said that most men didn’t want women who smoked.

The reason Maina Kageni’s revelation about SK Macharia being his “father” makes sense

In an interesting turn of events, most callers(male and female respondents) seemed to agree with King’ang’i which rarely ever happens.  Some even said that women who smoked were akin to prostitutes.

Check out some of the comments from the morning conversation below:

Some are smoking bhangi with his wife. Many people don’t like it.

I appreciate that the government has put a rule about smoking. I have 3 women right now and none of them is smoking. It is about managing deals, that’s how we deal.

Weed ni muhimu.

A woman who smokes belongs to the streets.

When I started dating my GF seriously we both stopped smoking.

There was a news anchor who was beautiful that I admired until I saw her smoking bhang and cigarettes. That was the day my crush for her ended.

Smoking makes a woman’s body sag. They age 5 times as worse as men who smoke.

A smoking woman kills the s3xual desire.

Maina, we have tolerated you for too long. How should a wife smoke when her husband isn’t?

In Kikuyu land a woman who smokes is a prostitute. Imagine you go with a woman to shags and she starts smoking. She will be seen as a prostitute

Why should someone smoke especially a woman? If a lady smokes that’s the end of any relationship with that woman.

 A lady who smokes is a turn-off and let-off.

Me and my husband used to smoke bhang until I got pregnant but we stopped.

Why is it OK for men to smoke and not for women.

There is no place that smoking and prostitution go hand in hand.

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Dear husband if it wasn’t for your kids, I would still be beautiful-Woman reads poem for Maina

Maina Kageni engaged Mwalimu King’ang’i in a conversation today that the comedian wasn’t too happy about. Why? Mr. Kageni wanted to know from Kenyan men whether they would marry their significant others again if they had a chance to redo the past.

Mwalimu who is married to Mwongeli warned Maina that he was starting unnecessary fires. Even the likes of Captain Kale and Wakanai who always have an opinion said that they would skip the debate and just listen.

But there were men and women who were brave enough to speak on the topic with one astute man noting that the reason most men wouldn’t marry their wives again was that those marriages had started because of an accidental pregnancy. Which King’ang’i heartily agreed to say that 70% of marriages start like that.

I have never felt as useless as I do right now – Lady tells Maina after giving birth comments

Some of the comments from Kenyans are below:

Hawa watu ni kuvilimia kuwa nao. If I could change the past, I wouldn’t marry her again. I have told her I don’t love her. I have even told her that I could exchange her-A man said.

Hiyo ni ndoto. I would not choose her again-Another man added.

Even for women, they will never marry their men again. Mostly you find that if people marry for the wrong reasons, that’s why they wouldn’t marry them again-A woman chimed in.

I would again-A man succinctly said.

Me, I can’t. I left him two months ago. The most important thing I ever did was leave that man. 8 years he wasted my life-A bitter woman noted.

Most men don’t marry their dream wives. That’s the main problem-A man added.

What are these men still doing there if they don’t want us? A woman asked Maina.

From the first time you saw me, you confessed how I was your world and stars. Dear husband kami si wewe na watoto wako I would still be beautiful. The reason I wouldn’t marry you again is that I would refuse you-A poetic woman enthusiastically recited.

I am a soldier. The last time I saw my kids was 6 months ago. My wife is the one who keeps my family and my affairs. Respect her today the way you have always respected her.

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Should Kenyan women get alimony like Dr. Dre’s wife is asking for? Maina Kageni asks

Maina Kageni recently spoke about the contentious divorce case between rap mogul Dr. Dre and his wife, Nicole Young. The couple is splitting up after 24 years of marriage.

The case is in the public spotlight considering that Nicole is asking the producer for 2 million dollars in monthly spousal support despite the fact that the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement.

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22nd Anniversary! Headed to see Hamilton.

A post shared by Dr. Dre (@drdre) on

Maina was more interested in the local application of the case and what Kenyan men and women thought about the story.

He summarised some of the things Nicole was asking for as a justification for the $2 million (200 million shillings) monthly support. Some of those expenses are below;

Sh. 6 million for tuition and living expansion.
Sh. 12.5 m for charitable contributions.
Sh. 2 m for cellphone and wifi.

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Married 21 years!!! The Defiant Ones!!!

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He then asked whether Kenyan women should be paid be paid alimony saying that in America, they normally get half of a man’s assets?

The comments rolled in with the discussion being heavily dominated by men with the unanimous stance among them being that wives didn’t deserve anything after they left a marriage.

Some of those comments are below:

Why should I pay her for staying with another man. Alimony is for another man?-A man said.

‘I told you to take care of your womenz’ Maina says about Mike Oliver scandal

My brother was to give out 3 quarter of his salary f0r a woman who went to another man. He then quit his job and went to do farming.-A man told Maina.

Kwani hiyo pesa ni ya uzima?-A man asked Maina.

There is no way, that we will leave each other and then I give her money. The economy is tough. I can’t even give her a shilling.-A man complained.

That is a lot of money for one woman. If we split up we divide our properties. There is no money in Kenya. She should leave when she has planned herself.-A man said.

I should just kill myself if I have to do everything and then all my salary goes to a woman.-A man said.

When we paid dowry, that sorted it out. To be honest, marriage in America is a business.-A man opined.

How can I pay for her while she is with another man? A man said.

The money is mine. She can get her own.-A man added.

Why should I pay her? If she can’t raise the kids, I will do it myself. Why should I give her a single coin?- A man stated to Maina.

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How are you doing today? #GoodTimesAndGreatHits

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The moment she decides to leave it means that she found a better camp than yours. – A man said.

Why should we share the wealth? These women look at marriage like a cash cow? She should go back home to her father for dowry-Captain Kale.


The only thing Kenyan men give Kenyan women is a pregnancy, a broken heart and broke financially. This is the reason why Kenyan women leave when their men are in the office. A woman told Maina.

When you go to a restaurant you are accustomed to good food. When she has eaten and goes, I don’t owe her anything. Me being a Luyha, she will not go with my kids. Our system is patrilineal.A proud man told Mr. Kageni.

My husband pays me a monthly salary for being a stay at home mother to his son, even though we have a maid and he pays all the bills. I don’t think he would have an issue with paying if we split up.- A woman told Maina.

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I drink a ka-quarter every morning – matatu driver confesses

When it comes to disobeying the law, Kenyans are notorious and proved so during the Monday morning conversation, where Maina Kageni asked people to respond tot he question of why we obey only when forced.

He asked:

Do we ever do anything without being forced. Some people are not wearing their mask, washing their hands.

Ni nini mbaya na sisi wakenya? Do we ever do things because its good for us? #MainaAndKingangi

To which many responded citing instances when rules are broken or why they simply don’t care for laws put in place to protect us.

One man who coincidentally sounded drunk owing to his speech, confessed that he has to have a quarter drink before driving the matatu. He knows all too well that anyone there is a law advising people not to drive when drunk, but he doesn’t care.

He said ‘mimi lazima kila siku nikunywe ka quarter kabla nipeleke gari. It’s the only way I feel I can handle the day. Nikiona polisi ndio najifanya’.

Another man admitted to always breaking rules about ‘usikojoe hapa’. He fortunately – no I didn’t make a mistake saying this- he learnt the hard way as Kenyans always do. He describes the one time that made his learn some manners.


“Maina mimi na marafiki zangu tulienda kujisaidia pahali pameandikwa ‘usikojoe hapo’ hatukujua kuna wire ya stima. Tulijione mambo!”

So why are we such hard headed citizens who don’t care for rules? Here are some comments that may just annoy you.

A caller said ‘Maina Kenyans ni vichwa ngumu naturally, hawapendi kuambiwa kitu and we have accepted ourselves that way aki

Another admitted tot he same thought adding ‘it’s called testing the waters ,maina why are you surprised ? Uwezi toa ukenya ndani yetu’

@ItsMainaKageni Kenyans are crazy, they always break those rules and say inside them ‘kwani watadu?’


Why should we wear a mask? Our leaders are preaching water yet they drink wine. Tulichoka zamani sana

Our leaders are preaching water and drinking wine. They serve as role models

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Matheskos! Things you need to know before dating an older woman

Younger men (mostly in their 20’s) had alot to confess to Maina Kageni about the appeal of dating older Kenyan women.

The older woman are called matheskos and are tough as nails, but irresistible from the tales told on Friday morning conversation.

Wedding bells! Wema Sepetu divulges little-known details of unknown lover

What is it about older women? Young men who understand the attraction to mature women told their stories below after Maian sought to know why women are bankrolling the lifestyles of these ‘boys’.

What a conversation we had yesterday about budeskos. There was a fellow who called in yesterday and we need to talk about matheskos. Cos I was told matheskos exist, there is this breed of women who exist who take care of their bodies and you see them at the gym, you see them at karura at jafrees lavington. So Mwalimu is trying to wonder where you hook up with these women young men?


One man said ‘The ones who drive harriers keep keep these young boys in check, but let them enjoy’

Another said ‘maam wa harrier very wealthy spoil their boys, whose work is to give good service, they have bloti maguta maguta’

bado these are young ladies wewe,matheskos huvaa Kong Kong open shoes,with gold rings na ni wakali kwa Ruben 10s #MainaAndKingangi

Jacque Maribe and I broke up and we don’t talk, Jowie opens up

A not so shy man said ‘I dated this woman for three months and she even bought me a phone but when we broke up alichukua simu.’ #MainaAndKingangi
There was a time last year I almost fell into trap of a Mathesko who we worked together for a Month and he used to tell me how her mzee is not interested in her of late. I ran away like Joseph of Bible.
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi
They’re very open and give you freedom .. provided you agree with terms and conditions of the contract #MainaAndKingangi
They walk in holiday towns like a mother and an elder son but you can always see the chemistry between them as long as he is doing it right. Secondly, they don’t always go for poor men, some target married and working men. #MainaAndKingangi

I sit at the reception just to see your face – Woman tells Maina Kageni

bado these are young ladies wewe,matheskos huvaa Kong Kong open shoes,with gold rings na ni wakali kwa Ruben 10s #MainaAndKingangi
she is 49 and I am 28 and i love her more than life. We get into such relationships thinking they are much younger because they have nice bodies, only until you find out. I cant think of opting out. matheskos ni wamama wa harrier very wealthy with alot of plots, but they control you,


most matheskos are divorced and go for young blood, they pay for our rent where they drop by for good times, ni malsay shosho.

man caller : ni kitu iko, like most of our friends are searching or them, mbaya sana i am 24 and i am searchign for one to pay bills, niko na shida and im willign to do anythign for her, why not? i brgngn to the errlationship everythignshe want si will do, as logn as im also benefitting liek she is.

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I don’t want to see my wife as my sister! Maina Kageni says about marriage

Maina Kageni is a high-value male. Simply put, he is one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. Women are constantly pining for the wealthy Classic105 morning presenter.

The constant refrain is when will the host get married, something I don’t understand. But whether I like it or not the sentiment doesn’t seem to die down and Maina has to constantly address the issue on his morning show.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Thing is that Mwalimu King’ang’i his co-host doesn’t help matters as he also champions the marriage battalion on their show mentioning it constantly as they playfully banter.

Maina has addressed the issue again but now the 2020 variation of an answer he has been giving the past few years. The charismatic radio personality said that because he knew what “trash” women go through in life he wasn’t willing to put someone’s daughter through that.

Thank you for being there for her and our family – Anerlisa Muigai praises Maina Kageni

He told Mwalimu that in his opinion marriages get stale and that people start looking at each other like siblings,

“Never ever, so that I end up staying with someone who is like my sister? The things women go through just to look good for a man only for him to say he sees you like a sister!”

Maina Kageni on the decks
Maina Kageni on the decks

Maina had no kind words for his own gender saying that men were selfish and that is one of the reasons he will never get married.

“I find it crazy. Men are the most selfish people in the world. Why didn’t they say it from the word go that such things happen? They should so that someone can know what they are getting themselves into.”

And he might be right. Marriage isn’t what it used to be in the past-airtight. A man like Maina has a lot to lose in marriage and little to gain in my opinion, so his stance is financially prudent.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni


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My wife feels more like a sister to me – Men confess about marriage


Confessions about the challenges men face in marriage prompted Maina Kageni to declare he will never marry.

What is this problem that is so bad to scare away Kenya’s most eligible bachelor from walking down the aisle?

The fact that husbands lose s##ual feelings for their wives and now look at them like his sister.

Maina couldn’t fathom that asking his co host Mwalimu to explain how’ it gets to a point your wife becomes like your sister. How? Explain yourself!!’

Mwalimu simply told him, ‘she sleeps with a shirt written Equity, so you get to a point where emotions fade, it comes naturally that’s why you hear they are advised to add spice to the marriage. Men go through so much Mwalimu added.

Mwalimu hit a raw nerve with Kenyan men who admitted as much to Maina online and in studio.

Caller: hio ni hivyo, it just becomes a situation where she just becomes the best person in your life you feel like you were born together, and she just becomes your sister and there’s nothing else, si kwa ubaya it’s a horrible situation, actually I think she still remains a wife or a partner but she is a sister, I can’t see her as a lover any longer, no longer

Another man added that

you know what what do you do when someone doesn’t show you love back, doesn’t care, you argue sometimes about small things alot, sometimes like a man you want to touch your woman but sometimes it’s like weird between you guys, because there is no connection, the connection is long gone, the thought of touching her is immoral its like your sister, I have been here so many times, I am still with my wife, when I look at her is see my sister

A third man tweeted Maina with the same problem


The problem is though, that as much as I love her I’ve lost that s33ual feeling for her. I can’t bring myself to have se3 with her. Not because I don’t love her but because she feels more like a sister to me than a wife and it doesn’t feel right to make love.’

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Maina Kageni reminisces not being bullied in posh school Laiser Hill

While the rest of you were being bullied as mono’s in high school, Maina Kageni can’t relate.

Classic 105’s Maina attended Laiser Hill Academy, aka Group of Schools as it has come to be known to Kenyans.

Group of Schools are those where you don’t eat githeri, you are not monolized and other brutal forms of initiation into high school.

Ken Mijungu discloses new path after losing his job at NTV

He disclosed this to co host Mwalimu King’ang’i while speaking about how Form Ones will have to once again be bullied, after Education CS Magoha said students will repeat their classes again come 2021.

Mwalimu was saddened as he was subjected to bulling by a pot bellied student named Kite.

He said’ Spare a thought for Form Ones, because they will still be monos in 2021 and bullied all over again’.

Kinga’ngi is so traumatized by his won experience he told Maina he still has bad dreams to date about the bully who made his life miserable.

‘Monolization was bad, a fellow called Kite was a bully, he looked like an old man with his beard and pot belly. We used to joke that he looked older than our teachers.’You couldn’t eat your food in peace, if he heard you chewing it was over. Yani you couldn’t even report the bulling to the teacher ‘.

Maina Kageni
Maina in studio

What kind of a student was he? Nerdy, obnoxious or quiet? He refused to divulge this.

Luckily for you internet dwellers, you have me to tell you just how posh his school was.

Usain Bolts newborn daughter is named Olympia Lightning

Maian relived these special moments saying

‘I was in Lasier Hill and no one bullied me. I would have ran to Mrs Browns office to report you. We also had a discipline master called Mr Armstrong to deal with issues.’

Mwalimu and the Classic 105 audience responded saying how privileged he was to not suffer bullying and added that Maina’s  testimony proves he was in a Group of Schools.

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‘Let me close the door’ Maina Kageni’s moshene excites Mwalimu Kingangi

When Classic’s Maina Kageni tells you he has moshene, you better pull a stool and grab some popocorn.

This was the case when he whispered that he had some big news for his co host Mwalimu Kingangi, about someone who has contracted coronavirus.

Mwalimu whispered back asking for more details, ‘Nani ako nayo (who has it?) kwanza let me close the door (wacha nifunge mlango)’

Maina responded in a hush hush tone, ‘kimtu kingine, he is abit of a public figure who is sick with covid, nimemjua mimemuona huku hii kitu ni serious. I will say who it is once he leaves hospital tomorrow. You know being tested for covid is so painful I have been pimwad this way so me I know, it is so painful that thing ingias mpaka you feel iko kwa roho?

This made Mwalimu very nervous but Maina reassured him saying taking a test is for the best.

On Monday July 6th hunky pastor Robert Burale publicly disclosed that he had tested positive for covid. Was this Maina’s secret? C’mon dude tell us.


A suspected case was reported at Lion Place where Radio Africa offices are located, on Saturday July 4th but not an employee of the media house.

A letter from building management notified tenants of the case urging that all precautions be taken.

The affected person is now admitted in a hospital for isolation and is reported to be in a stable condition.The members of staff who were working with the affected person have gone into self-quarantine for 14 days for monitoring.

Two employees of KBC have also tested positive.

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‘Deal with predatory men’ King’angi talks tough over teen pregnancies


A report showing teen pregnancies have surged close to 4000 during the lockdown has upset Kenyans.

The pregnancy numbers covers the months of January to May 2020, and has put on the spotlight on authorities.

Maina and Kingangi weighed in on the matter asking who is to blame: Is it the parents, teachers or the men working from home?

Mwalimu Kingangi was outraged by the numbers and commented that

‘We need to start with those predatory men. Action needs to be taken ndio iwe funzo kwa wanaume wana hiyo tabia, you are busy trying to work to provide for your family then there are some men going the back door to impergnante our school going children. I’m just asking you according to the law, umepachika msichana wa shule mimba, what is supposed to happen? tell me, where is the law? mwalimu added, because who is bringing this problem? they are nto gettign pregnant alone, who are these men and what is happening!

‘My family came together to help me in my darkest period’ Rosemary Odinga recalls

The topic eleicited mixed reaction with some listeners blaming the teens, others saying parents have abdicated their role as some laid the blame on predatory men.



Morning Maina, I think kids lack proper parenting whereby parents don’t have time with them to tell them on existence unplanned pregnancies & diseases related to sexual acts. Kids are too idle now they require extra-attention

Nancy n w..
Parents to be blamed especially mothers. ‘coz mtoto umleavyo ndivyo akuavyo. Choices has consequences.

black fam n teens
Football Twin..
All are connected, certainly. But the entire blame for most evils, is, the children themselves.
Remember parents were also children.
My point is, we should start thinking twice before acting. As a Christian, I believe, and know, Jesus Christ came 4 a Reason. Follow HimLatin cross

Morning Maina, I think kids lack proper parenting whereby parents don’t have time with them to tell them on existence unplanned pregnancies & diseases related to sexual acts. Kids are too idle now they require extra-attention


Honey Di..
Poor parenting, children have phones, dress however they want and address adults like they are agemates. They even go home late and parents are cool with that.

‘The world was so cruel to an innocent soul like me’ Azziad reveals struggle after fame

josphat Njoroge..
I support you fully, if i take you back a little, parents used to cane us like prisoners but look at the current generation, the parents are fighting whoever tries to correct the child..we are doomed.

Josephat Wesamba..
The number one to blame is parents because the responsibility of bringing up children is not with teachers!!!!! It’s the owner of the child

I’m That Guy..
Too much exposure. A 13 year old girl nowadays knows much about sex due to easy access to social media and internet in general.

Dr. Mutwiri Wilson..
. But, why are we always blaming the boy child? How about we check on parenting, counselling to BOTH genders before they get here, coz probably they’re just age mates.. I mean, unless it’s rape, then I guess most of us have failed. #MainaAndKingangi

Elizabeth Wali..
I can only blame the food we feeding our children.. Mimi Adolescence haikuni peleka mbio kama vile inapeleka watoto siku hizi i used to take tea with roasted bananas unlike nowdays the food we feed our children it like we giving them sildenafil. Old is gold.

Evans Amudavi Mbimwa..
Parents have to take responsibility. Children needs to be taught about their private parts if their bodies and cautioned never to allow anyone to touch. My mother taught me my private part is called penis and is used for passing urine only and no one should touch.

japheth kitala..
Idol mind is the devil’s work shop. This kids have been doing nothing for the last 2 months. What do you expect.

Live Apps..
in this case, its the parenting. the way parents are raising their children is what is leading to such exploits. A daughter is raised knowing she can do anything as long a there is huge money benefits, you can see in current marriage state and Sons are raised without concerns

Karey Ndungu..
Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyu for real??! How can a 10 year old be blamed for being pregnant??
Mtoto wa class 4/5 Smirking face

maybe they weren’t even ever told this “maneno” well How many parents open up to kids and speak to them on sex education? it’s very rare in Kenya kenyan minors depend on rumours literally and the syllabus ‘taught by teachers ‘ and body desires that’s Woman shruggingstrng.

Muambi James Ndambuki..
This is crazy maina..
This girl’s themselves are a mess..
They go out looking and thirsting for what they want..tthis pregnancies aren’t a shock plus our cultures are done..
Also maina, single parenting is also a big issue

Cheptugen Senior..
Parents are to blame teachers did their part and men who are working from home are doing their part maina


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‘I will leave’ Maina Kageni shouts about birthday plans despite lockdown

Maina Kageni is gearing up to party hard on June 29th.

The highest earning radio star turns 43, and as usual will paint the town red. He gave hints of how he plans to turn up despite the coronavirus restrictions imposed on Kenyans by the Government.

In the Friday morning conversation, Maina asked listeners what they are most looking forward to should President Uhuru lift the lockdown.

What have you missed most about freedom? Whats the first thing you’re going to do?

Mwalimu King’ang’i said his mission was to go stare at the ocean in Mombasa

‘Straight to Mombasa, na hakuna kitu naenda kufanya, I will be on the first bus, na hakuna kitu naenda kufanya, nasikia kama nimewekwa kifuli, if he announces, weuh you have no idea, nasikia nimechoka na kukaa nyumba, mnachukiana, unaamka mask imechukuwa space ya vest na underwear.’


You know me I’m loving this said Maina, but there is something I want people to know.

‘President Uhuru, I feel your dilemma, he is so torn between life and livelihoods, but so far we have done well so give yourself a pat on the back, All I’m gonna tell Uhuru is that my birthday is on June 29th and I will not be in this country. I am just telling you, I will find a way,’

If the restrictions are lifted, there will be rules tomorrow, so what is on your wish list? Maina asked listeners.

A male caller said ‘Wafungue jamani! Sisi mabachelor tunaumia. We need our girlfriends to come and cook for us.” #MainaAndKingangi

Another caller responded that “Maina masponsor wafunguliwe wakuje walipe rent. Single mothers tunaumia sana!” #MainaAndKingangi

Jamal_Ochola Arap Ng’etich..
Maina I miss concerts, n watching epl with Boys

I will go visit my parents …still can’t believe I would live for that long without seeing them ..calls are not enoughPensive face …taught me a lesson though ..

Caller: “I just want to get out of Nairobi. Its so boring staying at home. Nimewatch series zote!” #MainaAndKingangi
I miss travelling Loudly crying face and sincerely a church service…
Dancing , hiking and sex with maina kageni
Esther Thathi ..
Kukifungulia nigaenda shags …I miss shags nimekaa 6 months bila kuhome…..

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Most noisy kwa plot but hardworking: Kenyans hilariously describe Kisii women



Try one at your own risk, is the message many men had for those who want to date and marry Kisii women.

This follows a viral video of a Pastor couple from that region, where the man was blasting his wife for not giving up the goods for two years.

The clip was of a Kisii pastor castigating his wife for ignoring his needs. He is heard saying

‘Two years you have slept with jeans and a belt, Did i enjoy the last two years? Did I? And then you want to fight me? You can’t do this to me, he pleads with the angry wife.

Tanzanian comedian who claims to have fathered Tanasha’s son comes clean

kissi woman
Kisii woman

The pastor in the clip is Joshua Sindiga Obwogi, who was captured lecturing his wife Mercy Marisera Sindiga for denying him conjugal rights for over two years. Guys, what’s your experience dating a Kisii woman or man? #MainaAndKingangi

Here are some descriptions of Kisii women that Kenyans confessed to Maina and Mwalimu King’ang’i
Maina,kisii women are dramatic,kwa ploti ni vita tu na wanaumme wa wenyewe,actually they fight men.Ridiculous

A caller said “Kisii women are very hardworking and respectable women but ukiwachokoza utakipata.” #MainaAndKingangi
Moto kama pasi upuzi hatupendangi bythaway and monkey business otherwise we wife materials Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing..but again there must be smth behind the whole story of that lady . wat i know is our kisii men can’t stay for that long without sex.. Maybe the guy is a problem.

All he wanted was for me to call him dad? Lady who claimed to be the late Jimmy Wayuni’s daughter cries

That’s true. Inhave a Kisii wife. She’s everything I ever wanted Red heart but the level of madness she posses when pissed offSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweat can make you go into self quarantine
Maina,kisii women are dramatic,kwa ploti ni vita tu na wanaumme wa wenyewe,actually they fight men.Ridiculous
Most Noisy one kwa plot

woman chills with cows
Kisii women are very Fire hot tempered. Likewise Meru women who carry knifes
Moto wa kuotea mbali

Beauty and the beast! East African male celebs and the women who date them

A no nonsense women never joke with them,,but very hard working #MainaAndKingangi

A caller told Maina that “Us Kisii women, we don’t joke but if you do something foolish we will deal with you. Kwanza if you make a habit of coming home late utalala nje.” #MainaAndKingangi
The only problem with our sisters kutoka bosongo is they are very hot tempered, hiyo tuu… Hasira
unacheza na demu mkisii pillow games akiona umewin anakutupia mtungi wa gas anakuua Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy hasira mbaya #MainaAndKingangi

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Zaddy! Maina Kageni thwarts womans love confession after sending lusty DM


Maina Kageni is among the most sought after bachelors in Kenya, and lots of women are dying to get a piece of him.

One such women incessantly told him she wants to date him during the Friday morning conversation, tickling co host Mwalimu Kingangi who urged him to open the way for other bachelors to get wives.

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The woman confessed she constantly DM’s him, but all she gets back from him are blue ticks.

“What’s wrong with approaching a man? Maina mimi nakutaka’

‘When you see someone you like you must make the first move. I have texted you on whatsapp many times. I have your number, you blue ticked me,’

How does a woman boldly ask a man out on air and what just one minute, where did she get his number?

‘I got it your number humu humu tuu, you don’t reply sijui kwa nini, I don’t feel embarrassed shooting my shot coz I want a man mwenye anajijua, hardworking, with some money,’

Are they dating? Exclusive intimate photos of Ringtone and Azziad emerge

Maina hurt her feelings saying


 ‘Unless I’ve saved your number I usually don’t reply,’

Co host Mwalimu wanted to know how he could pass up such an offer to which Maina said

‘Me I would rather die, aie who me to respond to DM’s?

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‘I will take care of yours because someone else is raising mine’ Kenyans say about DNA tests


DNA testing has led to many men discovering that the children they are raising are not theirs.

Advice about if men should or shouldn’t demand for a mandatory paternity test was heavily debated on Classic 105 in the morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’.

This was after Maina weighed in on the story of KANU politician Jackson Kibor demanding a DNA test be taken on six sons demanding to inherit his property.

Young Soul: Here’s why women go nuts over business tycoon Kibor (list)

jackson kibor

Maina Kageni was of the opinion that ‘for a man to do that, there must be something there, where there is smoke there is fire, he has had drama with them for years on end’.

DNA paternity testing is the use of DNA profiles to determine whether an individual is the biological parent of another individual. Paternity testing can be especially important when the rights and duties of the father are in issue and a child’s paternity is in doubt.

Mwalimu expressed the fear that many men have of raising children who are not theirs biologically.

Men are never sure the children they are raising are theirs, he said

This conversation sparked alot of makasiriko with people divided on the need to ascertain a child’s paternity, or just play along.

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Good morning Maina, it’s only wife who knows the father of the kids & it’s classified no one will ever know not even the biological father of the kid. This is cos they want their kids to get the best life so that they don’t suffer in future.
tok mmoja comedy..
The kid being mine or not mine can be as a result of both of us or one party, you are right and you are also wrong, but who cares??
Hello Maina and Kingangi.Truth be told, unless you conduct a DNA test, only the wife can ascertain if the kid you’re raising is yours or not.#MainaAndKingangi.

AliKiba comes clean on relationship with Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa

Let’s raise them because somebody somewhere is raising mine too
Give us a brake maina please, we don’t care because we also got kids outside there they being raised with different men tumezoea a kenya woman just multi-tasking kila place #MainaAndKingangi

Allan Mwangi..
Am not sure Hawa wanawake maze hucheza home away n neutral ground bro…unless tufanye DNA
Monique Kimmss..
There’s no problem raising a kid that’s not biologically yours.Same men complaining here are the same men who have abandoned theirs out there and another man is taking care of them!!

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‘I lied about my salary to be poached’ Maina Kageni confesses 


Before Maina Kageni came to Classic 105 he was working at Nation FM, where he was being paid peanuts according to a confession made on air.

He told how his current boss Patrick Quarcoo approached him to poach him from Nation Media Group.

‘I went to meet Patrick Quarcoo at a restaurant in town called Tratorria. So he asked me how much I’m being paid at Nation, I told him sh180,000. He told me he is going to give me 380,000 to move, na saa hiyo walikuwa wananilipa 60,000 (laughing) Nilikimbia Nation Centre kuresign officially kabla haja change his mind . Nie reke gwire.

An excited Maina later left the lunch time meeting and ran to hand in his resignation at Nation.

Wasn’t Maina though a bit skeptical about the hug salary offer?

Apparently not as he explains

‘He kept his word. I left Nation, I came here, he told me first of all go and relax so he gave me two months salary niende ni relax. i went to Mombasa and then to south Africa aki yaoo hiyp maisha’

Mwalimu Kingangi wanted to know how he pulled it off to which Maina said

People take your for how you present yourself, Maina admitted and if you present yourself like you are wroth 20, then that is what you will be paid.

Mwalimu was so jealous because his offer was sh10,000 an offer he took up because ‘bora ni kazi’.



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Radio star Kingangi describes life in self isolation with family

Parenting during the coronavirus quarantine period is proving hectic, according to the confessions of many on Classic 105.

With schools closed to contain the spread of the virus, parents say the situation at home is craaaazzy.

How crazy? Classic Mwalimu Kingang’i is about to lose his mind.

He confessed to Maina Kageni that

 ‘na ile kukula wanakula fridge haina kitu, wamevunja kila kitu, wamewatch cartoon zote, kuna cartoon ya pig wanapenda sana, nimechoka nayo, kanguruwe kenginien kana teta sana,’

Diamond Platnumz in self quarantine after manager tests positive

Kingangi noted how parenting is different today compared to back in the day

‘parents don’t know how to deal with it, shida si mtoto ni mzazi’

total chaos ata hujui utawapeleke wapi

Maina then asked parents to call in and say how they are dealing with the situation at home. Here are some comments that show how tough it is.

Monique Kimmss..
#MainaAndKingangi Hapo kwa budget gava isaidie priss wazazy tunaumia Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Kwanza wanaumauma vitu alafu wanatupa kwa dustbinCrying face


Hajali! Dennis Itumbi speaks up after being sacked on his birthday

#MainaAndKingangi watoi huitisha chai every hour. They’re always hungry. A loaf of bread is enough for only 1 child. The govt shd help every household that has 2 kids or more with money. Let them use their huduma number recordsSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya

There are people who work with budget. Now these kids are at home you need to provide breakfast, lunch these are meals they had in school because its paid for.”

Sharon ShanienTwo hearts..
Am trying to explain to him what corona is hashikanishi .. amekataa Yeye ataenda kusoma na teacher hio Confused faceConfused face.. then am continuously cooking in the house @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

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Mdomo ilikaa bakuli ya jela – Kingangi reacts to Tyson Fury’s TKO of Deontay Wilder


Classic 105’s Mwalimu Kingangi hailed Tyson Fury’s victory over Deontay Wilder on Saturday night.

He told an excited Maina that

Huyo black American alikula ngumi mdomo ikakaa kama bakuli ya jela, unajua alikua anaongea matope na hiyo accent yake, weuh huyo jamaa mzungu Fury alimsifia lakini wacha tuu waingie hapo kimenyano, hawezi fungua mdomo ahh huyo ameisha. Unajua before alikuwa ana jifanya anajua ati ata smash mzungu round one, weuh 

wilderfury 1
Fury and Wilder


Tyson Fury produced the most destructive performance of his boxing life to end Deontay Wilder’s five-year reign as WBC heavyweight world champion in seven thrilling rounds of their Las Vegas rematch.

‘We are chased away’ Late Tanzania mogul Reginald Mengi’s widow blocked from accessing grave

BBC reports that the 31 year old Briton fighter pummelled his rival in a way few could have imagined following their 2018 draw, flooring him in the third and fifth rounds while constantly backing up the most-feared puncher in the division in a way no-one has done before.

Fury dropped Deontay Wilder twice Saturday night in their heavyweight title rematch, to win the title when Wilder’s corner threw in the towel as he was taking a beating in the seventh round.


Blood was pouring out of Wilder’s ear for several rounds before Fury went in for the shoulder lick.

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